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I want to be drawing outside when the eclipse happens, so I can point to the art later, no matter how shit it is, and say, “Lo and behold! This artifact born of sudden darkness! Imbued with otherworldly power!“


Super Secet 2.0
Flappy007 - KnittingGiantBeanies Cover
Super Secet 2.0

Happy B-Day Jordan!! 🎉🎉  😁

Aaaaah, it’s finally done, I’ve been tweeldling with this for about a week now? (i think) and I promised I would make a cover of this song aaaages ago, so um… yeah, I hope you like it!

This song holds a very special place in my heart, and I hope it still retains the same meaning for you as it did when you first composed it. It has inspired me and helped me get through so many things in my recent years, and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for that. 💕

@knittinggiantbeanies@chongoblog​ (i’m also tagging Ryan just in case he wants to heart it? i hope you like it, it’s my first attempt at garageband, lol)


new cover of in the middle by dodie!! there’re more than a few mistakes in this but that’s ok!! it i gives it character!!


jemtheharpist nintendogs main theme :) #nintendo#nintendogs #harp

Happy Birthday Hungary! :D
  • A beautiful sequence will take place the morning of her birthday, she’ll get up, do a bit of yoga to wake up, has a shower, breakfast and finally, realize what day it and calls work for the day off.
  • No way she’s going to work today, nope! She’s going to treat herself today and ain’t nothing or no one is going to ruin it for her. After the call to work, she’s going to call a few friends over!
  • To make herself feel good she would put on one of her favorite outfit and tie back her hair. No make-up though, she’s a natural beauty and doesn’t need any after all.
  • So, what’s she going to do? Pamper herself of course! She is rather famous for her amazing hot springs and baths, why not go to one with a few friends and relax! She deserves it after all~
  • For extra relaxation purposes, she’ll get one of Szechenyi bath’s for private uses. People are nice and all but maybe just some quite time would be nice.
  • Before meeting everyone outside the bath houses, she’ll walk around for awhile. A Little sightseeing and chatting with the locals is always rather fun, plus hearing the new ways of baking is rather useful. 
  • After her walk n’ talk she’ll head to the baths. Quite a few of her friend are already there, some are still to come. They will ll wait outside for a bit so they can all go into together.
  • Once in the baths, full relaxation mood will be set into place. A massage and steaming along with a dip is a great way to loosen the muscles! That doesn’t mean certain people won’t mess around though. (guess who~)
  • Baths aside a nice dinner is next on the menu! Depending on the weather the heated patio might be used. If not a fine wine and dine will happen inside, and of course the food is top class!
  •  Last of all, a traditional dance in traditional clothing! Sometimes it’s nice to get back into the roots of things whilst dancing your heart out. What a perfect day it shall be!
The Road To Nowhere

Let’s take a drive down the long road to Nowhere

In the cool mist of dusk with the never ending line of telephone poles as companions 

The angels peer down from above the clouds, ever vigilant and silently smiling 

And the eldritch mass at the end extends skyward in greeting ready for embrace

Nowhere has been waiting for you to come back home.

good news first: it’s @knittinggiantbeanies birthday!!! and so i drew him a fan art! I call this drawing “the Bee-Day Boy” ;)

And theres a solar eclipse tomorrow! Its like the universe is giving him a day-late present

Okay now the in-the-middle news: shading in this pic is a little funky cause i tried to do it a different way which sort of worked in places but didn’t in others. I will keep working at it.

not-as-good news: I was going to also sing and upload myself singing and playing a Go! Child song on the ukulele, but when i sat down to record a video, my brain decided to Not Be A Brain and i couldnt strum and sing at the same time quite right. (which i have always struggled with, so i’ll try not to be too hard on myself)

But this isn’t the time for that. Merry Birth Celebration Bee, i love you so much and you are amazing! I hope your day was 💕awesome💕