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where is my movie about kate warne

  • in 1856 she became the first female detective in the pinkerton detective agency and the usa
  • she walked into the pinkerton chicago officse in response to an advertisement in a local newspaper and according to pinkerton company records, allan pinkerton was surprised to learn she was not looking for clerical work, but was answering an advertisement for detectives he had placed in a chicago newspaper
  • she argued that women could be “most useful in worming out secrets in many places which would be impossible for a male detective” she would  befriend the wives and girlfriends of suspected criminals and gain their confidence
  • in 1858 she was involved in the case of adams express company embezzlements and managed to find herself into the confidence of the wife of the prime suspect and acquired valuable evidence leading to the husband’s conviction
  • in 1860 she was put in charge of the female detective bureau
  • in 1861 she escorted and provided disguises for president elect abraham lincoln to escape a secessionist plot to kill him in harrisburg 
  • during the american civil war she was part of a covert war intelligence-gathering bureau
  • she was one of pinkerton’s five best detectives 
  •  her employment was significant because women were not allowed to be a part of the police force until 1891 and could not be detectives until 1903

give me more historical films about women

I think it will be an interesting thing when Verity Willis makes her inevitable return (and I do believe it’s inevitable, it’s just that comic book time can turn one day into a year or vice versa) if only for two big reasons:

1. Being living proof and a witness to all of Loki’s chaotic good neutral gneutral (?) behavior both at the end of AoA and in his covert War of Realms mole scheming, complete with chewing out of the gods/Standard Heroes for hypocrisy, ignoring the fact that the trash god is very much not the God of Evil/Lies they knew, and Freya being Freya, etc

and, biggest of all hopes,

2. Verity Willis becoming known to the godly and supers-community as the Professional Loki Tamer

As in, everyone becomes painfully aware and in awe of just how thoroughly wound around Verity’s little finger the God of Stories is. Like, theories are passed around at first that Verity is some bigger super-type in disguise and has the god hypnotized or some such. But no. Loki is really just that much of a smitten puddle in the mortal maiden’s hands.

It also becomes obvious that Verity simply existing is not only the reason they don’t have a premature Crazy King Loki running around after that phoenix-style rebirth (due to one fucking phone call), but also for Loki taking some measure of interest in Midgard’s well-being beyond making sure his favorite cafe and diner stay intact. 

Verity Willis lives on Midgard. While he could conceivably relocate her to some other cozy realm/castle/planet, he acknowledges that, like stealing her soul and making her into a piece of tasteful jewelry for safekeeping, she might be put off by such a change. Thus, Loki Helps Keep Midgard Intact.

Verity Willis becomes known within Asgardian and superfolk circles as the Trickster’s main incentive for leaning closer to the side of good than outright amoral I Do What I Want jackassery. She gets a file in numerous superhero databases and is given emergency contact buttons/phone numbers by the same. Those files thicken a few inches whenever something dares to inconvenience her.

Inconveniences could range from the expected genius moves of enemies using her as blackmail to get at Loki 

(NOTE: Seth the Serpent God makes a comeback. It is brief, involves him coming into physical contact with Verity’s shoulder for 0.0002 seconds, and the sort of screaming only dogs could hear. Loki still will not say where he deposited the body, but was seen sporting snakeskin boots and a matching wallet for some months after the incident)

Or some dumb schmuck trying to make her a hostage in a shootout

(NOTE: The would-be assailant survived. Much to the fellow’s lament. Doctors–both medical and Strange–are still trying to find a way to reverse the spell which converted the man’s eyes to bubblegum)

She’s also known as the god’s conscience and, much to her bewilderment–for fuck’s sake, all this because she went speed dating–is dubbed the Official Liaison between the Forces of Good and whatever the hell Loki is. 

I just really dig the idea of Verity being regarded by the supers as Loki’s keeper and a hero in her own right for so neatly befriending/wrangling the fucker with a smile on her face.


