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I need more smart McCree, because the fandom’s just put him on simmer and reduced him to bumbling cowboy who shoot nice. 

Give me mechanic McCree, who used to ride and repair motorcycles. Who knows the inner workings of a variety of Omnic builds and can do quick on site fixes to their Omnic/cyborg companions. He knows how to fix, and drive just about any vehicle he comes across, both due to the pressure to learn back in Deadlock, and the education he received in Blackwatch. 

Give me a McCree who’s Deadeye isn’t some supernatural ability he was born with, or just wicked stupid luck, but precisely calculated and practiced moves. Who’s so good at following his target with hand eye coordination, and taking in the wind and angle factors into firing, along with the recoil from his gun and where he needs to hold and fire, that he can take down six enemies in a second. 

Give me a McCree who knows guns inside and out. How to disassemble and reassemble them in seconds, and can use a variety of weapons with ease. Who’s not just a sharpshooter with his peacekeeper, but can rival Widow and Hanzo with a sniper rifle or bow. Who can pick up any teammate’s weapon and use it to help get them out of the pickle they found themselves in. A McCree who would hands down grab Mercy’s staff and get to fucking work helping his team while she’s down. 

Give me a McCree who used to work with horses back on his family’s ranch, and knows how to ride professionally. He has such steady footing you can find him strolling across a floating log in in a river. He knows how animals think and work, and how to take care of them.

Give me a McCree who used to work for tips at the diner down in Route 66 on his off time, who knows how to cook a damn good meal on nothing but scraps and a quarter. Who understands not everyone has the same taste as him and can adjust his recipes as needed so everyone’s happy. 

Give me a McCree who’s an actual covert ops agent, who can get through the busiest bases, and flank without a damn sound. Who, back in Blackwatch, they had to give him a pair of spurs so he’d stop sneaking up on everyone because of how silent he became during training. Who’s accuracy in taking down enemies from the inside reflects Reyes’ standards for his agents. That he’s not just a hothead who goes in howling, that he’s the top dog they trained him to be. 

This cowpoke could be so fleshed out, but people just play him as a joke. Do Jesse better. 

John’s started reading classic fairy tales to Rosie at bedtime. Here are Sherlock’s reviews (on a scale of 1 to 5 stars):

Little Red Riding Hood:  ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

“I admire the girl’s independence, but this idiot child doesn’t recognize the difference between her beloved grandmother and a dangerous WOLF? The SAME WOLF she met in the forest less than an hour ago? And you think MY disguises are silly…”

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:   ☆ ☆ ☆

“I like the part about the Evil Queen demanding Snow White’s heart – nice and macabre. So Snow White runs away to the forest and becomes a housekeeper for a gang of diminutive gay miners?  They should’ve just ended the story there – I don’t care for all that pointless, predictable nonsense about the poison apple and the prince.”

Goldilocks and the Three Bears:  ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

“If those bears were any worse at deduction, they’d work for New Scotland Yard.” 

“Thought you might relate to Goldilocks, love – you’re both picky, impatient, show zero respect for others’ personal property…” 

“Oh please, John. Goldilocks is a moron – now, if Rosie wants to learn how to perform a proper home invasion…”  


The Three Little Pigs:  ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

“It’s a scam, obviously. At least two of these pig brothers are guilty of insurance fraud, and the third may be in on it as well. A wolf BLEW your house down? While straw and sticks may not be the sturdiest of building materials, the lung capacity of the average fully grown Canis lupus is not great enough to produce the force necessary to demolish even an exceedingly shoddy dwelling.”

The Little Mermaid:  ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

“Why no pirates? Would be better with pirates.”

Rapunzel:  ☆ ☆ ☆

“I’d like to know Rapunzel’s diet, genetic makeup (or at least ethnicity), cranial circumference, surface area of her scalp, the height of the tower, the surrounding climate and humidity level, what sort of shampoo/conditioner she used, whether or not she used hairspray or styling product …numerous variables affect the tensile strength and growth rate of human hair, you know…“

Sleeping Beauty:  ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

“Sleep is tedious.”

Cinderella:  ☆ ☆ 

“I love a ball. The ball is good – beautiful gown, the prince in his dress uniform, love at first sight, dancing the night away, AND a mystery! Yet it’s all ruined because I can’t stand the utter STUPIDITY of trying the glass slipper on every eligible maiden in the land…it doesn’t take a deductive genius to recognize that’s a waste of time!”


“This one actually has some valuable lessons. For one thing, someone is always listening – royal minions in a fairy tale, Mycroft’s cameras and covert agents, the homeless network…we’re under surveillance of some sort at all times. Be vigilant, be aware, observe. Also, if you happen to have a ridiculous name, OWN IT – there’s no point trying to keep it a secret, because it’ll come out eventually, JOHN HAMISH WATSON.”  

