covet basement


Crickets Throw Their Voice - Basement

Get To Know Me

I was tagged by the beautiful @perksofbeingshippingtrash Thank you for tagging me! I really enjoy doing these :)

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Nickname: Senpai, Becca, Princess, Grandma, Reba, and Reberta

Zodiac Sign: Aries (my birthday is on Easter this year!)

Height: 5′6

Last Thing You Googled: Clothing references for Levi’s outfit in the new upcoming chapter for TMHB and photo references of pole dancers and strippers ;)

Favorite Music Artist: I couldn’t just choose one so Blackbear, Cigarettes After Sex, SoMo, The weekend, BANKS, and Marian Hill

Song Stuck in Your Head: Covet- Basement, Sex and Candy- Marcy Playground, and Girl Crush- Little Big Town

I don’t just get one song stuck in my head, it has to be multiple songs that I end up randomly singing when I’m cleaning or taking a shower :’)

Last Movie You Watched: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

What Are You Wearing Right Now: My yearbook sweatshirt and pink stripped pajama pants

Why Did You Choose Your URL: Mainly because I’m such a slut for a submissive Levi and dominant Eren :) They are the bane of my existence

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Do You Have Any Other Blogs:

  • wingsofthegays- Anything dealing with Attack on Titan (official art and manga spoilers). I try to reblog an even amount of ships since I am multi-shipping trash, but it’s mostly where I dump all my Eruri shit :’)
  • r3b18- My personal Tumblr
  • ice-skate-on-my-ass- My Yuri on Ice blog
  • ereri-riren-nsfw- Kind of self explanatory ;)
  • killing-stalking-me-softly- My Killing Stalking blog
  • neckgalaxies- Another personal blog, but this one is specifically about my kinks and weird obsessions

What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: To think things through and take it slow instead of rushing into things.

Religious or Spiritual: I grew up in a religious family when I was younger, but when my parents moved away from my Nana and Papa (my mom’s parents) and my Grandma and Grandpa (my father’s parents), I was free to believe in whatever I wanted to believe in by the time I was ten. So, I’m not religious and nor am I spiritual. But I can see myself leaning more towards spiritual when I’m a bit older than I am now.

Favorite Colour: I fucking love the color purple :)

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Average Hours of Sleep: I get about eight to ten hours of sleep depending on how late I stay up. Lately, it’s been about six since I’ve been writing nonstop.

Lucky Number: 8

Favorite Character: Jean Kirschtein is my little baby

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: I sleep with one, but if I’m extremely cold, I sleep with two.

Dream Job: I really want to become a professional photographer for either Vogue or National Geographic. I also want to be an author for teen gay romance novels since there’s not that many out there.

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I wanted to tag more, but my laptop is dying :’(