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Hey! I have a kind of random question: what korean beauty products do u use?? I am really curious bc I need recommendations? Sorry; it's a weird question.

It’s a great question, don’t worry! I can understand that, I love finding something new (and if that something new fits me perfectly then I’m super happy so!)

Sweats, I have a lot of stuff though so it might be a bit long-ish…

I’ll just start with skincare because it’s always what I’m looking for first:

The Face Shop Rice water bright rich cleansing oil (from normal to dry skin). The first cleansing oil I actually tried. It’s a pleasure using it, the smell is amazing, I will definitely buy it again. Removes make-up well for me, but I’ve read people saying it has a bit of a trouble re-moving very strong make-up, but since I don’t use it I’ll give it an A+.

• I have a few foams; one from The Face Shop as well - Rice water bright cleansing foam. Smells amazing as well, I nearly finished it. I have one stored I want to try, so not yet sure if I buy it again, but I love this one too. Also I have one from Skinfood Egg white pore foam - I think I’ll buy this one. These two might be a bit drying to your skin if using without a uh..bubble maker? Not sure how that thing called in english. It dried me out, I made that thing that helps making richer foam, now I don’t have any dryness so! Skinfood will probably be great for oilier skin.

• Theeen I have The Secret key’s Milk brightening toner. Still not sure about it, I broke out a lot when I was using it, but I am not sure if it was from it or from..period, I’m sorry, Still haven’t retried it, so don’t have an opinion except that I think the smell is pretty good.

• UUH i bought a lot of creams in the search for the perfect one. I have Tony Moly Pure eco snail moisture gel (smells fantastic, used it for the face a lot, didn’t break out, nothing really changed nor for the worst nor for the better, now use it mostly on my hands); I also recently bought Mizon’s All in one Snail repair cream (because I REALLY REALLY want a few marks to fade); comparing to Tony Moly’s it does make skin very soft to the touch. But I’ve been using it for like, six days, so other than that I can’t say how effective it’s going to be. Doesn’t quite smell, pleasant to use. Depending on how it goes next, I think I’ll re-buy it. I also use Aloe Soothing Gel by Nature Republic. used it all the time before i bought Mizon’s, never broke out. for now uh.. I kind of use it after shaving. HUGE container. I wonder if I will be able to finish it before it expires. Next (GOd, there are so many) Skinfood Fresh Apple sparkling water cream. Use it before make-up. It’s supposed to keep your skin matte, I love the smell of it, nice to use. My skin is pretty normal, so I don’t know how much it actually does what it’s supposed to. I’ll try it in summer and find out:”D

• nooow MASKS. oh, my love. sweet, sweet masks. I think my AAABsolute favourite is Skinfood’s Black sugar wash off mask. A present from my friend. Basically a scrub that you let to stay on your skin after you scrubbed. Smells amazing, leaves skin suuuper soft afterwards, will definitely 100% buy it again. Theeen I have Volcanic ash pore pack by secret nature. After using it the skin seems a bit brighter, a bit softer. Nothing too outstanding, but it’s fairly pleasant overall. I wanted to try Holika Holika’s Soda Pore Cleansing Bubble mask BECAUSE O MY GOD. BUBBLES. ON. MY FACE. BUBBLES. I swear I’m a child. I WAS REALLY CURIOUS OKAY. Pretty much the same effect as with Volcanic ash pore. Probably one time fun for me. (I mean. one bottle time, ahah). Theeen I wanted to try Elizavecca’s Hell Pore Clay mask, I think it was the first mask I bought. Wasn’t painful for me, skin is pretty soft afterwards, but I don’t think it does much for my skin? Probably because I don’t quite have that much to push out. It doesn’t quite catch it. Can remove dead skincells though, I’m sure. God. IS this all? No. I recently bought Holika Holika Honey Sleeping pack (I have canola); I’m still not sure, I had quite a big zit when I went to bed with it, in the morning it was, like, much paler and didn’t feel on my skin. Was it the mask’s doing? was the zit supposed to fade away? Not yet sure, since I bought it very recently with mizon. For masks I think that’s all. Kinda sticky because of the honey, but smells nice.

• I have one emulsion by The Saem Urban Eco Harakeke. Moisturising, smells good, make-up goes smoothly on it.

