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it is cartoon networks 25th birthday today. despite them going down hill the past few years with miller, you at least have to admit they did a really good job on the bumper.

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medical au where yuuri and phichit are pediatric nurses who bond over their favorite animals!! ( 。・ ∀ ・。)人(。・ ∀ ・。 )

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Recently Extinct Megafauna

Not ‘cavemen hunted these’ recently extinct. Recently extinct as in ‘16 to 20 human generations ago’.


What: The ancestor of domestic cattle

Where: 3 subspecies found throughout Northern Africa, Europe, and India 

When: 1627

Cause: Humans

Fun fact: They were mentioned in the Hebrew bible as re’em and mistranslated in the king James version as unicorns. There are numerous programs to revive the species 

Haast’s Eagle

What: One of the largest flighted bird to have ever lived

Where: New Zealand

When: 1400s

Cause: Humans

Fun Fact: It’s been speculated that the ‘giant hawk’ Maui transforms into in Disney’s Moana is a reference to this eagle, which still has cultural significance for the Maori people of NZ, and is known as Pouakai in legends


What: Subspecies of plains Zebra

Where: Africa 

When: 1883

Cause: Humans

Fun Fact: It was the first extinct animal to have it’s DNA analyzed and there are efforts to revive the species. Though there are some triumphant sounding articles there, true quaggas are not back from the dead. We’re getting close now, and have 6 individuals now classed as ‘Rau quaggas’

Stellar’s Sea Cow

What: Massive sirenian mammal related to the modern dugong

Where: Bering Sea

When: 1768

Cause: Humans

Fun Fact: It was declared extinct just 27 years after discovery by Europeans. 


What: Marsupial carnivore

Where: Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea 

When: 1936

Cause: Humans

Fun Fact: There are purported sightings more than any other animal on this list. Many people believe this animal might still be out there 



What: Immense flightless bird

Where: New Zealand

When: By 1445

Cause: Humans

Fun Fact: These gigantic birds were the prey of choice for the aforementioned Haast’s eagle. When humans destroyed the Moa population, the eagle was starved out.

Mexican Grizzly Bear

What: Exactly what it’s name suggests

Where: Northern Mexico to southern Arizona and New Mexico

When: 1964

Cause: Humans

Fun Fact: Like the Tasmanian tiger this bear might still be out there. The species was declared extinct in the 60′s, however, a brown bear was shot in Sonora in 1976

Elephant bird

What: Gigantic flightless bird

Where: Madagascar

When: By the 1700s

Cause: Humans

Fun Fact: They have the largest recorded egg size of any bird, with their eggs weighting up to 22 lbs.

Eastern Elk

What: Large subspecies of elk

Where: Eastern USA

When: The last confirmed eastern elk was shot in 1877

Cause: Bullet (humans)

Fun Fact: This elk could weigh up to about 1,000lbs and could have antlers 6 feet in length. Another subspecies, Merriam’s elk, went extinct around the same time but once lived in southwestern USA.

Koala Lemur

What: Giant lemurs

Where: Madagascar

When: By the 1500s

Cause: Humans

Fun Fact: These were relatively human sized lemurs, growing 4-5 feet tall (the average male chimpanzee stands at just under 4 feet)

Japanese Wolves

What: The Hokkaido and Honshu wolves of Japan

Where: Japan

When: By the 1900s

Cause: Humans

Fun Fact: These wolves were purposefully exterminated with mass poisoning efforts by an American hired by the Japanese government. 

* Some of these animals aren’t technically megafauna; I’m being lose with the term. The thylacine is about 30 lbs shy of the marker, the Japanese wolves fall a little short, and Haast’s eagle falls well below. 

** I’ve left out some of the more recent and / or better known animals; I wanted to focus on animals I feel are slipping from general memory. 

*** There are actually several subspecies of Moa, though I’ve lumped them together as they all met the same fate around the same time.