Can’t Remember to Forget You | i

Summary: When you almost die in battle, a distraught Bucky - afraid of what will become of him if he loses you - decides to end things. But what happens when he loses his memory, only to end up falling in love with you all over again?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1172

Warnings: Language? but none (yet)

A/N: SURPRISE (AGAIN)! Since I’ve had you all waiting on the edge of your seats for this, here’s your first taste of crtfy!! I hope this lives up to your expectations even thought its shitty af (Blade assures me its not but we know how I am) and please, let me know what you think!! 

crtfy masterlist

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AESTHETIC MEME: [2/9] characters: M a r a  J a d e
started as one of the covert agents known as the “Emperor’s Hand”. Going on tasks ranging from assassinations to infiltrating the Empire’s enemies, Mara would become one of the Emperor’s favorite servants and earn the right to apprentice under the Dark Lord of the Sith. Once her master was slain, Mara found herself mentally commanded to hunt down Luke Skywalker and get revenge for her master’s death.

Three words that every fandom implicitly understands:

“Oh. That episode.”

Current technology is doing absolutely everything it can to go hands-free. We have voice-activated lights, driverless cars, and video game systems we can strap to our faces. In the Total Recall remake, they decided to go in the opposite direction. They put phones literally into their hands.

These hand phones are supposed to be badass spy tech that only covert agents use. Why, you can make calls by putting your hand to your face, and you can utilize any glass surface for video calls. You know, when it’s important to keep your discussions private.

And forget how everyone nearby gets to see and hear your conversation. Where is the camera? Does the guy on the other end also have his hand pressed up against some department store’s window? And what happens when you need to reboot your phone? Do you have to go to a surgeon and carve it out every time, or can you slap your hand against something hard a few times? And let’s not look past how you’ll be talking to everyone with the exact same device you use to masturbate. It’s like answering a video call from your mother on your fleshlight.

6 Sci-Fi Movie Technologies That Went Stupidly Backwards

Hello friends and welcome to another edition of Wacky WWII Hijinks! Get hype, today we’re gonna learn about rad spy shit

okay, first some background: the OSS, or Office of Strategic Services, was an American intelligence agency during WWII that was in charge of clandestine shit like espionage, propaganda, and counter-intelligence. It was run by a dude called “Wild Bill” Donovan, because that’s the kind of name people had back then somehow

More background: the SOE, or Special Operations Executive, was a British organization in charge of espionage, sabotage, and assisting local resistance groups in Europe. It didn’t have a director with a weird nickname, but it was sometimes called the Baker Street Irregulars, which honestly I think is even better

as you can imagine, these two organizations came up with a lot of weird shit to help their agents infiltrate into occupied Europe, so let’s get to it already dang

  • Rodent bombs

this one comes to us courtesy of the SOE and were intended for use in boiler rooms, because the british figured that anyone finding a gross dead rat while stoking a boiler would probably just chuck the corpse into the fire and be done with it. Except this time the boiler would explode.

Rat asses, as you can see from the pencil fuse in the image, could also be rigged for timed explosions instead, for those occasions when you’re on a tight schedule about raining down petrified rat entrails in your enemy’s basement

unfortunately (???), the RATS, EXPLOSIVE, never saw actual combat use, as the first box the SOE dropped into Europe was intercepted by the Nazis, who probably had a read good “what the FUCK” moment when they opened it

  • Coal bombs

along similar lines but far less fucking weird were coal bombs, which were essentially the same thing as the rat bombs but with hollowed out coal instead. Both the SOE and OSS actually used these ones

  • Poop bombs (lol)

they then went a bizarre step further and developed mule dung bombs for use in Africa- “specially sculpted” replicas of mule poop that were packed with explosives. These weren’t meant to be chucked into boilers, but rather left around for enemy forces to drive over. Here is an actual American soldier talking about collecting mule shit for war purposes, from O'Donnell’s book Operatives, Spies, and Saboteurs

Mule turds were to be found in great abundance…we added a few samples of local mule dung, and this was carefully packed and sent to London. We took care to explain that the full, rich horse dung of the British countryside would not do in Morocco; it was the more watery, smaller mule type that would pass there without suspicion. Also, it was important to have it a deep sepia color, sometimes with greenish shades, the product of straw and grass, not of oats and hay. In due course of time the British London office made up explosive turds from these samples, and we used them to good effect later in Tunisia.

You do you, mule-poop-connoisseur-OSS-agent.

  • Bat bombs

this is not an actual picture of a bat bomb, but I found it while googling for images to use and I love it okay thanks

anyway are you sensing a theme here?

This one was, surprisingly, not the product of OSS or SOE, but of an American dentist named Lytle S Adams. Everyone needs a hobby I guess.

