We don’t talk anymore PT.2 cover by JK & JIMIN

we don’t talk anymore PT.2 cover by jungkook & jimin: 💞💘✨💗💖💓💫💗💘💞🌸💕💞💓✨💗💘💞💫💓💖💗💘✨💞💕💖💗✨💘

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so far away (suga, jin & jungkook version): 💞💘✨💗💖💓💫💗💘💞🌸💕💞💓✨💗💘💞💫💓💖💗💘✨💞💕💖💗✨💘

reasons to love park jimin (15&)
Breaking Cover (PT.2)

Hi! I’m really enjoying writing this series and I’m thinking there will be one or two more parts after this one!! Much love!! __________________

The interrogation room was always a tad chilly. Even the questioning room used for victims was cold. It didn’t have a home-like feeling at all. It was an odd room with objects to make it looks like a normal room. But it held dark secrets.

Melanie was normally a brave girl. Always curious to learn new things and had an extreme talent for art. She acted like a five year old some times and like a 30 year old other times. You had deeply missed your sister and now seeing her wasn’t a joyous experience.

You sat down next to Olivia who was still watching you carefully. You figured it was time to give some explanation.

“Liv, this is Melanie. She’s my sister.” You said gloomily introducing them.

Melanie must not have told her that information because Olivia turned a sickly, ghostly white. Olivia hated it when SVU family members got sucked into a case.

“Okay, sweetheart, I need you to tell me everything.” Olivia began shakily.

Melanie was hesitant and silent. She just looked at you fearfully.

“I know you’re only 15. There are some words you may not be completely comfortable saying…but please say them. It’s important.” Olivia added on to persuade her.

You drummed your fingers on the table, knowing that Rafael and probably everyone else was listening.

Melanie was painfully uncomfortable. She just felt so filthy and humiliated. You didn’t blame her one bit.

“I was in my hotel room last night and there was a knock on the door. I assumed it was room service so I opened the door. The man shoved me back in, pushed me on the floor, and he…raped me. He didn’t use a condom or anything.” She said with her last words fading off.

Melanie starting crying uncontrollably again. She was going into hysterics.

You swallowed hard. You clenched your fists until your knuckles went white and they were tingly. You felt so angry that this happened to your own sister.

Olivia could feel your anger radiating off of you as she sent a glance your way. Olivia kept it going.

“Okay…why were you here in the first place, Melanie?”

Her previously mentioned friend, Laney, popped into your head. But Melanie had a confession;

I’m sorry, Y/N. I lied. I wasn’t here with my friend. I didn’t want to live in California anymore. So I ran off here to New York to find you.” She sobbed between heavy breath she.

She looked so guilty…beyond guilty. Your stomach seemed to take a 10 foot plunge. The only reason…the ONLY single reason that she was raped was because she wanted to find you. Your sister wouldn’t be in this situation if it hadn’t been for you.

You breathing hitched and you were more upset. Silence filled that room for at least a solid 3 minutes. Olivia knew you needed a minute to breathe.

Luckily, since Mel claimed that a condom wasn’t used, you could track the guy with his DNA.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the glass, another conversation was taking place.

Carisi, Fin, and Rollins strolled in shortly after questioning. Carisi was still in shock from the previous events he witnessed.

"Another rape victim? Same perp?” Fin asked gravelly.

"Not sure. Starting to sound like it. We’ll have DNA evidence since she says he didn’t use anything.” Rafael answered swiftly.

Rollins piped up;

"Y/N isn’t looking too good. She know her?”

"Yeah. That’s her sister.” Rafael said a little too aggressively.

“I saw you kiss Y/N, Barba.” Carisi said inappropriately.

Rafael flushed but before he could defend himself, Fin smacked Carisi’s head;

"You’re a moron. Taking this time to make jokes. That’s Y/N’s sister! You’re so messed up.” Fin scolded.

You finally spoke up. Explaining the whole rape kit thing to Melanie. She agreed to have one done and wanted to get the bastard in jail.

