covered in stickers

Stickers and filters for your photos and GIFs.
A new thing in your Tumblr app.  

Rolling out today and tomorrow in the iOS and Android apps: Over 100 extremely relevant stickers for your photos and GIFs. Put a wig on your head. Put an egg on your dog. Achieve personal magnificence.

Q: Where are the stickers??!?

A: Make a new photo or GIF post and look for this face at the bottom of your screen:

Push it. Now you see stickers. 

Q: Can I combine stickers with text?

A: Yup. We put assorted speech and thought bubble stickers in there for that reason exactly.   

Q: Besides posts, where else can I use stickers?

A: If you make a GIF through Tumblr messaging in the app, you’ll have an opportunity to cover it with stickers first. And if you use an iPhone, Tumblr has an iMessage app that you can use to make GIFs and text them to your contacts. Stickers are a part of it now.

Q: Are there more stickers coming?

A: Yep! If you don’t see your favorite object/word/abstract concept represented here, stay tuned.

Q: What about those filters you mentioned? I want to totally scorch this GIF I’m working on.

A: Oh yeah, the filters! We threw in a few filters. They’re intense. Tap the magic wand and enjoy.

do what makes you happy
research obscure products from the 90’s
dye your hair unnatural colors
walk home alone with nothing but your music
ink your favorite quote into your skin
take pictures with your friends
kiss that stranger at 1 am 
wear too much makeup
or not enough
cover your laptop with stickers of your favorite bands 
fall in love with yourself and all you are
life is much too short to not do everything you want
—  be you. ( @prolixen )

Impromptu in the bathtub, covered in all the stickers we could fit (All the ones we could stick) and the best sunlight from the day outside!
Photo by @plummylanee, bbyg! ❤️❤️❤️
Catch it on instagram: @yikeos xoxox


The Velvet Underground and Nico, released 50 years ago tomorrow (there is actually some disagreement on the exact date), is the definitive way-ahead-of-its-time album. With a near-peerless collection of songs — nearly all written by frontman Lou Reed — and an iconic, banana-sticker cover designed by band benefactor Andy Warhol, this jarring and innovative collection was initially a cult success at best, with no hit singles and a “peak” of No. 171 on Billboard’s albums chart in December 1967. But the world eventually caught up with it, and for the past 30 years it’s had perennial placement on best-ever lists, including No. 13 on Rolling Stone’s 2012 “500 Greatest Albums of All Time” tally.

It’s the first album to truly combine a novelist’s gritty realism with equally confrontational rock music, yet it’s also a fount of soft, vulnerable songs like “Femme Fatale” and “I’ll Be Your Mirror” — songs that are all the more poignant because you can sense, somehow, that the sensitive soul who wrote them is also kind of an asshole.

Still, it was initially considered a commercial failure, selling approximately 60,000 copies in its first two years — not bad, but no More of The Monkees. This was due partially to a legally induced (more on that shortly) factory recall that removed the album from shelves just as its Warhol-driven publicity was peaking. But that certainly wasn’t the only challenge to its commercial prospects; the group’s ensuing albums met an even more dismal commercial fate, and a disillusioned Reed left the band in August, 1970. Despite his solo success, The Velvets’ catalog gradually slipped out of print over the next few years.

The Velvets gradually assumed their proper, lofty place in rock history, their oeuvre was reissued in the U.S. in 1984 (although The Velvet Underground and Nico’s cover was a single-sleeve reduction of the original gatefold with a printed banana instead of a sticker). Thus another generation of obsessives was spawned. And on and on.

Yet the most atypical obsession of those five decades may be that of veteran music publicist and longtime Velvets fan Mark Satlof, who collects original pressings of the album. He owns more than 800 of them – he’s actually not sure exactly how many – which are neatly filed on shelves in his study. They account for an estimated 1 percent of all copies manufactured in the U.S. before March 1969.

800 Copies: Meet The World’s Most Obsessive Fan Of ‘The Velvet Underground and Nico’

Photos: Christopher Gregory for NPR

Closed Set

Request:  Hiii so I know you write mostly Sam and you claim you don’t write Jared, but would you be willing to write a Jared story? I want to request: Imagine filming a sex scene with Jared. And maybe he gets really into it, which isn’t in the script, but you can obviously take it wherever your heart desires. -@impalaimagining

Jared x Female Reader

Summary: Filming a love scene with Jared is a little more than you bargained for. 

Warnings: This is what I would consider smut adjacent, nothing too graphic.

Word Count: 1700+

A/N: Beta’d by the always amazing @elliewinchesterr

Possibly part one of two, I’m always skittish when I write Jared. 

“How do those feel?” Tabitha, your wardrobe assistant, gestures to the round flesh colored stickers covering your nipples.

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  • Marcus: no one must know I'm with DedSec
  • Marcus: /wears his DedSec cap with his DedSec jacket decorated with DedSec buttons with his DedSec skinny jeans with his DedSec shirt with his DedSec branded laptop covered in limited edition DedSec stickers while checking his DedSec app in front of the secret DedSec headquarters adorned with DedSec graffiti.
The signs as people during election day

Aries: noooooo *hides under covers*

Taurus: you voted third party? shame. SHAME.

Gemini: *sobs*

Cancer: * “I voted stickers” cover every inch of their body. they morph into a ball of human garbage and become the next 2020 presidential candidate*

Leo: *single tear falls down their cheek in memory of Bernie*

Virgo: I hate them all *puts their cat in the write in option*

Libra: yes i am with H E R put me DOWN for clinton! FOR THE HILL(ary) IS ALIVE WITH THE SOUND OF VOTES!!


Sagittarius: I don’t care for either so im going to vote third party *gets jumped*

Capricorn: *packing bags for Canada* that doesn’t concern me anymore kiddo

Aquarius: i.. uh… ummm *sweats*

Pisces: *cant decide between a war with russia or a war with mexico over a wall*

Thought- imperial droids who’ve been reprogrammed who DO agree to be repainted but they insist on taking colour advice from the kids around the rebel bases.

Some end up covered in flowers or stars or birds painted with a wide range of skills and palettes. Some get an intricate design from one kid that takes a whole month of evenings to complete. One gets covered in such a thick layer of glitter that it poses a threat to incoming X-wings and has to be transferred to an indoor role- its apologetic but refuses to change its new colours. There are tall droids with an ombré of colourful hand prints that get thicker and smaller as they get lower. Ball droids that were just rolled through pigment until a toddler declared them done. Droids painted to look like they’re wearing clothes or stripped back to their bare circuits. Droids painted with the colours of the sunset from the day they were freed or just the precise colour of their pilots eyes. The other local droids think it’s confusing and a bit unprofessional, but productivity is up and if BB8 wants Commander Dameron to paint him orange and white in tribute to a grumpy imperial droid that never got to be colourful then the other droids won’t object.