The idea behind bat bombs was that you take a bunch of bats (specifically Mexican free-tailed bats), tie some little bombs to them, and stuff them into a plane. Then the plane flies over Japan (because Japan has a lot of wooden buildings and therefore is particularly susceptible to incendiary use), and drops the bats. The bats fall down to building-level, then start flying around looking for somewhere to hide because they are having a seriously bad bat day. In theory, the bats would fly up into the eaves and roofs of the buildings, at which point the timers on their little bombs would go off, sending both bats and buildings up in flames.

This idea actually, somehow, made it into the testing phase, but was never used because honestly what the fuck

  • Aunt Jemima

guess what it’s another bomb! In this case, a plastic explosive that looked like flour (hence the name) and could even be baked into something resembling food products, although just a tad more poisonous than most food you find outside of school cafeterias. Aunt Jemima was easy to smuggle through enemy lines due to its innocuous appearance, and the OSS sent a bunch of it to Chinese resistance fighters against the Japanese

  • Silk printing

“wait what?”, I’m sure you’re saying. “finally something that doesn’t explode and it’s…just a totally normal thing?”

yeah. Here’s the thing: if you sent an agent or resistance fighter into occupied territory, there was a pretty good chance they were gonna get frisked at some point, because that was a pretty routine occurrence in places like occupied France. If said agent/resistance member were carrying, say, a map showing escape routes or a code sheet for them to use to send information, and they got searched, either that paper is gonna be found with their other papers or, if hidden on their person, make a pretty distinct crinkling noise when the Gestapo agent gets friendly with that area. Plus, you know, paper doesn’t do great when wet

the solution to this was printing stuff on silk, like this:

this is Leo Marks, the creator of the silk code keys and one time pads that SOE used for their agents, holding a one time code pad that has been printed on silk

these silk documents could be sewn into an agent’s clothing while still being totally undetectable to a pat-down, or even hidden somewhere like rolled up in a thin tube and then stuck inside a shoelace. If you went a step further and printed the document using invisible ink, agents could carry maps around in plain view as handkerchiefs or have their codebook printed directly onto their underwear, because hey why not

I know it sounds boring after all this exploding wildlife, but silk-printed documents were hugely important to covert operations during WWII

  • things that should not be guns but are, in fact, guns

tbh I’m just gonna let the pictures speak for themselves on this one

apparently there was an umbrella one too but I couldn’t find a picture of that one

  • suitcase radio

if you’re dropping people into enemy territory to gather intelligence, you need some way to communicate with them. This was a problem, since cell phones hadn’t been invented yet and radios at the time were like, fucking huge, which is not great when you’re trying to hide them from the Gestapo

SOE got around this problem by creating the suitcase radio, which is exactly what it sounds like- a big old radio disguised as a suitcase. Obviously they weren’t gonna stand up to any examination more rigorous than “yes that is suitcase shaped”, but it allowed agents to at least walk around in public with it without attracting too much attention

  • Joan-Eleanor system

keeping with the “problems with radios” theme, we have the OSS’ Joan-Eleanor system. See, normal radio frequencies were monitored by both sides in the war, which was Not Great. It meant both that radio transmissions could be intercepted by the enemy (and subsequently decoded, like Germany’s Enigma messages), and also that you could use radio direction finders to pinpoint the location of a broadcasting radio. Every time a covert agent turned on their radio to report something, they ran the risk of being located and hella murdered

the Joan-Eleanor (or J-E) system, in contrast, was a Very High Frequency (VHF) system. VHF bands couldn’t be easily monitored, unlike the frequency bands used by other radios.

Why? I actually have no idea. Listen I just read things and ramble about them on the internet, I don’t know jack shit about radios

anyway, as a result the system was hard to detect but very short range, so it worked by giving the agent on the ground a hand-held transmitter (the Joan), that talked to a bigger transceiver (the Eleanor) that was in a plane. At prearranged times the plane would fly over wherever the agent was and they could have an undetectable chat

  • compass buttons

it’s a compass! It’s a button! It’s a compass hidden inside a button!

  • The BBC

okay this one isn’t technically equipment, but it’s cool and was used by spies so you can deal with it

it turns out that during the war pretty much everyone listened to the BBC, even at risk of arrest in occupied territories. The SOE used this to their advantage by working with the BBC to broadcast seemingly meaningless words or phrases at certain times, which were actually pre-arranged coded messages  or orders to agents or resistance members

if an agent had to win over the resistance’s trust or prove they were actually spies and not just random dudes, they could ask the person whose trust they were trying to win to provide them with a personal word or phrase. Then the agent could radio the SOE, give them the word/phrase and ask it to be broadcast at a certain time, which the other person would hear, and bam best friends

  • invisible ink

is there anything more quintessentially spy? agents were often supplied with a little vial of invisible ink before being dropped into occupied territory, for communications outside radio broadcasts. the ink could be developed (made visible) by means of chemicals or exposure to ultraviolet light (some invisible inks are developed by heat, but the SOE at least avoided those because of the worryingly high risk of accidental exposure. “whoops I sat to close to the fire and now everyone can see I actually drew little devil horns on this poster of Hitler you gave me”)

