covet her hair

why no i did not write fanfiction for the book of life

i saw it last night and absolutely fell in love with xibalba and la muerte so i decided id try my hand at writing after quite a while without writing, so go easy on me 

summary: It’s no secret that Xibalba adores his wife in every way possible. However, he does have a specific interest in one simple trait of hers: her hair. (rated T for mentions of stuff)

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The wind is enough to kiss you so deep at times that you don’t miss your lovers. Take time to see the sun exhale the day, and I promise you you won’t miss her warmth for those precious moments. Listen to the slithering traffic, the noise and the rock music that blurs it out for you. It’ll make you covet her hair touching your cheeks a little less.
Observe the roads and the people talking, sympathise with dogs that bark and the kids who beg. Maybe, just maybe the world is as broken as your heart is.
It is comforting, almost like the tea you had months ago before you started drinking down your breakfast with bourbon.
Yes, her eyes were as neon as the streetlamps against the dark of night but baby, lurking in the shadows were a few more promises left to be broken.
You can keep searching for her in meaningless conversations with your alter ego, in the orgasm a stranger gave you, in the ashtray you had cleared out just last morning but is overfilling with cigarette stubs, in the eyes of the person who is secretly falling for you but you don’t want your demons to break out anymore, in the filthy cream bedsheets you promised your momma on phone you’ll change; but trust me in the hours of secluded nothingness, the best thing you can do is unclench your fists and let her go, romanticising heartbreaks have always created good poetry, never stories.