cow haus

Parachute Pants (ca. 1996)

(L-R: Stephen, Me, Annabella, Brent, Ashley, and Brian).

Brian had booked the recently re-formed Bow Wow Wow to do a show at his awesome club, the Cow Haus.

I forget the exact sequence of events, but, basically, he needed an opening band—and he needed them to play for free. So, he recruited one out of his friends’ other bands.

Consequently, members of some local bands and Cow Haus regulars (Flanders, Bacon Ray, and Clitaurus Rex) got together, learned a dozen or so new-wavey 80s covers, rehearsed a handful of times, then dressed up in shiny 80s clothes and performed before a slightly confused audience who had paid to see that cute girl from the “I Want Candy” video.

Thus, was Parachute Pants born. Over our five or so subsequent gigs, we became more popular than all our other bands. Which was weird.

So, there you go. Kids in America. What are you gonna do?

(Many thanks for digging this one up, Stephen)