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How is mimi a koreaboo? Just wondering. And what post did you refer to? New Army here and a couple of people referred me to her but then l this happened.

here’s the post. If you’re looking for updates I definitely recommend “allforbts” + “bangtan” for basically everything. “bangtanvideo" for an archive of (almost?) every bts video, and “btsfc” for fancafe stuff

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How about you try to meet up with him or contact him? I'm sure there's a chance, Jeremy !

If you didn’t think I’ve thought of this before- I have, many.. many times- I do want to but it’s.. Difficult. Christine even helped me dwell on suggestions-

Would I just be like ‘heeey, it’s your ex best friend of twelve years that screwed our relationship and disappeared without a trace who now looks like a stalker because i have notifications whenever you upload your video and  i cry about it sometimes because i really miss you?’ Oh! What about; ‘hey mikey, long time no talk- i don’t deserve another chance but i like you a lot??” 

Would it just be drowned in the rest of the comments? I don’t think he can read all of those.. There’s just too many-

Plus, I-I can’t privately message him, that’s too much- He’d probably leave it on read.

Michael and I don’t have any contact with each other ever since certain events- That I know were probably cause by me. I was too afraid to reach out, and I also got a new phone at the time so..

He has something now to look forward to, so many people who actually know he’s popular and such a charming dude- 

And he’s getting the recognition he deserves, even without a Squip. I’ll be okay as long as he’s still smiling.

I-I mean- haha.. that’s gay-