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A/N: Based off Kendrick Lamar’s song 

     You couldn’t stop the grin from spreading across your face at how much Calum was looking at you. His own cheeks were burning at how much he was smiling. Neither one of you talked the only sound present in your home was the radio playing some old school songs from the 90s. Your head tilted to the side as you tried to keep up with the gaze he was giving you. You felt a mixture of both awkwardness and comfortableness. Calum had never looked at you in this way before and for some reason you began to laugh which only made Calum smile even more. His eyes crinkled at the sides as he began to laugh along with you and soon your hid your face into the pillows. “Stop!” you whined, peeking out to look at him once more. 

“I’m not doing anything,” Calum giggled, hands reaching up to touch at his cheeks. They were hot and he felt his heart pounding hard against his chest. You shook your head at his words and your laughter began to subside. “You’re staring,” Calum commented, teeth sinking into his bottom lip. Your face fell back into the pillow and you let out a low whine.

“That’s because you’re staring,” you said, words being muffled by the fabric. Calum laughed and his eyes began to scan around your room. He had been in your home a few times since the two of you started dating, but Calum had never taken in what was exactly in your room. Usually the two of you were busy trying to take each other’s clothes off so he never paid that much attention that is until now. Silence fell between the two of you as he glanced around with a smile. Your walls covered in various posters of your favorite artists. There was one particular spot that was just pictures of your friends and family the words “love like there’s no tomorrow” painted above the section. Across from your bed was your desk that held a lamp, your laptop, some Funko Pop of your favorite characters, and school books. It was only then that Calum realized that was the only space in your room that was dirty. Everything else was cleaned up. Dirty clothes resting in a purple hamper, your beige colored carpet vacuumed and everything placed neatly in their spots. You could tell a lot about someone just from their room and Calum was starting to find out more about you now than the time you two had spent with one another. Your head had lifted and you looked over at Calum to watch him as he looked around at your room.

“What’s in there?” Calum questioned pointing towards a drawer that appeared to be locked up. Your eyebrows rose at his question and you looked at the drawer with wide eyes. Calum smirked at the reaction he had received and now he really wanted to know what that drawer held.

“Just some stuff,” you muttered starting to fiddle with the strings of your blanket. Calum was quick to get off the bed “No don’t open that!” you yelled out, scrambling off the bed. Somehow you reached the drawer before Calum could and blocked his path. His mouth parted in surprise, but the expression soon turned to a sly grin. 

“Oh you’re being secretive now,” he said, faking as if he was going to reach around you and grab at the drawer. You dodged his movements quick, but Calum was faster. His muscular arm circled around your waist and as if you weighed nothing he was able to move you out the way with just that one arm. You wiggled about in his arms and he reached out to swipe the key from off your desk and open up the drawer. Once it was open Calum’s grip on you released and he started to blush at what was inside. “Shit s-sorry…I really wasn’t expecting that,” he chuckled, scratching at the back of his neck in embarrassment. You began to laugh at his reaction and grabbed the key from his hands. “When’s the last time you used those?” he smirked making you roll your eyes at his question.

“Maybe a week ago,” you thought, locking the drawer back up to hide away your toys. You roommates were nosy, so that was one thing you had to keep locked away so they couldn’t find it. 

“A week ago? You have me you don’t need those,” Calum joked in a cocky way. You looked at him unimpressed and your hand rested at your hips as you said:

“What makes you think you’re that good?” 

“Ouch,” Calum winced, hand pressing at his chest as if you had broken his heart. You smirked and Calum looked at your with a smile. “That was cold, Y/N,” he said making you laugh. “But I’m going to forgive you because you’re cute,” he told you, grabbing at your wrist to pull you back towards your bed. You plopped down on the mattress and scooted back until you were rested against the pillows. Curiously, you watched as Calum laid down between your legs his head resting just below your breasts. Calum felt warm. The heat radiating off of him made you comfortable and one of his hands reached out to rest at your ankle. His thumb brushing over your soft skin. Calum’s attention went down to his phone and you suddenly started to feel guilty for bruising his ego. 

“Hey,” you softly said, fingers playing in his hair. Calum’s eyes fluttered at the feeling and his head turned to the side to give you a pouty look. “I was only kidding you know that right?” you question, nails lightly scratching at his scalp. You didn’t want Calum to assume that the sex you two had was inadequate. It was far from that. 

“I know,” Calum mumbled, a small moan of comfort leaving his lips as you continued to play in his head. You smiled at his response and relaxed in your spot. Your other hand came up to play with his hair also and you could feel the weight of his body relax into you some more. Calum loved when you played in his hair. His mouth opened wide as a yawn slipped pass and soon his actions of massaging your leg ceased. Calum’s eyes started to flutter and his breath evened out when you scratched at his scalp once again. Before Calum knew it he was knocked out asleep between your legs. You found yourself smiling at what had just happened. Calum had never fallen asleep when you played in his hair. Usually he’d drift off but would always end up perking back up and wanting to talk or go out to do something. It was almost like he was comfortable enough to fall asleep around you now. Your eyes soaked in the boy laying on you. Taking in every eyelash he had which dusted the top of his cheeks. Milking in the curves of his lips and how it slightly parted when he slept. How his chest rose up and down at a steady pace. One of your hands removed from his head to rest at his chest. His heart beating at a steady rhythm also. Calum was absolutely beautiful and you wondered just exactly how the two of you crossed paths. You had never felt like this with anyone else. The fact that Calum was sleeping right now, a time where he was most vulnerable made you realized you wanted this forever. You wanted him. It didn’t take long for you to end up falling asleep. Both your limbs intertwining with one another as you slept.

     It was the sound of rain that had woken Calum up. A gasped sound left his lips as he sucked in a breath of air. Head lifting up to glance around the room in confusion as he wiped the slob from off his cheek. Calum couldn’t figure out exactly when he had fallen asleep, but he felt well rested enough to realize it was the best nap he’d ever taken. Your room was dark a blue hue coating the walls from the light that was outside. The last time Calum looked out the window it was a bright and sunny sky. Now it was gloomy and pouring rain. It didn’t bother him. The rain had always had a calming effect on Calum. The sounds of light snoring brought Calum’s attention towards you. You looked peaceful and he didn’t want to wake you at all. Calum’s hand reached out to brush back your hair and he leaned down to send a small kiss to your lips. You stirred at the action and shifted under him so that you were laying on your side instead of your back. Calum smiled and slowly slid out the bed. He had to pee badly and as much as he wanted to cuddle with you, his bladder needed to be emptied the most. Calum looked back at you one more time before leaving your room. Outside of it he almost felt as if he was intruding. Your roommate’s bedroom doors were closed and Calum could hear laughter come from the living room as he walked passed the entrance and towards the bathroom. He had met your roommates a handful of times, but you were always around. Without you being by his side Calum wasn’t sure how he’d feel talking to them now. 

Calum was confused on how you could sleep this long. He had tried to preoccupy himself while you slept. Browsing on his phone, playing on your laptop, looking around at your photos, anything to keep his mind busy. It had gotten to the point where Calum actually ended up finishing off his homework; the main thing you two were suppose to do while he was visiting you. Neither of you could concentrate when you were around each other. Finally it was Calum’s hunger that had made him wake you up. The feeling of him climbing back on your bed made you stir in your sleep and soon his fingers were trailing over your skin in an attempt to wake you up as nicely as possible. “Y/N,” Calum whispered, head dipping down to send a peck to your collarbone. “Wake up,” Calum whined, pinching at your side trying to elicit a response from you. You let out a small whine at his words and Calum kissed at the side of your neck this time. “I’m hungry…I know you’re hungry too,” he said, softly nibbling at your skin. A small smile made it way onto your face at the feeling and your eyes fluttered open when he laid down and placed all his weight on your body. 

“You’re heavy!” you exclaimed in laughter trying to push him off of you. Calum laughed, his body vibrating on top of yours. The sound was loud since his face was rested in the crook of your neck. Calum slid half of his body off of yours and then looked at you with a smile. “You’re such a dork,” you mumbled, poking at his nose. 

“Did you enjoy your nap?” he questioned, nudging his nose into your cheek. 

“I was until you disturbed it,” you pouted. Calum mimicked your expression and he nudged his nose against yours.

“Mhm I’m sorry,” he said, running the tip of his nose down the bridge of yours. Your head lifted in a request for a kiss and Calum complied. His lips coming down against yours in a sweet yet passionate kiss. “Does that make up for it?” he whispered giving you another kiss. You nodded at his question and let out a deep sigh. It was one of content and comfort. 

“You said you were hungry,” you mumbled, looking at him with raised eyebrows and wide eyes. Calum nodded at your words and he pointed down at his stomach when it growled once more. You laughed at the sound and then pushed him back so you could sit up. Calum’s back pressed up against the wall. “Well my roommates and I haven’t really made a trip to the store yet, so I guess we’ll have to order takeout,” you told him, stretching in your spot and letting out a loud yawn. Your hands dug under the covers in search of your phone. “What are you in the mood for? Pizza? Chinese?” you mumbled, beginning to scroll through your phone at the contacts. You had ordered takeout a couple of times and had saved the numbers just in case so you wouldn’t have to search for the menu. 

“How about tacos?” Calum suggested, running a hand through his hair. Your gaze landed towards the window as you looked outside. 

“You want to make a taco run in the rain?” you asked in confusion. Calum shrugged in response.

