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Request: Thin Line

Request: Could I have a teen!dean x teen!reader (both 16 or something) and they have known each other all of their lives but hate each other. One day while she visits bobby, dean and Sam are there and they play pranks on each other and banter back and forth. And then one time the reader makes fun of him for never kissing a girl before and it leads to them making out. And after the kiss they decide to hide their relationship from everyone until one day someone catches them kissing?

Word Count: 1,444

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks<3

“What do you mean, they’re here too?” You groan, running a hand through your hair. As if on cue, the brothers in question walk into the room.

“Oh, hey, Bobby.” Dean greets, not seeing you. When he does, however,  his face changes entirely. “Oh, Y/N.”

You never had gotten on with the elder Winchester. You’re just too similar with your sharply witty comments and your harsh, cold demeanors. You just automatically, within moments of meeting one another, didn’t get on.

Your mom always said there’s a thin line between love and hate. You told her she was a silly old cow. She launched a pillow at you. It’s an ongoing joke.

You ignore him completely, taking the can of coke and brushing past him. He grins cockily.

“I know you heard me.”

You turn around, brows furrowed in false confusion.

“Bobby? You hear something?” You ask. Bobby rolls his eyes.

“I’m staying out of this.” He says, taking his beer off to somewhere else. You roll your eyes in response, walking out through the door.

However upon entering your room and finding your door duck-taped shut, a spurt of mischievousness flows through you.

It’s officially on.

Abandoning the door, you dash out into the yard in search of anything creepy and/or crawly. After a mere minute, you find yourself a few slugs, a snail, two spiders and a millipede of considerable size. You place them in a bag and instead of making yourself known through the house, you scale up the wall. It’s easy, you’ve done it a hundred times, but with a small plastic bag or writhing creatures by your side, you can’t help but be a little disgusted.

Reaching Dean’s empty room, you slip into the tiny gap that the open window allows.

And dump the contents of the bag into the bed.


You’re sat out back with a glass of cool lemonade, well into the evening when you hear it. The yell of disgust, followed by angry footsteps.

“Y/N!” Comes the accusatory yell from behind you, “What the hell?”

You grin to yourself, but it doesn’t last long as you feel something… sticky… make contact with the back of your neck. You yell out as the millipede drops to the ground, leaping up onto your feet and spinning to see him looking incredibly mad.

“You duct taped my door shut!”

“It wasn’t worth this!” He responds. You fold your arms.

“Play with fire, you get an inferno. You know me.” You say angrily, “You always do this. Screw around, and then get all offended when I kick your ass.”

“I’ll show you an ass kicking.” He growls, and you laugh dryly.

“Go ahead, big boy.” You hold your arms out in a, ‘come and get me’ gesture. He laughs bitterly.

“You think I won’t, because you’re a girl or because you’re weak.”

“I’m not weak. Seriously, if you wanna go, come and get it.” You say nonchalantly, grinning. His face contorts with anger.

“I bet you’re used to a good old wrestle, huh?” He insinuates, and you roll your eyes.

“Just because you have zero game, Winchester.” You grin, running a hand through your hair, “Just because none of the girlies want to play tonsil tennis with your lousy ass…”

“You’re jealous.”

“Because you’ve never kissed anyone?”

“And you have?” He retorts. You shrug.

“Want a comprehensive list? Could take a while.” You grin lopsidedly at him. He moves closer to you, angrier than you’ve seen him in a while. He doesn’t reply, though, making you grin. “Can’t take it?”

“Quite the opposite.” He hisses, nearly in your face, “If you’re so good at the kissing business, how about you show my lousy ass how it’s done.”

You grin, “All in the name of education.”

His hands move up to cup your face and suddenly his lips are on yours. They’re softer than you’d expect, and at first he seems reluctant to apply any pressure. You’re no expert at this, admittedly, but looping your fingers loosely around his wrists spurs him on to deepen this kiss as he nibbles on your bottom lip.

Only pulling away when you’re both desperate for oxygen, both lost for both breath and words, you can’t help but laugh when you see each other.

“That wasn’t so bad.” He remarks, and you giggle.

“Not so bad?”

“Alright. Kinda good.”


“What else do you want?” He says exasteratedly, and you shake your head, laughing.

“You know, for a newbie, that wasn’t so bad. Practise with the back of your hand at night?” You tease, and he rolls his eyes.

“Yeah. Absolutely. We’re in a passionate love affair.” He says sardonically, and you laugh.

“Damn, I got some competition, then.” You laugh. He smiles.

