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Not So Traditional

♥ Hi Guys, here is another fulfilled request with Steve yuhuu. I hope you guys enjoy. Feel free to leave some feedback, drop an ask or send me a message, found any mistakes, please tell me. Deutsche Version auf meiner Masterlist.

Request: Hi! I wonder if you can make one request where reader is steve’s fiancé and she wants to wait until the wedding day to have sex again so he is desperate and they have sex on their wedding reception! Haha thanks!

  • Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
  • Summary: You and Steve want to have sex on your wedding night again, but neither you or Steve are able to wait that long!
  • Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, oral sex (female receiving) PWP!
  • Words: 1065

“Steve, we can’t do that ” you said halfheartedly, while you enjoyed the soft lips of your newly-married husband on your neck.“Steve!” You groaned as his fingers, ghosted over your inner thighs. “No one will miss us Y/N” he whispered against your neck. “We’re the bridal couple, Steve, and that’s our wedding reception!” you argued. “They won’t mind a  couple of minutes,” the blonde replied, and you forgot any objections when his skillful fingers pushed your panties aside, and his index and middle finger entered you. Your head fell back against the cool wall of the storeroom.

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