Motivation,” Mr. Solomon said as we settle into out chairs around the old-fashion tables of the Covert Operations classroom. For weeks I’d been coming to that room, studying our teacher, trying to find some clues in his eyes about Zach and the train and a million other questions that swarmed my mind. 

Its’ why people do the things they do,” our teacher said, the sentence as simple and basic as any lesson we had ever learned; and yet something in Joe Solomon’s tone told me it was also the most important. 

What, ladies”-he took a step, scanning the dim room- “is almost always tied to why. There are six reasons anyone does anything: Love.Faith. Greed. Boredom.Fear..” he said, ticking them off on his fingers; but he lingered on the last, drawing a deep breath before he said,“Revenge.

I thought about the people on the rooftop, wondered which of those six things had brought them there. An why.

We have gadgets,” Mr. Solomon said. “We have comms units and trackers and satellites that can photograph the wings of a fly, but make no mistake, we practice a very old art. Six things, ladies. And they haven’t changed in five thousand years.”

- Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover- Ally Carter

CIA testing LSD on random civilians

The CIA was running a project in the 1950 till the 70’s, testing LSD on random civilians. 

They used to have safe houses with prostitutes picking up customers and dose them with LSD.  This is a quite long article explaining the Midnight Climax project.