REAL COOL FACT: Josephine Baker, the famous Black singer, was actually a spy for the French Resistance during the war, and smuggled information during her concert tours of Europe by writing it in invisible ink on her sheet music! wow!

okay I’m gonna stop now because I keep thinking of more shit to add and if I do this will literally never end (sorry). For further reading I recommend the O'Donnell book mentioned above and Leo Marks’ Between Silk and Cyanide. Also apparently H. Keith Melton’s OSS Special Weapons & Equipment is really good, but I haven’t read it personally (though I totally stole the pictures of the OSS guns from there, hooray the internet)


Look Who Came Knocking On The Door

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Eggsy Unwin x Male!Reader, mentions of previous Eggsy Unwin x Princess Tilde

Length: 1333 words

Warnings: male reader obv, could be edited better tbh, Eggsy does not pull a ‘Ross Geller’, angsty middle but happy ending


Eggsy Unwin would never be considered a ‘normal’ guy. He’s a young man, who was full of controversies, and full of opposing characteristics.

When you met he was a very secretive person, but still managed to be unbelievably honest too. He would answer questions bluntly, never one to beat around the bush. And it always seemed like Eggsy either dressed akin to a member of high-society, or as a ‘chav from the ends’. He was a cheeky man, yet still entirely a gentleman. A joker who was capable of solemnity. Mr Eggsy Unwin was a true man of mystery… it turned out that he was in fact a spy.

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Voltage has taken the sprite design’s kimono up a notch with Moon Chapters. I mean these shinobis wear way fancier stuff than the lords that they serve! 

Hahahah, not that I’m complaining because EYECANDY. But that really makes the Hana lords look plain next to the tsuki shinobi when they stand side by side like this.

Also, Kojuro was not too happy meeting tsuki MC. Spoilers after the break:

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wyrmrest accord rp

Hello! Was curious if anyone on WRA played alliance or anything else, currently looking for a rp guild or just partners to play with with this character (link). She’s a grizzled old elf-turned satyr mom, covert ops agent to help infiltrate demon ranks and tear ‘em up from the inside, she’s just here to have a good time, and be sometimes mopey ab daughter. 

Stolen Kisses and Sunsets

Overwatch Fanfiction

Characters: Jesse McCree, Gender Neutral Reader, Gabriel Reyes/Reaper

Relationship: Jesse McCree x Reader

Word Count: 1757

Summary: You are a pencil pusher for Blackwatch, and can’t help but appreciate the field agents on base.  Particularly one.  The cowboy caught your attention from day one and he decides to make a move on you.

Tags: Reyes being that asshole dad who makes fun of his son for kissing someone

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anonymous asked:

i love your lion theories! some questions: 1) ulaz says that zarkon has located blue on earth and shiro has to get there first; do you think ulaz knew blue was there all along, possibly via keith’s mom as a fellow blade? and 2) if ulaz was telling the truth and not just giving shiro a motive, how did zarkon locate blue? did haggar sense the energy just like keith did (could keith even have made it stronger)? it seems odd to me that they didn't try to get to blue faster, if they really knew

My first impression here is that Ulaz, as little as we saw of him, seems to be honest even when it doesn’t particularly help his case (“If I’d wanted to kill you, you already would’ve been dead” for example). He has a sense of subterfuge, obviously, or he never would’ve operated as a covert agent, but that doesn’t seem to be his personality.

He also doesn’t have a reason to lie to Shiro, and a lot to lose potentially from it- especially because the reason why he frees Shiro is that he knows Shiro is not someone who is easily manipulated. Bringing up Earth is a motivator, and not a particularly delicate one, but it’s a bit like how Ulaz hit Shiro in the stomach to keep him from losing consciousness. It was effective.

So from here it raises two kind of questions, taking it as a given Ulaz was being honest with Shiro: How does Ulaz know, and how does Zarkon know? After all, if Zarkon was mobilizing forces to find the Blue Lion, he wouldn’t likely send Ulaz, who is a surgeon. So I doubt it would come through imperial command.

If Zarkon knows, it’s fair to assume Thace was already in place on the main fleet at this point. We’ve heard a lot of people talking up the main fleet as apparently a high honor- Morvok, a commander, was apparently not good enough for the main fleet. So for Thace to hit that level of infiltration he likely had to have been working towards that for years- he was likely already in place by the time Shiro escaped. 

In that sense, a likely candidate is Thace. He and Ulaz are members of the same organization, after all, so it’d be easy for Thace to notify Ulaz via whatever untraceable means of communication Thace was using to send updates to the rest of the Blade- it’d also be possible Thace sent a report to Kolivan, who then chose to mobilize Ulaz. The information could also have come from other spies- it’s heavily implied Thace is the only one on Zarkon’s flagship, but that doesn’t mean there might not be other ears in place.

