covert affairs edit


dbskweek (day 7)

au in which fbi agent yunho is a stickler for rules and cia agent jaejoong is anything but, and they end up as partners

the first time they meet, yunho almost shoots down an undercover jaejoong while taking down the arms trafficking branch of a chinese triad group located in the states. on the car ride to the fbi holding facility, jaejoong doesn’t say a single word, but every time yunho looks into the rearview mirror, he sees jaejoong with a smirk on his face staring right back at him. he escapes custody, taking down five fbi agents in the process. his superiors keep him from pursuing, withholding the reason, and it’s an understatement to say yunho is irked.

a year later, the fbi receives information about a possible terrorist attack from the cia, and yunho is assigned to work with a cia agent on the case. yunho sits in the fbi conference room for almost an hour past the designated meeting time before his partner walks in. he’s about to tell the guy off before he looks up at that guy who eluded his capture just one year ago, with that annoying smirk still on his face.

“hello, my name is jaejoong. it’ll be a pleasure working with you.”