454-CATACOVE [Catacomb-Covet]
-The Resentful Pokemon
-Ability: Doppelganger*
-Dex: “The legends say this pokemon used to be a man who spent its life resenting others faith, and after it died, its soul returned trying to take in death what it couldn’t have in life. Its body is said to be formed of a mix of Bones and Shadows, the later always shifting and changing, able to transform in whatever this pokemon has in front of it”
    -Shadow Claw

*When this pokemon goes out in battle, it will change its second type to the same as its foe, if this has two types, the first will be choosen, this moves wont activate if the opponent is a pure ghost-type

If as a man you’re coveting your spouses physical body it shows that you’re living through your own flesh and not the Spirit of Christ. So it wouldn’t be loving your wife as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her. And vice versa.

Dry bread pon yuh table beta dan butabread pon yuh neighbour own.
—  Jamaican Proverb | Translation: Unbuttered bread on your table is better than buttered bread on your neighbour’s. Meaning: Some people negate their own possessions and covet other people’s instead of appreciating what you have before you.