As for how Zarkon himself knows, Haggar is a potential candidate, but, if her sense is that good, one would’ve expected that the empire would’ve found most of the Lions. I think her sense of Blue returning to Arus was because Blue was already alive and on the move- otherwise, I feel like Haggar would’ve had to have been on the same planet as Blue, like Keith was.

But Hunk points out that Voltron can be tracked mechanically, and he even gets the Fraunhofer line from Pidge eavesdropping on Galra communications. So it’s more likely the empire was gradually scanning planets and solar systems to try and pick out traces of that unknown element (presumably, whatever was in the meteor) which explains why they only found one of the Lions- they’ve had to take it solar system by solar system. This also explains why the same captain that captured Shiro seemingly returned to that system- presumably searching for traces of the Lions was his mission, and Shiro and the Holts were just grabbed because they were suspicious.

fecipher twitter, 18-1-2017: “Honorable Thief, Matthew”

[Card Showcase] Matthew, seemingly an easygoing young man. His true nature is that of a covert agent serving House Ostia. “Well… I, er… gather information, open doors, chests, and such.” But wait, isn’t all of that the craft of a common thief? Well, perhaps it’s best not to think about the details. (Illust. Misei Ito)

more fire emblem cipher series 7 translations here!

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Hello! I wanted to say I love your stories so much! If I can still request, can I please please get Reaper/S76/Genji/Hanzo/McCree/Lucio x reader in a Soulmate AU ? it can be any one you like! thank you very much!

Ahhh~ Yes yes yes I can!! Im so glad you like my work!!

This is kind of long, and each AU that I could think of is listed before the character part!! I hope you like it~

Soulmate Voice - Reaper: A fight had broken out on the interstate your police vehicle was on. You had been following a payload, escorting covert Overwatch agents as they led the payload to a safe, undisclosed location. You had been warned that there would be a possibility of terrorist activity around the payload, but you didn’t think that you would see it.

You climbed out of your car, watching the way Soldier: 76 fired at a body that was out of sight. Tracer raced back and forth across the road, mouth moving as she spoke something into a comm in her ear. Lights blinded you even in the daylight from the payload, your vehicle, and other vehicles around you. The other police officers you were with were shouting commands.

Yet you heard nothing. You had been deaf since you were born, at least to everything around you. You heard yourself, what you thought was yourself, and your breathing. That was it.

Something flew over your head, a cloud of dark mist, and you gasped as a shotgun went off next to your ear. The sound hurt. The cloud hit the ground with a heavy thud and solidified. You covered your ears, squeezing your eyes shut as a ringing echoed through your head.

“You gasped,” a man rasped. You looked up. The white mask of an owl bared down on you and the cold barrel of a shotgun tilted your chin up. You swallowed hard, stuttered out that you were an Officer. He chuckled. “How ironic.”

A blue pulse rifle appeared over your shoulder. You heard the whisper of a platonic soulmate say “step back Reyes”. The shotgun disappeared. Reaper – Reyes – held his hands, and guns, up and waved his clawed fingers teasingly.

“We’ll talk later,” he said. Soldier: 76 fired a silent shot and Reyes disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Tattoo - Soldier: 76: You sloshed your way down the sidewalk, clothes soaked, swearing as you squinted through the rain. The road was flooded and the sidewalk was slowly becoming the same. You hated that fact about the desert: the rain always shut the city down.

“Kid.” You whirled around at the sound, shielding your eyes as you strained to see who called you. Someone was leaning out of a store door, motioning for you come in. “Hustle, the water’s getting in,” he called. You booked it down the sidewalk, tripping over the threshold as you stumbled past him. The man pulled the door shut. You looked around the store, wringing your jacket out on the linoleum floor. It was a bar, not a store. People were huddled together in the booths and around tables, checking their holopads and phones and watches for updates on the weather. The man next to you locked the door. “It’s spittin’ out there,” he muttered.

You glanced up at him. The red of his visor reflected against the glass. “No kiddin’,” you responded. He tilted his head down towards you. You shrugged your jacket off and tossed it on a bar stool ahead of you. “Thanks for opening the door,” you said. He nodded. You wandered to the seat next to your jacket.

“Wasn’t gonna leave someone out there,” he said after a long stretch of silence. You shifted in your seat and glanced back at him. You noticed he has an awkward tan, outlining what must have been the collar of a jacket underneath his mask. He wasn’t wearing it now.

“Aren’t you cold?” you asked, waving your hand at him. He tilted his head, watching your arm intently. At least, you thought he was. When you pulled your hand back towards you, he reached for you. “Can I help you?” you asked bitterly. He turned your wrist up. A bright red and yellow 76 stared up at him. You yanked your arm away. “You don’t just grab someone ya rude!” you snapped.

“Is that your soulmate mark?” he choked out.

You huffed at him, “So what? What do you want?” He stood awkwardly and stared at you, stumbling on words behind his mask. You arched your eyebrow at him. “Well?”

