Tuners and Tea 1/16/16 by Michael Lapena
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Brittany Snow is headed to West Covina: the Pitch Perfect actress has booked a three-episode arc on the second season of CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

As TVLine reports, her character, Anna, is described as “a hip and cool L.A. chick and beauty entrepreneur who sweeps into town and shakes everything up for Rebecca” (Rachel Bloom, who made the announcement on her Twitter account in her character’s typical fashion). And yes, Snow will have a musical number during her run on the show.

The sophomore season of the comedy returns on October 21st.

Black and White – Original Icy Milk with Caramel and Pudding

This drink is more thick and icy than other iced milk slushies in the area, but it’s still decent. The caramel was strong, and a bit sweeter than I’d like at half sugar, but it added flavor. The ice could’ve been blended into the drink a little better, and the pudding was a bit hard, but these weren’t huge detractors. I still enjoyed it.