covering hole

tony had his chest mutilated in a cave while awake like honestly that alone will justifiably fuck you up

then he walks out of that one with a metal tube in his chest that’s deep and wide enough to fit pepper’s fist. proceeds to spend THREE MONTHS working at gunpoint while convinced that his captors had no plans to let him go alive. he was waterboarded. watched yinsen be psychologically tortured and die. then he walked in the desert for god knows how long

came back home to find out that his surrogate father paid terrorists to have him killed and double-dealt weapons whose death toll tony now blames himself for. that same man physically paralyzes tony and talks to him and makes him WATCH as tony’s pacemaker – the one keeping his heart beating and covering the hole that was carved in his chest against his will while he was still conscious – is forcibly removed

and that is movie O N E. completely disregarding all the other “lesser” but still near-death battle moments in that same movie that do fulfill the clinical definition of trauma. and let’s not even touch the childhood issues always looming in the background. i mean cap 3 established that before all this shit happened, tony ALREADY had severe grief-processing issues

like. in what universe can the whole “tony Hasn’t Had It Bad Enough” argument possibly gain traction with this character lmao? for starters, that’s a shitty ableist argument that shouldn’t gain traction ANYWHERE, but it’s also like. entirely and irrevocably unreasonable when it comes to tony because if trauma could indeed be weighed on a balance then like… tony’s Trauma Weight ™ is still so fucking off the charts that the charts themselves become sentient just to laugh bitterly at how off them tony’s Trauma Weight ™ is


“I had done a lot photos for Hole and when it was time for their first album Courtney wanted something striking and unusual. I had been experimenting with color infrared film. It is a medical film used to make images of skin and eyes. The veins show from beneath the skin! So, it is possible to get very beautiful images and/or horrible strange visions. Exposure is the key, so Courtney and I did some tests. She loved them and we then shot the photos for the cover of Pretty on the Inside. The colors you see on that cover are just as they appeared on the film. The trees went all pink!”

- Vicki Berndt

So I finally got around to finishing editing this track and I’m really really happy with how it came out. Last month I got to see one of my best friends in real life for the first time in eight or so years and words cannot describe how happy I was to see her. She’s one of the most wonderful, sweet, and amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and I had the privilege of being able to record this cover with her while we were sitting right next to each other. I’ve wanted to cover this song since the moment it aired, and when I heard that she was possibly going to visit me during the year, I decided I would wait because I couldn’t imagine a more perfect person to sing this song with. And now whenever I hear this song, I’m going to think of her, and all the laughs that we shared together. I really do look up to her, and I always will. Thank you so much for listening, and Steph, if you’re reading this, thank you for giving me a reason to keep on smiling.

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An Almost Horrible Death

Background: My party- consisting of a Wood Elf Rogue(me), a Human Paladin, a Half Elf Cleric, a Teifling Ranger, a character who’s player was absent for this story, and a goblin we had captured called Dies Horribly(he happened to have a player for this story)- came across a dungeon in the woods. The absent character spent the time staring at the wall while Dies stood watch at the entrance to the dungeon, and the paladin, cleric, ranger, and rogue checked out a small room with a single chest.

DM- upon inspecting the walls you find several small holes. And the chest is sitting on a pressure sensitive tile.

Paladin(ooc)- I cover the holes with the tapestry I found

Rogue(ooc)- that won’t work though, arrows will completely tear the fabric.

Paladin(ooc)- I cover the holes with the tapestry anyway.

DM- okay, you cover the holes. Now what?

Paladin(ooc)- I try to pick up the chest.

Rogue(ooc)- I stand just outside the room.

DM- as you pick up the chest fire shoots from the holes, burning the tapestry and making your armor very hot. You then drop the chest back down and the fire stops.

Rogue- *to the ranger* we can go convince Dies to get the chest for us…

Ranger- okay.

*Rogue and Ranger quickly go to find Dies*

Rogue- hey Dies there’s this chest of treasure inside you should go get it for us.

Dies- Shiney!*runs off to go get the chest. He proceeds to pull the chest out of the room but getting so much fire damage he’s basically dead*

Cleric- I cast cure wounds on Dies.

DM- alright but he’s permanently scarred and will only have 4 hit points until you can find a higher level cleric.

And that’s the story of how Dies Horribly almost died horribly. And also why you shouldn’t ever trust a neutral evil rogue and ranger ever.

So lemme tell you a story. An Achievement Hunter story. Specifically the story of how I discovered Achievement Hunter. I randomly happened upon Achievement Hunter Minecraft Part 200 on the day it came out. I quickly realized that I had no idea what they were talking about. So, I decided to watch one or two episodes to see if it would help me understand.

And that is how Achievement Hunter tricked me into watching 200 Minecraft videos in 2 weeks.

Moses, mix (2 y/o), Palisades, NY • “I think he looks like a 100-year-old catfish. He once dug himself under the shed to get an animal and covered his escape hole. We didn’t know where he was. We finally heard scratching and dug him out with a shovel.”

This is something I never told anybody and kind of a ‘fond’ memory for me.

When I was younger a friend of my parents stayed at our house. He was a guy in his early 40′s, with scruff and a relative big beer belly. He was somewhat of my first crush. (I always liked older boys/men) 

I remember watching some scary movie late at night without my parents permission when he came and sat beside me on the couch. (The movie scared the shit out of me…)

Some time later he started to ask me about school, my friends and if I had a boyfriend. (School was ok, friends are great and no, I never had a boyfriend)

He then kissed me and I didn’t know what was happening…but I didn’t push him away. It felt kinda good and I liked how his big hands touched my skin.

I get still wet remembering how he rubbed my clit above my soaked panties and trying to finger fuck me with them covering my little hole.

He was the first guy to suck on my underdeveloped tits and pinch my nipples. He could suck my whole tit into his mouth…

I was quivering so much and I felt so hot all over. He was telling me what he would like to do with me while he was sliding his fingers under my panties.

I could feel his cock rubbing against my leg when he pushed me down onto the couch.

He had just started to push one of his large fingers into my wet hole and grinding himself hard against my thigh…when someone was walking loudly down the old wooden stairs.

He separated himself from me and pulled my top down when my mom rounded the corner of the living room asking what was going on.

I told her that he caught me watching the movie but because he was awesome he was just watching with me instead of busting me. My mom scolded us both and send me to my room.

I couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night.    


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So our chip reader is technically there, but it doesn't actually work. To clarify this, I put a sign that says "no chip" by the reader. People didn't see it and still kept shoving it in. So, recently I covered the hole with paper. Guess what people are still doing? TRYING TO SHOVE IT IN. I just don't know what to do. I have nothing left. I can't help them anymore