• the last for skincare: Ciracle pore control blackhead off sheet. I only used it twice, and it’s quite tricky and I guess takes some used to. basically does the job of steaming the face without steam and probably works a bit better. Pushes out everything from your nose, you just have to remove it. Didn’t push out as much as I’ve seen on pictures and in reviews for me, but it does it’s job. Nose is as smooth as a jellyfish. SO SMOOTH afterwards.

FINALLY I THINK WE ARE DONE WITH SKINCARE. OH DEAR GOD, not a million of products have passed.

Nooooow up to Make-uuuup~~ 

• BB CREAMS. I swear on those. I. am. a nerd. Before I tried any bb or cc creams that are sold in our stores they never fit me ever. They always felt so greasy and dark for me. I don’t know, I had the curse of bb creams and now i think it’s finally gone. The first korean one I tried was Aritaum Full Cover. The coverage IS nice, can be a bit shiny in a certain lighting, and feels pretty heavy on the skin. I think my problem with it was mostly my dislike for powders, so it felt sticky, but I think with people who DO use powders it’s going to work better. After that I tried Holika Holika Petit BB (Moisturizing). MY LOVE STARTED. I love how it feels, in certain lighting it makes the skin seem absolutely perfect, pleasant on daylight, doesn’t fell like a mask on a skin. Has universal tone. The Last one is CC, actually, but not less amazing. I’ve been using mostly it recently, CC Color change blemish balm. This one is MAAGIC because it’s like greenish-white, and then you put it on the face, and it turns into your face and it’s MAGIC i swear I love how it feels(doesn’t) on the skin, the coverage is decent for me, Baaaarely noticeable on the skin. I’ll definitely buy holika holika and this one again.

• as for concealers I have Aritaum Full cover liquid concealer for undereye (the tube is huge for concealer, I’m not sure if I will ever finish it since it takes such a minimum for me); and Facetone Creamy Tip concealer for any spots. Good coverage, most likely I’ll buy it as well.

• I have Sweet Cotton pore cover base by Holika Holika, still not sure about it, doesn’t quite hide pores much, at least for me, but the make up does seem to stay longer with it. I’ve read the reviews for people to whom it really worked in regard of hiding pores, so! Might just be me, striving for absolute perfection.

• I have A’pieu Cheek Chok blush. Overall nice, but I think it’s a bit too pigmented for me and it seems to be a bit hard to blend. Creamy texture, but not quite as creamy as I wanted.

• last but not least… tints. Fresh cherry tint, pleasant texture, but I think I picked a bit of a wrong shade for me, though if I use it with The Saem’s Saemmul Real Tint (it’s orangish) it gives a fantastic effect. I also have the latter in dark purple. Love those tints, stay forever (especially the dark one - which is also quite hard to wash off) surprise, tint leaves a tint! :”D Love these, gotta buy again most likely. If I ever finish those, ahah.

I’ve been writing this message for so long. I’m sorry it’s huge. I’m sorry I’m a nerd when it comes to makeup and skincare. Goodbye, money, GOODBUY. ;)


F  A  V  O  R  I  T  E  S  

I have finally got around to making this ridiculously long list of my favorite products that I use pretty much every day! I gave as much detail as I thought fit for each product and included various pros and cons. I will not provide links since a quick Google search will give you all the information you need on where you can purchase these items. All items are split into categories to make this post more organized. I do not have any affiliate codes or links. I created this list as a way to share my most loved cosmetics and to give honest reviews of drugstore and high-end products. Your feedback is welcome and much appreciated. Without further acknowledgments, let’s get started:

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I feel silly for asking this, but how does the ACA help women? All my mother ever does is trash talk it, and i want to hear another another opinion.

This is a great question. The ACA has done a lot to help women. For example, 55 million women gained access to preventive services, such as birth control, STI screenings, and pap tests. On birth control alone, women are saving $255 per year on pills and $248 per year for the IUDs. The ACA also required most plans to cover maternity coverage (before the ACA only 12% of individual plans covered maternity care!) The ACA also prohibited insurers from charging women more for insurance than men.


