covermeininkk asked:

Omg, where. Oh Where, did you find the gentlemen in the offset with braids and beanie... omg.... where.... plz -silent sobbing-

is this a rhetorical question like where does one find men like that? cause I would like to know myself haha

or is it a question directed to me cause you think I made the video? cause I didn’t make it

covermeininkk asked:

Ok, I'm unfollowing you for a couple reasons. 1. I'm going through my own emotional drama with near death that I can't handle all the negative stuff you post. 2. I can't handle how much you bash yourself. 3. All the Rick moranis stuff kinda drives me up the wall, idk if it's funny or just bothersome. But I wanted to give yo the common courtesy to explain myself because I don't normally unfollow people.. I hope things get better for you hunny, and I hope Rick comes and sweeps you off your feet be

Okay???? Just unfollow me why be rude about it??? The first reason makes sense and you could have just unfollowed me withOUT bashing me????????????? unless you wanted me to tag something then you had no reason to message me about this and don’t sugarcoat insults god what 

Happy hump day everyone!
I dont think my inbox is working(;
Yall should check n see(;
Also…. my kik has been hella barren… whats going on peeps?
Too busy xmas shopping;p
Hope everypony is having a great day!!!
And if not, stop by for a xoxoxo:)
Love you guys!