“It’s just water,” he commented, looking back at you with a smile. Your lips pursed as you thought about whether you wanted to get dressed and run out to grab food. “Besides I think a drive would be good for us. Get some fresh air since we’ve been inside all day,” he said. Your eyes squinted at Calum’s words and he nudged his knee against yours in hopes that you’d agree. Calum slid out of your bed and you watched as he slipped on his shoes. He grabbed a sweatshirt that happened to be his from off your floor and toss it towards you. You caught the article of clothing with a pout and reluctantly place it on.

“You’re lucky I’m in the mood for tacos,” you muttered, placing on your shoes. Calum grabbed his car keys from off your desk and his right hand reached out to grab your hand intertwining your fingers together as you both left out. You let out another yawn and rubbed at your eyes. After a small greeting towards your roommates, you and Calum had gotten into his car. It didn’t take long for the two of you to find the nearest Mexican food restaurant and soon you both had ordered your food, and was back in his car eating. Calum turned the volume up on the radio when a certain song came on. You quietly sat in your spot and devoured the tacos. Calum’s eyebrows had furrowed when the heard humming sounds come from you and he watched you eat with a look of amusement. You had felt his stare and looked at him with a mouth full of the food. A bit of tortilla sticking out your mouth as you mumbled “What?” towards him. 

“You’re just so cute,” Calum chuckled, beginning to eat his own food. You slowly chewed and broke the gaze he was holding with you. Your arm came up to wipe some water droplets from off your forehead and you looked at Calum once again. He sent you a closed mouth smile and you returned it. It was cozy inside of his car. The heater on and warming both of you. Calum licked at his lips and he let out a shaky breath before speaking up. “Can I tell you something?” he whispered, grabbing his cup to take a sip of the Horchata. You nodded at his question and Calum sat his taco back into his lap before reaching out to grab your hand that wasn’t holding onto the food. “I think I realized for a while now how much I felt about you,” he started to say. You gave him an innocent look and bit down at your bottom lip to stop yourself from smiling. “You’re so fucking beautiful,” Calum commented, sucking in a deep breath to calm his nerves. It wasn’t until today that he realized something and Calum thought that now was the perfect time for him to say it. “I think I love you,” he admitted, his words coming out in almost a whisper. Calum shook his head and his eyes closed as he thought about it more. “No-I. I know I love you. I love seeing your smile everyday and just being in your presence brightens up my life,” he said in confidence this time. Calum ran a hand through his hair and his eyes flickered towards yours. “This might sound stupid but there was something about today that made me realize I want this-” he gestured between the two of you, “I want to be able to wake up every morning knowing that you’re mine. I want you to know that I want to be yours.” Calum sucked in a deep breath and then nodded. “So there you have it. I love you and there’s nothing in the world that could change that.”

There was a sparkle in your eye at Calum’s words and he felt you squeeze his hand. Your heart swelled with love and you pulled your hand away from his to wipe the corner of your eyes since tears had collected there. “Please say something,” Calum whispered. He felt vulnerable. Laying all his feelings out on the pavement and just showing you his heart in raw form. Your silence was making Calum antsy and he started to wonder if he had said the words too early and had ended up scaring you away. A deep sigh left his lips and Calum shifted in his spot. It was a nervous habit you had noticed Calum had. 

“I love you too,” you said, voice seeming to come out hoarse as if you had been cheering in a crowd. The smile on his face started to grow and Calum’s head turned to look at you once more. 

“You do?” he questioned, earning a vigorous nod from you in return. 

“I do. It wasn’t until you had fallen asleep in my lap that I realized it,” you told him. “You look gorgeous when you’re asleep,” you said. Calum felt his cheeks heat up at your compliment and somehow he had found himself crying too. They were tears of happiness. Calum’s heart pounding hard against his chest in relief. You loved him back. The love circulating around his car was being shared by the both of you. The two of you silently accepting everything the other person had to offer. You were excepting all his flaws, his hardships, and his love. The two of you silently deciding that now was the time where you wanted to go through life together loving one another. Your whole relationship flourishing into something new from here on out. 

“Say it again,” Calum whispered in a plea.

“I love you,” you smiled hearing a moan of comfort leave Calum’s lips. He had never felt happier. Calum leaned over the armrest and pulled you into a passionate kiss. “I love you,” you mumbled against his lips happy to declare it to the world if you needed to.

“I love you,” Calum hummed, resting his forehead against yours and inhaling your scent. After tonight Calum was going to be able to rest easy knowing that you had loved him back. 

How to be a Good Boyfriend. (Evan Hansen x Reader)

Request:  Evan x reader something fluffy please!

WC: 4,097 (I’m sorry)

A/N: I’m going to put this under a read more because it’s long. I’m not even sure if this is good or even fits the request. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Evan wanted you to know how much he loved you, he really did. It was hard sometimes because of his anxiety. He had never been in a relationship before. He didn’t know what to do. He never felt like he was giving as much to your relationship as you were. You constantly tried to reassure him that he was, but in his on special way. He never accepted that though. Evan wanted to be an affectionate boyfriend that could do sweet things for you. Not a boyfriend who was flustered to even hold your hand.

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A walk in the park

Summary: The reader ends up in a universe where the Avengers aren’t just movies.

A/N: This is my first Avengers Imagines, hope you enjoy it, tell me what you think. 

Word count: 760

(h/c) = hair colour

It had been a long day for you, you had gone to school only to find out that your best friend had found another best friend and, well, she ditched you. You had failed the maths test you took the day before, you had an English test you forgot about. When you finally got home, your parents were arguing, as were your two older siblings. So, you decided you was going to go to the park to clear your head. You snatched the Captain America hoodie off of the back of your chair, slinging it on as you made your way out of your bedroom.

You loved your bedroom, the walls were decorated with Avengers posters or pictures you drew of the Avengers. You were quite the drawer from an early age, as soon as you could pick up a pencil. From then on you drew anywhere and everywhere. Your desks at school and at home, your hands, your arms, your legs if your arms were already drawn on, your school books (inside and out), your walls (you covered them with posters). Everywhere.

You winced as you heard a door slam loudly and then more shouting. You quickly put it to the back of your mind as you then begin to walk to the park, happy to escape the arguments and take in the nature. You had always found the park a beautiful place, filled with adventure and mystery. There was a certain walk you always went on, it helped clear your mind. 

You were caught up in your own thoughts when you heard a shout, turning round as you couldn’t quite make out what was being said. A football hit you on the side of your head with such force it rendered you unconscious. The young teen who had called at you to watch out ran up to you to make sure you were ok, as did other, forming a small crowd around you. Much to their confusion as they saw your body slowly begin to turn translucent until it disappeared.

The Avengers were chilling, for once it felt like they could just unwind and not have to worry about saving the world, none of them had any missions that they had to go to. They could just sit and have a movie marathon, which is what they did.

They were settled in the living room, lights dimmed, pop corn ready, the lion king playing. They were sat quietly until Pietro noticed something in the corner began to glow. “Um, something is glowing.” Pietro whispered to Clint. 

Not taking his eyes off of the tv, Clint replied, “Yeah, it’s called a tv.” Pietro turned his head to Clint to glare at him. “What, you didn’t see that coming?” Clint laughed turning to face Pietro, only to see something glowing in the corner of the room, like Pietro had said. 

“Guys,” He said, pointing at the mysterious blob of light. Natasha immediately turned off the tv and Pietro turned the lights on.The figure stopped glowing, Steve slowly stepped towards it, realising it was a young girl. About the age of sixteen, long (h/c) hair. Steve picked up the girl and placed her on the sofa, after instructing Clint and Tony to get off of the sofa. 

You let out a wheeze as you began conscious. urgently lunging forward as you began frantically trying to take in your surroundings. Upon seeing the Avengers, your eyes widened. “I see she’s more of a Captain America fan,” Tony chuckles as he sees your hoodie. You feel your face heat up slightly.

“Where am I?” You asked, confused, starring up at the Avengers. rubbing your temple as you asked. “And what happened?”

“Well, you appeared in the corner of the room and was glowing and then you woke up.” Tony quickly summarised. 

“Wow, way to go into detail Tony,” Clint remarked, earning a quite chuckle off of Natasha.

“Wait, hold on, Tony? His name isn’t Tony, it’s Robert!” You exclaim, suddenly it hit you. You could be in the alternate universe where the Avengers exist. “Please tell me this is a joke.”

“Nope.” Tony said. You felt your world go dark.

“Did she just faint?” Pietro asked in disbelief. Tony gave a short nod, looking at the young girl on the sofa.

Wanda tilted her head at the girl, lightly placing her fingers on her head. Wanda removed her fingers from your head as she turned to the others, “She isn’t from here. She lives in a different universe, where our lives are films.”

Reggie x Reader- request - Okay Reginald

Reggie x Reader 

Word Count: 2,130


anonymous asked: Can i ask for a reggie x reader where reggie tries to ask her out but she plays hard to get? thanks :)

A/N: I hope this is what you were looking for in your request. Thanks for reading, this was fun to write.

Taglist: @sgarrett49

Your year had started out a little different than the last. With the arrival of Veronica Lodge, and her friendship - you soon found a new confidence in yourself. And while you may have had a little bit different interests than the typical girl in Riverdale, there seemed to be a new glow around you.

Within the last few days in english class, you began to feel someone’s eyes on you. And with the pop of your head you would turn around and see no one staring. You shrugged it off while going back to the paper in front of you. However, you swear you could hear the faintest sigh that day.