I am not saying our President-Elect likes “golden showers” from prostitutes. To each, their own. But what I am going to smack down is that our constitution mandates for the freedom of the press to check the government on all fronts and it is our civil duty and moral code of journalistic ethics to inform the union, you know- the inhabitants of this so-call United States of America, of what’s going in the world because their “laws” and “rulings” will not affect them but it will most certainly affect you and me. Remember that song, “This land was made for you and me!” That was bullshit childhood programmed propaganda at its finest. These next four years will show you just how dangerous hyperbolic blanket statements can be at the determent of the American public and the crucible of the dismantling of the American fabric.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand how any American watched Trump, listened to Trump, and then thought, “Sure. Let’s make that guy President of the United States.”  

Most of the people I know who voted for Trump didn’t really watch him. All they knew, heard and were told (by churches and conservative groups) was who he would and wouldn’t appt. for the Supreme Court judges. Many voted on his and Pence’s anti-abortion stand. And of course, once again, he promised America everything… .most of what he will never or can never accomplish. I just heard a report yesterday interviewing coal miners in West Virginia. Many of the men have black lung disease and finally, under Obama-care, they were covered. Now their coverage is in jeopardy with Trump. But, it called cruel irony in the fair-weathered friends’ department because,— DING! DING! DING!  They voted for Trump because he said he would bring mining jobs back! NEWSFLASH: When a politician tells you, “They’re going to bring jobs back,” it’s the equivalent of Justin Timberlake singing “Sexy Back.” Justin can’t bring sexy back because Prince and David Bowie weren’t dead yet just like you won’t bring back jobs because people like Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan,  Kevin Mcarthy, and every piece shit there don’t care about us! Okay, I get it . .. . if that’s all you know, you want the same thing to continue. But really? The jobs are killing the men and if we go “backward” to have more mining jobs, instead of forward with technology, we cannot compete with countries like India or China. So, these people really don’t care that he lied, that he mocked a handicapped person, that he has been a sexual predator. He just opened his mouth, promised them jobs and said he was pro-life. That’s all that mattered.

MEDTECH 101 (Long post ahead. Pardon)

Ano nga ba ang medtech?

Simpleng tao sasabihin:“Ahhh ano ba yun?” some will be like “Ahh yung tagakuha ng dugo sa ospital?” may pahabol pa: “Yung nagte-test ng poopoo saka weewee!”

Kala nila, simple lang. Pero ang daming principles na kelangan mong isapuso once na nag decide kana na “Medical Technology. Eto na. Eto na yung gusto kong degree program sa college.”

Mahirap? I’ll be a hypocrite if I’ll say “No.” Because indeed it is.

Am I discouraging someone here? Hell no. Let’s be realistic people.

Dahil ako mismo, dumanas at dumaranas ng agony inflicted by this. Pero eto plano ni God eh. So I must take my part and do my best.

So let me just give you some sort of “insight” kung ano ba talaga ang “Medical Technology” at anong mangyayari sayo while you’re studying this degree program.

Pre-med. Yes.

Maraming aralin. Yes na Yes.

So sa mga incoming first year studentsmadali lang yan. Petiks. Minor subjects eh. Yung tipong English 1 & 2, Filipino 1 & 2, Philippine History, PE, Inorganic Chemistry at Analytical Chemistry (Wag masindak sa chem ng 1st year. Wala ka pang Clinical Chemistry). Pero sa 2nd sem may tinatawag na “Introduction to Medical Technology” training grounds for memorization purposes (I’m talking by experience here). Let’s say, challenging. Pero dito mo na matutunan kung paano kumuha ng dugo (Phlebotomy/Venipuncture). Exciting di ba? 

Para sa incoming 2nd year students naman, may minor pa rin katulad ng PE, Philippine Literature, pero mayAnatomy and Physiology (1st sem) and then Zoology (2nd sem). Masaya mag dissect ng palaka. Swear! Kung worried about sa chem, kapag first sem, Organic Chemistry (Madali? hmmm medyo. Kelangan lang ng memorization skills dito). Second sem naman, Biochemistry (Mahirap? OO. Dahil muntik na akong bumagsak dito. Kung kelangang mag memorize sa Org Chem, dagdagan mo pa dito since mas complex tong bwisit na ‘to hahaha)