He shoved up the sleeve of his undershirt and thrusted his arm towards you. You leaned back, bumping against the bar, blinking as your vision focused on his arm. Your signature stared back at you.

You swallowed hard and looked up. “Nice to meet you?”

Soulmate Clock - Genji: Genji always saw the numbers ticking away in the right corner of his vision. It had been on his wrist when he still had his normal body, but when he lost his hands, Mercy had done her best to make sure his clock was still visible for him. He had asked her, after all. It meant a lot to him.

“A soulmate,” he whispered to himself. He sat on the side of a road, in the moonlight filtering through a tree. He could see the lights of a hoverbus in the distance.


A nervous spike shot through his stomach. He had only seconds. The bus was too far away. Was he wrong? How could he be wrong? He shot to his feet, hair whipping into his face, as the blood rushed to his head. The clock filled his vision.


It faded away.

He had been wrong?

The hoverbus sped past him, letting out an embarrassingly small beep as it passed. It echoed in his armored suit and disappeared. Genji’s shoulders rolled forward. He slumped back towards the ground and closed his eyes. How could he think that he could truly have a soulmate? He should have died long ago. Maybe his soulmate thought he was already gone.

He listened to the breeze in the trees of a long time. It was comforting to him. He wasn’t truly alone in the world. He could deal with this.

“Excuse me?”

Except, he really couldn’t. He snapped his head up, visor glowing green with night vision. You stood in front of him, large hiking backpack on your back and a duffle on your shoulder. You grinned at him.

The moon seemed brighter.

“I think I’m supposed to meet you here,” you said. You held out your wrist. A narrow green clock blinked up at him.


The clock face faded before the mechanism disappeared completely. You smiled at him, watching as he stood up. “I honestly thought I was early? And um…that it’d be at the bus stop way back there,” you said. You motioned down the road, turning to where he had seen the hoverbus. You looked back up at him and smiled brighter, if possible. He blurted his name. You laughed and whispered yours. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Genji.”

He removed his mask hesitantly and meet your gaze. “Likewise.”

Black&White World to Color - Hanzo: Watchtower: Gibraltar was a mammoth building when you were standing in front of it. You gulped and gripped your bag tighter, whispering to yourself how you had wanted to do this, how you had wanted to make a different and answer the recall of Overwatch agents. Even if you had never been one. The dark blacks and silvers of the building were a startling contrast against the light gray of the sky and the white of the clouds. You swallowed your nerves and stepped towards the doors.

They slid open. “Two agents arriving,” a voice said. You frowned and looked back. Someone walked behind you into the room. “Welcome to Gibraltar. My name is Athena.” The figure that walked passed you disappeared down a hall before you could spot them. You frowned.

“You’re a new face,” someone said. You looked up, spotting the one you had come to know as Winston. He smiled. “I recognize you from the news,” he said. “Welcome to Gibraltar.”

“It’s…intimidating,” you said with an exhausted grin. He scooped your bag up.

“You’re free to look around if you’d like,” he said, “Get your bearings. I’ll gather whatever equipment I can find for you so that you’re ready when the next mission comes around. Okay?” You nodded to him. He wandered off, taking your bag with him. You didn’t speak up to get it back.

Rolling your shoulders, you started down a hall. It led past a kitchen, a community bathroom, a gym. There was a fork in the hall and you stopped. Down one was a set of doors. Down another was a set of stairs.

“Pardon me,” someone said behind you. You jumped and spun around, lifting your hands to block your face.

The first thing you noticed was the gray in his hair. It framed his face at his temples, a face which was pale with golden undertones and light splashes of freckles and sun spots. A green ribbon hung over his shoulder. His eyes were light brown and wide as they stared at you. He cleared his throat. “I did not mean to scare you,” he said softly. You shook your head and followed him, reaching up to catch the ribbon between your fingers.

“Wait,” you breathed, “Don’t…don’t move just yet. I’ve never seen such a color before.” With barrier of personal space broken, he lightly took your chin and tilted your head side to side, watching the light dance in your eyes. You squinted and pulled your head away.

“Neither have I,” he whispered. He bowed just slightly, watching you with wonder, his name slipping out from his lips like a gasp. You smiled shyly and introduced yourself. “You have never seen color either?” he asked. You shook your head. He watched you for a long moment, eyes taking in every detail of your hair, your clothing, your skin. “There must be others out here you have not seen.”

“I could say the same thing to you,” you pointed out. You crossed your arms and smiled. An amazing color of pinks and reds flooded Hanzo’s face. “Would you wanna look at all the colors together?”

“I would be honored.”

First Words - McCree: You squinted at the words on your palm, trying to decipher them in your drunken haze. You were pretty sure it said fire. Fire something. Fire truck? No that didn’t make sense. And fire was too short. What the hell did it say?

You hiccupped and stood from the bar, coughing faintly. The bartender glanced over at you. “You gonna be okay?” he asked slowly. You nodded and scooped up your coat.