“You’re interested?”

You shrug, “I wouldn’t mind a repeat performance.” You say offhandedly and he nods in response.

“Yeah. Neither would I.” He says softly, “So… are we a thing?”

You laugh, “Sure. If you want to be.”

“Oh my God, what are we, twelve?”

“No, we’re sixteen. And a half.” You roll your eyes. He’s a mere few months older than you.

He sighs, “Sarcasm, my dear.” He pauses for a second, “I feel like we should keep this quiet. It’s just… going from being at each other’s throats to at each other’s lips… it’s a little…”

“Tease worthy?” You offer, and he nods. “I get what you mean. Lips zipped.” You mime locking your lips up and tossing away the key, unable to resist making distressed noises as if you’ve really been rendered wordless by the action.


“Morning, people. Oh, you too, Dean.” You remark, running a hand through your sleep-tousled hair as you walk past the table. You go to pour yourself a glass of milk to find the bottle empty and Dean with a huge glass of the white liquid stood behind you.

You shoot him a glare that would cause Lucifer himself to flinch, raising an eyebrow.

“You’re a dick.”

“You know you love me.”

You tell him to leave in such a manner that even Bobby’s eyes widen, only just managing to make in out the room before you burst into giggles.

Suddenly, you don’t mind so much.


You’re hanging around in your room, almost a week later, when there’s a single knock on your door and Dean opens it just a crack.

“Are you naked?”

“Under these clothes I am.”

He laughs quietly, coming into the room.

“Bobby went out and Sam’s downstairs, reading. I thought we could hang out for a while.”

“Sure.” You smile, hopping off the bed and crossing over to him. He hugs you tightly, tighter than you’d think. It’s nice, though.

“You smell nice.” He whispers into your ear, and you laugh.

“Uh… thanks.” You smile, reaching up to plant a kiss on his cheek. “Are you sure we’re not going to get caught?”

“Of course I am.” He rolls his eyes, “You know Sammy when he gets reading. He’ll be doing that for hours.”

You laugh, pulling him down to your level so you can press your lips to his.

The last week has been harder than you’d think, keeping your relationship from the people around you. Your parents have been gone for longer than they’d planned, but you got a call yesterday to inform you that they were fine. They’re working with other hunters, John Winchester included, taking down a whole nest of vamps, and it’s just taking longer than they’d hoped.

His arms encircle your waist, pulling you flush to him. Your hands clasp at the nape of his neck and you can’t help but smile against his lips as the sparks race through your entire being.

“Dean? Y/N? What the hell-?” You hear Bobby’s voice from the doorway and spring apart like you’ve been electrocuted.

“I- we- she-“ Dean begins, unable to come up with an excuse. You, however, take the honest route.

“We were kissing.” You say simply. Dean stares at you, agape at your truthfulness, while Bobby merely laughs.

“I did notice.”

“We were kissing because we like each other. However, we were gonna try to keep it a secret because… well, you know what our parents are like. We’d appreciate you keeping your mouth shut.” You say. Bobby rolls his eyes, then nods.

“Whatever. If I hear anything suspect, however…” He says, and you both groan.

“Just… no, okay? Thanks.” You smile, closing the door after him. Dean narrows his eyes at you.

“That was too easy.”

You just laugh, going up on tiptoes to kiss his forehead, “Nah, that’s just Bobby. C’mon, we have a week to catch up on.”

London attack: Capital's residents urged to visit bars and restaurants in show of 'unity'

Londoners are being urged to visit the capital’s bars and restaurants in a show of “unity and resilience” following last weekend’s terror attack.

The British Red Cross launched a campaign to encourage people to make a point of going out and refuse to be cowed after terrorists launched a deadly assault on London Bridge and Borough Market last Saturday, killing eight people and injuring dozens more.

The campaign will see restaurants donating proceeds from certain dishes and bars will ask punters to donate the price of a drink to the charity’s UK Solidarity Fund.

Taxi firm Uber will also donate a pound for every journey between 8pm and midnight on Saturday.

The fund was set up in the wake of the suicide bombing in Manchester that killed 22 people less than two weeks before the London attack. It raised £400,000 in its first 48 hours.

“A Saturday night for London, a week after the terrible attacks at London Bridge, is a chance for people to show the unity and resilience of this great city and the generosity of Londoners in getting out and raising money to help the survivors, the victims and their families,” comedian Amy Lame, appointed London’s “night czar” by mayor Sadiq Khan, said.

