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Things That Have Been Said In My Household But With Fairy Tail Pt.2
  • Erza: So you and Lucy are together now?
  • Natsu: Yeah?
  • ___
  • Gray: I have a confession.
  • Gajeel: What?
  • Gray: I ate the last poptart
  • Natsu: *from upstairs* GRAY YOU PIECE OF SHIT.
  • ___
  • Juvia: You have a nice house Gray. It's so calm.
  • Gray: ..Wait for it..
  • Gajeel: *comes into the room with a bath sponge and wrapped towel around him* GRAY HAVE YOU SEEN LILY, IT'S OUR BATH TIME-- *sees Juvia* Oh. Sup.
  • Juvia: ...
  • ___
  • *door bell*
  • Gray: I GOT IT!- *opens it to Levy*
  • Hi Levy.
  • Levy: Hey Gray it's me again, is Gajeel home?
  • Gray: Yeah, but he's a bit busy. He's taking a bath with his cat.
  • Levy: ...
  • Gajeel: SHUT THE HELL UP GRAY- *from upstairs*
  • ___
  • Erza: *has groceries*
  • Natsu: Did ya bring me something? :D
  • Gray: What about me?
  • Gajeel: My main concern is if you bought lily food.
  • Erza: Yeah I brought you guys something. You know some chicken with the side of FUCK OFF.
  • ___
  • Lucy: Hey Guys--*gets dragged*
  • Gajeel: They're gonna fuck.
  • Laxus: Pfft. You're all gonna be 40 until any of you get laid.
  • Gajeel: we're not you Laxus.
  • __
  • Wendy: Can someone play barbies with me? *innocent look*
  • Gajeel: Um, I GOTTA FEED LILY *takes off*
  • Natsu: I HAVE A DATE WITH-- THE DOOR. *runs off*
  • Gray: wai--HOLD U-- fuck you guys.
  • ___
  • *door bell*
  • Natsu: I GOT IT!-- *answers and it's Juvia* Hey Juvia.
  • Juvia: Hey Natsu! :D is gray home?
  • Juvia: barbies?..*giggles*
  • Gray: SHUT UP NATSU.
  • ___
  • *Erza on a date*
  • Natsu: *using hands as binoculars* we have made contact with that target.
  • Gray: what are they doing?
  • Natsu: It appears they're laughing.
  • Gajeel: Roger that now they're getting up.
  • Natsu: W-wait, shit we've been spotted A-ABORT ABORT MISSION!
  • Wendy: You guys are stupid. This is our house.
  • ___
  • Natsu: I HAVE NEWS!~
  • Erza: Do not tell me you got Lucy pregnant.
  • Gray: Ill fucking kill you, we already have Gajeel as the cry baby.
  • Gajeel: Yeah-- Wait -SHUT YOUR ASS UP GRAY.
  • Natsu: I was gonna say I got an A+ on my test..
  • Gajeel: SO HE ISNT STUPID?!
  • ___
  • Gajeel: Gray.
  • Gray: Yeah?
  • Gajeel: *pats his back* You know we love ya man right?
  • Gray: Yeah?..
  • Gajeel: And you know we'll accept you for you, right?
  • Gray: Sure?...
  • Gajeel: So tell me this and be honest with yourself.
  • Gray: Ok?
  • Gajeel: Are you sure you arent gay?
  • Gray: ...SERIOUSLY?!
  • ____
  • Mira: Hey Guys
  • Erza: you were suppose to wait until i called you in...
  • Mira: Oh. Oops?
  • ___
  • Gray: I have a confession.
  • Gray: No I was gonna say--
  • Erza: *bursts through door and throws confetti* CONGRATS ON BEING GAY GRAY.
  • __
  • Erza: *yelling at everyone*
  • Gray: Jesh. And you wonder why you're still single
  • __
  • <strike> The Next Day, Gray woke up outside covered in honey </strike>
  • Part 3 anyone?

a stolen moment

Here’s part 3

After her final note, the audience applauded. Hanna waves to her fans as she left the stage. While doing so Bendy was fuming with rage. He knew she is that nun who have to slap him a few days ago. The little demon was so fed up with his shit he leaped out of his sit. Thinking payback for what she did. Lucius called out for him as he got up from his sit and follow him.

In the hallway, Bendy was looking for her dressing room. He spotted a janitor along the way. Grabbing the poor man and threating him where is Hanna’s dressing room is. The janitor was shaking up to speak as the demon demanded him. Until he felt someone lift him off the floor.