The Moldova Incident - smarshtastic - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Fandom: Overwatch (Video Game)
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Relationships: Jesse McCree/Reaper | Gabriel Reyes
Characters: Jesse McCree, Reaper | Gabriel Reyes, Soldier: 76 | Jack Morrison, Original Blackwatch Character(s) (Overwatch), Blackwatch (Overwatch) (Ensemble), Genji Shimada
Additional Tags: Disobeying Orders, Covert Operation, Prank Wars, Punishment, Politics

Summary: “You heard me, Jesse,” Gabe says. “Grounded. Offline - the whole team. No missions. Nobody sets a toe out of this base. We can’t afford to be decommissioned entirely - the world can’t afford for us to be taken out of the game. So we’re going to play by the UN and Morrison’s rules until they say otherwise.”

Grounded after a mission gone awry, Jesse and the rest of the Blackwatch Strike team work together to bend the rules.

Written for @blackwatchweek’s prompt for Day #2: Breaking the Rules/Teamwork! 

“sad Jeb”

On the one hand, that people have the good sense to reject this fucking maniacal fascist is heartening. On the other, the “no one’s clapping for Jeb” meme shit is extremely insidious and belies other factors at work in the entire election spectacle.

In 1977, a short time after his father left the CIA as director, Jeb, fluent in Spanish as a result of his time as an exchange student in Guadalajara, was sent, along with his Mexican wife, Columba, to Caracas, Venezuela, to work as a “branch manager” and “vice president” at the young age of 24. But Jeb was no ordinary “branch manager.” He was, officially, Texas Commerce Bank’s top point man in the Venezuelan capital and, unofficially, the CIA’s main financial liaison to the Venezuelan oil industry and the Colombian narcotics cartels. Jeb would regularly report to his CIA “official cover” counterpart attached to the U.S. embassy in Caracas as a State Department “diplomat.”

Jeb helped lay the groundwork for the future Reagan-Bush administration’s 1980s covert war against Nicaragua and leftist guerrillas in El Salvador by establishing banking and money laundering links between the CIA and the Medellin and Cali drug cartels. Jeb’s friends in the Colombian cartels, particularly Medellin cartel boss Pablo Escobar, would helped finance the Nicaraguan contras in return for CIA-supplied weapons. While in Venezuela, Jeb cleverly managed to hide the Colombian cartel’s drug revenues as oil industry revenues of “front” companies. Texas Commerce Bank was the bank of choice for Latin American drug cartels. It was later discovered to have stashed $7 million in drug profits for the Gulf cartel of Mexico. […]

Jeb had no problems with the Venezuelan government in providing financial support for the Colombian cartels. For much of Jeb’s stay in Venezuela, the extremely corrupt Carlos Andres Perez, known as “CAP,” was president. His extravagant spending using Venezuela’s revenue from the recently-nationalized oil industry earned his government the nickname of “Saudi Venezuela.” Although CAP nationalized the oil industry and created the Petroleos de Venezuela (PdVSA) state-owned oil firm, he also was generous to American firms bidding for work with PdVSA. One of them was Bechtel Corporation, the firm of future Reagan-Bush cabinet members George P. Shultz and Caspar Weinberger. With a number of Bechtel employees in Venezuela, Jeb was not the only CIA “NOC” (non-official cover) present in the country. But, he was the most influential.

During CAP’s second term as president from 1989 to 1993, a young army officer named Hugo Chavez attempted to overthrow the corrupt CAP in a coup. Many of Venezuela’s elite, whom Jeb befriended during his days as Langley’s main NOC in Caracas, later became involved with repeated CIA attempts to overthrow Chavez and his successor, Nicolas Maduro. Today, they and their progeny live in the Miami-Dade area, particularly in Doral, nicknamed “Doralzuela,” and are among Jeb’s strongest and most deep-pocketed political supporters. […]

After leaving Venezuela in 1980 to help with his father’s presidential and vice presidential campaigns, Jeb hooked up with Cuban-American Miami businessman Armando Codina, who had his own connections with CIA-supported anti-Castro Cuban exiles in south Florida. It was Codina who helped Jeb make millions of dollars in the real estate business and eventually help launch him on his political career that took him to the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee. Jeb, as a principal of the Codina Group, was able to arrange the sale of high-priced condos and mansions in the Miami area to his elite friends in Venezuela, with Jeb receiving handsome sales commissions.

