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“Here’s what happened, I was in New York, I ran into Josh, he made me feel warm inside like glitter was exploding inside me, then I moved here. I did not move here because of Josh because that would be crazy and I am not crazy.”

Shout out to Crazy Ex Girlfriend for sinking the ships

or: Thanks to CEG for not adhering to the typical romantic comedy™ narrative, and instesad deconstructing it during the course of a whole show and showing its negative impacts on the psyque of people (specially women), and why they don’t work on real life. 

Rebecca (and the audience) is so invested in making sense of her life and her own existence by comparing her life to movies, and goes to great lenghs to actually emulate the typical narrative structure of a romantic comedy. There’s also the patriarchal expectations that romantic love™ will solve all your problems, and this is where it gets tricky for us, the audience, and for Rebecca. 

Rebecca desperately want to be saved by a boy. As a result, she really thinks that every empowered action in her life that contributes to her betterment as a person and her growth as a human being, is going to be rewarded by a romantic interest at the end of the movie (insert: “Put yourself first for him”). All her efforts, all her growth, will pay off because a man will see how much she has achieved and now that  she’s in a great place she’s ready to recieve her prize and be swept off her feet. 

As an audience, we too secretely expect that. We keep watching and keep hoping that she’ll end up with someone (kinda anyone), because “it’d be so cute, right??” Josh, and Greg and Nathaniel, we switch them up like Rebecca does because to us a classical romantic reward sounds compeling and the cusp of growth and achievement. Neverming you found new friends, a job you like and a place you can call home, and maybe some necessary mental health while you’re at it, it all loses its charm if you don’t have that last paramount ingredient to tie it up together and officially granting you happiness, officially making your successful, oficially making you a heroine. 

I’m not shaming on anybody’s ship, but the creators themselves have commented on how curious they find that people are so eager to tie together two people that are actually horrible for eachother (like, again, Rebecca does), specially when one of them clearly has to learn that a romantic relationship with a man is not yout ultimate validation as a woman and as a human being. That you really have to look out for yourself on this one and abstain from those relationships that will be toxic or damaging for you (Greg leaving West Covina breaking a circle of toxic self destructive behaviour being the prime example); or using it ro run away from your troubles and yourself (Josh). Or even having your Manic Pixie Dream Girl carrying all your emotional baggage for you (Nathaniel). 

CEG it’s showing us why these can not work on real life, it’s why every time we think a ship will sail it sinks instead. Rebecca is not here to be swept off her feet, she’s here to learn how to love and accept herself, live with herself, learn that getting help does not reduce your value as a human and to let go of internalized patriarchal narrative and amanormativity. 

CEG is a love story, just not the kind we’re accustumed and keep clinging to.

I think, though it seems ridiculous at surface level, it was smart to include Jim in the group of Whitefeather employees desperately trying to fill that Rebecca void. It shows that even the people she interacted with least felt the pain of her leaving, which really shows how big an impact Rebecca has on everyone in West Covina.

West Covina - the Musical! (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

Ok here’s the story: I really love the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It’s super smart (a mobius strip joke in a girl power song? Yes please.), it has a realistic outlook on people that could easily be one-note side characters, and includes incredible musical numbers. And it’s hilarious. 

Rachel Bloom, well, the entire cast, is so delightful…let’s be honest, I want to live in that world and hang out at Home Base with the 8 year olds and alcoholics and break out in to song.

I love musicals, I love feminist media, I love dark humor. If other people weren’t saying the same things I’d think I had dreamt it.

So I decided to make the broadway poster for the musical in her head. I’ve also been feeling really down on my artistic abilities, and this little project has helped me get over a bit of a hump. 

When in a rut, look at reference, don’t give up, and as Rachel Bloom herself has been quoted saying before: “Laziness is a form of fear” and I can’t agree more. FEAR NOT and finish that thing you haven’t finished yet, face your fears and run with scissors.

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she’s the crazy ex girlfriendwhat no i’m not

she’s the crazy ex girlfriendthat’s a sexist term

she’s the crazy ex girlfriendcan you guys stop singing for just a second

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crazy ex-girlfriend