Second year ka pa lang pero, ang dami mo ng reklamo kesyo ang daming kelangan ipasa, ang daming quiz! Ang daming test! (Been there, done that. I feel you.) Pero wag mag-aalala, isipin mo na lang, “Incoming 3rd year na ako!!” Nakakaexcite pero pag nandun ka na… Iyak tawa sabay laslas ng pulso (joke lang yung latter part kasi di naman ako naglaslas hahahaha). Kung nadadamihan ka sa inaral nung 2nd year, mas marami ngayong 3rd year. (Disclaimer: I am not discouraging. Sinasabi ko 'to para makapagprepare ka. OO IKAW NA NAGBABASA NITO KUNG INCOMING JUNIOR KA.Para sa kinabukasan mo 'to! hahahaha)

Ayan, 3rd year ka na! Ayan na si First Sem, coming with Bacteriology, Parasitology, Histology, Clinical Chemistry 1, Cytogenetics, Medtech Laws and Ethics at Laboratory Management.

Madali ba? Hindi. Hindi naging madali.

Natatakot ka ba? Nangangamba? Wag. Kung ako kinaya ko, syempre ikaw rin! Wag ka na nga lang magulat na isang gabi, di ka na matutulog dahil may quiz ng sabay ang Bacteriology at Parasitology. May tendency na araw-araw kang makakaranas ng quiz. Kakaquiz mo lang kaninang umaga, may quiz ka na naman sa hapon. Nagquiz kayo ngayon, pero may quiz nanaman bukas. Stop whining if that happens. Pinili mo 'tong degree program na 'to, panindigan mo. 3rd year ka na, susuko ka pa ba?

Kelangan ba ng memorization skillsOO. Matuwa ka na kung magaling ka sa ganyan. Dahil hindi lahat ng estudyante (kahit ako) ang magaling sa memorization. Sabi nga ng prof ko “Familiarization will do” pero sa isip-isip ko “Parehas lang naman yun eh!” So bahala ka na sa diskarte kung paano mo isisiksik sa utak mo ang sandamukal na bacteria at parasites na ni minsan di mo inakalang nageexist pala sa mundo.

Makakatulog ka pa ba ng matiwasay? Wag ng umasa. Baka masaktan ka lang. Kaya, itulog mo na lahat ngayong summer vacation para marami ka ng reserba once AY 2014-2015 begins. Nandyan kasi yung final exam (pinakamadugo sa part ko… bakit?). COVER TO COVER ang coverage. Assessment kuno ng mga prof nyo kung may natutunan talaga kayo (Kasi po, preparation for board exam).

Punta naman tayo sa Second Semester

Bubungad sayo si Immunology and Serology, kasama ang best friend nyang si Hematology accompanied by Clinical Chemistry 2, with special participation of Mycology and Virology, Pharmacology, Analysis of Urine and Body Fluids at ang star ng lahat dahil pag ito ginago mo kahit anong taas ng grade mo di ka gagraduate, RESEARCH 1.

Mahirap? Wag makulit. Expect mo na yan. Pero kung matalino ka na yung tipong kakabasa mo pa lang alam mo na kaagad, eh di ikaw na! 

Wala ulit tulog? Syempre meron! Mga 3-4 hours a day na nga lang. Dahil ito po ay second sem na punung-puno ng mga di mo mawaring bakasyon na nakatala sa kalendaryo, siksik ang lessons. Pero kung kaya mo namang wag mag-aral eh di matulog ka na lang (loljk) Pero nasanay ka na nung first sem di ba? keribels mo na yan!

Madali subjects? Di issue dito kung madali o mahirap dahil depende sa estudyante pero kung ako, syempre hindi! nakailang puyat din ako ngayong sem! Tapos sandamukal pa yung practical exam nyo. Lalo na sa Hematology. Simulan na ang “search and retrieval” operation ng ugat sa mga braso ng mga kaklase mo para pag may practical, alam mo na kung saan tutusok.

Anong meron sa Research 1THESIS. Dito ako nahihirapan. At gusto ko ng magpatiwakal pag naiisip ko to (joke lang! hahaha) Sa amin kasi, inumpisahan na ang Chapter 1-3. Ang kelangan dito eh may mga kagroupmates kang “madaming alam”,“madaming resources”, at higit sa lahat, “madaming pera” hahahaha. Bakit? MAGASTOS.