After class you headed to your locker. You glanced at the inside of it, pictures of your favorite things staring back at you. Some pictures of some poets as well as a small flyer for Star Wars: A New Hope at the drive in, some pictures of friends - Veronica included, as well as mixture print outs of your favorite comics. As far as a small town like Riverdale was concerned - your tastes were a little out of the realm for a typical 16 year old girl.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, have you got any headcannons about the actual cabins at camp halfblood and what they all look like on the inside?

Of course I do. Thanks for asking. Hmm lets see :

  • The Zeus cabin is like its described in the books. Empty with a statue of Zeus but if you look closely Ancient Greek inscriptions (which are faded due to age) are carved into the wall. No one can decipher them because they are too mixed up but when the door is open and the light hits the wall you can see them glowing like sunlit freshly fallen snow.
  • The Hera cabin is pretty much the same. Her ceiling, however, is carved with Peacocks. The Zeus and Hera cabins are the same in all other aspects.
  • The Poseidon cabin, aside from looking like its made out of a rock from the sea is beautiful on the inside. It’s painted in shades of blue and green so it looks like waves are shimmering whenever light pours in from the windows. Some old coral plants are still in the stone so they add bursts of colour and add to the undersea effect. Unknown to many there is a trapdoor leading to a small cavern and a pool of freshwater underneath the cabin. It continues with an underground tunnel to the beach.
  • The Demeter cabin looks like its weaved out of vines. So many layers of plants cover it that you can’t tell that it’s actually made out of brick. The temperatures are self controlled to the needs of the campers so it basically has its own heater and air conditioner of sorts. There aren’t any plants inside (to avoid bugs) but the entire cabin is painted in Earthly colours. Shades of browns and gold. The roof has a special way of harnessing solar light to power the cabin (since its safe energy) despite its lack of solar panels
  • The Ares cabin isn’t the nicest out of all the cabins but it isn’t that body. It looks awful on the outside (and inside) but the beds are compressible. The walls open and close to make cabinets in which campers keep their belongings. It’s basically like Army barracks. (Use less space to fit more stuff). There’s a hidden cabinet in which all the battle/ambush plans that all the campers made are stored. (These came very handy during the two wars).
  • The Athena cabin is practically lined with bookshelves. Pretty much like the library in Beauty and the Beast. The cabin even has several underground floors to accommodate more books. The most important and valuable ones are kept in a magic safe deep underground with charms to protect the elements from harming them. In one of the below floors there’s even a complete strategics room to plan battle attacks. The ceiling is inscribed with Greek letters and words which only the Athena cabin can decipher. It’s a lullaby that, when the campers read before going to sleep, makes them feel Athena is singing it. (This is very comforting to the younger Athena kids). No one knows how but a couple of olive branches grow across the room. The interesting thing is they cross the parts of the walls where realistic owls are painted (so it looks like owls are perched on the branches). The walls are also covered with some hand made posters like “Remember to Eat” or “Time for Bed”. (They are mostly for Annabeth).
  • The Apollo cabin looks like its made of pure gold but its campers have no trouble seeing it. Inside it there are musical notes on the walls and a self playing harp. Different instruments and archery materials are decorated around the place. A Greek healing spell is written all around the cabin which is said to prevent disease and illness from entering. There is a small library of books which the Apollo campers own which are specifically about medical remedies, archery tricks and music. The walls are engraved with poetry by famous poets in Greek (so as to make it easier for the campers to read). A small fountain (which never overflows) is at the very back of the cabin filled with olive oil. The campers use it whenever they have a stuffy nose or get small cuts or scrapes while training.
  • The Artemis cabin isn’t very fancy. The ceiling is enchanted to change its image as the stars and moon change every night. It smells like pine cones inside (and the walls and floor are lined with pine wood too). It is lightly painted with a colour that makes it look as if moon beams are shining across the walls. The carpets are animal skins which the Huntresses bring from their hunts. The quilts on the beds are also made of animal fur.
  • The Hephaestus cabin looks like a workshop on the outside. On the inside its actually not as messy as one might think. There is a place for everything and everything is mostly in place. There is a workshop underneath the cabin for those campers who can’t sleep at night and need to tinker. Most of the beds fold up and unknown to the other cabin campers there are rooms underneath the actual cabin. The rooms consist of decent sized cubicles (sort of like a dorm) in which the campers sleep. The walls (decorated with carvings of fire) shift and behind them layers of tools are hung up. The temperature is maintained internally so the campers are never too hot or too cold.
  • At first sight the Aphrodite cabin looks like a typical doll house with hung up curtains and perfect paint. It actually is a lot more than that. It has (aside from trunks for the campers to keep their things in), a few walk in closets with clothes that are for any occasion. (That’s mostly where the extra clothes for campers without it comes from). Different rooms are present underground in which the Aphrodite campers do whatever they want. (Interior designing and sewing are the most selected options). Besides that lots of books are also on the floors underneath. Some focus on tips for staying healthy and makeup and stuff but 90% of them are for discovering yourself and your inner beauty. The walls are covered in motivational posters about beauty since Aphrodite is not just about physical attractiveness.
  • The Hermes cabin looks like a typical camp cabin from the inside. With wood ceilings and floors. Besides the dozens of beds and mattresses spread out there isn’t room for a lot of things. However, the Hermes campers can open a secret panel and go to separate rooms when they feel too constricted. (There are plenty of pranking items stored underneath the floorboards of the cabin too although only the Hermes campers know it). The little decoration the campers have set up are assorted posters and drawings and crafts. It makes the cabin look the most ‘normal’ out of all of the others.
  • Like the Demeter cabin, the Dionysus cabin is covered in vines. Grape vines and creeper to be exact. The inside is purple. Everything is made of wood with purple and green accents. The carpet is a leopard skin rug. On the shelves are different books on the topic of mental illnesses such as Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia etc. There is also a small fridge behind one of the walls to keep juices of all sorts since the Dionysus kids have an odd craving for fruit juices. (Not necessarily grape).

I hope these are okay. I’m not satisfied but ah well.

I really like the idea of there being panels and trapdoors and underground rooms in the cabins. So I decided to incorporate my idea. I know most of the rooms are underground but come on ? They wouldn’t be up in the sky now would they ?

By the way the thing about olive oil (Apollo cabin HC) is true. If you use it on small scrapes and bruises or bug bites it actually works. It also clears out your nose if its stuffy cuz of colds and stuff. I recommend using it since it gives you a good alternative to medicine which contains chemicals.

I don’t mind doing some for the minor cabins I someone requests them. 

(Minor God Cabins)

I feel as if some of the ones I did are redundant. Thoughts ?

Hope you like them anyway.


I Can’t Believe You’re Wearing My Clothes // Ron Weasley Imagine

a/n: this gif actually makes me cry. Also, requests are open!! 

Request: “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.” for Ron Weasley please! I’m picturing her wearing one of his sweaters or something like that hehe

Tag: @saracons87

Prompt: “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.” from this amazing prompt list

Ron Weasley x reader

At first, you were nervous Ron’s family wasn’t going to like you. Sure you got along with his siblings at Hogwarts, but what about his parents? What if they hated you? If they didn’t like you would he still date you? 

Your mind was racing with these thoughts as you and Ron made your way to the door of the Burrow.

With a loving smile and reassuring voice, Ron said, “y/n, they’re going to love you.” And with that, you walked through the front door

It turns out you had nothing to be worried about, because the moment you walked into the Burrow you immediately felt at home. All of the Weasley’s were so nice and talkative with you, you didn’t even have any time to think of being nervous.

You helped Ginny pick out a dress for a date, played some pranks on Percy with Fred and George, and even helped Mrs. Weasley cook dinner, who had taken an immediate liking to you and insisted on you calling her Molly. 

As you helped her stir pasta in the kitchen, she started asking you tons of questions and measurements to start making your christmas sweater.

“A nice warm sweater sounds amazing right now,” you laughed, shivering a bit. Ron had warned you that during the night the Burrow got cold, but once again you forgot to bring a jacket.

“Oh, sweetheart go on upstairs to Ron’s room and take one of his sweaters, I’m sure he wouldn’t want his girlfriend to freeze!” Molly said kindly.

You thanked her and exited the kitchen to run up the stairs to the room she had pointed to.

As soon as you walked in, you could tell this was undeniably the room of your boyfriend. 

The walls were covered from ceiling to floor in Chudley Canons posters and the few bits of wall you could see were painted a brilliant orange. He had clothes and unfinished homework strewn randomly about the room. You smiled at the framed picture of you and him smiling and hugging that was sitting on his nightstand next to the snow globe he brought home from his trip to Egypt. The entire aura of the room just screamed Ron to you that you took a few minutes to just take it all in.

But soon you remembered why you had come up here in the first place. You searched around the room and easily found a red sweater with an orange R knitted on the front laying on top of his dresser.

You walked over to the dresser and started to pull on the sweater when suddenly you heard the floor creak behind you.

Spinning around in surprise, you finished putting the sweater on and grinned when you saw none other than Ron standing in the doorway. His face was bright red and for a second you wondered if he was mad at you for intruding into his room.

He seemed to be avoiding your gaze as he looked down at the ground and shuffled his feet on the carpet.

“Mum said you would be up here, she wanted me to tell you that dinner is ready,” he said, still not meeting your eyes.

You nodded and then took a few steps closer to him, wanting to make sure he was okay because for some reason, he seemed nervous. Even more nervous than you when you were first being introduced to his family. 

Resting your hand on his shoulder you asked him, “Did I do something wrong?”

