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Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation: Review. 

DISCLAIMER: As I mentioned in a post I did earlier today, I’m no longer going to be purchasing products that test on animals however, I’m still going to utilize and review the non-cruelty free products I have until they’re finished; I feel it’d be wasteful if I didn’t! Anywho, unfortunately Covergirl does test on animals, but I figured I would post this review anyway for anyone that was interested in it! Onto the review…

Texture? I often end up liking any foundation that’s whipped or mousse textures so I certainly ended up liking this product. I’ve had pretty dry skin lately so this little guy was both a blessing & a curse; it’s great because it is a super smooth and silky texture but on the other hand it does seem to latch on to dry patches a little bit! I’ll have to remember to exfoliate extra well before using it as well. 

Coverage? The coverage was medium to high coverage but didn’t feel heavy or cakey. My face felt nice the whole night even through the heat and humidity.

Finish?Definitely more of a dewy finish than matte. I applied powder afterwards and it gave me a healthy somewhere in between matte and dewy finish.

Lasting Power? This foundation lasted pretty much the whole night - however it did feel a little moveable and slippery before I applied powder. 

Shade? The color was a pretty good match for me considering most drugstore foundations aren’t a perfect match for me - with some good blending it was fine! I also didn’t see a HUGE range of shades but it could’ve just been my drugstore.

Price? Pretty darn affordable. Although it seems small, a little of this product goes a very long way.

Overall? This is a really nice and affordable foundation for everyday wear and would be really great for most skin types - especially dry skin. However, I wish it was cruelty free so I could repurchase!