coverd up


okay so im gonna say it, fuck that episode l, fuck ronaldo, and just…fuck the CN crew in general for that fucking turn of events.

Now i love ronaldo ya know, i connect with him on a level, but this was another obviously ronaldo based episode, that was coverd up with news of a new gem bloodstone which SPOILERS is his gemsona.

In alot of the ronaldo based episodes this one urked me in the wrong way. Ive noticed the more we see ronaldo the more of a cunt he grows to be. And the lighthouse episode was probably the only episode i genuinely loved seeing him in. But “rocknaldo” was really a punch in the nards.

The whole message was obviously about the fandom. How just because your in the fandom, and you think you know more about the show, doesnt make you entitled to make everything the way you want it to be or how it would be in the show. Let others be themselves and enjoy the show and stop making it about you.

And it was perfect. The only thing that really got to me, was i was expecting a new gem, something with ronaldo, maybe ronaldo fonding a gem, not the gem actually being ronaldo. His attitude and overall personality in it made me cringe. And the fact they ACTUALLY called him bloodstone was really annoying. But i guess that’s just what the episode was to be, and how it was supposed to go.

Idk, alot of these ronaldo based episodes now have been nothing short of dissapoint.
Either ronaldo is a huge fucking asshole. Or its a huge wasted opportunity for a little character development for him, because rn hes just been sorta…luke warm…character to me. Subtly changing but…just stays…room temp and nothing actually happens.

Needless to say it was a good episode, i just think there couldve been a much better form to it than what we got.