One of Jeb’s close Miami associates was Cuban terrorist Orlando Bosch. Bosch was a key figure in the CIA’s Operation Condor, which was an alliance of Latin American military dictatorships that targeted leftist leaders for assassination across international borders. Bosch helped carry out the October 1976 bombing of Cubana Airlines flight 455, which was en route from Barbados to Jamaica. All 73 passengers and crew were killed in the attack, including children and the Cuban fencing team. […]

Codina, Bosch, and Posada Carriles were all part of Jeb’s inner circle of friends, which also included Cuban businessman Camilo Padreda, a former spy for Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista, and Hernandez Cartaya, both later indicted for systematically embezzling funds from the Jefferson Savings and Loan of McAllen, Texas. Padreda and Cartaya were also identified as CIA agents who helped skim funds from Jefferson and other S&Ls to fund the Nicaraguan contras. Jeb’s work for the CIA in Caracas in 1977 came a few months after the CIA’s worst terrorism spree in history, which also happened to coincide with George H. W. Bush’s single year as CIA director.

After his father became vice president, Jeb served as the liaison for the Nicaraguan contras and he arranged meetings between them and their supporters and the White House point man for covert assistance to the Nicaraguan rebels, one Marine Corps lieutenant colonel by the name of Oliver North. Another one of Jeb’s Cuban cronies, Miguel Recarey, owner of Miami-based International Medical Center, an HMO, was awash in ill-gotten Medicare funds. Recarey and his brother, who had close ties to the CIA, were also funded by Florida Mafia boss Santo Trafficante, Jr., a co-conspirator in several CIA plots to assassinate Fidel Castro and a suspected co-plotter in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


NSDD 166 United States Policy, Programs, and Strategy in Afghanistan, 3/27/1985

From the series: National Security Decision Directives (NSDDs), 1/20/1981 - 1/20/1989

Issued on March 27, 1985, this National Security Decision Directive details the Reagan administration’s plans, both diplomatic and covert, for disrupting the Soviet Union’s ongoing invasion of Afghanistan.

Did you know this document can be transcribed in the National Archives Online Catalog?  The #1000pages Transcription Challenge has wrapped up (beating our goal with 2600 pages transcribed!), but aspiring citizen archivists (ie: anyone!) are always welcome to help make our records more searchable and accessible!

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Inhuman of The Day

September 21 - Quake

Daisy Johnson.  Super hero, high ranking member of the governmental organization, Shield, and the daughter of Calvin Zabo, the villain known as ‘Mr. Hyde.’   Daisy has the ability to create powerful concussive waves, similar to that of an earthquake.  Daisy has refined her powers so that she can localize these concussions in an extremely precise fashion, making her a very formidable combatant.  

Initially, it was assumed that Daisy’s powers were the result of the mutagenic serum her father used to become Mr. Hyde, passed down into her own genetic makeup.  It was later revealed, however, that Daisy is actually an Inhuman descendant and it is from this that she has gained her abilities (her latent Inhuman genes possibly being activated by way of the altered chromosomes passed down to her by her father).  

Daisy was recruited by Nick Fury Sr. into his caterpillar program.  Daisy was given the codename ‘Quake,’ and one of her earliest assignments was to accompany a selected group of heroes sent to Latvaria to overthrow the regime of Countess Lucia von Bardas (who had been secretly arming American super villains with advanced weaponry).  Later, following Fury’s ousting as commander of Shield, Daisy was made the field leader of Fury’s ‘Secret Warriors’ initiative, fighting a covert war against splintered factions of Hydra. 

Following the disbanding of the Secret Warriors program, Daisy was made a Level 10 agent of Shield.  She was additionally recruited into Captain America’s new team of Avengers.  In one of her earlier missions with The Avengers, she accompanied the team on a Shield joint task-force raid of an encampment of super-powered beings.  During the skirmish, Daisy learned that these beings were Inhumans and that she too was of Inhuman lineage.  She encountered an older Inhuman named Jiaying who was in the process of evacuating a number of Inhuman children.  Jiaying seemed to know who Daisy was and the nature of her parentage.  She pleaded with Daisy to allow her and the children to escape, fearful of what Shield would do to these children… how they would be separated from their parents and likely forged into weapons of war.  