Pero, ang maipapayo ko lang eh, wag kang sumuko. Wag kang panghinaan ng loob kung may mga times na feeling mo di mo na-exert yung pinaka best mo… at higit sa lahat, wag kalimutang humingi ng tulong kay God. He’ll be always there to enlighten you.

Ngayon outgoing 3rd year na ako… Finals is not yet over baby. Hell week will officially start next week at may defense pa kami ng 3 chapters ng aming pinag-alayan ng dugo na thesis.

Mahaba yung post? Already warned. Nasa title naman. Pero SORRY. Oh well at least na share ko yung mga experiences ko. So kung ikaw ay medtech student or pinagiisipan pa lang na medtech ang kukunin, maraming salamat dahil tinuunan mo 'to ng iyong “precious time”. Wala lang kasi akong magawa kaya naisipan kong gumawa ng isang maala-nobela na post. Patawad na po. I plead. Choss. Kung may mga queries, o di kaya'y confused ka, kelangan mo ng tulong, my ask box is always open 24/7. Feel free to drop some bomb :)

Bye na, mag-aaral pa ako. 

I saved up my entire life for this urban decay all nighter foundation (it’s $40) (I’m broke) and it’s so gorgeous you can’t even tell I have my entire face covered in full coverage liquid foundation

re: Hysterectomy

As some of you know, I had a hysterectomy scheduled for Dec. 30th.  Unfortunately, I had to cancel the procedure.  Though I was told three separate times by my insurance company that the procedure would be covered, they ended up denying coverage just three days before surgery.

To be honest, I wasn’t surprised.  I knew it was all too good to be true.  I know that many transmen have been denied coverage because it’s not viewed as “medically necessary”.  My surgeon and her nurses have been so supportive and helpful in figuring out how we can maneuver around this, but there doesn’t seem like there is much to be done.

If you have found some loophole in insurance or figured out a way to get it approved as medically necessary, please let me know!  My surgeon’s nurse even joked a bit and said, “I’m glad you don’t have heavy bleeding or intolerable pain, but at the same time… I kinda wish you did.”  I found this pretty funny and oddly heartwarming.

The first I heard of it being denied, I cried for a couple minutes and then let it go.  When things are out of your control, you can’t let them bother you.  Take the time you need to process and grieve, but don’t dwell.

For now, I don’t see surgery happening any time soon and I’m okay with that.  I just figured I would look into it while I have the time and funds to do it.  I have not called to see what the cost would be without insurance, but I cannot imagine it would be cheap.

I hope you’ve all had a happy near year.  For those of you in the U.S., stay safe today.  <3

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Spanish Suffixes -ura

The suffix -ura is a fairly common suffix and it is most often a word that you probably know as an adjective that is made a noun by -ura.

The -ura nouns are typically what people call "abstract nouns"… which means that they often describe conditions or states that are subjective, or subject to change.

Also common is that -ura nouns mean “the state of”… but can sometimes be actual physical objects rather than qualities; like la rotura means “rupture” or “the state of being roto/a - broken” or “a chasm”, and la ruptura can mean “a rupture”, “a break-up”, or “interruption”

The thing to take away is that -ura nouns are typically making a particular adjective into a physical or abstract concept.

  • hondo/a = deep | la hondura = depth
  • fresco/a = fresh / cheeky | la frescura = freshness, newness OR chilliness OR nerve, cheekiness, audacity
  • alto/a = high, tall | la altura = height
  • ancho/a = wide | la anchura = width
  • liso/a = smooth | la lisura = smoothness
  • largo/a = long | la largura = length
  • llano/a = flat | la llanura = flatness / plains, prairie, flatlands
  • angosto/a = narrowness | la angostura = strait / narrowness / narrow-mindedness

  • gordo/a = fat / large / big | la gordura = obesity / the state of being overweight
  • flaco/a = skinny / weak | la flacura = skinniness / feebleness
  • suelto/a = loose | la soltura = skill / ease
  • harto/a = fed up / enough | la hartura = the state of being fed up / exhaustion / annoyance
  • guapo/a = good-looking | la guapura = good-looks
  • hermoso/a = beautiful / handsome | la hermosura = beauty / handsomeness
  • bravo/a = brave / foolhardy, reckless | la bravura = bravado, recklessness, impulsiveness / ferocity

