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It’s amazing to me how many “ear to the ground” folks I know have spent so ugh time posting about Beyoncé but still aren’t spreading awareness about #kendrickjohnson . This 17 year old #blackboy was killed on school grounds in #Valdosta Georgia and everyone from the school to the cops to the coroner to the funeral home to the media is complicit in the #coverup . #CNN has been the only news outlet that has followed the story and tried to get the family some answers. HELLO PEOPLE this #blackbody is symbolic of how we as #blackpeople are still seen. THEY FILLED HIS BODY WITH NEWSPAPER! Look at his face! They tried to say he only suffocated?! How when he looks like #emmettill ?! If you can post about how wonderful Beyoncé is or anything else THEN SURELY you can share this story and spread awareness. The coverup is only working because people aren’t informed. The more people know, the more pressure can be put on the town. The US Attorney and FBI are involved but it’s not enough. Where are his rallies? His songs? His poems? Why is his image not being shared across the country? Across the world? Where is the #outrage

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I don’t know if you’ve heard but....

Flint’s water situation is seriously critical. Children had water laced with lead pumped through their schools. Pregnant women were told “just boil it”. People got sores all over their body showering in that water. People are being charged ridiculous prices for water they can’t even use. Water is a necessity not a luxury.  Lead poisoning is irreversible and causes learning disabilities, anemia, and can stunt growth. And there has been a rash of people popping up with Legionares Disease from the contaminated water.   Please all I’m asking is that you don’t let this fall to the wayside. Keep this going. Help us make something happen. Help us make them pay for this. They knew the whole time that the water was dangerous but they switched to save money. But the price of savings were our children. They are in the process of trying to cover this up. Recently they were broken into and the only things stolen were stolen were all the files related to the water switch and a tv (to make it seem less suspicious). Those were the only files taken and they only hit one office in the whole building. It is our own Watergate. Don’t let them get away with this. Please spread the word. Reblog for justice.


Double coverup on Corby of persimmons, started what feels like forever ago and finally completed. It’s been nothing but a pleasure. I LOVE TATTOOING FRUIT. I also love tattooing Corby. Thanks, lady!


Explain to me why her gofundme account has more to say than google.
Explain to me why this little girl has to be deprived of her mother and the story behind what happened to her.
Explain to me why she was taken into police custody instead of a hospital after a car accident.
Explain to me why I’ve only seen one post in the tumblr search.

Because they don’t want us to know what happened to Symone Marshall.
Because they don’t want the truth to be exposed.

Don’t let her be forgotten. Don’t let her death go unnoticed.


Covering Up Never Looked Sooooo Good!!!

*no more boring swimsuit cover ups this summer*

Swimsuit: Burlington Coat Factory (Only $19.99!!!) *just got it this summer*

 Denim Pants: Forever 21

Howard Shirt: Guy on the street.

Black Hoodie: Forever 21 Mens

Skirt: Forever 21

Chucks: Journey

Mint Green Flats: JcPenny’s

Light Blue Flats: Nordstrom Rack

*Everything else is from the thrift store*