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(credit: Katie Martin / Emily Jan / The Atlantic)

Switching up my look with trendy lip art, because three shades of Katy Kat Matte are better than one. 💁🏼

Get the look below:

1) Use Katy Kat Matte in Cat Call to apply to your top and bottom lip

2) Draw out triangular sections using Katy Kat Matte in Cosmo Kitty

3) Finish off your look by using Katy Kat Matte in Perry Panther to draw a diagonal line on the remaining section of your lips.


Watch: New male CoverGirl James Charles might have the best response to the idea that makeup is empowering that we’ve ever heard

The 17-year-old YouTube star was recently announced as the first male CoverGirl — and the internet went crazy for it. And while that is a huge milestone in itself, Charles is bringing more than just gender inclusivity to the table. Press play to watch our West Coast staffers grill him about makeup, that yearbook photo, his secret talent, and so much more.


When you are too ignorant to know that Africa is a continent and not a country. ig: @jamescharles, you  probably have a higher risk of getting HIV in America than Ebola in Africa, but anyway #sipstea. The fact that Cover Girl chose somebody like this to represent them, speaks volumes. Seems like @jamescharles has a lot of negative things to say when it comes to race. 




ig: @jamescharless