To Walkerson Or Not To Walkerson

This is probably the last analysis slash rant I’ll write.

I’m still mad about how unfulfilling the show’s ending was and I just need to point out a few things. Don’t think we’ll ever get the answers…

I’m a romantic at heart (which, as a philosophy teacher one told me makes me even more cynic, as most romantics are) which is why I watched Covert Affairs for the romance. Actually, for the promise of a romance. As Auggie was the character that caught my attention, I watched solely for a romance arc for him.

The series ended in a point where I’ve wanted anyone BUT Annie as his endgame, but that’s not the reason of this half rant. It’s the other four seasons.

What truly baffles me is that CA took a few daring steps, more daring (I think) than other shows where it’s pretty obvious they’re going to pair the two leads.

They had they main character fall for Auggie. It wasn’t the other way around and I find that bold. In the midst of that whole Simon storyline, Corman & Ord were giving out interviews like this in which they practically said that in the back of her mind, Auggie is the one she wants.

They had her being completely heartbroken because of him in various eps starting with 216.

One could argue that we’ve seen her heartbroken (even more) because of Ben and nothing come out of that. But Ben wasn’t the main lead.

The writers went even further and had Auggie make a bedside confession. Afterwards, they planted all the necessary seeds: he went home to her to tell her how how he feels, but she was with Eyal. Another obstacle. He kept trying to push a big talk, but never found the right time, which is code for ‘we’re gonna do it as a cliffhanger in the finale’.

And S3 finale brought two things: the beginning of a more serialized show (which, IMO, was a big mistake. House & The Mentalist made it through more season keeping their 'case of the ep’ format, which some bigger plots here and there) and the beginning of Walkerson.

If you catch the USA Netwok site and check Piper & Chris’s interviews for the S3 finale, PP says the Walkerson kiss was a “huge moment of OMG” while CG says he’s happy with the direction.

At the end of S4, we had Walkerson going out for dinner with Heartbeats playing in the background. C&0 described that scene as 'trying to build a bridge between the two’ and everyone now knows that if S4 would’ve been the series finale, the endgame would’ve been Walkerson, with Annie quitting the Agency.

So what happened behind the curtain that has led to the shit storm that was S5?

One could say that they found out Ryan is so popular & Bond-like, they decided to keep him for Annie and write everything from there.

But if it’s not that - as live ratings fell terribly - what could’ve been? Was it the other way around? They felt they needed to give Annie someone who able to join her in the field?

Because honestly, even with all the 'power to the blind people’ propaganda, and how great Auggie is 'in spite of his disability’, this is how it feels to me. Everything was rushed, the buildup wasn’t organic, it felt like a bandage, a fast solution to a problem. But why? Where was the problem? Did they feel Auggie didn’t have enough testosterone? That he wasn’t the poster guy for 'manliness’?

WHY, after 4 years of buildup, did they change direction?

What was the reason for this?

A push from the advertisers? A wrong reading of core audience?

The fact that we don’t know and won’t know this makes me unable to rewatch the show.

I can’t rewatch the first 4 seasons because it’ll give me all the feels and leave me needing more and can’t watch S5 because I know how frustrating it ends.