Ron laughed sheepishly, finally looking up to you, “No, no, it’s just…like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes” he said quickly, obviously embarrassed by stumbling over his words. 

You couldn’t stop the grin from spreading across your face as Ron’s eyes scanned you in the sweater, his sweater, that you were wearing. 

“It looks great on you,” he said, still watching you with dazed eyes.

You giggled lightly, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear as he put his arms at your waist and pulled you closer to him. You kept getting closer and closer and closer until finally your lips touched. 

Ron’s kisses were usually quick little pecks on the cheek, and you loved them, but this was something different. This was slow and steady and passionate. You felt yourself melt against him as he moved his hand to your lower back, pushing you closer to him.

Your kiss was interrupted by the sound of Molly’s voice yelling, “RON, DINNER!! Don’t make me come up there young man!” 

Wincing against the noise, Ron reluctantly pulled away from you.

You kissed him lightly on the lips before teasingly whispering, “We’ll pick up where we left off after dinner,” and walking out of the room.

After standing alone in his room, his face as bright as the walls surrounding him, Ron followed you downstairs. 

Lose It All | Ch. III

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Pairings: (Jungkook/Reader)

Genre: Angst, Romance, AU

Words: 4,675

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three

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signs as middle school emo phase things
  • aries: talking back to a teacher because you're feeling Super Punk. getting a detention and telling yourself that that just makes it cooler
  • taurus: covering your walls in as many posters as possible. all the posters. just taping more posters on top of the mass amount of posters already up because gerard has a nice ass
  • gemini: making posters that just say the name of your favorite band and lyrics and maybe drawings and/or pictures. doin it with your friends. you know what kind of posters I'm talking about. what are you even making them for? a school project, or...?
  • cancer: crying to that one song for hours while home alone. then drinking tea or water and calming yourself down. laying down in bed and still crying. just let it all out. it's ok.
  • leo: either you just got your hands on a Shit Ton of money or your parent agreed to pay, so you're blowing a bunch of money on a shitload of shirts at hot topic. you are basically DROWNING IN SHIRTS. so many fucking shirts. you can never have too many shirts that say "fall out boy" over and over in different fonts
  • virgo: not knowing the lyrics to emo trinity songs yet, so looking them up and trying to learn them. studying the lyrics to memorize and maybe even analyse them. you're going to sing along to them in concert because MCR is going to release a 5th album soon and go on tour again haaa yeah
  • libra: having to explain/justify everything to your parents, and ask them for permission for stuff. "mom can I PLEASE dye my hair black??" "please please can we buy these converse" "no uh... that is DEFINITELY not what that lyric was ha (sweats)" "frerard? oh, that.. see, uh...."
  • scorpio: doing or saying something (a certain way) because it was in an emo trinity music video or song lyric. [I really hope none of it was from the I'm Not Okay music video. If so, I pray for you. Holy shit.]
  • sagittarius: trying to skateboard for the first time. you're really not that great at it, and you probably don't try it again (or maybe you do, idk). also starting to swear
  • capricorn: sorting the mass amount of CDs you have (or checked out from the library). you really hope you didn't break any of them or their cases, but you probably did. how long have you been carrying those around with you everywhere...?
  • aquarius: writing song lyrics on your homework as the teacher is going over it in class or writing "my" and "romance" around the word "chemical" absolutely any time it shows up on a worksheet. also writing lyrics on blank sheets of paper, for some reason. writing lyrics on your arm. writing lyrics on your friends' arms. writing lyrics on school bathroom stalls. basically writing them on every surface, ever
  • pisces: talking to your newfound emo friends for a long time, probably several hours. the conversation goes all the way from "omg have you seen that one meme of that band member" to "I think the lyrics in this song mean this" to "this is one of my personal problems I've been fighting with for a long time"
pequeño abejorro // lin x daughter!reader

summary: (just read the request) ↓

request: hi!!! I have a college audition coming up and it would be super radical if you could maybe do one where Lin is the reader’s father and she’s super nervous before her audition?? you can choose yourself whether to add angst by deciding if she got accepted or not. thank you!! -anon

warnings: fluffy clouds of fluff, anxiety, mentions of death and stillborn babies.

word count: 3,608 WOW

a/n: ooo another request! thank you! sorry for the wait. I just started my first year of high school and I’m still kinda getting used to it. 

You sat at the piano in your room for hours, your fingers gently pressing down on the keys to create a nonsensical tune. It didn’t make you forget about tomorrow, but it at least calmed you down a bit. Your back hunched over and your hair sprang out in every direction.

Finally, you stopped, and your fingers hovered over the keys. You groaned loudly in annoyance from all the stressed and nervousness laid upon you, and banged your head on the keys, creating a broken, cacophonous sound.

“Ugh, I need alcohol,” You complained, you head still on the piano keys. You heard a chuckle from behind you, but you still kept your head down. 

“How about a coquito instead,” Your father, Lin, said. You managed the strength and pulled you head up to see you dad turning the corner, the drink in his hand. He set it down carefully on the old piano that you grew up with, which happened to be the one Lin had grown up with also. Your eyes lit up at the sweet, coconut beverage that you loved. 

“Does it actually have the rum in it this time?!” You asked with high hopes, grabbing the drink off the top of the piano. You really wanted to drink your anxiety away, but then again, you were only eighteen. You waited for him to answer the question before you took a sip. 

“Nope!” He said just as enthusiastically, mocking your tone. Your shoulders dropped and you narrowed your eyes at him jokingly as you took a long sip, and to your disdain, tasting no alcohol mixed in with the coconut and cinnamon. You had already had your first taste of alcohol, however, your father was still in the unknown. Lin waved his hands for you to make room. You scooched to the side, the old seat creaking when you moved. Your dad sat down beside you and looked into your solemn eyes.

“Hey, don’t look at me like that. You’re going to do amazing tomorrow!” Lin emphasized with his hands, throwing them up to the side. You took another sip and then set the drink down, the glass clanking on the wood. You sighed, thinking about tomorrow. Tomorrow you were going to audition for college, your major being performing arts. You had practiced every single day for past month just to get it perfect and being super careful not to get sick or even worse, lose your voice. You performed your audition in front of the Hamilton cast, and they were completely blown away by the song choice, your voice, how you looked up on the stage, and how you portrayed yourself. 

“I don’t know dad, what if I stutter? Or-or if I start late or too early?” You said nervously. You had always doubted yourself throughout your entire life. Your self-doubt made you miss out on so many opportunities. You put your head down and looked at the keyboard again.

“Mija! Don’t fret!” Lin cupped your chin, turning it up towards him. “You will make it in. I know you will, and if they see you the way I do when you’re up on that stage, then they’ll know too.” You smiled slightly, the corners of your lips turning upward. A single tear ran down your cheek. You closed your eyes as your dad rubbed his thumb across your face, wiping away the tear. 

He leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. “It’s getting late.” You nodded your head in response. He stood up from the bench and went back around the corner to the rooms, getting ready for bed. He was right; you looked at the clock, which showed the time of twelve o’clock. You let out a long sigh and gathered the chewed pencils and scraps of paper that littered the top of the piano. Your eyes drooped down, practically screaming how exhausted you were. 

You lazily walked over to the kitchen, placing your unfinished Coquito in the fridge. After that, you walked back over to your room.

Your room wasn’t huge, but big enough to hold the simple bed, bookshelf, and desk. The walls in your room were covered with posters from your favorite musicals and pictures of your many celebrity crushes (there may or may not be a small picture of Daveed Diggs posted on there somewhere). You didn’t even bother to turn on the light as you undressed, slipping into your pajamas in the dark. You flung yourself onto the bed face down, grumbling in exhaustion from the long and stressful day you’ve had. You heard your door creak open and footsteps nearing the side of the bed. 

“Turn around so I can kiss you goodnight,” he chuckled, seeing the position you were in on the bed. You only turned your head, the rest of your body still lying front down on the mattress. 

“Goodnight,” You mumbled, the sheets semi-muffling the sound of your voice. Lin bent over to the side and kissed the top your forehead, something that he had always done ever since you were a small child. He smiled at you as your eyes fluttered closed. “Te amo, mi pequeña abejorra,” He whispered. You smiled softly at the old nickname your father had also given to you when you were a toddler. The nickname derived from a time when you were fascinated with bees, intrigued with bee farms and even wanting to have pet bees of your own. You weren’t scared of them like Lin was. 

“I love you too, Papa,” You said sweetly. Your dad walked back to the entry of the doorway and watched you thoughtfully as you fell asleep almost instantly. He finally closed the door and went to his own room, where each night he would think about what happened over the years that led him to this point. 

He fiddled with his wedding ring as he remembered going home from the hospital with only you left to care for. Your mother had died from a hemorrhage at birth, and the last thing she saw was your small but beautiful face in her arms. It had been difficult raising a baby into childhood, as of course, he could not supply any milk, but his sister, Luz, had recently also given birth. Luz had become your mother figure and was able to give you her milk because sadly, her baby was stillborn. He remembers the sleepless nights he and Luz faced, and the endless cries for attention, even when he had already given you so much attention already. 

Coming back from his reminiscing, Lin deeply sighed and got ready for bed also. 

It seemed like only a moment past before you woke up, stretching and yawning while feeling the soft rays of the sun on your back. You hadn’t any nightmares the night before that could waver your confidence, which you wer quite thankful for. You got up and got ready for the day, taking extra time with your hair and clothing choice, making sure you looked presentable enough for your audition that was only hours away. 