If you had 30 seconds to convince humans to not kill you for food what would you say? Would you cry out loud, beg and plead humanity to eat the other foods that are available? Or would you go willingly towards your killer and accept your death? The animals of this world used for food, clothing, entertainment, and experimentation have no choice and they go unheard, but we have a choice and we can use our voice. We can choose the vegan alternatives which don’t contribute to the corporations who make billions out of cruelty, who are causing environmental devastation, and who are lying to the public to keep us in a state of ignorance. And we can use our voice to speak out against injustices. If the animals had 30 seconds to speak our language and defend themselves, they’d choose the same as you, life.

Photographed by Hannah Gregus, Sympathy at Slaughter

The signs as out-of-context quotes from Cartoon Network shows
  1. Aquarius: BURN ATLANTA TO THE GROUND! ~ Johnny Bravo
  2. Pisces: Ice Bear smells like clean babies. ~ We Bare Bears
  3. Aeries: Wait a minute! This is the wrong book! WRONG! BOOK! ~ The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
  4. Taurus: May I remind you that IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII AM THE STAAAAR OF THIS SHOW!!!!!! ~ My Gym Partner Is A Monkey
  5. Gemini: We haven’t kissed like that since 1980! ~ The Powerpuff Girls
  6. Cancer: Aww baby, is your voice still cursed? ~ The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
  7. Leo: Let that be a lesson to all you cupcakes. Hnnnn. ~ Adventure Time
  8. Virgo: Nigel why are you tying up Mama Mashed Potatoes and Uncle Twinkletoes? ~ Courage the Cowardly Dog
  9. Libra: They’re bleeding. Oh no, they are dead. Don’t call again. ~ Steven Universe
  10. Scorpio: This is the Hat of Discipline. DO YOU LIVE IN A CAVE?! ~ Ed Edd n Eddy
  11. Sagittarius: Judy Garland?! Where?! ~ Dexter’s Laboratory
  12. Capricorn: Let’s adopt this grown man right now! ~ Cow and Chicken

Inktober 2017: Day 6 - Deer

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Garden of Evil (BTS Pick Your Path Scenario)

I don’t know. This just kind of came to me yesterday and I really wanted to write a blurb for it. If you guys really like me, I have ideas for full out scenarios if you guys really like it. Please let me know what you think <3

-Admin Kat

You stared at the illuminated sign; Garden of Evil. You walked into the club, the sound of music blaring into your ear as you walked into the dark, underground building. The sensation of music throbbing through the ground into your feet caused your legs to quiver. The club was clearly a play on the Garden of Eden, but opposites. The lighting was dim and flickered as though the room was filled with fire; like the pits of hell. People were dressed as though they were either angels or demons. That was the theme of the night after all. You wore a white dress that reached a bit below your knees and short sleeves that hung off the shoulders. As you came down to the main floor, a man dressed as a devil; a red mask and a black suit, came up to you with a pair of horns in one hand and a halo headband in the other.

“Angel or demon?” He asked you as you came up to him. You smiled at him, a shy type of smile, and gestured towards your dress.

“Angel.” You had to yell over the sound of the deafening music. He handed you the halo and gave you his hand. You hesitantly took it, still a bit unsure why you were there. You had heard about this club from some kids in your college class, but you had no idea about it. You were not one to come to a club like this, but after the lovely break up with your boyfriend, you couldn’t help but seek a distraction. What would be a better than a sinful club to keep your mind off your ex?

You took your hand and continued with him further into the throngs of sweaty, horny young adults thrusting their bodies against each other in an orgy of rhythmic grinding. He brought you through the crowd, weaving meticulously through the bodies. You felt hands grazing over your body; pinching, pulling on your dress, and light caresses. You tried to not yank yourself away from them, not wanting to seem like a prude in a place like this, and just continued to make your way with your hand tightly holding the devil man’s.

He stopped abruptly once you were out of the crowd. You were standing in front of seven doors, each with a symbol above it. Each symbol was a color matched with an animal. Violet horse, green dog, orange pig, red cow, black bear, yellow frog, and blue goat. The devil man came around you, placing his hands on your shoulders. You felt a shudder run down your spine at the proximity of him. He lowered himself so his mouth, or at least the mouth of his mask, was at your ear. “Pick your sin.”