You and Olivia made the connection that it had to be the same perp from the case you were working on when she showed up. Blonde girl, hotel room, and run? That was the guy. But he had been sloppy with not using protection.

Olivia and Rollins offered to give Melanie a ride to the hospital. You just needed to breathe and process for a little while.

You walked your sister out of the room. It was a little frightening to see everyone had been listening.

Rafael could see the hurt in your eyes. Almost like he could feel it. Melanie was extremely smart in the sense of reading people’s body language.

She also knew Spanish pretty well and remembered Rafael calling you cariño. Which, any Spanish speaker would know, is a nickname that lovers use.

So seeing you and Rafael look at each other the way you were and her sharp memory caused her to connect the dots.

"Y/N, I didn’t know you had a boyfriend.” Melanie blurted as she briefly motioned to Rafael.

You weren’t surprised that Melanie would blurt something like that out. Typically, she would’ve done that to embarrass you. This situation was just a matter of her assuming everyone knew.

You had never seen so many different reactions at once. Fin just kind of stood there with that curious look that he has when he learns new information. He glanced at Olivia who was beyond red in the face.

Rollins was jaw-dropped looking at Carisi who was smiling with pride for being right. Rafael just cooly looked at you. Not worried about Melanie letting the cat out of the bag. The only thing that he was concerned about was you and your sister.

He wasn’t in ADA mode…he was in full-on lover mode. However, the lack of words confirmed to Olivia that Melanie’s statement was true. She sighed heavily, knowing that she would be giving you a long speech.

"Melanie, just go on with Olivia and Amanda. We’ll talk later at the hospital.” You said ushering your sister on out. Olivia sent Fin and Carisi to the hotel to find any evidence that they could.

Melanie couldn’t help but smirk knowing that she had gotten her big sister in trouble. It honestly felt good to see a least the tiniest bit of light was back in her.

Carisi, the little gremlin, continued to smile at you deviously as he exited. After shooting him a menacing look of your own, Rafael was at your side;

“Estás bien, mi amor?” Rafael asked in his native tongue.

You had come very familiar with the Spanish language and could talk back and forth to Rafael in Spanish. You always felt better when he spoke in Spanish. It was an intelligent language and he spoke it so beautifully.

You nodded your head and let out a shaky breath. This was going to a long process.

“Y/N, I want you to come with me for a little while.” He said calmly pulling you to his chest.

“No…I have to go to the hospital.” You said burying your face into his shirt.

“I know, honey. But you know rape kits aren’t always quick and you need just a little while to relax. Besides, Melanie may tell Olivia more information if you’re not there. You know that.” He said stroking your hair with his gentle fingers.

You had a fascination with his hands. That’s what you tried to focus on to get your mind off of your sister for a moment. His hands were significantly larger than yours and had a few veins popping out that traveled to his fore-arm.

His hands could work absolute wonders. His hands were just comforting to you.

“I just didn’t think it would ever happen to her. She’s young, but she’s tough.” You stated as you straightened his tie.

His wondrous hands wrapped around your wrists gently as his thumbs ran across the tops of your hands. He swayed with you for a minute with your foreheads touching.

He brought one of your hands to his lips where he left a soft kiss. Your body felt warmer and safer once he had done that. He just knew how to make you better.

“I love you, princesa. If I can’t take this guy down in court then I’ll do it personally. It’ll be okay.”

You grinned at his refreshing words of love. You felt happier knowing you had so many people on your side.


After an hour and a half at Barba’s office, you went to the hospital for the rape kit results.

When you walked in that hospital room, you could’ve sworn you had never felt a more sickening feeling.

It wasn’t Melanie who brought on this feeling, it was Olivia’s panicked expression. She didn’t panic. Ever.

This was unsettling. Olivia spoke slowly;

“We did get a match for semen. Rollins, Fin, and Carisi are on the way to get the guy now.”