Having experienced something quite similar herself, Daisy was moved by Jiaying’s pleas and she ultimately allowed them to flee.  This was an act that put Daisy at great odds with many of her colleagues at Shield as well as with her fellow Avenger, Iron Man.  Captain America, however, lauded Daisy’s decision, noting that it showed a level of compassion that was sorely needed among the hero community (all this had occurred shortly after the ‘Dark Reign’ era and the ousting of Norman Osbourn as director of Shield).  

Some time later, Daisy resigned from the Avengers and was promoted to the directorship of Shield.  Her tenure as director, however, proved to be quite short and she was soon ousted in a coup orchestrated by Maria Hill.  Daisy them went on to act as the partner of Bucky Barnes in his new role as Earth’s Secret Defender against other worldly threats.  

Daisy later returned to active duty at Shield.  Along with her other duties at the agency, Daisy was assigned the role as official liaison to the Inhumans of New Attilan.  

Daisy’s counterpart in the Marvel Cinematic Universe deviates a good deal from her story in the 616 universe.  In the MCU, Daisy grew up an orphan named Skye who possessed a great knack for computer programming and hacking.  She used these skills in an effort to track down her parents as well as investigate the various superhuman activities following The Avengers’ battle with the Chitauri in New York.  Skye’s activities with an illegal underground hacker network earned her the attention of Shield who ultimately apprehended her.  Deputy Section Director, Phil Coulson, had a keen interest in Skye, harboring knowledge of her past history.  Rather than turning Skye over to the authorities, Coulson chose to keep her on as a part of his team, assigning her training to Shield agent Grant Ward.  

Skye served with distinction as part of Coulson’s team, ultimately earning her the rank of an official agent of the organization.  When Shield fell after Captain America exposed and defeated the Hydra sleeper cell that had infiltrated the organization, Skye chose to join Coulson as he created a new Shield that operated under the radar, pursuing the remnants of Hydra.  

Throughout her various adventures with Shield, Skye came to learn more and more about her mysterious past.  She discovered that she had been born in a remote village in mainland China.  Some sort of terrible massacre had occurred at this village and the infant Skye was the sole survivor.  There was something different and possibly dangerous about her, but no one knew exactly what it was… and yet she was nonetheless classified on a Shield index of possible para-human threats (the reason why Coulson had shown such a keen interest in her).  Skye also discovered the identity of her father and was horrified to learn that he was a murderous and unhinged maniac who worked as an off-the-books doctor for the criminal fringe.  

Meanwhile, the competing forces of Shield and Hydra were in a race to discover the secrets of an alien artifact known as the Diviner.  The search led to an ancient underground city in South America that had been built by the alien Kree thousands of years ago.  Ward, Skye’s former C.O., had turned out to be a Hydra double-agent.  He abducted Skye and brought her to his Hydra masters, where she was finally introduced to her father, Calvin Johnson.  During this brief and unsettling reunion, Skye’s father explained that her real name was ‘Daisy’ and that her mother had possessed special gifts, gifts that she had passed to her.  The Hydra scientist, Dr. Whitehall, had taken Skye’s mother and murdered and dissected her in an effort to understand and possess her powers.  Her father added that he had sided with Hydra only to the extent that it gave him the opportunity to find and extract vengeance on Dr. Whitehall.  

Skye’s fellow Shield agents raided Hydra’s operation as they were attempting to enter the underground city.  Dr. Whitehall was shot and killed by Agent Coulson, enraging Skye’s father who felt that Coulson had robbed him of his revenge.  He attacked Coulson and Skye had to stop him, knocking him out before he killed Coulson.  

The other Shield agents had set charges, ready to level the ancient city.  Before they could trigger these charges, however, the Hydra agent, Raina, had absconded with the Diviner and fled into the city.  Overwhelmed by her need to know the true purposes of the Diviner, Skye pursued Raina into the city, ultimately catching up with her in an alcove that proved to be the chamber of Terrigenesis.  As soon as Skye had arrived, Raina placed the Diviner into position, causing it to open and expose them both to the Terrigen Mists.  Both Skye and Raina were encased in Terrigenic cocoons and a massive earthquake occurred when Skye finally broke free from the cocoon.  