  • verde = green | la verdura = “greenness” / vegetable [las verduras = vegetables / “greens”]
  • gris = gray/grey | la grisura = greyness/grayness / bleakness / dullness / the state of being uninterested
  • alba = dawn [lit. “whiteness”, related to words like “albino”] | la albura = pure whiteness
  • blanco/a = white | la blancura = whiteness / paleness
  • negro/a = black | la negrura = blackness in color, darkness

  • dulce = sweet | la dulzura = sweetness [also common is el dulzor]
  • amargo/a = bitter | la amargura = bitterness
  • tierno/a = tender | la ternura = tenderness
  • cuerdo/a = sane, mentally sound | la cordura = sanity, good mental health
  • loco/a = crazy | la locura = madness

  • agrimensor(a) = land surveyor | la agrimensura = land surveying
  • agricultor(a) = farmer / farmworker | la agricultura = agriculture

  • hecho/a = done / made | la hechura = physical build, form, physique, body type / sewing skills, tailoring
  • abierto/a = open | la abertura = aperture, opening
  • cerrado/a = closed | la cerradura = lock / padlock
  • cubierto/a = covered | la cobertura = covering / hedge / coverage
  • pintar = to paint | pintado/a = painted | pinto/a = having splotches of many colors (said of animals, especially horses) | la pintura = painting
  • facturar = to invoice / to bill | la factura = a bill / a receipt
  • la basura = trash / garbage [which comes from a corruption of barrer making it “that which is swept up” in a way]

Other applications can be much more regional. For instance:

  • lerdo/a = slow / dull-witted | la lerdura / la lerdez = stupidity / dullness [regional]
  • lejos = far away | la lejura = distance [regional]
  • rico/a = rich / delicious / beautiful | la riqueza = richness [common] / la ricura = the state of tasting good, tastiness, “gorgeous” [regional]
  • lindo/a = good-looking / pretty | la lindura = prettiness [regional]
  • pavoroso/a = dreadful, terrifying | el pavor = fear [common] / la pavura = dread [uncommon; poetic]

I met Gloria Steinem at Rutgers University a week and a bit ago. We were all there to take part in a symposium in women, media and politics, and to launch the Gloria Steinem Initiative in Media, Culture and Feminist Studies.

I took part in a panel discussion around covering sexists and sexist coverage, specifically around politics and new media. It was ace.

An aside: Ms Steinem was wearing leather trousers. She is 83. Goals.

Hamilton au I just made... sorry.

So.. I’ve fallen far on the internet and I’ve concocted this au from it. This is just crack shit. Like seriously.

Okay but what if Aaron Burr is like secretly addicted to the stupid side of YouTube where basically all he watches are 100 layer videos and other stuff.

One time the rev squad walked in on Aaron sitting at table with a lot of stuff on it and they all fucking scream because as soon as Aaron turns around it’s just his face covered in rhinestones. Just full coverage. No stone unturned. He looks terrifying.

He says nothing and stares at them silently until they finally get the courage to break eye contact and run away.

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Hope u had a great time!!! thank u so much for getting video can't wait to see it when u get the chance to upload ☺️ prayers r with Elvis too must have been scary to see that live

No problem! Between Gray and I, we’ve got you covered for SOI Hamilton coverage, just need time :)

And yes it was quite scary, a reminder of how dangerous this sport really is.

