cow sorting


Some interesting dead things I found on our trip

- deformed antler set (I ended up buying this one, I’ll make a post about things I bought later)

- cow skull with some sort of tacky sealant, and spots that looked like they were drawn on with a sharpie? Also the horns weren’t actually…part of that skull. They had busted holes into each side of the skull, filled them with a dark grey putty, shoved the horns on, and painted around them to match the bone. This whole thing was a mess.

- A Jacob’s sheep skull!!! Sadly not for sale

- a glass cabinet stuffed full of random bones and those keychains with bugs in them. I almost bought a tiny preserved turtle, but I ended up buying a small snapper shell instead

- a caribou and a gnarly looking boar with an impressive mohawk. These cool dudes were in the same building

- an alligator purse!!! It was pretty old and fragile, but if it had been in better working order I would have snatched it up in a heartbeat

- there was also a very sad looking mink that I didnt get a picture of. It was just an empty skin with glass eyes, but they had propped him up with a doll stand. He had on a checkered scarf and was holding a tiny wine bottle and a green helmet. The tag said “Indy 500 themed mink” and it was far too expensive.

I saw a ton of taxidermy this weekend, but these were my favorites lol

Hamilton Characters as Things People Have Said at My School Pt. 2

Alexander- Shut the fuck your mouth
Burr- You know your day has gone from bad to worse when Ghandi puts you in a choke hold.
Laurens- He was a subtle as he was straight. He wasn’t.
Lafayette - Is that man soft?
Hercules - You suck wind and blow goats
Angelica - It is an aesthetically pleasing stabby tiddy
Eliza - Let me babushka in peace
Peggy - I want a coffee daddy. Sugar daddy isn’t organic.
Seabury - You guys just need to CHILL
King George III - No space communism
Washington - And what makes you think this might be some sort of cow pornography?
Jefferson - yes i would like one (1) bol of mac and chees
Madison - Yess. It is the puff puff machine… It…. Puffs
Maria - I am going to crawl into am alley and OD by injecting too much windex
Philip - He dabbed his way into heaven

blue-and-gray-skies  asked:

What happens in the New York SSR after jack gets shot?

In the wake of Jack’s shooting, Daniel ended up as the acting Chief of the New York bureau as well as the West Coast division. It wasn’t something he meant to happen, or anything he made official. Hell, if anyone was going to get the job officially, it should really be Peggy. But Peggy was out running down leads, and someone had to keep things from spinning off their wheels over there, even if he was also trying to run his own division and coordinate the ever-expanding investigation into SSR corruption.

Running the New York office, even if he was doing it long-distance, turned out to be strange in a way that being the head of his own office never had been. He’d hired most of the people in the L.A. branch, aside from a handful like Rose who transferred over. In New York, though … he knew most of those people. And most of them had known him when he was the low guy in the office hierarchy. Now he was giving them orders, and he wasn’t sure who was more surprised, them or him, that they actually took those orders. Listened to him. Respected him.

There were times when he just had to stop and shake his head at the fact that, in one short year, he’d gone from being the file monkey and the butt of most of the office jokes, to running the entire SSR.

And the crazy thing was, he’d give it up in a heartbeat if that obnoxious, arrogant asshole Thompson would just wake up and take his damned job back.

anonymous asked:

Just asking, your drawings of itchy are cute af, if you do requests, and you dont have to fufill my shitty request, im just asking if you want can draw itchy with a metal right leg?

Aw I’m glad you love my doodles, I love all the Felt equally but Itchy is my favorite punk-ass. Any excuse to doodle him is good with me bro.

(The first time I read this ask I misread metal leg as ‘meat leg’ and thought ‘hold on there’ and then I reread it and understood. Doesn’t mean I didn’t do it anyway)

Because I think Arabians are super awesome and here is a whole list (in progress) of Tumblr equestrians who can tell you the same… If you ride/show/own Arabians or half-Arabs reblog or like this post to be added to the list!


@3quus - Purebred Huckleberry Bey grandson (trails, hacking, general riding)


@abigail-marie10 - Polish Arab mare (gymkhana, trails)

ahorseinprogress – full Arabs

@aqha-power - takes care of Arabs



@arabshowcircuit - Owns Purebred and shows other Arabs and Half-Arabs (hunter and equitation)

@aurumastrum - Full Arab (Sammy) (bareback riding, western, english)

@a-wounded-healer – Purebred gelding (hunter pleasure), Arab/KWPN mare (hunter pleasure, sport horse, dressage), and Purebred colt (future halter and breeding stallion)


