I did this tattoo on my wonderful health coach Lacy Davis, with whom I’ve been training since January. If you have any interest in body positive, feminist, queer & trans friendly fitness that’s all about getting stoked and never motivates with shame or judgment, follow her on instagram at @superstrengthhealth! The pigeon (Francis) is a big ol coverup and most of this (the pigeon, the heart, the poppies around the shoulder) is healed. 


Covering Up Never Looked Sooooo Good!!!

*no more boring swimsuit cover ups this summer*

Swimsuit: Burlington Coat Factory (Only $19.99!!!) *just got it this summer*

 Denim Pants: Forever 21

Howard Shirt: Guy on the street.

Black Hoodie: Forever 21 Mens

Skirt: Forever 21

Chucks: Journey

Mint Green Flats: JcPenny’s

Light Blue Flats: Nordstrom Rack

*Everything else is from the thrift store*