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Alphonse! And bonus cat friend because he always needs a cat friend. For Sarah 💚

Seeing the channel being so successful and it’s not even 2 years old makes me emotional. Aleks and James took a huge risk, and look what’s happening. They are gaining more and more fans that enjoy the stupid shit they do. I’m incredibly proud of those two and I’m so thankful for everyone in that group. Here’s to 800k, 900k, and then 1mil subs.

Cat!Lance Headcanons

I’ve just read @tokyoteddywolf “A Blue CatAtrosphe” and what can i say? I loved it and came up with some headcanons for it!! Hope you all enjoy!!
• When he realized he had turned into a cat and everyone thought he was dead, Lance tried to talk to his members but it all came out as growls and meows.
• They name him “Azul” for his eyes. (He loves it)
• They find out the hard way that space goo isn’t good for cats.
- When they first give it to him, Lance ends up getting really sick and almost dies. (Later when they ask him how it felt, he said it felt like getting food poisoning but 10x worse)
- They decide to buy actual cat food for him after the incident.
• Lance found out he could talk to other animals as a cat.
- He has many conversations with the mice and always plays with them. (When he first saw them, cat instincts kicked in and he almost ate one. The mice are secretly scared of him.)
- He also talks to his space cow. They share their emotional pains with each other.
• As a cat, Lance craves even more affection and touch. He always rubs against everyone. (His favorite person is Keith)
• Lance purrs when he’s nervous. The others start to notice this, they start to pet and scratch him to calm him down.
• He finds out that he can sense people’s emotions.
- He can sense when Shiro is having a flashback. Lance tries his hardest to distract him by acting cute and whatnot.
- He can sense when Hunk is feeling lonely or down. Lance loves to cuddle with him to make him happy again.
- He can sense when Pidge is struggling or sad. He sits on their lap and meows at them until they pay him attention.
- He can sense when Keith is mad or panicky. He goes up to him and just rubs up on him until Keith smiles and rubs his ears. (He later denies liking it and the purring)
• He once climbed up a really tall place and couldn’t get down. Everyone wondered where he went and struggled to find him. When they do, they quickly bring him down and try to calm him.
• Lance just loves being a cat because he gets all this affection and love he didn’t when he was human.

50 reasons to love the Chimera Ant Arc HxH

In no particular order… (Spoilers to those who haven’t watched season 5!)

2.Crazy Slots and his lippy attitude
3.The way Killua decides to ride the horse.
4.Colt being a mamas boy
5.Gons positive attitude about Kite fighting Pitou
6. K N U C K L E and his soft spot for dogs
7.Meleron judging Shoot for his lack of eyebrows
8.Killua calling Gon ‘light’
9.Morel comforting Colt and promising he will protect him and the little ant baby and getting all emotional 
10.“Don’t make me repeat myself”
11.Meruem sitting in his big throne when he is so smol, angrily thinking about Komugi.
13.Pouf being overdramatic, (we all know the episode)
14.Crazy Palm all the way to Ant Palm, and Palm being MVP through out the last half of the arc
15.Netero and Meruems aesthetic fight
16.Killua and Ikalgo becoming bros
17.Welfin driving those trucks 
18.The Royal Guards have cell phones
19.When Meruem rips off his arm and Komugi stands her ground because she is boss
20. Meruems robot laugh
21.Knuckle and Youpi bonding
22.The music and animation to Gon vs Pitou 
23.That look Killua gives when Gon tells him the “it must be nice.."thing and we all wanted to cry because baby.. No don't :(
24.Komugi passing out because she can’t breath from her nose after she meets the King
25.Meruem smacking around his Royal Guards
26.Cheetu reading manga 
27.Meruem riding by his tail on the invisible nen dragon
28.Neteros choice of outfit he wears to his big fight
29.Ikalgos round red head
30.The narrator 
31.Hisoka doesn’t randomly appear 
32.The way Meruem carries Komugi to Pitou after Dragon Dive hits *sobbing*
33.Zeno having a midlife crisis
34.Silva flying out of no where, crushing Cheetu
35.Poor Knov and his hair D:
36.Morel smoking 420 blaze in the battle field
37.The part where Killua fights Youpi and poor youpi doesn’t know what is going on
38.Killua kidnapping Komugi
39.Komugi 'fighting’ Killua
40.Shaiapouf and his undying, obsessive love with the King and absolute hate for Komugi
41.When Meruem remembers Komugi and Poufs reaction to how much the King cares for her
42.When Morel, Knov, and Netero break into Ant territory and slay everyone by putting them in the nen room for Netero to get some warm up fighting.
43.Knuckle, Shoot, Killua and co. Thinking that maybe the King is getting hunnies, or frisky with Palm, and Gon not undestanding, when in reality the King is just playing a board game with bae
44.Baby Kite and Colt
45.Kites hunter team of explorers
46.Meruems 180 beautiful character development
47. Palm yelling at Meruem, who just wants to see the moogy, so he is gonna bow and she is screaming, and I am screaming, and that scene was intense man!!
48.Understanding, Restriction and Pledge, Kingdom of Predator, Hyori Ittai OSTs 
49.During the Pitou vs Gon fight when Killua arrives and the blood aesthetic and the emotions of everything because holy cow guys, emotional rollercoaster
50.EPISODE 135 NOW THAT WAS A ROLLERCOASTER. SO MANY TEARS SHED. SO MANY LIVES LOST. "I believe that I was born To be here today.” “I was born for this moment.” JUST KILL ME NOW WHY DON’T YOU. THIS POST WAS A LIE THE CA ARC WAS THE WORST. YOU WILL REGRET WATCHING IT. YOU WILL NEVER SMILE AGAIN. (When she strokes his face and gets to finally 'see’ Meruem.. When he tells her his name.. The tone of Meruems voice.. That hand holding.. Omg ef me up real good.)

Honorable mention: Reina getting to be with her mommy again :’)

title: wild and unruly

authors: 100percentsassy, gloriaandrews

wordcount/rating: 123k/explicit

chapters: 9/9 *COMPLETE!*


“He won’t sign,” Louis said.  “He won’t.”

He could hear Zayn’s unimpressed facial expression through the phone.  Finally the man spoke, his voice oddly muffled, as though the connection were about to fade out.  “Ms. Twist says you have to stay there until he does sign.  She won’t take no for an answer, Louis.  This deal’s too big to fail.”

“Well, how am I supposed to — ?”  Louis cut himself off and bit his lip indignantly.

“Do whatever it takes.  Wear him down.  Be a pest.  I know you know how to do that…”

“Shut up, asshole.”

Zayn chuckled.  “Exactly.”

Harry is a cowboy sitting on the biggest oil reservoir in Wyoming, and Louis is the paralegal assigned to pressure him into selling his land.

DON’T DESTROY THE MOTHERHOOD, GO VEGAN! In dairy farms, calves are separated from their mothers shortly after birth so that the milk meant for the calves can be sold to humans instead. The mother cow having an emotional attachment to her baby cries for weeks because of this forced isolation and remain sad for the rest of her life. Cows have been known to run miles in search of their stolen babies. 

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I watched the playthrough the day after it came out and it destroyed me.