@barefootinthedaisies - Egyptian/Crabbet Arab

@beautiful-iintrusionn - Part Arab gelding (trail riding, barrel prospect)

bdebest – Arab/Saddlebred (NSH) gelding (hunter pleasure, sport horse, showmanship)

@bitchymare – Purebred mare (endurance)


@buckskinmare – saddleseat, hunt seat, western


@caatchthewind - Purebred Arab gelding Catch The Wind (4-H and Pony Club, cross country, mounted games, hunt seat equitation and saddleseat)

captain-tater-salad - Arab/Kiger Mustang (trail riding, endurance prospect)

@carrinae - Arab/QH (trail and cows; eventing, show jumping and trail riding)

@craigslisthorses - Full Arab (no riding yet) and Arab/QH (trail riding)

@carrotandquill - Half Arab and Pure Shagya mare (dressage)

@carryonmywaywardstirrup - Anglo-Arab (hacking and schooling)


classicaldreaming - Arab/German Riding Pony


@darkestnation - Arab/Saddlebred (NSH) (barrels/poles, lessons and showing)

@darklordbananas - Full Arab gelding (trail and english pleasure)

diabet-eq – Arab/Hanovarian (hunters and dressage)

dragonbronze - Purebred Arab (jumping and showing)

dragonsbycandlelight – Arab/Connemara gelding (show-jumping and dressage)

@dreamingjay - Purebred Arab gelding Jay (mostly dressage)

@dreaming-horses - Anglo-Arab (english, show jumping)

@dream-bigger-my-darling – Arab/Welsh (western & english horsemanship, showmanship and eq) and green Arab/Paint (hunter under saddle, sport horse, dressage and jumping)

@dulcius-exasperis - Egyptian Arab (trails and liberty)



@enduringheartss - Purebred Arab (endurance)

@emanzipizza - Shagya Arab mare (endurance, trail, liberty, jumping prospect)

@em-equestrian - Purebred Arab mare (hunter jumper)

@equestrianfangirlswag - Purebred Polish Arab mare (hunt seat equitation and hunter pleasure on Arab circuit) - has also done western, saddleseat, showmanship, and trail

@equestriansass16 - Full Arab (halter, hunter, country prospect)

equestrian-passion – Arabian gelding (hunt seat, saddleseat, western, dressage, jumping, team penning, and gymkhana)

equi-amor – Purebred gelding (dressage and sport horse)

@equinemckenna - Anglo-Arab (endurance, dressage, ACTHA, gymkhana, pleasure trails, and obstacles)

@equiviance - Purebred Polish Arab gelding, Boomer (reining and ranch horse pleasure)


flight-without-wings - Used to show Half Arab (hunter)

@foundmyselffinally – Arab/Saddlebred mare (hunter pleasure, equitation and saddleseat equitation)

forelocks-and-fetlocks - Purebred Arab foal pictures (for sale)

@fuckin-bees - Polish Arab (flat work, maybe jumping, probably dressage)

fuzzybays – Purebred gelding (trail riding)


@gingerponies - Arab/Saddlebred (NSH) (showmanship, saddleseat, hus, dressage, hof, trail horse, ‘babysitter’ <3)
gramizar – Purebred mare (western speed events, western pleasure, showmanship)

@greyarabpony - Arab/Trakehner mare (jumping, eventing, open shows and endurance)

half-arabian-hunter-pleasure – Arab/KWPN gelding, Manny (hunter pleasure, showmanship, equitation, SHUS and in-hand, side saddle)

@hashtagtatertot - Polish Arab

herrschimmel - Egyptian Arab gelding, Ameer (trail and general riding horse)

@hfinneigh - Full Arab (young, no riding) and an Arab mix (rescue, in progress)

@hmm-itszo - Purebred Arab and Half Arab (shows western and english, barrel racing, trail riding and CMOs (competitive mounted orienteering))

@hoofbeats-in-my-ears - Full Arab WL Insync (Boomer) (reining, horsemanship, ranch horse versatility pleasure and pattern)

@honeybunnss – Purebred mare (trail prospect)


horsesarecreatures - Polish Arab (show jumping and eventing)

@hunterxpleasure - Owns Purebred Arab gelding (hunter pleasure, halter, eventually sidesaddle), shows Arabs and Half Arabs (hunter and equitation)

@h-0-r-s-e-s - Part-bred Arab gelding Oscar (dressage, show jumping, cross country, side saddle, hacking)


@itsnotfunnydean - Grey Half Arab and ¼ Arab, trains Purebreds


@jaceyboii - Arab/Leopard Appaloosa (trails)                


@jori-lynn - Half Arab (dressage, used to do hunter pleasure)

jump-that-dream – Anglo-Arab mare (show jumping)

jumperturns - Polish Arab gekding (jumpers)