“Whoa. Buddy, you need to calm down. Ya scaring the man.”

The guy ran away. Bendy growl as he trying to get out of the archangel’s grip. 

“Calm down? Calm down!? I’ll calm down when I find that hussy.”

Lucius makes a bad expression as he drops the little boss making him landed face first on the floor. “Jeez. All over a slap. What were you doing over that church anyway?”

Bendy got up dusting himself. “That’s nothin’ ya business.” Lucius snork from that comment. “Look if ya wanna find her I know where her dressing room is.” Bendy took a glance at Lucius.


“Yes. Really. I have been here a few times.”

“Just to see her?”

Lucius sly smile. “Maybe. Well, come on. I’ll lead you to her.”

The tall boss leads the little devil to the dressing room. Once there they stood by her door. Bendy was so ready to give that nun a piece of his mind. Without warning, he kicks the door open. Which bring both men came to see Hanna standing there. Holding a red clothing to her chest to cover herself with eye widen.

Both Lucius and Bendy were red in faces. “Damn. She got some great thighs huh, Bendy?” Bendy glare at him. “DAMMIT LUCIUS! I’M MARRIED!”

There you have it.

Lucius © me
Mafia Bendy © @eliana55226838

thank you, i’t been an amazing summer.

Faded pictures bleached by sun,
The tale’s told, the summer’s done.
In memories the Pines still play,
On a sunny summer’s day.
Hidden deep within the woods
A buried treasure waits for you;
Secrets lost and statues found
Beyond the rusty gates.

And even though our ride is here,
The bus awaits, goodbyes are said
Followed by the tears - and smiles.
Cause one day we’ll come back here
To mysterious Gravity Falls.

“See you next summer!” we scream.
We’ll be waiting here for you.
To come back soon…
We’ll be here.

yes, people, it’s me again, sobbing like a little baby (i’m still not okay). so yeah, i’ve made this. about us, probably. i wanted this to be about us. oh, and there is a little thing at the end, if you listen to it carefully.

if you haven’t heard it yet, i’ve also made a song for Bill:


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LAKE - Don't Give Up (cover)

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By the cover {Part 3}

Pairing: Taeyong x Reader

Warnings: Smuty smut. 

Word counting:  3. 236

Summary: Just when you thought you have learned every person in your school’s life patterns, you find someone else.

[pt.1]  [pt.2] 

-Repeat that again, bitch!- Johnny is out of his mind right now listening how you try to explain what happened. The rumors were too clear about it already, as you predicted, but after all, people only believe rumors halfway until you confirm them.

-Shut up, Johnny- says Taeil with a way more relaxed voice but still incredulous- Let me see, Y/N…You did what with Taeyong?

- I swear i’m about to choke- interrupts Johnny again

-Guys…- you try to calm them down- I don’t know either i just let myself loose and it happened

-Holy fuck!- Johnny explodes into laughter and Taeil just emits some kind of scream drowned by his hands over his mouth, giggling. They are making so much noise and scandal that you fear for a second that the oldest is about to fall off the bench where you are sitting, outside school- Let’s recap let’s recap… you went into the closet then what? Has he a big d…?

-Ah~ how do you want me to tell you all the details?

Of course you are not planning to tell everything to Johnny, and less in a monday morning, in school and when you are not drunk anymore. The information given was that you two hooked up for real. But there is no need to tell the rest of things like how Taeyong melts the fuck down when you treat him roughly or how you are peeping out the school’s front yard waiting to see if he arrives today in his i’m-a-drama’s-character bicycle. Something about him has catched your eye and also your heart tingles a bit when thinking about him. He is cute, he is nice, he is funny… you have to admit that you like him at least a tiny bit.

-So he is not boring after all?- Insist Johnny

-No, he is, indeed, very straightforward- You answer recalling the whole sequence of events inside the closet. A chill shakes your body but it goes unnoticed by your friends, luckily.

-Humm… i guess you can’t judge a book by the cover, uh?

-Yep. You sound much more respectable when you are not drunk, Mr.Seo.