With your father being a morning person, you knew that he would already be up and ready, making breakfast. Surely your notion was correct, smelling the sugary smell of powderd sugar. You walked across the hall and into the kitchen, where sure enough your dad was standing front and center, placing Mallorcas onto a plate. Noticing you out of the corner of his eye, he looked up and smiled widely, happy to see your face once again. 

“Good Morning, (Y/n), if it isn’t the loveliest girl in the place,” He sang, refrencing his first musical, In The Heights. You sang along, singing the next verse. “You’ve got some sugar on your face.” You changed up a word, pointing to the powderd sugar in his beard. You thought about how your voice didn’t sound as bad as it usually sounded in the morning, which reminded you that you still needed to do vocal warm-ups, and essential part to obtaining your magnificant voice. 

You quickly sat down on a bar stool, and Lin placed a plate full of Mallorcas, an eggy and sweet bread topped with powdered sugar, in front of you. It was a type of breakfast sandwhich that you loved, filled with egg, ham and cheese. You quickly dove in, taking your first bite and melting over how delicious it was. 

“You ready for your audition?” Lin asked, sitting down beside you and beginning to eat. You swolled your food before speaking. “Physically, kinda. I have all of my sheet music ready and everything, but I just need to do some warm-ups. But Mentally, not at all.” 

“You’ll do amazing, (Y/n). Never doubt yourself,” Lin assured, placing a arm around you and pulling you closer to him. He placed a light kiss onto your forehead, leaving some of the powered sugar that was on his lips. He let go, and you leaned back. Lin laughed when he saw the sugar.

“I got some sugar on your forehead,” He said, pointing at your forehead. You dusted the powdered, annoyed when you basically dusted it into your hair, making the hairs at the start of your hairline turn white. 

“Aw, man, now it looks like I have white hairs like you,” You complained. Lin put his hand on his chest and gasped dramatically, feigning offense. “I am not old,” He retorted. You laughed. 

You finished your breakfast and got up, putting your plate away and heading to your room to do your warm-ups.

You pulled up into a parking space in front of the theatre where auditions were being held. As you un-buckled your seatbelt, your last doubts ran through your mind. But you knew not to think like that, so you shook your head and took a deep breath. Lin looked at you and smiled, already feeling proud of you and what you’ve become.  

As you walked through the front doors, your heart began to race. The theatre lobby was huge and so beautiful, the most magnificant theatre you had ever seen in your entire life. Even Lin was amazed, looking around at how ornate everything was. There was already a line, but it wasn’t too long. Showing up in public was always a havoc ever since Hamilton began. Everywhere you went, someone would always come up to your father and praise him, asking for a photo with him. It was rare that only a person would only wave, or smile, or make eye contact with him but not say anything. And it was very rare that someone would ever notice you or ask for your picture with them. But you strived to be just as succesfull as your father, so that one day you would praised like your father was. Per usual, when you got in line, your dad was approached by the usual fangirls and boys. It amazed you how through years of this happening to him every single day, he still treated them with love and respect, never getting annoyed with them. It was always so genuine when he conversed with them, never forcing a smile. 

After a fifth fangirl left, Lin felt around in his pockets. You raised an eyebrow as he came to a realization. “Shit, I forgot my phone in the car. I’ll be right back,” he said, leaving you alone in the line. Like aways, no one came up to you asking you for your picture. You stood there alone for at least five minutes. 

As you rolled your eye in annoyance, thinking about the fame of your father, you felt a tap on your shoulder. You spun around and became face to face with a guy, who was just a bit taller than you. 

“Are you Lin-Manuel Miranda’s daughter?” he asked. He had a deep voice, but it was more on the softer side. You rolled your eyes again. “I have a name you know,” You scoffed, looking him up and down. He was strongly built, with tan skin and deep brown eyes. You couldn’t help but admire his features. 

“Well, then what is it?” He asked. You folded your arms and looked him in the eye. Something about him made your heart leap.

“(Y/n),” You finally said. He smiled, accomplished that he was able to get something out of you. His smile captivated you, and couldn’t help but match his smile. Your smile captivated him as well, almost making him fall in love with you right then and there. 

“Well, (Y/n), could I get a picture with you?” He asked. You almost couldn’t process the simple question, mostly because the words had never been spoken to you before by a complete stranger. Before asking why, you went ahead and took the picture with him. 

After you were done, you finally asked him, “Why did you want a picture with me? Wouldn’t you rather have a picture with the famous Lin Manuel Miranda instead?” You moved up a little bit, still facing him. 

“Yes, but then when you’re famous, I can tell people that I’m best friends with the famous (Y/n) Miranda.” He put on a smirk. 

“And how do you know that we’ll be the best of friends like you claim?” You raised an eyebrow, the corners of your mouth turning upward a little. You moved up even more, him following suit, until you were the third person in line. 

“I have a pretty good feeling that we will be.” You looked into his eyes, fully immersed in them. You finally smiled, tucking a loose strand of hair behind you ear.

“Well if we’re going to be friends, you’re going to need my number, right?” You said, taking your phone out of your pocket and unlocking it, opening up your contacts and handing your phone to him. He smirked again, and took your phone. 

When he was done, he gave you your phone back, and you read the contact name. 

santi (your best friend ♡)

You laughed at the add-on that he put, but wondered about the first part. “Santi?” I questioned the nickname. You realized that you hadn’t know his name before now. He shrugged. 

“Sangiato, actually, but I just go by Santi most of the time, unless you’re my mother and you’re yelling at me to clean the house,” He chuckled. Lin had finally entered the theatre lobby again after almost 10 minutes of trying to find his phone, until he finally realized that he left it at home on the kitchen table, and then another five minutes conversing with fans. As soon as he came up to the line, he looked for you, until finally he saw you, talking to another. At first he was happy that you were talking to someone else, until he realized that you were talking to a guy that was about your age. His father instincts emerged, and he strode towards you.  

You laughed along with Santi, until you were interrupted by your dad coming up to you. 

“We’re up next, mija,” He spoke, making sure to say it in a loud and clear tone. He turned you around and pushed you forward. You looked at the lady at the front desk and said your name. While the lady looked down at the list, trying to find your name, Lin turned around and looked at Santi, who was a little surprised by the sudden interruption. Lin raised an eyebrow at him, looking him up and down, almost scowling. Santi saw his observations, and simply smiled at the man. It wasn’t a smirk, or a develish smile, but a gentle one. One that was soft and kind. When Lin saw his smile, he was almost taken back by it. But because smiles to him were always contagious, he smiled back. 

The lady finally found your name and gave you a number. Lin turned his head around, and smiled at the lady. You thanked her and began to walk towards the entrence of the actual theatre. Lin noticed you open the door and look back at the guy you were fraternizing with. He saw you blush as the guy smilled at you, which he had never seen you do before. In his heart, Lin knew that you really liked this guy, (besides the fact that you just met him) and he thought that maybe, just maybe, he would be a true friend to you, remembering the multiple times when you came home from school crying becasue your ‘friend’ left you, all because you couldn’t get her parents tickets to one of your dad’s shows. Even in your last years of high school, you had boys asking to date you so that they could get tickets for Hamilton and girls asking to be your friend just for braging rights.

You walked onto the stage, the sound of your heels echoing through the huge, empty theatre except for the directors that sat, waiting patiently for you to start. You took deep breaths as you walked to the center, your heart racing. You tried not to think of your dad, the person who you didn’t want to dissapoint. Your entire life you strived to make him proud, but what you didn’t know was that from the moment Lin held you in his arms, he was already proud of you.
You closed your eyes and took a final deep breath.

When you opened your eyes, you smiled at them, building up your confidence. The spotlight above shone down on you, preventing you from seeing the directors, which you were thankful for. You introduced yourself, and began with your monolouge. Thankfully, you had remembered all of the words and spoke like you did when you practiced, becomming the character in the passage. 

Then it came to your song. You were very happy with the song you chose, and you thought it perfectly displayed your voice, showing off your belt, your low notes, and even some of your high notes. The song you had chosen was very somber and dramatic, including notes that held so much emotion and power. You began to sing, closing your eyes and pretending like you were at home, putting all of your effort into it. You perfectly hit the right notes, matching your tempo with the tempo of the pianist. You didn’t blank, and your voice didn’t break. 

When you closed with the long, high-noted ending, you stood there, almost crying tears of joy at how well you did. You immediately heard clapping, and you squinted your eyes, where you could slightly see the figures of the directors… standing up. You smiled, knowing that you had blown them away.

You bowed deeply, thanking them.

“How about we save you the wait and tell you that you’re definitely accepted,” One of the directors said. You put your hand over your mouth in shock. As you exited, you had to refrain form running off the stage as your excitement almost boiled over. Once you made it off-stage, you ran towards Lin, who was waiting for you backstage, throwing your arms around him and hugging him tightly. He hugged you back with as much power and whispered into your ear.

“I’m so proud of you my pequeño abejorro.”

The words hit you as soon as they were spoken from his mouth, and it made you cry even more. You both pulled apart, wiping the tears from your eyes. Before you began to speak, you felt a tap on your shoulder. You spun around again and saw Santi, a huge smile on his face. Lins smile dropped as he saw how the guy had interrupted your conversation.  

“(Y/n), you did marvelous out there!” He said with joy. Out of pure excitement and impulse, you hugged him also. Santi looked down at you, surprised by your sudden action, and looked up to Lin, who was scowling at him. He started to grow nervous, but eventually hugged you back lightly. You soon realized what you were doing and pulled away from him, embarrassment filling you. You turned to the side and moved out of the way, Lin and Santi now facing each other without you in between them. 

