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Legend of Korra - Kuvira theme song | cover by ForTiorI
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Jeremy Zuckerman forwarded me this badass, modern metal cover of his Kuvira theme by ForTiorl. I’m confident a certain badass, modern metalbending militaristic dictator would dig it too.

Storm Thorgerson aka Storm Elvin Thorgerson (English, 1944-2013, b. Potters Bar, Middlesex, England) - CD Single cover art for Gasoline by The Catherine Wheel, 2000. Approximately 300 8x6 Color Prints temporarily attached to silver birch trees.

Do NOT buy anything from gearbubble! That’s a phishing website! This is just a quick PSA for those who are uniformed on that website. I’ve seen it mentioned here on tumblr before but yeah, any work on there is just to get you to use your card. You won’t ever get anything that’s featured on that website. I know the charity shirt design pops up if you search for it but that’s just a scam, it’s not the real deal. A coworker of mine thought the shirt was sold on that site and had to cancel their card. I don’t want that happening to anyone else. ^^;


Never forget

Emerald Spring Edition!
April 27
With a new chapter of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (Onodera Ritsu no baai) and Hatori Yoshiyuki no baai (Novel)! ❤❤
Junjou Mix ❤
Also a double chapter of Super Lovers ❤

AU where Mon-El isn’t terribly written, and the show writers don’t prioritize “love” above “ending slavery”.