breadhungry: brotherhood

GUYS I started watching Cow Chop, and I’m HOOKED. I can’t stop now. 

If you guys post about Cow Chop and that stuff, can you please like this or reblog it? That way I can follow you! Thanks! 

dear boy, this was some adventure. 

i get the feeling that kodaka just trolled by putting that 016th person as a joke from his first title. i wasn’t supposed to mean anything. kodaka you trolled us again.

unless was that person all along hagakure because he was in the opening…

anyway. i want to say that i loved all of the character of dr3.

jewzo suckakura

ryota animitarai

kazoooo tengandad

big cow

chisa’s dead body

yosuke munakatana also you narukami

koichichi kizazakurawr

kyoko kirigiri-san!

mah koko eggy dear boy

yaoi asskomahina chan

miayaasqeen gekkofrogara bot

sasuke izayoyo dude

ruru andon’t

psycho keem

straw hat big buy what’s his face?