The strangest of the heroes up here, Supercow went missing shortly after Fuse arrived. Maybe she’s handling a crisis as her civilian identity?

Supercow is here! It’s nice to see Cow & Chicken be represented. The model looks good, especially since they’re dealing with a cow design. I can’t wait to see her brother be revealed! It does look like there’s color coding, and I’m happy for that. It makes it feel personal.

okay im gonna post about the dream.

spag, alex, three people i didn’t recognize but in this dream canon we were all great pals with, and a bunch of children and I were all in this really, really long van that was like seven rows long. one of the unfamiliar pals was driving, the children were playing this weird game about like.. weird cow & chicken-looking dragon things and jigsaw puzzles but they were really fucking aggressive about it. intense fucking scathing to each other about it. uhh we were all going to some weird fucking tower of babylon place but we still had 800 miles to go. there was this tv hanging down for the back seats and it was playing a movie. i didnt watch it much but when i tuned in it was showing a scene that was implying a dude milking a cow into a bucket, all you could see was a guys arms moving and milk squirting into a bucket. but the camera panned up and it was some futa character naked and blushing with this extremely fucked up contorted ahegao face but in real life and suddenly yg-ou appeared and started fucking screaming because of it and then immediately vanished as if she changed her mind about teleporting there or something. i had no emotional response to any of this and crawled ahead a seat and these kids were fucking assaulting each other over who is the best as playing their game and everyone treated it like it was some casual thing, but they were bleeding. i didnt care either. spag and alex were talking about buying a boat with the money earned by their timeshare or something and the unfamiliar pals were making noises at each other that barely followed a lingual structure. i wanted to play my ds but i couldnt find it because the kids ripped the backpack open and spewed our shit everywhere and all i could find was dirty clothes and used napkins. the dream like voided and suddenly spag and i were ordering food at a mcdonalds drive thru and i got irritated by something and drove away at the pickup window before getting the food we paid for some the mcdonalds crew person chased our car down the downtown st louis area for probably like 60 miles total and when she caught up with us she was all casual like ‘you guys forgot your food! ive been chasing you for like, ever! here ya go!’ and then saw spag and blushed and was like ‘oh uhm.. here you should call me sometime.’ and gave her her number and winked and left and we started driving and spag was like ‘eghhhh im really uncomfortable about this’ and i said ‘yeah that was really weird. she was really cute though’ ‘yeah she was but iiiim not into this’ and then everything shifted again and i was suddenly at home and something fucking infuriated me and i was throwing pots and pans everywhere and it was so loud that i woke up with the worst migraine ive had in fucking years and almost threw up