COVET  Aboubakar Fofana 

“We were trained by adults to recognize the different plants in the forest,” he says. “They would say, ‘This one is very good when you cut yourself’ or they'd tell us to gather a certain tree bark to make red dye. That was when I heard from the old ladies about indigo … .” Aboubakar Fofana, indigo master.

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What’s a must have in your warderobe for every month?

January - Cocoon Coat With Funnel Neck
February - Parka in Trapeze Fit
March - A comfortable “Homies” Hoodie
April - Leather Jacket
May - Bomber Jacket by Maison Scotch
June - Long Sleeve Boho Dress
July - Super Cute Dress in Pink Pansy Print
August - Dress in Daisy Print
September - Black Ripped Jeans
October - Black Sweatshirt with IT Print
November - Oversized Stussy Hoodie
December - Super Elegant Belted Trenchcoat