The crowd around the yard is scattering slowly to head to their corresponding classes before the bell rings indicating the start of the class period but you still have not spotted the pinky cloud of hair you are looking for. Instead, you witness the tall silhouette of Rowoon walking with his eyes lost in the ground. Another rumor that expanded  like a wildfire is the story about how Sehun kissed Rowoon while he was crying-for you- in the bathroom, the other night. Everybody knows his name now, Jaehyun even messaged you yesterday categorically affirming to you that Rowoon didn’t know how to collect his feelings and was so lost when Sehun hit on him that he almost faint, and now he can’t look Sehun or anyone who knows about the story into the eye. You believe it tho, because the 3rd grader is still having a red shade over his cheeks that contrast with his caramel skin when he cross the door to go to the laboratory and confront all the students in his biology class like he is a part of a script for a very melodramatic act.

Well, at least if they are talking about how gay or not gay is Rowoon they are not talking about you.

-Is the princess going to get up?- Says Johnny making you jump to reality again- We have a history class

-You are interested about grades now?- You mock

-Honestly, not about history’s ones, but i don’t want to get a sanction so we better go to class or at least go anywhere is not the front yard where everyone can see us skipping class, dumbass.

When the three of you, in love and company, step inside the building, the smell of coffee emanating from the cafeteria welcomes you. This is not helping you at all since you realize how tired you are and how much you need a coffee but at the same time you can’t go to get one because the classes are about to start. Mondays are so boring, it is the day in which you come back from the parties and the free time to face the real world in which you have to sit down and study.

Resignated, you open the door of your locker to check your schedule for today, pulling out your big and dusty history books for your class too. At least you share the table with Johnny on this one, it’s too early in the morning to be determined to listen to an adult talk about the monarchies and 16th century’s shit.  So early that you really find weird that your phone starts ringing, but anyways, you quickly stract it from the locker to check the name shining on the screen. You pick it up curious.


You guess that he answers, but the sound of his voice don’t make it to your ears since your phone disappears from your hand. Your eyes land on a pretty and fancy looking girl with her uniform perfectly neat and well put, her knee high socks completely white and smoothed out. She looks angelic, but she is the one who just took your phone and is literally smashing it against the opposite wall in front of your eyes, you see the pieces separating from his supposed place and the screen’s crystals decorating the floor.

-Hey, what are you doing?- You ask with an obviously loud and pissed voice

-Are you Y/N?

-What if i am!?

-Imma kill you, whore!

So this well dressed bitch grabs a handfull of your hair and pulls. Natural reaction? You do the same to her, starting an unexpected fight on the high school halls. You can tell Johnny’s rushed footsteps apart from the rest of students gathering to watch the conflict. No that your stupid best friend jumps into it to stop it, he just occupies the first line of public.


-JOHNNY!!- Your recrimination to your friend makes you win a slap in your face while you are distracted. What the fuck, your rage fires up, if this psycho bitch wants to fight she has chosen the wrong girl to do it, you are gonna end her.

The normal thing would have be intrigued by who the fuck is her but you don’t have time for that, you are so mad and so determined to not be losing in front of everyone that you just get into the battle.  You snap back your face towards her, your eyes burning, then you grab her by the green tie and pull her towards you. The black haired girl stumble with the push and falls, but her grab in your hair makes you fall too. More hair pulling, more screaming in anger and more wrestling on the floor for 30 seconds before you hear it.

-IRENE!- You were right, you can’t mistake Taeyong’s peculiar voice for another one, once you have heard it. Your long waited pinky cloud breaks into the circle made by viewers to, not without some trouble, grab the bitch tangled with you by the waist and lift her off from you- Irene! Yah! Stop, this is so embarrassing!

-YOU, STUPID DUMB SLUT, SCREWED MY BOYFRIEND!- You never thought you would hear all the hall gasping at unison but, apparently, it’s a possible thing.

So it was not a joke, he has a girlfriend. Ha, you are not even mad at him, just surprised on how snooty she is, comparing her with Taeyong. Honestly, you are having this feeling of superiority regarding the fact of who would be a better girlfriend for him. Of course it is you. The frigid wind of jealousy.

-God, Irene!- Taeyong whispers. By his expression you can guess he is hoping that the Earth could open and swallow him together with the feeling of everyone looking at him at the same time- Do you think this is something to discuss with all the school!?

-Your boyfriend kissed me first!- You shout provoking the turning of all the students- including Taeil and Johnny- to look at Taeyong at the same time, now for real.  The loud laugh from Johnny sounds across the hall, he is having the time of his life and more if he noticed that you are openly fighting a girl over Lee Taeyong, the not-so-boring dude.