You held out your finger towards the…

Violet Horse

Green Dog

Orange pig

Red Cow

Black Bear

Yellow Frog

Blue Goat

anonymous asked:

Im so sorry if this is a dumb question, but can gods be attracted to gods/people of the same gender? Also do they mind transgender people? I was having an argument with a friend of mine about the topic of gods being attracted to the same gender, and she got mad at me, and said no god (or person) would ever care about me because i'm trans. I know that she only said that out of anger, but now i'm worried, since sge has been pagan since she was born (i started last year). Thank you for your time.

I realize this is a Heathen blog, but has your so-called friend literally never heard of Ancient Greece? Like, at all? This Wikipedia article isn’t exhaustive, but it should drive home the point that same gender attraction both to other gods and to mortals was a common thing in classical myth, and even gender changing wasn’t unheard of. And the same could be said for the myths of a lot of other cultures.

But again, we’re a Heathen blog, so we’re going to focus on Norse stuff specifically. And while pre-Christian Norse religion isn’t as well-attested in general, we do have examples of our own.

Loki is, of course, a very prominent one. Some instances of Loki transgressing gender norms in the Eddas include:

  • The one everyone knows: Turning into a mare and giving birth to Sleipnir in Gylfaginning
  • Spending eight years under the earth milking cows and bearing children (mentioned in Lokasenna)
  • Eating a witches heart and becoming impregnated, resulting in him becoming the “mother of all monsters” (Hyndluljóð)
  • Cross-dressing to help Thor retrieve Mjolnir (Þrymskviða)
  • The whole incident with tying a goat to his balls to amuse Skadi in Gylfaginning may have been an allusion to or have symbolism related to castration (see Norse Mythology by John Lindow)
  • Shapeshifting was considered a “queer” act (see “Óðinn as Mother: The Old Norse Deviant Patriarch” by Ármann Jakobsson)
  • Loki may be implied to have possibly slept with Odin (Lokasenna) and Thor (Þrymskviða), in a culture where having sexual relations with other men was seen as making a man less “manly”
  • Loki disguises himself as a woman twice in the story of Baldr’s death in Gylfaginning: the first time to learn Baldr’s weakness from Frigg, the second time to pose as a female jotun who refuses to cry, breaking the agreement with Hel and ensuring Baldr remains dead.

Note that the Norse would not have seen many of these acts as socially acceptable. But that doesn’t change the fact that there is extensive support for Loki sleeping with people of more than one gender and for not conforming to gender roles. Therefore, Loki is a very popular deity for modern Heathens to consult when struggling with orientation or gender identity, or when facing prejudice because of it. He’s been there, and he provides an opportunity for non-binary and other LGBT+ individuals to see themselves in the divine in a way that many converts were denied in the religion they were raised in.

Other instances of LGBT themes in Norse religion:

  • Saxo calls Freyr’s priests “unmanly”, implying they might have been gay or even what we would understand as trans/GNC
  • Odin practices a form of magic usually practiced by women that probably involved being a bottom during sex (which is basically what made you gay in Norse society). There’s an instance where he disguises himself as a woman to sleep with another woman. And he’s called Jálkr, “gelding,” in a couple places.
  • in Hrólfs saga Gautrekssonar, there is an AFAB character originally named Thornbjorg who, upon taking the throne, insists on be called by the masculine name of King Thorberg and using masculine pronouns.
  • Archaeologists have found guldgubber that appear to depict same-gender couples.

And honestly? Even if this stuff hadn’t be prevalent historically, that’s no excuse for leaving LGBT+ people out of Heathenry in the modern world. Our society, technology, and conception of gender have changed in the past thousand years, and religion–all religion–necessarily has to evolve to account for that. We have a duty to learn from and improve on our ancestors’ failings if possible, not to perpetuate them.

You are welcome here. You are part of a long and amazing history of people like us. And anyone who denies that is not a friend.

For some more reading on the topic of gender and sexuality in the Viking Age:

- Mod E