“Dad, this is Santi.” You motioned to Santi, who took a step foward and put out his hand, waiting for Lin to shake it. Lin hesitantly reached out a hand, shaking Santi’s hand and noticing how firm of a grip he had, which he was actually impressed by.

“And Santi, this is my dad.” This time you motioned to Lin, who now pursed his lips.

“It’s a great pleasure to meet you, sir,” Santi said, a smile on his face. Guessing by his name, Lin figured that he was Latino, in which he challenged him, switching to his Spanish tongue.

“Igualemente, Santiago,” He said, using his full first name. Noticing the language change, Santi also switched into his Spanish tongue.

“Su hija es muy talentosa. Ella es muy afortunada de tenerte como padre.” He responded, which made Lin smile. You looked up at Santi, smiling.
You kept eye contact with him, looking into his beautiful eyes.

“Dad, this is my best friend.” You said. He broke into a grin, showing his perfect teeth.

Lin smiled, looking between the two of you. He thought about how this guy that you adored would change your life for the better, and he knew that you knew also. In that moment, he knew that both of you and had fallen in love with each other, and it was just a matter of time before he would become yours forever.

“I’m glad, mi pequeño abejorro.”  


A/N: heyy i’m taking a break with those prompt requests sooo i wrote this. enjoyy. ps thanks to my sister for spell checking, love u

Reader is an actress in Teen Wolf and is basically Stiles’s best friend besides Scott. Reader’s character has a crush on Stiles and in the next episode they will have some kissing scenes and Morgan (the host) is asking questions etc.

(Y/N) = your name

(Y/N) (Y/L/N) = your last name

(Y/C/N) = yor character name

(Y/BF/N) = your best friends name


“Hello everyone, it’s your host Morgan here. Today I have two special guests from Teen Wolf, (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and Dylan O'Brien!” he yelled and the audience cheered a lot. “So, (Y/N), how does your character feel about Stiles being in love with Lydia?” Morgan asked.

“Um, it’s kind of similar situation to what Stiles and Lydia had in season 1. It’s obvious to everyone that my character likes Stiles and everyone else knows about it but I guess that Stiles is blind and doesn’t see it, but something happens in next episode,” you said smirking. Morgan laughed.

“What about your character, Dylan? How can he not see (Y/C/N)’s crush on you?”

“I don’t know, I think Stiles and (Y/C/N) are so close together and being cute best friends so he hasn’t thought about (Y/C/N) loving him in that way,” Dylan said glancing at you. “But who knows what’s gonna happen!” he said and the audience cheered again.

“So you’re telling us that there will be something between your characters?” Morgan asked with an excitement in his voice tone. You and Dylan looked at each other mysteriously.

“Maybe, maybe not” you said laughing. “Okay yeah, we have some kissing scenes. But I can’t tell you more, Jeff would kill me if I spoiled too much.”

The audience went wild, everyone cheered and clapped. Dylan just smiled and throwed his hand over your shoulder and made them cheer even more.

“Okay, next we’re gonna reveal some secrets! I’ve been calling for your friends and family asking some stuff about you that none of your fans know. Let’s start with you, (Y/N).” Morgan said and rubbed his hands together.

“Is that correct that you became an actress just a while ago?”

“Yeah, Teen Wolf is my third project”, you said nodding.

“And before becaming famous, you were hardcore fangirl? Is it true?” he asked and audience whistled.

“Um, yeah, it is,” you knew where this was coming for.

“I called your best friend, (Y/BF/N), and asked something about you. She said that you were a huge Dylan O'Brien fan!” he said and screened a picture of you, wearing a hoodie which said ‘lol ur not dylan o'brien’ standing in front of your wall, covered posters and pictures of Dylan.

“Oh my god,” you laughed and buried your head in your hands. Dylan laughed so hard that he almost fell on the floor.

“You got to kiss your idol in the show, not every fangirl get to exprience that! How does it felt?”

“Well, it was kind of a dream come true,” you said and felt a bit embarrassed. “But since I’m an actress now I try not to fangirl over it, my manager said that I have to act like a professional.”

“Stop laughing at me,” you said and slapped Dylan in the arm.


The interview was over and you two walked back to your trailers. You still had some episodes to shoot.

“So, hardcore fangirl, huh?” Dylan asked.

“Oh please, like you never fangirled over someone”, you said cheeks turning red.

“Don’t be embarrassed! I think that’s cute.”

“Me fangirling over you is cute? I almost started to cry when I watched videos about you”, you laughed.

“Do you still have that hoodie? We could take picture of you wearing it, standing next to me,” he suggested.

“Of course I have it! That’s a good idea, good thinking, O'Brien.”

You walked to your trailer started to look for it. And there it was, at the bottom of your closet. You put it on and Dylan laughed when you came out of your trailer.

“It looks so big on you.”

“It’s soft and comfortable, don’t judge me”, you said and tried to find someone who could take the photo but there was no one in sight.

“Let’s ask Tyler”, Dylan said and grabbed your hand and lead you to Tyler’s trailer. He knocked and soon Tyler opened the door.

“What are you wearing?” he asked you and bursted into laughter.

“She’s a fangirl don’t tease her”, Dylan said trying not to laugh.

“Can you just take a photo of us?” you asked.

“Yeah, of course mrs. O'Brien”, he joked.

“If you don’t shut up, I will punch you,” you threatened him.

You stood next to Dylan pointing the text of your hoodie smiling widely. Dylan rested his hand on your shoulder, side-hugging you looking like he’s gonna laugh. Tyler took couple of photos and gave your phone back to you.

“Where did you buy that hoodie? I want one”, Tyler asked you.

“Are you still making fun of me or are you serious?”

“I’m serious, that’s cool,” Tyler said. “We could fangirl over Dylan together!”

You just shooked your head and went to your trailer.

You picked up the best photo of you two and tweeted it with a text saying “once again one of my dreams came true, thanks @dylanobrien <3”


Later that night you scrolled through your twitter and saw Dylan’s tweet. It was the same photo you tweeted, with a text “I found out that my adorable co-worker is a fangirl and @tylergposey is jealous of her hoodie”.

That tweet made your inner fangirl come alive, because Dylan doesn’t tweet much and now he tweeted that.

You knew the whole Teen Wolf cast would tease you about this whole thing, especially Tyler, but it didn’t matter; you were too happy to let it bother you.

Title: Science Partners (reader x Peter) 

Summary: the reader is an underestimated science nerd, which Peter Parker finds out when the two are paired up together for a project worth half of their grade.

Word Count: 1177

A/N: When you write about a character who is slightly smarter than you. SLIGHTLY. LOL but the struggle is real. PS I love Peter Parker but I think you all knew that. Y/L/N stands for Your Last Name. Enjoy!

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You Deserve Recovery:

I don’t care if you are black, white, blue, green, purple, or red.

I don’t care if you are Japanese, Chinese, Brittish, American, Indian, Iranian, Scottish, Latino, Martian, French, European, Middle Eastern, Russian, or other.

I don’t care if you are lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, questioning, or straight.

I don’t care if you are rich or poor.

I don’t care if you are blind, paralyzed, missing a limb, have a physical challenge, or are deaf.

I don’t care if you are smart, struggle in school, are athletic, prefer the arts, participate in drama, hate clubs, or are in band.

I don’t care if your hair is brown, red, blonde, orange, green, pink, rainbow, or other.

I don’t care if you shop at Hot Topic or Michaels Kors.

I don’t care what music you like, what books you read, or what movies you watch.

I don’t care if you are male or female.

I don’t care how old you are.

I don’t care if you have your walls covered in posters or prefer clean white.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you’re from, and whatever your story is…you deserve recovery.

You deserve happiness, joy, love, laughter, family, friends, life, fun, and so much more. You deserve to feel great about you. You deserve recovery.

Home is different for everybody.
For some people, home is the place with all of your favorite snacks. Home is the place where you know which cupboard all of the dishes are in. The place where the mattress is worn in just right, where the shower pressure is perfect, where your wall is covered in posters and pictures.
Sometimes it’s a person- your mom, your grandmother, your best friend or partner or sibling. Maybe it’s a place- a house, or a room, maybe the city or the ocean. Some people have lots of homes. Some have just one.
When I think of home, I think of two. I think of my mom, who works so hard for our little family, and helps me in any way she can, and how she always smells nice and comforting when I hug her. But I also think of my other home. And it hurts, because I miss it too much. My home is a place where my anxiety isn’t as painful as it usually is, where I never feel empty. It’s a place where people are accepted and loved no matter what their gender or sexual orientation is. My home is a place where it takes a team for everyone to get ready for the dances. A place where I can waltz by myself during a slow dance and be applauded for it, or lead a big group in the Macarena to every. single. song. A place where one boy can ask another out and get applause from the entire cafeteria rather than hurtful words and hateful actions directed at him. A place where I can discuss headcanons with big groups of people and fear being made fun of, where friends can make a big cuddly pile of cold teenagers and pillows and blankets and hot chocolate when we all have to run back to our dorms in the rain. A place to make really bad jokes and be stopped by total strangers to be complimented on your lipstick or eyeliner. My home is the place where my roommate tells me she loves me and holds me when I cry. My home is a place where everyone is a family and everyone is safe. Where everyone is loved and cared for.
I want to go home. I want to go back to TiP. Back to the people who have become my second family, and to the three weeks I wish and wait for every single day for the rest of the year. Back to the place where I feel needed and uplifted. I want to go home.
—  Homes, by me, for all of my tip family, written with a lot of tears.
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Supporting your favorite fandom artists! - (&a guided review through Redbubble)

Addiction of the day: thy name is art prints.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an insatiable need to own art. Anything that visually appealed to me, I innately wanted to have it in some form or fashion. It started with comic books, then manga, then art books, to lithographs & by the time I stepped into my first artist alley: I was beyond doomed. A chronic (1st world) problem I have is figuring out where to hang stuff & what to rotate out.