As a white girl with dreads and tattoos myself, I need to perpetuate the incredibly important message to people (especially other white people and even more so white people with or wanting dreads) that THIS is exactly why people of color are frustrated with white people with dreads and bring up cultural appropriation in America when they see this sort of thing.
Don’t talk about how Vikings and Celts and other countries, races and cultures had dreads for longer or whatever, it has NOTHING to do with that. The point is that dreads are a natural hair style for black people and are not natural to white people; And in AMERICA, (being a country based in white supremacy) white people have always been and still are valued over black people. They are societally seen as more beautiful and worthy of a magazine cover or media coverage. And black people, (women especially) on a daily, are ridiculed for having their hair in dreads or braids even though it’s completely natural for them and are then pushed to make their hair look more white in order to fit in to the European beauty standards of our racist country where white women can go out of their way to mimic these hair styles of oppressed races (even when it’s not natural for them) and are actually praised for it and simply seen as ‘quirky’ or 'interesting’. And when I come across posts like this, it just proves that point. I ONLY see white girl’s with dreads here… Not one single fucking black girl when you know God Damn well that there are TONS of gorgeous tattooed black girls with dreads (more so than white girl’s). But in America, dreads are only seen as cool or beautiful on white people. And it’s sad. It’s wrong. It’s perpetuating racism and inequality. It’s excluding black people from our standards of beauty which only encourages the idea that black people aren’t beautiful. And when people of color complain about things like this, they get attacked by white people saying “that’s racist against white people!” Or “but the Vikings had dreads! You don’t own a hairstyle!” Or “I can do whatever I want with my body!” Or “why can’t we all just be equal?”.
But that’s because white peoples don’t understand this sort of thing at all. They’re ignorant and completely naive to it mostly because they don’t see it or experience it themselves (because their white and privileged regardless of wether they realize I or not) due to their race. And it’s just not even on their radar so they seem to think it doesn’t exist and will have the balls to say that “racism doesn’t hardly exist anymore.” But it’s time to start paying attention and trying to understand and educate yourself and stand up against cultural appropriation and systematic societal racism and oppression and show your support for POCs in our country and not just sit around enjoying being white and just saying your not racist as a golden ticket out of any blame. We can’t just let POCs stand up fir themselves all the time. This is important.

A Brief History In English Toku Fansubbing

I should be sleeping right now but can’t. Got nostalgic out of nowhere, so I thought to myself why the hell not?

PS: Subbing here mostly refers to the English subbing community, as I’m not well versed in (what I assume active in toku subbing) BR subbing communities or other language. Some facts might be off as I’m just basing it from personal experience and limited knowledge with little to no research.

Tokusatsu has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. Where I live, they aired a bunch of 80s-90s tokusatsus. There’s the obvious Super-1, Black and RX, but I’m pretty sure they also aired most Sentais between Goggle V and Carranger, A bunch of Metal Heroes ranging from Gavan to Kabutack, A bunch of Showa Ultras and then the new trio (Tiga, Dyna, Gaia) and I even get to watch those weird standalone late 90s/early 00s toku like Guyferd and Changerion.

Fast forward to early 2000s. The internet was still relatively young, I was still on dial-up, which means the best toku related thing a fan can do is searching the net (with Altavista, or Yahoo) for those rare sites in English explaining about the hottest sequel of the rebooted Rider franchise, Agito. It was second only to spending like an hour to get MP3s from Napster or Kazaa or Audiogalaxy, whatever.

Fast forward a bit to 2005. By that time I’ve switched to DSL/ADSL connection and that means I can technically spend like three hours to torrent a subbed .avi episode of Hibiki and later on Kabuto, obviously subbed by T-N, still young at the time. You don’t really have an alternative back then, T-N practically owns the scene until 2008, where OoZ pops up, and even less so on 2009-2010, which I’ll cover later.

So how’s the coverage on subbed shows back then? Well, as far as I know, laughable. Anything before Ryuki, anything before Dekaranger, practically all of Ultras, Metal Heroes, and other toku series are practically untouched. And well, T-N practically subs anything that is. It was their early days, and on an era before captions, so you can guess how bad it can get at times.

Which brings us to late 00s (2008-2010). By that time connection speed have improved considerably, and it was the beginning of softsubbed HD animes in mkv (which lowers the bar of subbing even further),. Similarly, around that time Kiva was about to end, that fancy crossover Rider, Decade was about to air, and HD raws are easily accessible. However, it doesn’t seem like T-N is going to sub it in HD! It kinda kicks a chain reaction of one or two groups trying to sub Decade with HD raws, T-N ends up subbing it in HD, and with their purpose lost some of those groups begin working on older tokusatsu shows, and one of those leads to a group that’s still working on old shows now. I was there, trying to help what I can and as a fan it was a pretty exciting time, to be honest. 

