1) Desfile en Saint Laurent siglo 18. 2) Cómicos en viaje. 3) Arlequín en un circo de acróbatas en la feria londinense de San Bartolomeo. 4) Un coviello siciliano en un ejercicio ecuestre. 5) Pacamonte. 6) Gilles le Niais, figura de la feria francesa. 7) Pulcinella y el rinoceronte.


Light Asylum take synth-pop back to its industrial past

While Funchess is the fire of the operation, Coviello is the backbone. The quieter of the two but warm and quick to laugh, he has been playing piano since he was six. Coviello grew up in a religious household, and when he hit his teens he rebelled and got into punk. “When you’re a teenager, punk just makes so much sense. Because I was a piano player I was like, ‘How can I do that?’ And then I saw new wave and industrial and I was like, 'OK, that’s how you can make synths sound punk’. That was the turning point.”

A punk rock youth is something that Coviello and Funchess share, but they channel that aggression into something positive.

“We’re just here to make music and try to express the feeling and the atmosphere of what’s going on right now,” says Funchess of the current political and economic climate. “We can’t help but be affected by it. Anyone who says they’re not affected by it is crazy, even if they’re sitting somewhere cushy and eat well and don’t have relatives in the military or losing their homes to mortgage scandals.

"I grew up listening to punk music and in the 80s it was about the politics. Those topics are still so relevant – about the powers that be dividing people. It’s in the music but we try not to make it preachy. We all know what’s going on and if you don’t it’s because you choose not to know.” [Read More]

Osipova is missing Hallberg, but hopes to return to the Bolshoi

Osipova is missing Hallberg, but hopes to return to the Bolshoi

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The applause that greeted Natalia Osipova’s return to the Bolshoi stage was enthusiastic.

Laura Cappelle wrote in her Financial Times review:

The tour marks the Russian superstar’s first performances on the Bolshoi stage since her departure from the company three years ago, and if the breathless reception she got is any indication, she has been missed.

Osipova, now a Principal dancer with the…

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