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Dear Future Wife, 

Chances are I won’t be very good at buying you jewelry. Truth is I don’t really get it. But it doesn’t mean I won’t try. You don’t have to like sports. But if you do, that’s a nice bonus. You don’t have to cook, I really like cooking. I just don’t like cleaning. Something to do with dish water… you’ll learn soon enough. I really like crappy television.. like really like it. It’s not for everyone, but I promise to make it a little more tolerable (I heavily invest in their lives). I’ve thought about your taste in music. As long as your soundcloud doesn’t have every single florida georgia line song ‘liked’ and reblogged? I’ll strap on some cow boots and line dance with you once in a while. I may not be good at it, but I am willing. I absolutely hate Christmas. But I’ll take you to the Christmas markets, decorate a tree and build a gingerbread house, as long as I get to eat the access candy. It’s occurred to me that I run hot in my sleep, yet refuse to share my blankets, we’ll probably need two duvets on the bed. I get the one made with down.  You definitely don’t have to be into crossfit. I mean you might have to brush up on the lingo… it can be your second language… or third. I hope you’re multilingual, but you don’t have to be.. It has also occurred to me that there are other posts, and blogs like this out there.. someone talking to you.. You can read them all you want, but do me a favour? Please don’t marry the wrong one’s author? Marry the author of this one.

—  I know you’re reading this right now. I can’t wait until you tell me about that time you found a sappy blog post about some girl wanting her wife to know exactly who she was getting into. 
Fantastic (RP with @scamxnderiisms)


1927, January 13th. Despite being close to the beach, it was cold has hell in Ardara, Ireland. More specifically, Shaelyn’s home: Emerald Meadows. A cheesy name for sure, but it appealed among the Muggle world.
Shaelyn went back inside her cabin, stomping snow off of her boots. The cows, pigs, and horses were taken care of, and were roaming the pastures out front. And as far as any Muggles passing by knew, those were the only animals she had on her farm. Thanks to a special, protective charm, the rest of the area was hidden, looking like every other rolling hills and forest in Ireland. Thanks to a door in her cabin, only she and other wizards had access to the fantastic beasts that lived there.
Holding her hands in front of the fire, she tried to warm up quickly before having to go back out. More snow was going to come later that night, and she had to make sure that the dragons she was raising in the caves would be warm enough for the night, and every other creature would make it in tonight’s storm.

ma+ - leather boots -




staple boot

material : cow leather
color : black
size : 41 , 42 , 43


tall buckle boot

material : horse leather rev
color : black
size : 40 , 41 , 42 , 43

Maurizioに会うたびに彼が履いているエンジニアブーツ。それがまたカッコよくて、私自身エンジニアブーツは苦手だったのですが今年初めてトライしました。履いて数週間、やっぱり苦手でバックルを外したらめちゃめちゃイケてるPecos bootsになりました。外してから着用頻度が増したお気に入りの一足です。ALL THINGS MUST PASSのGeorge Harrison(あれは多分長靴)のような雰囲気でLevi’sのコーデュロイに合わせて履くのが気分です。



TEL / FAX : 048-729-7707
営業時間 : 12 : 00 - 20 : 00
定休日 : 水曜日




It’s National Milk Day

We milked it!

John Jacob Niles milking a cow at Boot Hill Farm; Van Coke, 1955; Part of The John Jacob Niles Photographic Collection

Milk bottling; Part of Louis Edward Nollau Nitrate Photographic Print Collection

French Bauer, Incorporated (dairy products), 1931;  Part of Lafayette Studios photographs: 1930s decade

Project #2136 District 5: Another view of children enrolled in the Ashland, KY, Nursery School, showing them ready to drink their milk at the start of lunch, 1936; Part of Goodman-Paxton Photographic Collection,