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“Here’s what happened, I was in New York, I ran into Josh, he made me feel warm inside like glitter was exploding inside me, then I moved here. I did not move here because of Josh because that would be crazy and I am not crazy.”

West Covina - the Musical! (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

Ok here’s the story: I really love the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It’s super smart (a mobius strip joke in a girl power song? Yes please.), it has a realistic outlook on people that could easily be one-note side characters, and includes incredible musical numbers. And it’s hilarious. 

Rachel Bloom, well, the entire cast, is so delightful…let’s be honest, I want to live in that world and hang out at Home Base with the 8 year olds and alcoholics and break out in to song.

I love musicals, I love feminist media, I love dark humor. If other people weren’t saying the same things I’d think I had dreamt it.

So I decided to make the broadway poster for the musical in her head. I’ve also been feeling really down on my artistic abilities, and this little project has helped me get over a bit of a hump. 

When in a rut, look at reference, don’t give up, and as Rachel Bloom herself has been quoted saying before: “Laziness is a form of fear” and I can’t agree more. FEAR NOT and finish that thing you haven’t finished yet, face your fears and run with scissors.

On Christmas Eve in 2008, recently divorced 45 year old Bruce Jeffrey Pardo arrived at the home of his ex-wife and former in-laws dressed in a Santa costume and armed with a handgun. In his possession was also a gift-wrapped flamethrower. As soon as the door was opened to him, an 8 year old girl was the first to be shot in the face as she excitedly ran to greet a man she believed was Santa Claus. A shooting rampage ensued which left 9 residents in total dead, including ex-wife Sylvia Ortega, all due to either gunshot wounds or the arson attack which followed. 3 others, one of which was the 8 year old girl, were left severely injured but lived through the ordeal. The blaze initiated by Pardo’s flamethrower caused flames to rage almost 50 feet into the air and took 80 firefighters almost 2 hours to extinguish. Because of the severe extent of destruction caused, the victims inside the house could only be identified through an analysis of existing dental and medical records.

Following the massacre, Pardo drove quite a distance to his brother’s house where he was later found dead as a result of a suicidal bullet wound to the head.  As a way to carry out a final lethal act after death, Pardo had planted a homemade fire bomb in his rented car knowing it would likely be searched by police. When authorities did just that, the bomb was detonated but failed to cause any further fatalities. The damage caused by the blast can be seen pictured above. It is believed that Pardo committed such a heinous atrocity due to the financial amounts he was ordered to pay after his divorce settlement was finalised just one week earlier on December 18th.  The events which took place have since been renowned as ‘The Covina Massacre’ after the area in Los Angeles where it took place.


The J. M. Roberts residence by architect Richard Neutra, 1955.

While the Roberts original request was for a more traditional ranch style home, Neutra brought them around to his purely modernist aesthetic. Neutra’s sectional grid, spider leg design and asymmetric arrangements combine effortlessly to create a harmony of balance, transparency and lightness. 621 Wrede Way, West Covina CA, 91791


West Covina Nine-Nine 

Some familiar Crazy Ex Girlfriend guest stars showed up on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 4 finale