By early 2010, most major players have established themselves. You have T-N, even now still alive. Over-Time(W-Time/OOO-Time for you old timers) appeared out of nowhere to sub W, and proceeded to sub things and taking names like nobody’s business until it becomes the group you have now. Older groups (by today’s standards) working on older shows are formed around the same time, too. GUIS, KITsubs, Hinotori, etc…

Though, in 2010 the coverage was still pretty sparse. There are progress on Heisei Riders (mostly T-N coming back to work on Ryuki, CA/GomenRider on Agito, MCS on Kuuga), but Showa Riders are still practically untouched, barring the occasional one offs of episode 1 subs and Hinotori who finished Amazon, and CenturyKings with Black. Sentai, Metal Heroes are as untouched as they are five years before, with GUIS, DFF and HKs slowly filling the void.

In the next six years tho, as a community I’d say we’re making a lot of progress. There’re still holes here and there, but a lot of grounds are covered now, if you’re not picky about quality. Rider as a whole only have like three shows without complete, non-HK subs. Sentai, seven out of forty. Ultras, four (I think). For Metal Heroes and other tokus, well… there are still a lot of things unsubbed there, but we’re still making a lot of progress. This month we have Gavan and Juspion completed, Winspector finished not too long ago, etc2. New tokusatsu shows like Garo, Cutie Honey, After V, etc also get subs pretty reliably too.

So… what am I trying to say? I dunno. I just kinda want to ramble about this out of the blue. I guess if there’s something I wanna say, it’s probably “be thankful to those folks subbing your favorite shows”. I know coming from me it sounds kinda…egomaniacal?, but I’m referring to folks that keep on trucking, subbing weekly things regularly, to the point you start taking it as granted. The fandom as it is now sometimes gets really, really entitled about subs for weeklies. If you really have to be so vocal about stylistic translation choices, maybe you should learn Japanese so you can watch it raw (like me!). I mean it’s a fansub you got for free, not official translation you pay for or anything. (I like complaining about official translations, too) Of course, you should bring up any straight up mistranslations if you know the language, but I feel like nitpicking everything is beyond silly.

Me, I’m just doing this whenever I feel like it, so there’s that. The fact that the audience for older shows are a lot lower than those fancy new shows helps a lot, too.

See ya later.

anonymous asked:

Do you have some advice for someone who hasn't really worn makeup before but wants to try something to cover up imperfections on their face please? I'm not suited to heavy makeup but its hard to find products that seem good and have a more subtle and natural finish

i have some tips for makeup beginners here from a previous ask! i think the best thing for you would be a bb or cc cream! these are lighter coverage than foundations so it won’t be too heavy. 

if the areas you want to cover are smaller, you could also just use a concealer that’s the same colour as your skintone and then it won’t be noticeable.

honestly i don’t buy new bb creams often because they last for ages but i’ve looked around and here are some natural bb creams:

  • etude house precious mineral perfect fit (smoother finish)
  • holika holika aqua petit jelly
  • missha perfect cover (the coverage isn’t as high as the name suggests)
Why City Living is probably going to be my favourite EP - Ethnic Content Spotted! Part 1 of 2

Dearly beloved! I was delighted to discover quite a bit of culturally diverse content in the new Sims 4 City Living trailer that I would like to share frame by frame with you all! I’m loving the African headwrap, spicy food, Indian headpiece, Moroccan tables, Japanese kimono, bubble-blowing hookah, studded moccasins, boldly coloured carpets, funky patterned curtains, Arabic fountains, chopsticks and buns (both Asian and African)… My Photoshop is acting up so I’ll do this in 2 takes, there was a lot to cover! Here goes the coverage of the first 35 seconds:

Some of them are obvious references towards a particular culture, others are just a hint, but it’s still good! I’ll be posting Part 2/2 soon! No, I’m not entirely happy though - my main moan would be that I consider that at least the genetically influenced part (especially African hairstyles) should have been basegame and free - not to make ethnic minority Sims pay extra to create beautiful, natural looking Sims of colour (without the help of custom content).

Reblog if you want to discuss and share - for a more diverse Simming world! So how about you? Have you spotted anything I missed? Have I accidentally tagged something as new when it’s not? What’s your favourite thing you are looking forward to in this EP?