In His Arms

This has been in my computer for the longest so why not post it? Ha hope you guys enjoy it! Tell me if I should continue?

She walks into school. Eyes sunken as if she haden’t slept in days, her feeble body covererd in a worn out blue sweater and skinny jeans. Most students would just shrug it off. Others would question her choice of style.

There’s a case hanging from her right shoulder, a violin hidden safely inside as she paced through the halls. Finding the locker she’s called hers ever since the start of senior year. As always, a group of girls she has yet to -and most likely will never- speak to rested against the neighboring ones. Words of gossip running from one ear to the other as she fiddles with the lock.

“Oh my god, Jessica, he totally likes you.”

“Most definitely.”

“Way to go!”

She was never one to talk to people nowadays. Her quiet personality making her more into the schools ghost than anything, not that she minded. She enjoyed being alone most of the time. It was better off that way, in her opinion.

After a few seconds of playing with the combination, her locker finally opened to reveal the worn out paint and supplies she would need for the day. She placed her backpack in, making sure to grab her a.p bio, english and calculus books for the first few blocks. Her violin, as usual, still hanging from her shoulder.

There was a relief that came with english. Mostly the fact that her teacher, Mrs. Laurent, refused to do anything fo the first 15 minutes. This allowing the students to practically do anything they wanted. For her, it was reading music sheets. She placed a stray strand of blonde behind her ear, teeth chewing at her lip with evey note. There was a winter concert for all music students coming up. One which she had hoped she could participate in this time. Her Autumn one having to be skipped due to family issues.

“Ms. Remmings?”

Her eyes shot up at the sound of her last name. A look of confusion taking over her once relaxed feautures. She let out a sound of question, not exactly aware of what was going on.

“You’ll be partneed up with Mr. Gilinsky. If that’s alright with you?”

Her eyes averted to the boy she pointed to. She knew who he was, or at least what the gossiping girls would say about him. Still, the thought of having to be partnered for a project brought an uneasy feeling to her stomach.

She looked back at the teacher with a small nod, allowing her to continue on with the list.

By the time class was over, the boy known as Gilisnky walked up with a small smile. She turned, grabbing her violin case along with her books before looking at the brown eyed boy. Compared to her 5'6 stature, he was a giant, yet another thing to make the girls stomach churn with anxiety.

“When do you wanna get started?” He questioned before walking into the hall. Gilinsky was known for a few things in Westside High. From being on the basketball team to joining the schools chorus which he probably hadn’t noticed her from. Even though their concerts were always a joint effort.

Still didn’t change the fact that unlike her, he was one of the most known/liked people in school.

She shrugged her shoulders, not knowing how or what to respond with. To most, people and her never really mixed.

“You know, it doesn’t hurt to talk once in awhile.” Gilinsky added with a slight chuckle. Though there wasn’t anything funny about it, he simply did it to lighten the mood. “Someone as pretty as you should share your voice with the world.”

This caused the blonde to glance at him with a small laugh, disbelief talking over her features.

“I don’t know, to be honest.” She said with another shrug. Her next block was close, causing her to pick up the pace a bit. As did he.
“How about tomorrow, 6 o'clock?” It was the only time he could do, basketball practice ruining his homework schedule. “Your house?”
She nodded at the suggestion before pausing. “Not my house.” She stated blankly, causing the boys breating to hitch. Whether it be from shock or something else.

He soon nodded, watchng as the girl neared her class with hesitant steps. “Okay. Sure.” He handed the girl a piece of paper with his number on it. Knowing it would come in handy whenever they needed to meet up somewhere.

“Jack, by the way.” He added with a small smile. Hoping that she would remember it instead of just thinking of him as Gilinsky. Instead, she nodded, heading into the semi filled class.