“I’m gonna be just dandy, sir,” you slurred. You saluted him with a grin. “Gonna go home and pass the fuck out, actually.”

“You did say it was a long day at work,” the bartender mused. He picked up the glass you had just finished and started to clean it. “Get home safe. Okay?”

“Aye aye, captain!” you chirped. You whirled around and stumbled over your own feet, pitching forward. A pair of hands caught your shoulders and spun you carefully, slinging you over a cold, cloth covered arm.

“Darlin’ you don’t gotta go fallin’ for me like that,” someone said over you. You squinted up at them, lips pursing in confusion. There was a hat. An ugly ass hat. A fucking cowboy hat. You sucked on your teeth. He straightened you up, sliding his hands down your arms. You felt something burn against your palm and squeezed it shut.

“Did you just twang at me, cowboy?” you asked slowly. He pouted, then swore. He glanced down at his hand. You watched him do it, tilted your head when realization dawned across his face. He pushed his hat up and stared down at you in amazement.

“Holy shit,” he drawled. He rubbed his hand down his face. You snorted.

“You’re a real life cowboy, oh my God?” you said with a giggle. You snorted harder and doubled over. McCree groaned.

“Let’s uh…let’s get you somewhere safe, okay?” he said. You rolled your eyes.

Fine mister cowboy, if you insist, but just so you know, I have a soulmate, okay? Okay.”

“I’m very aware, li’l lady.”

Soulmate’s Color - Lucio: People often told you about the color green. It made them think, made them stretch their creative muscles, they said. Some told you it was what spring smelled like, open and clear. Others said it was like a cold winter night in the woods, sharp and fresh, with pine needles and wet wood.

You would stare at the gray streaks of the frog graffiti that littered the streets and posters, wondering what the color looked like. Your friend approached you one day as you stared at the marks on your way home, waving tickets above her head as she shouted “WE’RE GONNA SEE LÚCIO!” at you. You cheered as you met her half way.

You spent the afternoon preparing for the performance. You made sure to don the only Lúcio shirt you owned, a faded black number with what you hoped was a green frog in the center. You hurried out to meet your friend, talking about which songs you would hear as the two of you followed a crowd to a warehouse. It was dark inside, and hot. You were glad for the few articles of clothing you wore, or you would’ve been drenched in sweat. You looked around, at the glow sticks that emitted gray light, at the bright gray glowing gauges and gray shoes. Everything around you was gray.

Strobe lights kicked on and a bass thumped through your shoes. You cheered as bright white spot lights illuminated Lúcio’s body.

The world erupted with green.


The Largest Infiltration of the US Government in History —- Operation Snow White

Spies have had their place in history ever since the beginning of city states, kingdoms, and empires, providing important intelligence about an adversary and enemy.  Perhaps the golden age of spying occurred during the Cold War, where American and Soviet spies seemed to be behind every corner, listening in to every conversation and collecting every scrap of data that could be found.  So it would be no surprise to learn that the largest infiltration of the United States Government occurred in the 1970’s.  However, the source of the infiltration was not from the Soviet Union or any of the other communist bloc countries of the Cold War.  Rather, the infiltration came from a most unexpected and unusual source; The Church of Scientology.

Formed in 1954 by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, the Church of Scientology had been under the suspicion of governments throughout the 1960’s and 70’s.  The church was especially under close scrutiny by the US Government, who suspected the church was a cult which brainwashed and manipulated it members, and suspected the organization of tax fraud.  In the late 1960’s a plan called “Operation Snow White” was drawn up by L. Ron’s wife, Mary Sue Hubbard, 2nd in command and head of the Guardian Office.  The Guardian Office was a section of the church devoted to protecting the interests of the Scientology, especially against journalists, critics, and anyone who spoke out against the religion.  Organized and planned by the Guardian Office, Operation Snow White called for the infiltration of various agencies in the US Government.  Scientology members were to get jobs within these agencies, then use their positions to steal any government documents which portrayed the Church of Scientology in a negative light and to plant false information.  Between 1973 and 1977, covert agents managed to infiltrate 136 government agencies, among them; the FBI, CIA, IRS, FDA, DEA, Coast Guard Intelligence, the Department of Justice, the Treasury Department, dozens of US Embassies, the American Medical Association, and the National Institute of Mental Health.  In addition, they infiltrated foreign governments such as Canada and the UK, infiltrated numerous private agencies, and infiltrated other law enforcement agencies such as the LAPD, NYPD, Washington D.C. Police Department, and INTERPOL.

