The Space Penguins of Tuscumbia

Region of origin: Tuscumbia Missouri, United States

A large, olive-green mushroom-shaped structure appeared in the cow fields of Claude Edwards on the morning of Valentine’s Day, 1967. Approaching it, he saw several small beings milling around the mushroomoid, clad in a similar green and shaped, as he described, like “little green penguins.” Picking up two large rocks, Edwards continued his approach until he was about 15 feet away, where he ran into an invisible wall preventing him from advancing further. He backed up a bit and attempted to throw the rocks; the first bouncing off the invisible barrier that had stopped him, the second lobbed high, sailing over the craft and landing beyond it. The second rock altered the creatures to Edwards’ presence, and they hastily retreated into the stalk of the craft. The ship tilted back and forth on its stalk three times before lifting off and speeding into skies to the northeast. This was the last time Edwards encountered anything alien in his lifetime, but several years later in 1971 beings of a reasonably similar description were sighted near Kinnula, Finland.


Photographing Agricultural Landscapes

Growing up in the countryside has always given me an affinity to the land around me. Land which has been worked, managed and farmed for thousands of years. 

The British countryside is a landscape constructed by the hand of man, and one which has been an integral part of the foundation of its civilisation. Because I spend an increasingly large amount of time in London, It’s easy to forget about sometimes. 

It will however remain a great source of inspiration to me photographically. After all, my passion, learning and dedication to the medium was born from the countryside..

By Freddie Ardley Photography

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1627. Hogwarts students making fun of an American muggleborn when they’re learning to cast patronuses because everyone thinks theirs will be a bald eagle but it turns out to be like, a corn stalk or a cow or a bean field and they have to explain that they’re from the Midwest and that that’s literally like 90% of Illinois and the Brits are just dying of laughter.