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Leaves From the Vine (Piano Cover)
  • Leaves From the Vine (Piano Cover)
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Leaves from the vine

Falling so slow

Like fragile tiny shells

Drifting in the foam

Little soldier boy

Come marching home

Brave soldier boy

Comes marching home

So um I made a piano cover of “Leaves From the Vine”

Hope you guys like it! ^_^

And I’d be happy to make sheet music, in case anyone would be interested :) Just let me know!

Would you believe that under this coat of skin you made me wear
I’m still me
Still proud of where I’ve come from
My heritage
My history
That I could still fly higher than you
believed I could if
I didn’t wear this layer that makes me
The uh uh oreo you always dreamed for
Speaking your words
Laughing at your jokes
Loving your loath of who I really am
I am really somthing that you equate
With the darkness of the night
The quote unquote evils of me
The black out
The black hole
The black man or just
Acting black
Meaning in truth acting like a king of
nature as my God intended
Having Dominion over things you could never understand
Excuse me
For I relinquished myself of my angelic wings and my gleaming helmet
So that I could be somthing you feared
A Man
For I am tired of faking it and wearing this pale skin
Over my nubian shade.

By Marquis IG

Sheet music for my “Leaves From the Vine” cover!

Hope you guys like it! ^_^

Note: I edited it a bit so the timing is slightly more like the original. And sorry the spacing of the text is uneven; it turned out like that after I screencapped them.

For the people who prefer chords, I used A E F#m D

anonymous asked:

what the heck are oreo balls


oreo balls are the greatest thing, in the entire world. they are oreo cookie part things. crushed up. mixed with cream cheese so they form nice ball shapes of oreo dough, much like cookie dough balls, and then Covered with oreo frosting icing stuff/white chocolate/chocolate. then they are frozen and theyre not even baked which makes them that much better.

they are a staple food item at parties and holidays and school events and bake sales, at least where im from. i am so sorry u dont know about them because theyre amazing and i love them . thank u.


Sylveonkin sweets requested by anon

Blue and pink sprinkles -$3.00

Chocolate covered Oreo -$16.99

↑ Blue and pink -15.00- white and pink ↑

Pink sugar sprinkles -$3.00+

24 cake pops -$12.00

12 pokemon cupcake toppers -$18.00

Sprinkle covered marshmallows -$15.00

Cotton candy fudge -$9.35

48 Chocolate covered pretzels -$60.00

5 Pink star lollipops -$11.25+

Six Pounds ft. Taeyang

Genre: fluff

Pairing: ReaderX Taeyang

Word Count: 1,155

(a/n: This was so cute I really enjoyed writing this one! Thank you for requesting and being so sweet! I’m so flattered really! Anyway my vibe box is now empty so send me some requests I’m ready! As always gif isn’t mine and belongs respectfully to the owner.)

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rubiam getting to do normal boring date stuff aka the reason for my tears

•since Ruby had never been, he takes her to an amusement park

•they hit up all the games first and Liam uses his abilities to cheat and make things fall/aim perfectly/land in the right place to win Ruby the giant teddy bears n they win so many they have to tie two to the top of the car

•when they get off rides liams clumsiness gets 10 times worse except so does rubys so they’re a stumbling giggly mess for a few minutes but it’s okay bc they’re having dorky fun together

•buying those cheesy couple shirts they sell
•they eat tons of fried junk food and it ends in the worst stomachaches of all time

•they have a contest to see who can find the weirdest fair food

•Ruby wins with bacon covered deep fried Oreos

•going on movie dates n making out in the back row for half of it

•Liam always pulls that dumb yawn arm over the shoulder move and Ruby rolls her eyes dramatically at how lame it is but she has to look away to keep him from seeing her grinning like a fool

•they always finish their popcorn like 20 minutes before the movie starts

•they sneak candy into the theater every time lmao they’re too broke for $7 candy

•also movie marathon night at home is basically the same except in pajamas and a blanket fort w lots more cuddling

•weekend errand running where they make competitions out of who can get the most groceries first and who can carry the most grocery bags

•going out to lunch together on their lunch breaks

•Ruby goes out for spa days sometimes with vida and zu and one time they can’t go so Liam comes with and loved it and now he goes with her all the time they get couples massages and sit in the jacuzzi together it’s lit

•basically just rubiam getting to do the normal stupid stuff they deserve ok

  • Shut Up and Dance (Piano Cover)
  • oreocheesecakes

Okay, here you go, guys! It finally uploaded. My piano arrangement of “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon. My friend requested this for her birthday, so yaayy happy birthday to my friend! ^_^

This is actually the MIDI file converted to mp3. So no, I didn’t play this live, but this is an arrangement I made.

Sheet music here

The Signs As Food
  • Aries: maple syrup
  • Taurus: shamrock shakes
  • Gemini: that bread that they serve as an appetizer at really nice italian restaurants
  • Cancer: little expensive chocolates wrapped in foil
  • Leo: ice cream sandwiches
  • Virgo: the chips all crushed up at the bottom of the bag that you pour into your mouth after you've finished the rest
  • Libra: chocolate chip cookie pizza cut into slices
  • Scorpio: cheeseburger from a diner on the side of the road
  • Sagittarius: stuffed crust pizza with chicken on it
  • Capricorn: chocolate covered mint oreos
  • Aquarius: cheez-its with letters imprinted on them
  • Pisces: broccoli