Sterek AU:

It was cold. Freezing cold. The temparature was falling constantly every minute and the snowfall was getting stronger and stronger. He couldn’t feel his feet anymore and he was barly able to move anymore. He didn’t know how long he was wandering around since, he got lost.

The forest around him was coverd under a thick layer of snow and so dark, that he started to imagines things. Every now and then he thought he heard a noice. He stood still and listen. He prayed…Maybe they had send someone to find him. Maybe someone would come and rescure him. 

But there was nothing. He was alone. And if he wouldn’t find the way back soon, he would die outside here…alone. 

He had no energy left and he was so tired that he just wanted to sleep. Maybe he should just give up. 

But when he was about to close his eyes, he was…them. Red, glowing eyes were looking at him…

At Your Best (You Are Love)
  • At Your Best (You Are Love)
  • The Isley Brothers
  • Harvest for the World

The Isley Brothers | At Your Best (You Are Love)

Sample for “Let Me Know” by Onra, “Letme [knx]” by Knxwledge, and “Activist” by Gucci Mane. Also coverd by Aaliyah

** Also the sample for “Nova” by Saint Pepsi

** And most recently covered by Frank Ocean

Love Is A Laserquest
  • Love Is A Laserquest
  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Suck It And See

“And do you look into the mirror to remind yourself you´re there,

Or has somebody´s goodnight kisses got that coverd”

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I’m still shaking, I can’t believe what happened just now.

I was on the trip to the supermarket from work today on my bus, listening to my ipod and not paying much attention to anything.

As we were stopping at one of the bus stops in Wakefield, a girl in the back started screaming. I took my headphones off, looked back and saw her pointing out the window, and I followed her stare.

Out in an unfenced cul-de-sac were 3 guys. Two of them standing, one of them was on the ground coverd in blood. The taller of the two men had a baseball bat and was about ready to smash it into his head again, when they realised a whole busload of commuters were looking at them. The bus driver started radioing in a 911 call, and then I saw the other man, who hadn’t been doing anything, take a pistol out of his pocket and he shot the guy in the fookin head! The gun sounded really loud in that quiet suburban street.

At this point the whole bus was in shock and glued to the windows of the bus. The two men got into a tinted windowed BMW and sped off. When I came home I was visibly shaken. I told my mum what I had just seen.

Then my mum got scared, she said “You’re moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.” I whistled for a cab and when it came near, the license plate said “Fresh” and it had dice in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was rare but I thought “Nah, forget it, Yo homes, to Bel-Air!” I pulled up to the house about seven or eight and I yelled to the cabby, “Yo homes, smell ya later!” I looked at my kingdom, I was finally there, to sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air.

140901 SKELETON release event -Fan acoounts:

Today even dancers coordinate oppa oppa to end with sword action. Hyuk turn around and praise them well done


Hyuk: which of the fans here today did not go to our japan events pls raise hand!

 Hae: those who didn’t go please remain behind,we need to talk!!

after that they  play concert  videos ,on the part where  hae tease hyuk ,hyuk laugh  while slaps hae’s leg,hae coverd his mouth and laugh


First question:who is the first one  to change clothes  on the first stage  before the song ‘Oh no’?

hyuk say it’s hae,hae say it’s hyuk.

hyuk:he never wins rock paper  scissors

hae:its me!its me!

hyuk:no!i say its me!

than both of them start to bickers,than later  they did  rock paper  scissors and hae win


Q:how many kids did you say you want during one of the concert?fans say u mention a few.


hyuk:i dont want to have kids,i want to be with fans.only 2 of us.

after that  hae was laughing  feeling  embarrassed

** the correct answer is: hae -6,hyuk-0 **

then  they ask if fans can give birth to 6  kids. hae say he didnt remember he said he want 6 kids.

hyuk:didnt  you said this before?i am the kind of person who have the same  thought,i never change what i think of.


