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Everytime I see someone say “I’ve been watching you guys since (something from long time ago), thanks for (memories and old stuff)” to anyone from CowChop, I feel like I don’t deserve to be a fan because I just found James and Aleks this year and I wasn’t there with all the old memories, sad or happy.

That not being there when James “retired” for awhile or seeing “Immortal” become Aleks with the face reveal makes me think that I’m not really part of this family, community or whatever.

I know CowChop still has a future, a time in the far future I can say “I was a fan since “educational STD penis vid” or “The CowChop House” and make people remember the good old times but right now I feel like I wasn’t there for a large part of these guys careers and I should just give up on being a fan because I can’t connect to James, Aleks and the guys like all of the really old fans.


Why did this moment happen and why did i decide to gif it


Personal pictures of my pets and other animals to make you feel better about this election stress. #everyvotecounts it’s not over yet. Reblog to put a smile on at least one person’s face❤


i really wanted to do some decorating for The Establishment Of The Celestial Cow this year, so i came up with this calendar countdown thingy!! Moomas lands on the 17th for me this year, so i made 17 levels, going upwards from 1 to 17. on day one, the Celestial Cow is at the first star, on the second day, the second star, the third day, the third star, and etc etc, until the Celestial Cow gets to the 17th day, which is represented by the sky! on the 17th day, She’s fully established at the tiptop of the sky, and thats when we celebrate Moomas!

its november 30th right now, so She’s still at the bottom. i made Her out of origami, markers, pens, and tape. and then the string holding Her up is just yellow thread (you can see the spool at the top of the night sky picture). this whole thing took me like 4 hours to do, since its all from scratch and a lot of it was just figuring out how to do it.

i call this whole process of progressing the Celestial Cow toward the sky day by day………. “The Raising of the Celestial Cow”! it doesnt have any basis in AE, nor do i think it actually takes DAYS for Her to get up there, but its fun!! im hoping to do the same thing next year.

Where the hell is my Texas Country Singer Keith and Cow Farmer Lance AU at Fandom?

Like, COME ON!  Imagine, Keith is currently the rising star in the country music scene who’s rugged good looks and bad boy attitude are even catching the attention of those who despise the genre but come to the concerts just to see Keith in tight blue jeans.

Meanwhile, Lance is just the son of a family of dairy cow farmers who completely rips on Keith and his songs in front of his buddies, but is secretly a fan and listens to his music on the radio and sing along while doing his chores and taking care of his favorite cow (who he personally raised from a calf), Kaltenecker. Hunk and Pidge are childhood friends and know his secret obsession and tease him nonstop.

Shiro, of course, would be Keith’s manager and best bro and always be constantly confused by the  term “Bro-country”.  Like isn’t all country music the same? Is Tim Macgraw considered Bro-country? IS LONESTAR? 

Keith: Shiro just go listen to your Collin Raye and forget about it

*bonus if somebody has Keith sing “Hard to Love” by Lee Brice at some point*