Your fists tightened into a knuckle-splitting ball. You wanted that bastard off the streets so badly.

“But…the guy got Mel’s number. He texted her about ten minutes ago threatening to kill her if she reported it to us. So having her and him in the same building is beyond dangerous considered he’s going to realize that she reported it.”

It just kept getting worse. Now your sister wasn’t even safe in a place that you felt the most safe.

You held your sister, who was now dozing in and out, by the hand. She was tired and wanted it to all be over. But you knew it would never truly be over.

A knock on the door startled you slightly. Rafael was standing sharply.

Olivia stiffened a little. She wasn’t quite used to the idea of your relationship. But she did have the flexibility to leave the room for a minute. Since he was in boyfriend mode, you went all out girlfriend mode. You left Melanie sleeping in the bed and took him into the hallway;

“Raf…it’s just so much worse now. He texted Melanie and threatened to kill her if she reported it. So she can’t go to SVU because he might see her and hurt her.” You said with your voice cracking with tears.

Rafael’s heart was aching even more for you. He hurt to see you so upset. You began to shake in his snug hold. You were cold and the shock wasn’t helping much either. After he put his blazer on you, he spoke;

“Please don’t cry, cariño. I hate it when you cry…makes me feel helpless. Melanie can stay with me at my office for me to get evidence together. I need to talk to her about getting up on the stand.”

His jacket was warm and smelled like straight caffeine. You rubbed your forehead stressfully;

“Testifying? I don’t know if she can handle that. She’s been through so much and I don’t know if reliving it again is good for her. You saw how she reacted when she told me the story.”

Rafael pushed hair from your face and tucked it neatly behind your ears. Tears stained your cheeks and your eyes burned. You just wanted this to all be a dream…for you and Melanie.

“Y/N, baby, you know I would absolutely never put her on the stand if I didn’t think she could handle it. Her reaction to telling the story may help.” He said standing next to you.

You were bottling up a lot of emotions. You didn’t want to freak Melanie out even more than she already was by having a breakdown. You bit your lip in hesitation to say something harsh;

“What is it, mi amado? Talk to me…I’m here for you.” He said quietly as he faced you and moved closer.

You took the opportunity to let it out;

“I’m scared. What if we can’t put the guy away? How can I help her move past this?” You asked pleading for a good answer.

He sighed sympathetically and pulled you into his arms. His arms wrapped around you low on your hips.

“We’re going to get the guy in jail. There’s so much we can hold against him. Melanie will heal within time. Eventually she’s going to be okay. She’s not the only one who has to move from this. You’re going to have to move on too, cariño.” He said watching your every facial expression.

He was right. You really hated it when he was right sometimes. He was speaking all truth. Moving on from this seemed impossible at the time.

"I don’t know if I can move from this on my own.” You admitted shamefully.

“You seriously think that I’m not going to be there to help you? I’ll be there the whole way.” He said kissing your forehead gently.

You stayed in his hold for another minute before Melanie started to stir from her very brief slumber.

You walked back in where you noticed that Olivia had re-entered as well. Melanie looked somewhat refreshed but more exhausted. Melanie became upset again;

“Y/N, I can’t go back to SVU. He’s going to kill me. Where am I supposed to go?” She said almost crying.

You went to her side instantly to try and calm her. You hushed her and played with her hair. Rafael straightened himself before speaking;

“Melanie, honey, it’s okay. You’re going to come with me today. I need your help for some stuff and I’m not in the SVU building.”

Melanie seemed slightly relieved that she had somewhere to go but still unsure of going with him because she didn’t know him;

“You’ll be fine, sis. He’s a great guy…believe me, I’d know.” You said with a wink.

Melanie gave the smallest giggle which earned a rewarding smile from Olivia. Once Melanie was cool with going with Rafael, she left the hospital with him.

And the journey continued to bury the man who even dared to lay a finger on your beloved sister.


We don't talk anymore by Jimin & JK
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We don’t talk anymore PT. 2
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