My first real job was even a photolab where I sat & color corrected photos & then printed them on everything from standard glossy 4x6 prints to huge vinyl billboards. Later I stumbled into my photographing hobby & found I still loved working with different printing companies to see what they were pressing out.

So today - I’m going to cover some of Red Bubble’s photofinishing, in hopes that you, you lovely fandom art lovers & hoarders, will have a print that you’re 100% happy with & thus begin the downward spiral of your own art addiction while helping out some viciously talented people.

Here is my most recent haul: a variety of 3 different formats that RB offers.

Now when you’ve created the wall space or simply have the desire to treat yourself & would like something bigger then stickers, Red Bubble offers 5 different ways you can own this delicious artwork for yourselves: Here I’ll be going over the most popular 3:

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Woozi: The Many Rules of Dating Lee Jihoon (pt 5)

[table of contents] I. II. III. IV. V.

Summary: bad boy jihoon continued… if Jihoon is refusing to get out of bed, you’ll just have to make him

You woke up in a room that wasn’t yours, four walls painted a bland beige colour, covered in posters and pictures. A slow beat pounds in your head as you take in your surroundings, the pillows that smell all too familiar and the fluff of purple hair on the bed beside you. You start to panic as you connect the dots. Your blatant lack of clothing and the smell of alcohol still on your breath.

“Can you stop breathing so heavy? I’m trying to sleep.” Jihoon mutters, covering his face with his arm. You can feel his breath on the side of your face.

“Did we…” You trail off, unable to finish the sentence.

“Please,” He scoffs. “As if I would have sex with you.”

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love square aesthetics

Marinette: spools of thread, sheer curtains, the smell of baking, doodling on your hand, messy paint palettes, walls covered in posters, pinks and greys, stacks of books, quilted couches, hanging plants, trapdoors, tissue paper

Adrien: echoing footsteps, waving from across the room, groups of people laughing, striped jumpers, a warm breeze, notebooks full of scribbling, spinning chairs, steaming mugs, sleek cars, the ding of a new message, trainer laces

Ladybug: trusting your gut, photos in monochrome, finding something you lost, terraced rooftops, jewel tones, summer mornings, dancers grace, peeking around corners, rose gardens, blind luck, masquerades, heirloom jewelry

Chat Noir: cracking jokes, night air, being up high, the feel of leather, wrought iron, cinnamon sticks, lazy yawning, cogs in a machine, black and green, crumpled papers, heavy rings, timers buzzing, layers of shadows, campfire

Adrienette: walks in the park, holding hands, sharing popcorn at the cinema, passing notes, paper airplanes, dew on plants, sitting at a cafe, vintage carousels, black and white movies, twirling umbrellas, making promises

Ladynoir: the clicking of cameras, synchronised movement, skylines at night, climbing ladders, striped awnings, clouds of fireflies, glowing streetlamps, twilight and dawn, freefalling, trust falls, puzzle pieces fitting together

Marichat: surprise parties, motorbikes, the chill of early fall, racing across bridges, boat rides, mystery films, fog hanging in the air, frosted glass, long conversations, pet names, clouds of fireflies, dark chocolate, ringing bells

Ladrien: ballroom dancing, wishing on stars, sprawling gardens, turrets, stained glass windows, cobblestone streets, fairy lights in the winter, blinding sunlight, high-rise buildings, sightseeing, sleeping on a plane, road trips

Preferences: Fangirling

For the nonnie who asked for the gods seeing their s/o’s fangirl side!!!


When he walks in on your crying, Loki is momentarily frozen. Are you injured? Did someone do this to you? He intends to find out as he comes up behind you and asks what happened, before looking down at your computer screen.

He pauses and quirks an eyebrow, “Tumblr?” He asks and you nod your head vigorously, sniffling. “He finally admitted he was in love with her!” You say, wiping your eyes. “I’ve waited 16 chapters for this! It’s so beautiful.” You add, fawning over your favorite fanfiction story. “Gods, why can’t you be more like him! Look how sweet and adorable he is!”

Loki raises his eyebrows, taking this personally. “I’m very sweet.” He says grumpily with a harrumph. He grabs onto the armrests of your chair and spins you around to face him, getting an idea. He kneels in front of you, clearly working hard to keep a straight face and look very sincere, “I love you,” He says with as much emotion as he can muster and you stare at him blankly for a second; You consider it, you really do, but it’s just not as satisfying as the declaration in the story. So instead of saying it back, you swirl around in your seat quickly to face your computer again.

“Nope, sorry. It’s just not the same.” You say, scrolling down to continue where you left off, “Now go away. I need to finish the chapter.”


You purposely snuck back into your room hiding from the guys so they didn’t see your outfit. It’s not that you’re embarassed! You worked really hard on your cosplay- down to the little details- and you actually got a lot of compliments at the convention; however, this isn’t exactly the kind of activity that you want to share with the guys, especially not Takeru. You remove the wig and shake out your hair as you try to imagine what he would think if he walked in and saw you in this, as you marvel at your makeup staying so perfect all day.  But, of course, before you can even finish that thought, Takeru opens your door.

“We’ve been looking everywhere for you, what are you–” His mouth drops as he sees you in the clingy spandex suit. You gasp at his intrusion and stare at him, wide eyed. You open your mouth to explain but his eyes are glued on certain parts of your body that you know are accentuated by the suit and you see him gulp. You rub a hand down your face, letting out a sigh and turn to grab your clothes.

“Just let me get changed and I’ll explain,” You say, but Takeru is already behind you, wrapping his arms around your middle.

“I’m looking forward to hearing about it.” He says, his lips moving to your neck and that sound to his voice that makes you shiver, “but don’t change just yet. You look amazing.”


Baldr has walked you back to your room plenty of times, but he never actually came in, so as he walks beside you carrying your books for you, you momentarily start to panic. He’s about to see just how bad it is…

When he walks in, he looks up at your walls speculatively. It’s clear to see he’s surprised, but he also looks confused.

“Sorry,” You say quickly. “I know it looks crazy, I just really love their music.” You say, glancing up at your walls that are covered in posters and pictures from your favorite band. You’re fully aware that it looks kind of psycho to someone like him, but you try not to get too embarrassed. He walks around the room examining them for a second and then turns to look at you, his regular smile back on his face.

“I would like to listen to their music.” He says, and your eyes go wide as you chant to yourself to stay calm. As much as you want to get over excited and start rambling about which is their best album and for what reasons, you force yourself to just nod and lead him to your bed, grabbing your laptop on the way. He sits beside you and listens to your favorite song with a smile on his face before looking down at you.

“I like it.” He says and you can’t stop the happy smile that crosses your face as you begin to look for another song.

“Just wait till you hear this one!” You exclaim excitedly and he laughs as he listens to you explain why you love this band and their music.


You told Apollon you would be back soon, but apparently you were taking too long for him because he walked to the bookstore you said you were going to and found you sitting on the floor next to a girl he had never seen before. You both held the same book and were talking to one another excitedly, a pile of book at each of your sides. He didn’t announce himself right away, instead listening to you chatter about “the new book finally coming out,” and “He’s so dreamy,” which he tried not to let make him jealous. When you finally stood up and parted ways with the girl, he followed you to the checkout counter.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” You ask when you see him and he smiles, coming to kiss you on the cheek.

“You’ve been gone for a while. I got worried.” He says sheepishly with a small smile and you look at your phone.

“Oh my gods, I didn’t realize how late it was. I’m sorry!” He smiles down at you , shaking his head.

“It’s not a problem. Who was that girl? Was she  a friend of yours?” He asks and you look at him a bit confused before your realize.

“Oh, her! I don’t know. I didn’t get her name.” You go to pay for your books but don’t miss the confused look on his face.

“You sounded like you were friends…” He says and you laugh.

“We were just talking about this book.” You say, pulling it out of the bag that he automatically reaches for to carry for you - he’s such a gentleman. “It’s so great and it’s been over a year since the last one came out. I’ve feel like I’ve been waiting forever. It’s about…” You talk the whole way home explaining the plot and the characters–your favorite ones especially- and how much it means to you. He seems a bit lost, but continues smiling and listening to you fangirl over it. He seems content to see you happy and when you get home, you pull out another book.

You hold it up to him and he laughs, taking it from your hands.

“I’m curious how much he got right.” You say as Apollon opens the cover of the Iliad and begins to skim through it, with an amused look on his face.

No Longer Best Friends

Nerdy Ashton, best friends smut, daddy kink…yeah… If you read I hope you enjoy :D

No Longer Best Friends

You sat in science class and stared blankly at the back of Ashton Irwin’s head. Ashton was the biggest nerd in the school. He flat ironed his hair everyday, wore thick rimmed glasses, and always over dressed. Ashton walked to school everyday, and on this particular day it rained relentlessly. Ashton’s clothes looked slightly damp even though it was the end of the day and his hair was curly. Instead of paying attention to your teacher you studied each and every curl on the back of Ashton’s head, his hair looked so soft.

