cow and chicken parents

How Do You Tell Them?

How do you tell a boy its impossible to build a laboratory in his room?

How you tell a monkey he can’t go to a summer camp?

How do you tell them there is no such thing as a superhero?

How do you a professor he can’t make three little girls with sugar,spice and everything nice?

How you do you tell a girl she can’t fight the forces of evil?

How you tell parents its impossible to have a cow and chicken as children?

How do you tell a boy there is no magical rocks from outer space and that he is not apart of them?

How do you tell three boys with the same name that their scams are dangerous and wrong and they should stop doing them because they could get in serious trouble? 

How do you tell a girl she can’t actually be miraculous?

how do you tell a mother she can’t have a robot as a teenage daughter?

How do you a boy he can’t go ghost?

How do you tell a boy fairies don’t exist?

How you tell a cartoon they are not real?


You Don’t.

You Can’t.


I’m hoping this video gets out there, I had an awesome time making it!

“Cartoons Dance to Uma Thurman” (By Fall Out Boy)