Q:when wook came to d&e concert what song did he sing?hae:haru

hyuk:marry u

**the correct anser is marry u**

hyuk:i remember it,everyone sing along too


hyuk won the Q&A session so he give to one of the fans  a signed cap ,hae give a signed bell.when picking the lucky winner,hae grab a handfull of papers,hyuk pat his face.


hyuk accidently pour water on the floor.hae:what are you doing??? so hyuk apologise,the staff came up and clean the floor ,hae carry the table and hyuk the chair


- at the end of Oppa Oppa performance Donghae gave Eunhyuk a back hug


- Donghae says whoever raise hand “I’ll kiss you” Hyuk raises his hand and moves his hand in front of Donghae, Donghae doesn’t want to kiss him and says “Both of us are men”. Donghae attempts to slap Hyuk’s hand away, Hyuk keeps on attempt to let Donghae kiss his hand, Donghae runs to grab a bottle of water to drink. Hyuk shows the expression of “See? He doesn’t want to kiss :(“


Hae:because of hyuk rap, I don’t listen to wonderland.

Hyuk: because of my rap, the song is perfect

** The 2 start fighting over wonderland song and MC can’t take it anymore saying 'no fighting on stage’ **


Playing video about concert, there is part where hae show his fingers during Budokan stage, Hyuk imitate hae and say “Compared to talking, Donghae is more flexible with his fingers, when others do one turns, he can do two turns”.

hae then glare at Hyuk and Hyuk laugh.

Then both of them did some hand exercise. after doing this they smile at each other.


everyone is  watching 'mamacita’ then both of them were dancing  to it ,they already agreed that hae will sing  and hyuk will dance.but hyuk doesnt want  to dance and want that hae  will dance along to ,hae doenst want and say:so who  will sing ?hyuk grab hae’s arm and insist to do it together and let the fans sing,fans sing only one sentence and both  of them say"i know it would be like that"


Eunhae say they recorded Mamacita Japanese version, Avex staff get nervous already and let Donghae not to reveal it.

hae continue say they are preparing D&E album and next concert, Hyuk glance at him not saying anything, Donghae glance at Hyuk and start laughing idiotically.

Avex staff get >_<, Hyuk then say “That’s our plans, please pretend you don’t know anything.


When the MC ask questions,hae zoomed out and say "ah?" 

Hyuk: Whatever, hae doesn’t even think about the question, that’s why his fingers are more flexible than talking.

hae laughs idiotically and Hyuk start answering question.


when hyuk was talking hae was doing 'ayayayayay’ dance move,fans keep on screaming,hae put his finger on his lips  signaling everyone to  be quiet,so everyone keep quiet.

hyuk continue his talking,hae did the dance move again,hyuk glance at hae,hae pretend he was scratching his head,hyuk then hit hae,and the sound was quite loud,hyuk was kinda shocked hae goes XDDD


hae:After adding Eunhyuk’s rap in Wonderland, the song becomes bejeweled.

Hyuk:When my voice is added in, the song is livelier.

They ask fans what song everyone want to hear, everyone shouted Wonderland, Eunhae was surprised and say "Then lets perform this one and shouted Wonderland.”


eunhae metion that at the beginning of the concert they stood on that disco ball,they were did you guys talk about in these 3 minutes?hyuk:wa cant talk up there because whatever we say it will comes out from the mic.hae:we actually ask do make a bigger one to stand on,but the say cannot,it was so scary


** about skeleton **
hae: after we finished D&E tour, we wanted to show something new to everyone. Rock, ballad…we thought of everything but the company said no to ballad 
hyuk: yeah…no to ballad…..

the fan said hyuk looked like a sad kicked puppy it was so cute ㅠㅠ


hyuk: skeleton’s concept is kakkoi (cool) concept

hae: kowai (scary) concept

hyuk: kawaii (cute) concept

hae: bikkuri bako (a suprise box) concept

hyuk: elf concept……actually we don’t even know ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


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