“Y/N and Ashton,” the teacher said.

You looked nervously up at the teacher, but he wasn’t looking at you. When the bell rang Ashton turned around in his seat and looked at you and then his eyes moved to the desk.

“So when do you want to do this?” He asked quietly.

“Do what?” You asked baffled.

“The project,” Ashton knitted his eyebrows and looked at you through his thick rimmed glasses.


“You weren’t paying attention were you?” Ashton raised an eyebrow.

“No,” you smiled nervously.

“How about my house tonight? I can explain it to you then.”

“Sounds good to me. What time?”

“We could head there now if you want,” he said shyly as he shifted his gaze back to the desk.

“I can drive us,” you smiled at him as you stood up.

“That’s alright I-I can walk,” he said as he stood and jammed his hands into his pockets.

“It’s still raining,” you reached out and touched his bulky sweater, “and you’re still damp.”

“It’s ok, I’ll walk.”

“I won’t hurt you,” you said as you knitted your eyebrows and crossed your arms.

“I’m a nerd your popular, it would be better for you if I walk,” he whispered out.

“I’m driving you, I would feel horrible if you got sick,” you said as the two of you walked out of the room.

“Ok,” Ashton sighed out.

You told Ashton that you’d meet him by the doors when you were done at your locker. You heard some yelling but passed it off as some steroid pumped jocks experiencing some roid rage.

As you walked towards the doors you saw three foot ball players standing in each of the doorways. When you were closer to the doors you saw Ashton standing in the rain.

“Move it jackasses!” You yelled.

“Awe come on babe you don’t want to be in the rain! Especially with a fucking nerd!” One yelled as he slapped your ass.

“Hey! Get off!” You screamed as one picked you up from behind.

“Put her down!” Ashton screamed as he clocked the guy in the face causing him to let go of you.

The other one that slapped your ass punched Ashton square in the nose causing him to fall to the ground. Ashton held his nose and blood oozed out between his fingers.

“Let’s get outta here!” The jocks yelled.

“Oh Ash!” You said as you kneeled down.

You rummaged through your purse until you found a little pack of tissues and gently placed one against his hands.

“You shouldn’t have done that, I could have taken care of it,” you whispered.

“They would have hurt you,” he whispered back.

You picked his broken glasses off the ground and looked at them. You raised an eyebrow as you looked through them.

“They’re fake,” Ashton said looking at you as he clutched his nose.

“I thought so,” you said looking at him.

“So why were they messing with you?”

“Because they saw me talking to you,” he whispered so quietly that you almost couldn’t hear him.

“I’m sorry,” you said as you gently moved his wet hair from off his forehead.

He looked up at you as you smiled at him, “why are you being so nice to me?”

“Why shouldn’t I be?”

“Because I’m a nerd, nobody is nice to nerds,” Ashton said as he shifted his gaze to the ground.

“Nerds are usually nicer than everybody,” you said as you rubbed your thumb on the back of his hand.

“You’re nicer than all the nerds I know,” he whispered.

“My nose has stopped bleeding.”

“Ok come on, I’ll drive you home,” you stood and held your hand out.

Ashton took your hand and you helped him stand up. You didn’t let his hand go. You lead him to your car, and let go of his hand when you got to it. When you got in you both sighed in relief. You turned your car on and turned the heat on to try and warm up. Ashton took his bulky sweater off and threw it near his feet. The white shirt he was wearing under it clung to his body. He had a toned torso that flexed whenever he moved. He had defined abs and a prominent v-line.

“Y/N, you’re staring,” Ashton said as he ran his hand through his dripping hair.

“Oh, ah, sorry,” you smiled nervously.

After you got to Ashton’s house you cleaned his nose up for him. It miraculously wasn’t broken.

“When’s the project due?” You asked as you sat down to work on it.

“In exactly one week. The teacher isn’t giving us any class time to work on it,” Ashton sighed.

“Why don’t we work on it tomorrow? We’ve both had an interesting day.”

“Oh, ok,” Ashton smiled slightly.

“Um…ah…do…do you…” Ashton trailed off.

“Do I what?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

“Do you want to just hang out? Like you’re already here and ah yeah,” he said blushing.

“Sure,” you giggled.

“I can get you some clothes to change into, if you want.”

“Sure,” you smiled.

“Um, do you mind wearing my clothes? I completely understand if you don’t want to.”

“I don’t mind at all.”

“Ok, we can head up to my room if you want,” Ashton said shyly.

You followed Ashton upstairs to his room. When he opened his door your jaw dropped. His walls were covered in band posters and there was a drum set in the corner of his room. He walked in and started to dig through his drawers. He pulled out a pair of gray sweat pants and a gray shirt.

“Here ya go,” he smiled sheepishly.

“Thanks…so you play the drums?”

“Yeah,” he said as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Will you play for me, please,” you smiled.

“After we change,” Ashton nodded.

When you walked back into Ashton’s room he was sitting behind his drum set. He was wearing a band shirt that was mostly holes and black skinny jeans. He had toned biceps and a small tattoo on his arm.

“So this is your shirt?” You giggled as you motioned to the My Little Pony shirt you were wearing.

“Shit! I thought I gave you a different one!” Ashton said as he turned bright red.

You walked over and sat on his bed, “so you should play for me and then teach me,” you smiled.

Ashton’s smile spread from one ear to the other and his dimples appeared.

As Ashton started to play his drums you listened and watched him, mostly watching him. You watched how his arms flexed, how his hair moved, and mainly how he looked sexy. When he was finished he looked at you. His hair was messy and sweaty, and his skin was glistening with sweat.

“Well?” Ashton asked smiling.

“That was amazing!” You smiled and walked over to him.

“You need to teach me now,” you giggled as you sat on his lap.

Ashton placed the drum sticks in your hands and placed his hands over yours. His fingers were so long, you couldn’t help but to think about what he could do with them.

After about an hour of trying you still couldn’t get it.

“You do realize you suck at this,” Ashton giggled.

“So?” You giggled.

“Shit, I have to go. My mom will kill me if I’m late for supper.” You said looking at the time.

“Oh, ok,” Ashton said sadly as you lifted yourself off of him.

“So you need to help me with my mad drum skills tomorrow,” you giggled.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” he smiled.

After you turned your science project in you continued to hang out with the schools biggest nerd. You and Ashton had became best friends and were together constantly.

“Come on,” you said as you walked into Ashton’s house, “you need to help me with my epically bad drum skills.”

“Ok, ok,” Ashton laughed.

Once in Ashton’s room you sat on his lap like every other time. He took your hands in his and began to gently talk you through all the steps.

“I’m horrible,” you huffed out after awhile.

“Little bit,” Ashton said cheekily.

You giggled and turned your head to look at Ashton. You made eye contact and then you closed the space. Ashton was tense at first but he quickly relaxed. You stood up and then straddled him. Ashton locked your lips together. You ran your hands through his hair as he moved your hips against his growing bulge.

“Ash…” You moaned out as he kissed your sweet spot.

“You sound so damn sexy baby girl,” he whispered against your neck.

“Daddy…” You moaned.

Ashton stopped kissing your neck and looked into your eyes. They were darkened with lust.

“How did you know about that?” He asked as he raised an eyebrow.

“You called me baby girl so I just assumed,” you shrugged as you began to grind your hips into his.

Ashton nodded slightly and kissed your lips. He pulled at the hem of your shirt and took it off. He unclasped your bra. He kissed your lips and worked his way down to your nipples.

“Daddy…I need you daddy…please…” You moaned out.

Ashton picked you up and carried you over to his bed. He yanked his shirt and skinny jeans off. He gently pulled down your skinny jeans and kissed the inside of your thighs.

“Please daddy,” you begged.

Ashton pulled down your soaking panties and pulled down his boxers. His length sprang free and slapped his stomach.

“Daddy, you’re huge,” you whispered in shock.

Ashton smiled cockily and climbed back on top of you. He lined himself up with your entrance.

“Ready princess?” Ashton asked looking up at you.

“Yes daddy.”

Ashton gently slid his length into you and allowed you to adjust to his massive size. He pounded into you, hitting you in all the right places.

“Daddy…” You moaned as you ran your nails down his back.

Ashton picked up the pace and changed his angle slightly. He hit directly on your g-spot.

“Fuck! Daddy! Ashton!” You screamed as you came around his length.

“Holy shit! Y/N! Fuck!” Ashton screamed as he shot his hot fluids in you.

Ashton thrusted into you to ride out your highs and then collapsed onto you. When he caught his breath he pulled out and laid next to you. Ashton intently looked at you.

“What?” You said somewhat breathless.

“You’re so beautiful, and perfect.”

“No that’s you.”

“Oh yeah, that must be why I’m a nerd,” Ashton giggled.

“Hey, I’m a nerd too,” you said rolling onto your side.

“This is true,” Ashton smiled.

You got up and began to look for each other’s clothes. After you were both properly fully clothed Ashton crawled under the covers and lifted them up.

“Cuddle me,” he smiled.

You crawled under the covers and buried your face into his chest. Ashton wrapped his arms around you and laid his head on yours.

“Guess what,” he whispered.

“You smell good?” You giggled.

“Nooo, but thanks,” he laughed.

“What then?”

“I just had sex with the girl I love.”

You looked up at Ashton, “you love me?”

He nodded, “I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Ashton,” you smiled as you pecked the tip of his nose.

“So…no longer best friends?” He asked sheepishly.

“What do you mean?”

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes!” You said as you passionately kissed your boyfriends lips.