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Hellenistic Greek Gilt Silver Rhyton with Grapevines & Blue Glass , 3rd-2nd Century BC

Rhytons are among the most coveted pieces of silver that remain from the Classical world. This gilt silver rhyton, with its extensive fruit-of-the-vine iconography and lovely cobalt blue glass decoration, is an exceptional example of art of the Hellenistic period, indicative of the ancients’ refined taste for luxury tableware, probably used both as a drinking cup and a pouring vessel to decant wine into drinking bowls during festive banquets.


ACF SS17 Collection

Sam Lambert and Shakah Maidoh need no introduction by now, as their creative collective Art Comes First keeps on delivering some of the most exclusive and coveted pieces on the market. Besides the ongoing flow of collaborations with brands such as Fred Perry, Sam and Shakah present outstanding seasonal collections merging a variety with influences with a punk approach to tailored garments. 

For SS17 they reinvented some of the trademark pieces with the superb saying “Leader of the Pack”, while bringing a playful tone by adding ethnical patterns to the mix, all beautifully worn by brothers Armando and Fernando Cabral. 


Britney Spears is ending her “Piece of Me” residency at Axis theater at Planet Hollywood on Dec. 31, as her contract with Caesars Entertainment expires, her Las Vegas manager Larry Rudolph said today.
Rudolph said her next venue “could be conceivably anywhere, we could have it at the needle on the top of the Stratosphere, and do the bungee jump afterward.”
That does stretch the meaning of “conceivably anywhere.” Mirth aside, it is clear now that Spears’ will not continue “Piece of Me” in an unbroken run through 2018. She is currently preparing for a summer tour of Asie and Tel Aviv, Israel.

“We are done with this show, and our next move is undecided,” Rudolph said Friday. “We are still talking with Caesars Entertainment and other interested parties in Las Vegas.”
But that does not mean Brit is finished in Vegas. I asked Rudolph about other venues similar in size and staging to Axis — including The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Park Theater and The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel. All are in play.
“Anything is possible. We have made zero decisions,” he said. “We expect a lot of interest from all parties. Britney basically sells out every show, and she loves Las Vegas, she loves performing in Vegas, and Vegas is a possibility going forward.”
Rudolph has said Spears might well take a break next spring and return to the stage after a layoff. “She might tour, she might work on a new album,” he said. “It’s too early to talk specifics about anything.” Spears closes her current run Saturday night, returning May 3-May 20. As Rudolph reminds, tickets for those shows will be especially coveted, given today’s announcement.

R.I.P.                                                                                                                     Piece of Me                                                                                                           2013-2017


Aphrodite | Rings 

Zeus offers her a circle of platinum upon her entry into Olympus. It’s not a wedding promise, but it’s a promise nonetheless. 

Hephaestus gifts her hammered gold. Delicate and textured, a soft metal for his new bride. 

Hermes slips pyrite on her slender finger while their legs are tangled underneath the sheets. She asks him if he stole it and he grins. 

Ares tucks the cracked jewelry in her palm before even washing the blood from his skin. She covets the piece. 

Nerites refuses to leave the sea. She loves him, but it’s not enough to draw him from his sisters. Her hurt is encased in a shell. 

Adonis gives her the ring with youthful excitement. It reminded me of you, he murmurs. It reminds her of him too.


What would you give up the sun for?

This question is at the heart of Jandy Nelson’s incredible I’ll Give You the Sun, out in April.

In the book, twins Noah and Jude play a game, where they divide up the world, and the most coveted piece of all is the Sun. You can read a tiny extract above. But this got us all thinking about what we would give up the sun for, whether something tongue-in-cheek or more serious.

So we printed these beautiful little sketch booklets, and we’re handing them out to ask what you would give up the sun for. As we countdown to UK publication, we’ll be posting sketches, videos and other things.

We’d love to see yours, too! Just email them to and we’ll post them here, on our wall of sun!

For A Good Time, Call: Hold (by 4msg)

and y’all thought FAGTC was dead. HAH, YOU THOUGHT. 

@4msg wrote this Hobi oneshot as a part of an ongoing collab series being done by her, @hyacinth-ink, @sugasmut, @zeurin and i, making it oneshot 5/7, which means only 2 more left! thanks for being so patient with us, be sure to show these writers lots of love, and hope you enjoy~

You scrutinized your reflection. Hair cascading down your back, form-fitting cropped white sweater, baby blue high-waisted circle skirt. You had to admit, it was a beautiful outfit. But the goddamned price tag.