-Liar!- The girl, apparently called Irene, stands up to aggressively face the small boy standing in the hall- Tell me she is lying!

You know this pauses in films when there is a moment of silence with tense music and a shoot of everyone’s expression? That’s what you feel now but in real life. Taeyong has frozen looking at Irene and you can’t glimpse which side of his personality is playing right now, the innocent one or the school bastard one. His eyes travel to you and go back to her, then, he coughs, and that’s enough. The school bastard one, you feel it coming.

- Well… no. I kissed her first tho.

There he goes. Anyone who is watching could not deny that the following storm of anger from Irene directed to Taeyong is well justified. You doubt that people is going to talk about Rowoon for the next month, you just overcame the sauce regarding him by far.  

-You did what!? Who do you think you are!?- Irene, who is rather short, directs now her attack to Taeyong who, not need to say it, can perfectly defend from her easily. But anyways you are thankful when the ray of co-Moon sense, a.k.a Moon Taeil, steps into the circle of people to have a hold on her and pull her away.

-Okay, young lady, calm down- the oldest tries to ease it

-Calm down my ass! You cheated on me, Lee Taeyong!!

-Fine! Wanna break up!?- You thought he was done arguing because his hand is helping you getting up but he replies, furious- Because Doyoung called me the other day, drunk as fuck, told me yOU WERE HAVING MUCH FUN TUTORING HIM AND SUCKING HIS DICK!!!

Doyoung? Like… the savage but inoffensive student of the B class? You are hallucinating, and you can’t help it but laugh when Irene’s face goes pale and her energy dies. Is amusing because you didn’t think that accusation would be true but it is. Your laugh makes Taeyong laugh too.

-NO WAAAAY- At this point Johnny is crying from the laughter and Taeil is just so confused of what to do, now that Irene is not fighting him back, that he is literally just like giving her an useless backhug in the hall.

-C'mon “jagi”- the irony is so thick it could be cut with a knife- Since you are so determined to make a scene in front of everyone, you can tell them WHO of us is wrong.


-We. Are. Over.

This is the most descontrolate situation you have ever lived, you can picture Sehun somewhere in the crowd rubbing his hands like a fly watching the mess he created. Not that the laughs and fun last much longer. Your teacher, in sight that all the students that should be in his history class are yelling in the halls,  enters the mess, dispersing the mass of bystanders again.

-EVERYBODY STOP AND GO TO DETENTION!! Lee Taeyong, Bae Irene, Y/N Y/L/N and Moon Taeil go to…

-Why me!? I didn’t do anything!- Taeil starts complaining

-I don’t care, go to the detention class right now! Class C-23!

-I just wanted to…


Nine in the morning and you are already staring at a blackboard distracted while the psychologist of the school gives you all a terribly long speak about how to control your anger through other ways that are not the physical fight. Even worst, this speech is followed by another speech, with way emptier words, about sexual safety. Because the teachers of this school seem to consider sex as the satan that mess with the senior students and after hearing why the fight started there was no way to make them change opinions. They even made Kim Doyoung go to the class and he is there, stiff on his sit next to Irene, too embarrassed to fall asleep on the table.

Picture that, a classroom with just two small windows, the clock ticking in the background and the few tables occupied by you, your hook up, his ex-girlfriend, HER hook up… and Taeil. Well, and the two or three students that got a sanction for smoking in the toilets that were caught into all the mess.

-Pst!- you look to the left to face Taeyong. He seems to be as bored as you but that’s not the reason of his call. You give him a sign with your head to indicate you are giving him your attention- I’m sorry of what happened earlier, i didn’t know Irene would go to you like that

-Nah, it’s okay, sometimes Sehun’s parties lead you to this kind of conflicts- Taeyong chuckles under his breath. Seeing him smile like that and wearing the uniform makes you think that he looks really good. He looks good when he smile, in general. Well, your heart is now skipping a beat, who could have said that would happen with Taeyong.

-You sound like you are used to be slapped in the face by furious ex-girlfriends- He starts saying with a tint of amusement- Are you?

-Nah… Are you used to cheat on your girls?- That seems to hurt him more. Like putting salt in an open wound, his nose wrinkles slightly.

-Our relationship was doomed- Irene turns his head from the first line of tables overhearing you two, but you can’t care less about her look of disdain so her eyes return to the blackboard- It really was

-You don’t sound very hurt

-I already suspected that she was cheating on me and i don’t know, my feelings for her died long ago too so…

-Why didn’t you broke up earlier then?

