cow kisses

Imagine if…. Shiro and Keith have this little moment where they’re looking at each other and they realize just how they feel for each other and their faces soften up and they give each other a bright smile. It would be little scenes in the background that would kill me. They’d be holding hands at some parts. A hand on a shoulder, maybe an arm around a waist. Leaning against each other on the sofa maybe. It would totally be the little things that would take me to the moon and back if Sheith was canon.

anonymous asked:

Could you please do some date headcanons with Urbosa, Link, Mipha and Zelda?

Urbosa (ugh my leading lady, how I love her)

1.You want fine dining? That’s what you’re going to get from her

2.This lady got charms, compliments left and right!

3. She’ll either take you to a nice resturant in her town, fine wine and all

4. Not only is she a wonderful fighter, but a fantastic cook as well

5. Home Cooked meal dates are more her thing, usually picnicking on the roof of her home

6. Or somewhere in the knook of the village for ultimate privacy

7. Talks with her are just a delight, never a quiet moment without it being irritating

8. She’ll most likely wanna put the moves on you, but looks for clues if it’s alright

10. If completely enamoured with you, she’ll confidently ask for a kiss

11. Holy cow, her kisses


1. He style of a date is hunting and then rock climbing the highest point

2. Adrenaline rush, anybody??

3. Climbs near you in case you fall

4. He’ll picks up herbs along the way

5. Once at the point of the cliff he whips out this makeshift cooking pot

6. He, of course, carried the game and prepped it

7.Doesn’t understand your uncomfortable look, how does he skins it with ease WTF

8.But boy, he looks so happy there with you

9. While the meal cooks, he will sit right next to you

10. The silence is very welcoming, especially as he wraps an arm around you


12. The dork will play music with a blade of grass

13. It is the most tone deprived thing ever, but he looks so cute playing it


1. This girl will probably rely on you for date ideas

2. She’s nervous her idea are too wet

3. Once you assure her that you don’t mind, she suggested taking you to a secret place

4. She’ll have you ride on her back to get there, as the tunnel is long and you’ll most likely drown


6. Has taken you to a cove LITTERED in crystals, little holes in the earth light everything

7. She’ll tell you how she found the place, shocked cause you didn’t think she’d explore

8. If you cut yourself accidentally on a crystal, she makes the biggest fuss

9. Doesn’t allow you to walk anymore even though she healed it

10. Starts fishing for a meal, but of course coming you are alright

11. Gives the biggest smile ever if you enjoy her fired cooked green gills.

12. Both of you giggled playing with the cove’s echo


1. This date will start out really awkward

2. She’s trying a little too hard not to be herself 

3. Ignores a lot of things in the wilderness that fascinates her 

4. Her worst fear of it being is actually coming true, you tell her you’re bored

5. Set her straight, tell her it’s alright

6. She’ll feel bad, but start easing up

7. OH IS THAT A DARK GODDESS STATUE- glances at you pretending not interested still

8. You will have to take the initiative to look over the statue

9. She’ll follow like a chick apologizing profusely

10. Will have to start asking her about it

11. THERE SHE IS, Zelda’s eyes lights up and her knowledge pours like an encyclopedia

 12. Date is MUCH better as she starts getting excited and can’t shut up

13. It’s okay, her rambles and excitement make the whole date