“Looks great on you,” came a voice from behind. You twirled around to locate the source of the sound. You noticed how whimsically the skirt fanned out as you did, almost feeling physical pain at the inverse relationship between the quality of the clothes and the price.

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The Navy Suit

Why you should consider a non-black suit

The Oscars 2015 red carpet ushered in a new cool for the navy suit. Our two best dressed men were Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne in midnight blue Alexander McQueen and Ansel Elgort in navy and black Prada, both showing off how to do formal without a black tux. 

For guys out there looking to try something new for an upcoming wedding or black-tie event, here are Wantering’s most coveted navy pieces.  

Blue Slim-Fit Wool and Mohair-Blend Suit

Noose & Monkey Color Block Suit Jacket In Skinny Fit

Navy Pin Dot Skinny Fit Suit Jacket

Vito Suit Jacket In Slim Fit

See more blue suits in our fashion search.  

@chrisrunsoldschool tagged me in a thing.

I went to the farmers market and ate a real bagel and chatted with this leatherworker whose pieces I covet – he gave me a small one for free, just because. Time to save up so I can actually buy one.

I got my hair cut today, and I told my stylist to do whatever she wanted. I think she wanted to scalp me and make a wig for herself, but she was nice and left most of it intact.

A sent me a photo of herself in her hospital bed covered in stuffed animals. I smiled so much it hurt.

It’s an okay Saturday.


United Arrows x Wooster

Yet another collaboration from Wooster, this time around with Japan’s United Arrows. Featuring the all-time favourite grey herringbone Harry’s Tweed, the collab presents a military inspired jacket and vest. Lined with flannel, these highly coveted pieces are sure to keep you warm during the season.

So you’re working out?

10 of the best athleisure pieces out there right now 

The biggest fashion category this year has been athleisure, which is a sporty mix of gym and comfy, stylish clothing. From big names like H&M and GAP to designers like Alexander Wang and Versace getting into the athleisure game, they’re giving traditional sports brands like Adidas and Nike a run for their money.  

Check out 10 of the coolest athleisure pieces we’re coveting right now.

Lotus Spacedye Bra

Reebok X UO Coral Spirit Running Sneaker

Teeki Moon Dance Legging

Bold Blooms Short

Techie Sweat Ankle Pant

Collection Trainer

Cropped Leggings

Gym Tank

Maurie & Eve Exposure Cutout Hoodie

Powered by Pizza Bra Top

See more in Wantering’s Sporty Search.  

Your Most Coveted Piece of Memorabilia : Daniel Santamaria

Last week, I reached out on Instagram and asked the community:

What’s your most coveted piece of Moz memorabilia?

The few that submitted were all so wonderful, thank you so much for participating!  Each one is my favorite but there is one from Daniel, in California, that really stands out…

Name:  Daniel Santamaria

Age:  38

Currently lives in:  Van Nuys, CA

On May 30th, 2000, Daniel received a phone-tip from a friend that Morrissey had shown up at a restaurant near North Hollywood…

“In my heart, I knew who it was.  I immediately left work [downtown] and arrived at the empty [restaurant occupied by] only two customers: Morrissey and his friend.

“At first sight, my palms got sweaty and my heart skipped a beat.  What do I say to someone I’ve never met, and tell him he has changed and saved my life?

“As he was eating his Oreo cookie cheesecake and tea, I got the courage and walked up to him.  ‘Excuse me, Morrissey, I wasn’t sure if [it was ok to just] walk up to you, but I would like to wish you a happy birthday.’ We shook hands and he shyly laughed, smiled, and replied,

‘Thank you.  Who did you think I was- Jack the Ripper?’

“’This is a huge deal for me,’ I said, ‘it’s like meeting Elvis Presley, but better  (with all due respect).’

“… He asked if I knew the area well because he was looking to buy a Mexican style door for his home on Sweetzer.  ‘I know exactly the place,’ I said.  ‘Arte de Mexico is nearby.’

“He asked if I’d like to sit down so I pulled up a chair… and we chatted for 30-45 minutes, as if we had been old friends.  He asked personal questions about my family and I, and I told him about my Moz concert pit experiences.  ‘… but it’s worth it?’  he asked.  I told him about the Morrissey tattoo on my back and he laughed.

“Not wanting to take up too much of his time, I kindly asked if I could take a photo with him.  ‘Of course,’ he said.