By 1977, the Church of Scientology had one of the largest spy networks across the globe, with around 5,000 secret agents infiltrating organizations across 30 countries.  It was in that year that everything fell apart.   It started when two agents, Gerald Wolfe and Michael Meisner were arrested in Justice Department offices with fake ID’s.  The two tried cover story after cover story, but eventually spilled everything and turned state’s evidence for a plea bargain.  On July 8th, 1977 the FBI raided Scientology centers in LA, Hollywood, and New York City.  The Los Angeles raid alone lasted 21 hours and resulted in the filling of a 16 ton truck with documents and other evidence.  The investigation revealed that the Church of Scientology had stolen 90,000 confidential documents, had wiretapped government officials on a number of occasions, and exposed almost all of the 5,000 agents that made up Scientology’s spy network.  The investigation also revealed another program called “Operation Freakout”, a plan to frame journalist Paulette Cooper, who was critical of the church, with making false bomb threats in the hope of having her imprisoned or committed to a mental institution.  

By 1978, the Scientology spy network had been completely dismantled.  Mary Sue Hubbard and 11 other high ranking members of the Church of Scientology were indicted on charges of obstruction of justice, burglary, theft of documents, and theft of government property.  All either were found guilty or pleaded guilty, and were charged with a 5 to 6 year prison sentence and $10,000 fine.  L. Ron Hubbard was named as a co-conspirator, but was never charged as he spent the rest of his life in hiding ( a time when he wrote Battlefield Earth) avoiding various charges by the US government, French government, and numerous private lawsuits.  

“Why does Malekith even have Loki on his team? Sure, making the Freya-kebab was nice but seriously, this is Loki, no one trusts Loki, Loki doesn’t trust Loki, why is the whole Dark Council just mysteriously cool with Loki

Working theories

A) Everyone sees the Betrayal coming, but it is the wrong flavor of Betrayal–they expect Power Usurping >:D rather than the hip new flavor, I Will Burn You Alive Even If I Have to be the Molotov Cocktail Fuck Yall :3–and so the Dark Council is just counting down for the inevitable while Loki is counting down for a different breed of inevitable in a perpetual feedback loop of fake smiles and suspicion

B) Malekith has some especially nasty plan/method of fucking Loki over before Loki can fuck him over, a fail safe for when Loki switches gears into backstabber mode. Hopefully Loki is prepared for this with a counter-countermeasure or else can (FINALLY) rely on a more up-to-speed on the covert triple-agenting Jane Thor having the guy’s back

C) Malekith has been shown to be keeping a very sharp eye on Loki from the beginning, hence Loki in the Fur speaking to Mal during the Shi’ar deal. The logic being that Malekith knows that Loki is useful when applied correctly (true) but should never ever be out of one’s line of sight if one doesn’t want Loki to start putting together some elaborate Jenga tower of plots, schemes, and general enemy-fuckery for shits and/or giggles (double true). Basically Loki is a lucrative team player so long as you keep a stranglehold on the leash and never takes your eyes off them

storiesofkai  asked:

I'm writing a story that takes place ten years after a war between two countries. I need an extra brain to help me decide what might've caused the war, or at the very least, some inspiration. I know that the war ended with chemical warfare; the winning country using coverts agent to contaminate the losing country's water supply with a mutagen that brings about a kind of apocalypse within that country (people mutating into meat-eating, animalistic creatures with heightened senses) & trapping them

Since you’ve been working on this a while, might it be possible you’ve already researched the causes of real world conflicts? Here’s a quick rundown of things that have caused countries to go to war:

conquest: I want what you have, even if it’s just a populace that will pay me taxes and tribute to fund more war. 

reputation: If you have nothing I want I’ll run you into the ground anyway just to prove I can so the other countries will be scared of me.

rivalry: My cousin rules you and I hate that guy. This will also show all my other ruler cousins in other countries that I can kick their butts too.

assassination: A minor rebel group has successfully assassinated your/our ruler, and now all the other countries smell war so they’re buffing up and making alliances. You’re small, so you’re probably toast.

imperialism/racism/social Darwinism: We’re clearly the superior race- you’re practically inhuman anyway- so we’re just going to rub you out and take what we want.

revenge: You started it by being a show off and/or attacking us when we weren’t looking or when we were weak. Maybe you even took a chunk of land or a national treasure from us, so we’re taking it back by force.

independence: The two big countries once split a smaller country in half and now share it. The citizens of that smaller country never agreed to this and want independence again. They lose of course, but not until the two bigger countries escalate the matter.

science/technology: So, we like have this new weapon and want to test it out. Just hold still for a second… 

manifest destiny/“God thinks we should”: It was prophesied, written, or we just decided that God wants us to do this. Your god sucks anyway, so move it.

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY: Like five rich people including two politicians want some more money. They start a war, everyone dies, they go home with three times as much dough as they started out with. Their descendants will probably do the same thing in a couple decades…or tomorrow.

There are a hundred other reasons why countries go to war, but I don’t have time to go through them all right now. If you want to be more thorough, Wiki war and/or go to your local library and haunt the history section. FIction writing takes more research than you’d think, trust me. 

As always, if you have more questions about your story later on, I’d be glad to help!