-I guess i was afraid of ending all alone if she was gone, since it’s hard for me to make new friends i was wondering what to do

-Ah~~ i think everyone feels that way at least once in their life, so annoying…

-Super annoying- He affirms- And what annoys me the most is that i’m about to look like someone who can’t be without a girlfriend

-Why would you?- Your question is followed by a small but deep sigh from the pink haired one

-Go out with me

-You…!- The teacher shh you with an important lack of interest in pulling your attention back to his speech. You keep talking, only lowering the volume some octaves- You are asking me out in a detention class?

-Yeah?… yeah… i’m doing that- And there he is, the shy Taeyong popped out- Like, for real, i like you

-We seem to be doing everything wrong, Taeyongie~ First kiss was drunk and inside a closet, you ask me to be your girlfriend while grounded… is the first date gonna be sneaking into a private pool at night or what?- You laugh while he is a bit taken back by the lack of your response. You perceive that he is nervous like a child, which makes you remember his kink and get more excited about teasing him.

-Okay, you two, in the back, separate your tables further- claims the psychologist of the school, sick of your chatting in the middle of the explanation. He is only there scolding young people trying to not lose his job, why always the detention problematic students, why?

You two look at each other with complicity and separate the tables chuckling. Sometimes you get some scoldings that make you laugh and you can’t avoid it or regret it. Irene turns again even more pissed than before but Taeyong keeps moving his lips without a sound so you can read his words.

“Is that a yes?”

“Date you?” The uncertainty in his eyes is fun but who you want to fool, you wanna try and date him. You are not full in love or something like that but you like him and love only appears with time so why not. “Well, i agree” he smiles with all the slyness he can collect to not make YET ANOTHER scene on school.

“Pool party tonight?”

Tsk. Concealing your laugh to the whole class is harder every time and he knows but he still enjoys while he goes. How much he loves risky situations, this boy has no remedy.

“Sign me up for it”

You are giggling on your sit but your heart melts so suddenly when Taeyong blows you a kiss across the class. Not the sassy kiss blow but the cutest kiss with the softest gesture and pinkest lips. It is cheesy but you don’t care, people need cheesy things sometimes and it has been long since you don’t get any.

And you can bet he gives you those gestures and that you have the first date sneaking into a pool like in those cheap movies for teenagers where the couple make out into the water. And out of your expectation of how nasty that is gonna be, it comes out pretty adorable.

None of you worried about bringing a swimsuit so there you are, sitting on the border of the pool, your hair dripping water, and watching Taeyong swim with underwear.

-Come in, Y/N, the water is so nice…- He swims around your legs

-Im drying, Taeyong

-Nah… it’s too earlyyyy- he whines hugging your leg and leaning his forehead on it. You guess he didn’t have much romaticism with Irene, at least not at the end of their relation- Let’s stay a bit longer

-It’s almost 11pm we should go home… No No No, stop!- The pink cloud is pulling you into the water happily while you try to fight him back amused. It doesn’t matter, he is stronger so he already has you half into the pool. You give up and let your body go in and jump on him with your limbs around his body. The proximity makes you two shut up instantly to look into each other eyes with the dim light that comes from the moon outside. You did not plan it to be this deep but that’s even better because it’s spontaneous.

-I didn’t have the chance of kissing you earlier- The soft voice in which he pronounces this words makes your heart beat faster- Can we fix that?

Definitely you caught the sweetest boy in your grade. And no wonder, of course you get close to him and kiss him sweetly, you didn’t want to do anything else from the last three hours so it last longer than Taeyong was thinking it would.

You like him, you like his fragile hands when he holds you, you like the pink wet hair adhering to his face and you like the way his lips feel so soft all the time. And that is only at the beginning, when the days pass, you notice much more. You like when he calls you baby, when he brings cinnamon cookies for recess, when he is scared by storms and doesn’t want to go out or when he laughs so much that his laugh sounds weird. You like Taeyong, the not-so-boring dude.

And what you learned through this is: no matter where or how you meet a person, you can’t judge them so quickly before getting into them, they may be one of the persons that make your life a better place.