“We hugged and I thanked him, forever grateful.  Then, I remembered I had my Viva Hate tape in the car, so I ran up and asked if he could sign it.  He got out of his car, took the sleeve out of the case, and signed what would become my most coveted piece of Morrissey memorabilia.”

What a beautiful story, Daniel.  To have a private visit with Morrissey, and no one else around, sounds like the sweetest thing.  Thanks so much for sharing!

What’s your most coveted piece of Morrissey/Smiths memorabilia? Share it with us on Instagram and tag @vivalovephotoproject for a chance to be featured on the blog!

Most Coveted Pieces of 2014

See which five fashion items were the talk of the year

We welcome in the New Year with some of the most coveted pieces 0f 2014. From the hottest handbag to the trendiest sneakers, see which five popular items below were an instant celebrity and street style favorite.

1. Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag

If you could get your hands on this bag, Mansur Gavriel’s bucket bag was 2014’s ‘It’ staple. Simple, sleek and love by celebs like Miranda Kerr and Kirsten Dunst.

Model Miranda Kerr carrying the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag in February 2014. 

Actress Kirsten Dunst carrying the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag at LAX in January 2014. 

OC-Exclusive Saffiano Leather Bucket Bag

Leather bucket bag

Coated Mini Bucket Bag in Black & Royal

2. Stan Smiths 

All the biggest faces at fashion week were spotted wearing these stylish kicks. Paired with anything from jeans to dresses, Stan Smiths were the must-have sneaker of the year.

Two street style stars on left wearing Stan Smiths at Fashion Week Fall 2014.

Half-Slovenian, half-Italian stylist and fashion consultant Ada Kokosar at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015.

Adidas Originals Stan Smith Fairway Sneakers

OC Pony Fingerprint Stan Smith Sneakers

Adidas Stan Smith Vulc (Dusblu/White)

3. Shrimps Fur Coat

One of this year’s easiest ways to make a statement, Shrimps faux fur coats were a hit to fashion icons Poppy Delevingne, Kate Foley, Alexa Chung and more. 

Stylist and model Kate Foley wearing a Shrimps coat at London Fashion Week Fall 2014.

Poppy Delevingne wearing a Shrimps coat at the Stuart Weitzman cocktail party in October 2014.

Mabel faux-fur coat

Dulcie Striped Coat

Dulcie faux-fur coat

4. Burberry Monogrammed Blanket Poncho

After Burberry’s Fall 2014 collection debuted, these monogrammed ponchos were an instant fashion favorite. From models to celebs, these personalized blanket wraps are iconic and a definite keepsake item.

Olivia Palermo wearing a monogrammed Burberry ponhcho in NYC, July 2014. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing the monogrammed Burberry poncho in Sydney, Auguest 2014. 

Colour Block Check Blanket Poncho

Check Wool and Cashmere Blanket Poncho

Graphic Motif Blanket Poncho

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@arrows-flowers-and-royals | x

The Great War had taken an enormous toll on France, physically and mentally. Toward the end, he had been in such bad shape due to the constant shelling and trench-digging in his lands that his allies were lucky if he was coherent enough to understand what they were saying to him. But he’d held his ground, which was more than he’d thought himself capable of, if he was being honest. And all for what?

They had achieved, in the end, nothing. There had been no reason for the fight, besides trumped up fear and apprehension, and there was nothing gained from it, except that he had Alsace-Lorraine back again. A pittance for how much he and his people had suffered. Even thinking of the once-coveted piece of land made his lip curl now, to think what he’d gone through in exchange for it.

But what he said to Alice was something he’d thought long before the Great War. It just wasn’t something he’d ever said out loud, to anyone. He was good at hiding these things, and perhaps his greatest secret was how much he hated what he was.

“Just because I don’t share my insights on the world with you doesn’t mean I don’t think them,” he said. It had been a good many centuries since he last thought living forever was a benefit rather than a burden. He took another drink from his glass. The smell of Alice’s cigarette was intoxicating and he wanted one, but he would finish this wine first, so he had one hand free, at least.

They had been getting along fairly well, he thought since the Entente Cordiale. And the Great War; nothing forged friends quite like risking lives together. And while they’d done that before, this was the first time they’d done it as allies, really allies, not allies of temporary convenience. And in the spirit of honesty, that had been something reassuring about Alice’s unwavering determination and refusal to be galled by the Central Powers. Still, it had been a close call, and they had both been forcibly reminded they no longer dominated the world–there were other powers rising now.