@kankali - Purebred (trail), Arab/QH mare(trail and dressage), and Arab/Paint gelding (showing at A rated shows)



@laraa-aalys - Full Arab (retired) 

laurelilly - Arab gelding, Reggie (dressage)

@lilanth - Arab/Morgan (leisure and trail)

@love-horsing-round - Purebred Egyptian Arab (western pleasure)





@myclassicchevelle - Grandfather bred Arabs, has owned Arabs

mylittlehony – Arab(?) mare (jumping, dressage, trail, and general riding)




@of-gods-and-thieves - Purebred Egyptian Arab (western pleasure)

@ohshithandle - Half Arab (western dressage)

onekindofdivine - Purebred gleding (old hunter and dressage)

oyyvey - Puredred Arab and Half Arab (both hunters)


@oxequine - Full Arabs (dressage, jumpers, eventing, and hacking)


paintingourdreamstogether - Arab/Saddlebred gelding, Cody (barrel racing)


pants-cat – Arab/QH gelding (trail riding and western performance)

@parkedoutpony - Half Arab gelding (pleasure riding and trail riding)

platitudinise – Spanish/Russian/Egyptian Arab gelding (dressage and endurance)

@poney-poilue - Anglo Arab (hunt, showjumping, ODEs)

@prettywhenshecrys - Half Arab mare (country, show hack, costume, and halter)(for sale)

@pumpkinspicepatch - Full Arab (hunt seat equitation and hunter jumper)


@queen-arab - Arab/Paint (sport horse, dressage (western and english), soon to be doing hunters)

@queenbedhead - Purebred Arab (currently CEP and side saddle, possible hunter pleasure, SHUS, and English Trail)

raeequestrian – Purebred gelding lease (dressage)

@redgoldmare - Arab/TB/Clydesdale (eventing and showjumping)

riderinpunk - Arab mare (barrel racing)

ridethedistance – Arab/Connemara gelding (hunters and dressage) and Arab/Paint (jumpers)

riding-blind – Purebred Arab (reining)

@rustyravenna - Purebred Arab mare (western)



@sdequus - Used to own and show Arabs, works with friend’s Arab

@secretarchangel - Egyptian Arab (dressage) also at @beejthedressagearabian

@shadowofthebells - Two Full Arab geldings (bareback, trail, jumping)

@shhhhh–secrets - Arab/?

@silentlaiqalasse - Arab/Quarter horse (trail and general)

@silversnaffles - Purebred Arab mare, Amera (coming off injury; hopefully showing and jumping)

@socksblazethechesnutphase - Half Arab (Anglo?) (trail and general)

@spoozyalien - Polish/Spanish Arab

supernatural-horsemanship - Arab yearling

@swordsandacid-dontmix - Used to own/show Egyptian/Polish gelding (dressage)


@tailored-and-louboutins - Used to own Crabbet/Polish mare (did a little bit of everything)

@tauredraconis - Arab/Paint mare (trails, barrel and poles, jumping prospect)

@thedressagekid - Purebred Arab mare (versatile)

@themanytailsofcherrytreefarm - Egyptian/Crabbet Arab mare (show prospect, pleasure riding, dressage)

@theroanandthebay - Purebred Arab, Altair (hunters, dressage, barrel racing and poles)

@transparentobservationtidalwave - Full Arab (?) (long distance trail riding)

trotintoline - Arab/Saddlebred mare (hunter pleasure, equitation and saddleseat equitation)


@warzington - Paint/Arab gelding, Swayze (jumper and dressage prospect)

@when-it-raynes - Purebred and Arab/Welsh (endurance and competitive trail)



wivzygurl75 – Arab/Saddlebred (NSH) (retired western pleasure)

@wolf-girl26 - Arab/QH

wolvesunicornsandnoelfielding - Arab/Thoroughbred (Anglo-Arab) (dressage)

ww-indigo - Two Purebred Arabs (halter)




@zaynsdoobie - Polish Arab mare (english pleasure, cow sorting, barrels, trail, soon to jump)

@zeppelinisthedevilgod - Purebred Arab (reining and showmanship)

So I know the popular head cannon is that APH America is the kid who rose to power unexpectedly and who scares everyone because he’s so powerful and no one knows how, but I honestly love the idea that America has always been more of a simple farmer boy and he got dragged into power by his bosses.

Did he want to be a world power? No, not really, but the president said it would be better for his people so…

Does he like wars? He doesn’t mind them, but honestly it’s a real inconvenience, I mean whose going to take care of the cows?

He just sort of goes along with things, and everyone thinks he’s this strong scary guy, but really it’s just a persona he puts on to please his boss.