Donald Hyslop, Borough Market chairman of trustees, said: “Borough Market is not just a collection of stalls, restaurants and pubs; it is a community of people.

"Never has that been more apparent than it is now, in this darkest of hours.”

It comes as police continue to appeal for information on the attackers and their movements, following revelations that they held a midnight meeting at a gym in Ilford five days before launching the attack.

Relatives of suspected ringleader Khuram Butt said he was partly radicalised by extremist videos he watched on YouTube.

He lived with his wife and children in Barking near fellow attacker Rachid Redouane, while the third attacker Youssef Zaghba lived in Ilford.

Police arrested a 28-year-old man in the early hours of Saturday morning in Barking on suspicion of being concerned in the preparation of acts of terrorism.

Searches of the residential address where he was arrested continue.

Cow Chop (what we know+ little interesting BTS things)

I have made this list while watching the live stream, and with the help of an awesome Reddit post which I will source. Definitely read if you’d like an entire, detailed rundown on what happened on the stream today. This is not in exact chronological order of what they said on the stream, but organized just to help understand.

•James, Aleks, Joe, and Aron are all no longer Creatures

•They have been wanting to say something for a while, But with the Rooster Teeth/Lets Play integration it was difficult.

•Aleks was pretty much done with The Creatures, But stuck around for Secret Santa.

•Aron’s job was supposed to be to help with The Creature website, but because rooster teeth became a thing: he was out of a job. Hence, Him joining Cow Chop.

•Joe joined because of James. He moved out to Colorado in the first place because of him, so he’s sticking with him.

•They were going to stay in the office to film Cow Chop but because of money issues and timing conflicts they have a lease on a house for business only.

•Cow Chop is apart of LetsPlay, separate from The Creatures

•James and Aleks are still going to Let’s Play Live

•Both have not been active with The Creatures for the last two months. Any videos you see with them appearing were pre-recorded.

•"It’s not the interns/employees fault, it’s management problems" -James

•James and Aleks have complete creative control. Nothing holding them back.

•Last interaction with Jordan was for the Polaris Grand Prix.

•No labels for people (cough example Dex as a ‘Creature’)

•Supercast will not be coming back (remember the movie they planned? regret)

•Road to E3 is up to The Creatures. James and Aleks will not be involved

•Easter Egg Hunt did not happen because of the Cow Chop launch

• “Ive done most of what I’ve set out to achieve on my own, and my only goal now is to make sure my friends are taken care of.” - James

•No investments from Rooster Teeth or The Creature went towards Cow Chop. It’s all out of their expenses.

•Undetermined plans of staying, moving, or maybe even a new state? Who knows.

•Collabs are a possibility for the future, but they need to determine the plan they have for the channel first before anything.

•The King was supposed to end with a 2v2 finale: James and Steff VS Artist Joe and Spencer. Because of scheduling conflicts and Steff’s school situation, it never happened
•No plans on podcasts

•They do plan on having a lot of merch for Cow Chop (Cow Plushies, Squiggly cup etc)

•Heavy Rain is a possibility after Shovel Knight

•also dark souls 3

•btw Aleks showed his nipple on stream

•they’re gonna get fucking banned.


May 11 - The Three Mascot-teers - When Howard is chosen to be the new school mascot, Randy learns it’s not always fun to be the best friend of the costumed hero of Norrisville High

May 11 - Escape from Scrap City - Ninja and McFist crash land on the most dangerous place in Norrisville, and they are forced to work side by side if they want any hope of escaping the ruthless bots of Scrap City

May 18 - The Space Cow-Bros - Randy accidentally launches Howard into space on a space shuttle with a killer robot aboard

May 18 - The Fresh Principal of Norrisville High - When Randy and Howard get Principal Slimovitz fired, a computer-based program takes his place and traps the students in a simulated world of forced learning

mrsrhys  asked:

Hi Ms. Bardugo! I wanted to ask how many winners there would be for this sweepstake? P.s I love your books!!

There can be only one. And let me tell you, there is a real dearth of Highlander gifs available on tumblr. 

Originally posted by whiteguykarate

One winner and that winner gets to bring a lucky guest. (Or unlucky depending on how this thing goes down. I’m not saying I’ve been known to set fires, but there are rumors.)

I’m honestly super excited about this. I just hope whoever wins really wants to come and isn’t like FREE TRIP TO NEW YORK WHAT IS THIS CROCKED KINGDOM? WHO ARE THESE SIX OF COWS? WHY SIX COWS? 

Crooked Kingdom Launch Party Sweepstakes here