Skye managed to survive this earthquake and was taken back to the Shield base and placed in quarantine.  At first it seemed that the mists had had no effect on her.  She did not change in any overtly physical way.  When her colleague, Agent Fitz, conducted tests on her, however, they learned that her DNA had been drastically altered.  Soon thereafter, Skye discovered her seismic powers.  She had a very difficult time controlling these powers and Coulson took her to a safe-house originally designed to contain The Hulk.  While residing at this safe-house, Skye was visited by the Inhuman known as Gordon who offered to take her to the sanctuary of ‘Afterlife’ where she could be among others of her kind.  

Skye declined Gordon’s offer, but called out to him once agents from a rival branch of SHIELD arrived to take her into custody.  Gorgon transported them both to Afterlife, hidden in a secure location somewhere in Asia. There Skye was introduced to Lincoln, an Inhuman electricity-manipulator assigned to help her navigate her post-terrigenesis transition.  Skye also met the leader of the inhumans of Afterlife, Jiaying, who ultimately revealed herself to be Skye’s mother (Jiaying’s Inhuman powers for regeneration had enabled her to survive her butchery at the hands of Dr. Whitehall).

Skye enjoyed a brief time of peace and happiness at Afterlife, getting to know her mother, better mastering her powers, and even reconciling with her father (who had also been brought to Afterlife).  This happy time came to an abrupt end when Lincoln was abducted by Hydra.  Skye returned to Shield to assist in a raid of a Hydra facility in order to rescue Lincoln who was being held along with Mike Peterson (Deathlocke).  Skye and her fellow Shield agents were able to defeat Hydra and save Lincoln and Peterson, but it came at the expense of Shield obtaining the technology needed to decipher the location of Afterlife.  
At the time, the two competing factions of Shield combined into one, headed by a committee.  After much discussion, Shield decided that Co-Director Gonzalez would lead a mission to Afterlife and attempt to forge a truce with the Inhumans under the condition that they allow all of the super-powered beings residing therein to be cataloged on their Index.  

Jiaying would not abide by this condition.  She murdered Gonzalez and staged it all so that it appeared as though Shield had launched an attack on The Inhumans.  Using this ruse, Jiaying orchestrated a strike, taking over the aircraft carrier that had acted as Shield’s main base of operations.  Jiaying planned on exposing all on board to the Terrigen Mists; those who were of Inhuman lineage would transform and all those who did not would be killed by the musts.  
Heartbroken, Skye discovered her mother’s murderous plans and she teamed up with Lincoln and her fellow Shield agents to stop Jiaying.  Assisted by Skye’s father, Shield was able to foil Jiaying’s plans and Jiaying herself apparently perished.  The remaining cache of Terrigen Crystals were knocked into he ocean where they sank to the seafloor.  

These crystals eventually broke down into a liquid, absorbed by many of the fish in the vicinity; a great number of these fish were caught by fishermen, sold and processed into Omega 3 fish oil supplements.  The Terrigen maintained its potency even when rendered in this fashion.  If consumed by normal humans it would have not effect, yet when consumed by individuals possessing latent Inhuman lineage, however, it would trigger Terigenesis.  Before long the proliferation of these supplements were causing the creation of new Inhumans all over the world.

Having gained much greater mastery over her powers, Skye (now going by her original name, ‘Daisy’) has taken on the role of leadership of a splinter group of Shield tasked with finding and protecting the various new Inhumans that are being created.  

Daisy’s Secret Warriors program recruited a number of new Inhumans.  Meanwhile, the body of the Hydra agent, Grant Ward, had become possessed by the spirit of an ancient Inhuman known as Hive.  Hive took over Hydra and enacted a complicated plot to expose the entire population of earth to a derivative of the Terrigen Mists.  

The agents of Shield were ultimately able to thwart Hive’s plans, yet Lincoln (whom Daisy had become romantically involved with) perished in the final battle.  Mourning Lincoln’s death and disillusioned by Shield’s acquiescence to index Inhumans, Daisy chose to leave the agency and strike out on her own.  Now dubbed a vigilante and wanted criminal, Daisy is being sought out by her former colleagues at Shield.  