I think the Turf Wars: Part 3 cover has a lot of foreshadowing. There’s a clear divide between the airbenders and the police, with Korra/Tokuga/Spirit Portal right in the middle of it. Even Team Avatar is split up, with Asami on the airbending side while Mako and Bolin are with the police. Just from what I’ve read in Turf Wars: Part One, I think there’s definitely gonna be a lot of disagreement as to what the state of the Spirit Portal should be. It’s gonna be interesting to see how the conflict builds up.

Character/Outfit Design Analysis (Rohan Kishibe) Part 1

So I’ve decided to make a new analysis series to help get my creative juices going more. I’ve also decided to do this new series due to my last Incorporating post (and because I love talking about JoJos).

Jojo’s has many characters with very bizarre and high end outfits and accessories, especially in later parts. However, one character exemplifies this much more than the others in my opinion and that is Rohan Kishibe.

Rohan Kishibe wears many different outfits in Part 4 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable. Each one says something different, especially for the time he’s wearing them and the situation he’s in.

In his first appearance, he wears a thin sleeveless jacket with a button up, some slacks and very nice loafers. Of course, he also has his trademark headband and pen tip earrings.

Unlike many of his future appearances, his look here portrays that of someone who is more closed off and sheltered, but of their own volition. His color coordination, while a move on the part of the artists that drew him of course, lends itself well to show that he himself does care about the color contrasts of his outfits due to being an artist. This outfit lends itself well to the arc of Let’s Go Play At The Mangaka’s House as it helps add to the horror aspects included in it’s tone by showing so little of him. 

He wears several variations of this classic look in different color patterns, which is why I choose not to mention the actual color’s here, even though I believe the green and purple is the best combination.

In his next appearance, the Rohan Kishibe’s Adventure Arc he wear’s what I would consider his most simple and basic outfit, a formal shirt with slacks, a tie and loafers along with a bag for his sketchbook and other necessities. However, this outfit still has the Rohan flair, with the inkpen logo on his left chest and the kanji on his right (which after a bit of research translates to the “Ro” in his name and can also be read as dew). 

The outfit itself gives you a good idea about who he is in a more positive light, professional and always ready to work yet self centered. It also serves to give both the viewers and Koichi a better idea of who he is while making him appear (slightly) like less of a dick (he’s still very much a dick…and I still very much love him)

 In his next appearance during the I Am An Alien arc, we see him wear…this. Now, there are parts of the outfit that I like, but I feel like there’s almost too much going on here with what he’s wearing(which, in a way works well with the part). This can mostly be attributed to Araki’s interest in making bizarre fashion, however in it’s own weird sense it works, especially on Rohan, who could pull off wearing a garbage can.

The shoulderless halter top is an interesting choice as it shows the most skin of any outfit he wears in the series. Maybe he likes to stay cool in his off time? It’ll definitely help after the events of that arc. He wear’s his favorite white slacks as usual, however now has suspender’s holding them up and…I honestly can’t be sure but I think he’s wearing underwear with his emblem on them. The belt straps in a way makes me think of  Tamami Kobayashi’s stand The Lock being used during Rohan and Josuke’s game of poker.

 The last part of this outfit I’ll bring up is the sneakers, as they remind me somewhat of a stand in part 6, Stone Ocean known as Made in Heaven. Light spoilers for that part, but it appears that somehow Rohan is naturally immune to its ability (probably just as a gag on Araki’s part, but still awesome nonetheless)

I think I’m gonna close this out right here for now guys. I’ll break this one into two parts to examine the other 3 outfits in DiU (which all happen to be some of my personal favs). I might even do a part 3 covering some of the outfits he wears in his spin off stories. Till next time, Ciao~!!

My new mission in life is to form a cover band called THE MCFLYS with each band member dressed as Marty McFly from different eras (1885, 1955, 1985, and 2015).  We will only play covers of songs from those years.  


Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (Manga cover compilation)

~ Part 3 ~

• Volume 21 featuring Ren Koumei (Dantalion’s Djinn equip)
• Volume 22 featuring Solomon Jehoahaz Abraham
• Volume 23 featuring Sheba
• Volume 24 featuring Uraltugo Noi Nueph
• Volume 25 featuring Ren Gyokuen
• Volume 26 featuring Judal and Ren Hakuryuu (Belial’s djinn equip)
• Volume 27 featuring Aladdin and Alibaba Saluja (Amon’s Djinn equip)
• Volume 28 featuring Ren Kouen (Astaroth’s Djinn equip)
• Volume 29 featuring Sinbad