covered in cinders

i feel like iko would like,,,, be really good at photography? like she would really enjoy doing it? idk its just a random headcanon but imagine iko with a camera. she would be really good at like taking candid shots of her friends. cinder laughing at one of her jokes. scarlet giving a soft look at wolf when she thinks no one’s looking. of course she would do photoshoots of her friends for free, professional ones with backdrops and wardrobe changes, but like. iko notices her friends, its one of her traits and its one that makes her the most human, you know? and so i feel like she would get into photography bc she would be able to express those little things she notices about her friends. the way cinder’s nose crinkles when she laughs, the way the tips of cress’ ears turn red when she’s embarrassed.

and of course she’d take hella selfies tbh

Raising her fist, she thunked the android hard on the side of its head, barely catching it before it toppled over onto the table. The prince jumped.

Cinder set the android back on its treads and jabbed the power button but nothing happened. “You’d be surprised at how often that works.”

The prince let out a single, awkward chuckle. “Are you sure you’re Linh Cinder? The mechanic?”


thedragonsfang replied to your post: Where did the idea of Ruby losing an eye come…

The thing is, after Tyrian’s little “eye for an eye” comment, I started to notice the series has a thing for left eyes. Weiss’ scar , the sniper girl from volume 3 has her hat covering her left eye, Summer’s left eye is covered in Qrow’s picture, Cinder’s left eye is damaged. A common theme like that is a little… concerning.

This is a lot of left eye references lol. 

After the end of volume 3, my philosophy is that so long as my girls stay alive, bring it on. They’ll only be stronger because of it

Claws And Paws

Characters: Cinder Fall/Ruby Rose


Preview: Cinder must’ve been losing her touch. Beacon was making her more pathetic by the day, just breathing their rancid air. She was almost ashamed at herself.

But just before she could start to lament this entire day thus far, she was given compensation for all her troubles.

Or, most of them anyway.

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drawing practice #4! if you’ve read or seen the book cover for the book ‘Cinder’, that was my inspiration. i think it’s a beautiful cover, so i wanted to try my hand at drawing it. i didn’t want to do the metal so i didn’t, but i DID want to do a darker skin version with the traditional glass shoe, so i did that after the original. this one was more of a coloring/shading exercise. [drawn/colored 2/10/16]