Daisy’s ongoing adventures are set to be depicted in the upcoming fourth season of the Agents of Shield TV show.  Daisy’s character is portrayed by actress, Chloe Bennet.  

The last thing a 3-year-old Syrian said before he died: “I’m gonna tell God everything”

This picture is haunting and it’s been floating around the internet with the sentence:

The last sentence a 3-year-old Syrian said before he died: “I’m gonna tell God everything”

And that’s equally haunting.  It’s impossible to verify but the picture tells a story about the pain and suffering that exists in Syria right now.  There are many in the media who would like to say this is because president Bashar al-Assad is a ruthless killer.  And that’s half true.  Like other government leaders – he has engaged in war and with that war has come the death of tens of thousands and the displacement of over 1 million Syrians now living in refugee camps.

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Scott left his belly undefended. Stiles smacked him good and hard while he was busy mocking his authority. That would teach him. Then the moment the bridge door swooshed shut behind Liam, he pounced - on Scott’s pants. This was a problem. Seeing as Stiles was torn between making out with Scott and pulling him in a headlock, it was a very serious problem. Scott’s biggest mistake was telling Stiles where his weak spot was. The pilot went in for the kill, and never looked back.


They didn’t break anything. That was a plus. Stiles just had a problem stopping himself from laughing. They landed in a heap in the co-pilot’s chair that Stiles refused to claim as anything but victory. They seemed to be doing the heap thing a lot. Stiles couldn’t think of any reasons to stop.

“If you drown,” he warned, rubbing his nose against Scott’s, like he was staking a claim. “I’m gonna leave you at the bottom of the river, dude. Don’t you dare.”

Scott had done something to him, something unhealthy and probably reckless, but Stiles couldn’t remember feeling this good in a long time. There was a simplicity about it that he didn’t want to challenge. With The Fleet, he’d met some of the most amazing people in his entire life, but there was always the understanding that - while they would save his life, the job came first. They were good at their jobs. Stiles never had a problem with that.

Scott asked for something that Stiles wanted to give, in a way that made Stiles want to ignore all the risks that could screw them over. There were many, terrifyingly so, but all Scott had to do was smile to get the pilot to overlook them. He was the universe’s most dangerous sentient being.He wanted a gourmet mud pie.

“Do you really think this will work?” Stiles whispered. If Scott said anything but ‘yes’ he didn’t know what he’d do.

The high tech covert war machine squawked and flailed as his ticklish bits were attacked, every inch the graceless bartender trying to protect his ribs. “Unfair!” He wailed, trying to pinch his way to freedom but laughing too hard to get a good grip on the softer pieces of Stiles. The chair gave him respite and he sound his body around the pilot like a greasy octopus.

“I’m not going to drown, I don’t think I’m any heavier than you are. They must have built me to be able to function in water, it seems like it would be a pretty significant weakness.” If all the enemy had to do was dunk a Synth-Soldier in water, then every beach and every pool party on every world would be a rebel safe haven. He just had to trust in his design. Scott shifted slightly to better share the cramped tangled space with the human, dropping kisses against his jawline. Staring straight down the barrel and possibly impending death had never felt so good.

“This is going to work.” There was no way to know for sure, but Scott said the words with absolute conviction. “We’re going to make it in one piece. We’re going to see the moradukes and explore an actual habitable planet. And then we’re going to find a way for all of us to leave together and head out to the next place. We’re not going to die, we’re not going to get caught, we’re going to make it. And someday…” He stroked a careful hand through Stiles’s hair, making sure it stood as straight as his own. “We’re going to find a way to lose them completely and then we can go anywhere. I’ll keep you safe, you keep us together and I will stay with you as long as you let me. That’s what’s going to happen.”

How could the universe not work that way when Scott sounded so sure of himself? “We’re going to make it, Stiles. I know we will.”

Look, covert war stinks. It’s a nasty, underground kind of thing that screws up your head. Look at what it’s done to us. Look at the moral compromises we’ve had to make. You guys act like I’m some kind of psycho. But all I want is a fair fight. And you can’t have a fair fight with an enemy that won’t declare war!
—  Rachel, Book #48: The Return, pg. 22 (by K.A. Applegate)