IT’S TIME TO INK LIKE THE WIND!! These beautiful creatures belong to my good friend, @roannasylver. Regan - anxious lizard man - and Evelyn - punk rock goddess - are an absolute treat to draw. They hail from RoAnna’s novel, