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Milky Mistress

Mistress Samantha had taken over once again as she wandered the house she “shared” with Master Samuel. The transformations were often random, unless Samantha had left something magical for Samuel to find and trigger herself out, but they were both glad there was yet to be one in an awkward situation.

Wandering about the house in a casual shirt and her panties, Samantha was deciding what delightfully mischievous deeds to take part in whilst in control. This is when she stumbled across a bottle of pills on the kitchen table with a note reading ‘Samantha DO NOT EAT.’ Clearly Samuel had been experimenting with his precious science again, it’s nothing compared to my magic, Samantha thought. And if need be I’m sure I can fix any adverse effects myself, to hell with his warning!

She popped a few of the pills into her mouth and flushed them down with water, eagerly awaiting whatever Samuel had come up with. After 10 minutes she figured it all mustn’t have worked!She laughed “All that work and he ends up with nothing… haha,what a MOOOOOOron!” She clasped her hands over her mouth to stop herself. “What on earth was that?! Did I just MOOOOOOOOO!?”

Flustered, confused and aroused; Samantha felt a burning sensation on her chest. She looked down to see her tits swelling up and her nipples becoming larger and stiff. “Oooh God, Samuel what have you done to us?! It feels… It feels so… so… so GOOOOOOOOD!”

As she bellowed once more, two streams of a white liquid spurted from Samantha’s nipples, soaking her shirt which she quickly ripped off as the rest dripped down her body towards her pussy which Samantha now felt drawn to touch.

“MmmmmmOOOO! Oh fuck my pussy feels so amazing!” Samantha moaned. Little did she realise as she stroked herself her tits leaked more and more as they continued to swell and fill with milk. She was so distracted by her own pleasure she didn’t even notice the tail that had pushed it’s way out of her lower back and was now swishing intently behind her…

Samantha stroked her clit as she sat on the kitchen floor and as she pulled her neck back in pleasure and kept moaning and mooing (although at this point they were the same thing) she felt a wave of pleasure and pain across her face as it stretched out into a cow’s muzzle and her ears stretched and widened as she became a leaking, big titted cow girl who just needed to be milked…

The pain and pleasure of the changes took Samantha’s mind away until she was fitting her whole fist deep into her pussy….

“MOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Samantha yelled as she came so hard and shot milk out of her new massive tits, or udders. She lay there collapsed. Panting and mooing contently in a pool of her own milk…

“Hehe I’m a Milky mistress now… Samuel’s science might be better than I thought…”

It was then, Samantha heard a knock on the door… “Oh NOOOOOOO!” She mooed…

[I have a part two lined up for this and I might write it either way, I just hope this gets some good reactions! Thank you so much for reading my story of one of the first kinks of mine I discovered]

Milky Mistress (Part 2)

Samantha heard the key turn in the door, still lying there in her own pool of milk and pussy juice. ‘This is the wOOOOOrst time!‘ she thought…

“Hello? Sam? or… Samantha?” A voice came from the hallway, it was Christina, the only person Sam had trusted with his secret and believed him. She is 21, 5′ 6 and was wearing a red summer dress that was covered with white polka-dots. She was Sam’s best friend, and there always seemed like there was something more between them, but it never quite showed…

Christina walked through the hall towards the kitchen where Samantha, the now milk filled lusty cowgirl was strewn.

“Hell-Oh my God! what the hell happened!?” Christina said with pure confusion and shock on her face as she gazed upon the milky mess of a cowgirl on the floor…

Massaging her milky breasts, still leaking on the floor, Samantha said “Hello dearest, how are yOOOOOOu!?”

“How am I? Look at you! This mess, your tits, they’re leaking! You’re mooing! How did this happen?” Christina said anxiously

“Sam was tinkering with his gene stuff again, he left a nOOOOOte saying don’t touch some pills he’d left out. But I couldn’t help MOOOOOself!” Samantha said pushing her milky tits towards her. “Want a taste darling?”

Trying to move across the kitchen into the living room, “Of course I Don-woah!” said Christina as she slipped in the mess Samantha’s tits hade made. She came tumbling down face first into the mess as some of the milk splashed up into her mouth… “Ew it got in my mouth! it tastes so…. so… creamy…” she trails off as she lay on the ground, her dress now soaked in the milk while she began to lap the stuff off of the floor!

“Christina! Are you OOOOkay? What are you…. Oh, so you do want some milk after all…?” Samantha said eagerly watching her lap up her milk. “Sweetie don’t take it off the floor.”

“Huh? Christina turned around, wha-what did you say? Oh Samantha please tell me you have some more milk!” She said practically begging for it. “I’ll do anything, it tastes so gOOOOOd!”, she stopped for a moment “Oh no, I can feel my dress tightening… my boobs, I need to… I need to drink from your udders mistress! Oh please give me more milk!” 

Samantha smirked, “Oh Chrissy dear you’re going to make a wonderful cowgirl like me. Come…” she said offering her udders to her milk-addicted friend.

Christina suckled and slurped to the sounds of Samantha moaning and mooing as her tits were drained. Christina had removed her dress, wearing nothing but stockings of the same white of the spilled milk running down her body. She could feel her boobs growing more and more, hearing the sloshing of her own milk being produced…

“MOOOOOstress, i’m getting so big now thanks to you. Your milk tastes amazing, thank you sOOOOO much for this gift!” She said wiggling her own udders in delight, but there was something building within her as she fell to all fours with one hand reaching to her pussy and stroking slowly. She moaned so lewdly Samantha couldn’t ignore and began fingering herself too looking at her new bovine sister…

Christina was full on fingering herself and mooing loudly but she just couldn’t reach any sort of relief. Panting and moaning she said “Mistress, I need you to do something for meee.”

Samantha moved towards her, with a horny look in her eye.. “What is it sweetie?” she said with a sly grin on her face.


Doodled and coloured my new cow boy, Milo (called Milka), decided to design him after talking about the cow stuff yesterday.
He has two purposes, which switch yearly:
1) he is bred, usually carrying 4 ‘calves’ to term for 1 year
2) after they’re born, his belly swells with eggs (which are edible, so are collected and sold at market) and his breasts are milked between the calves feeding. This milk is also sold at market.

Haven’t decided a history for him or anything, but he’s adorable and I love him.

Milka is a trans boy and uses he/him pronouns.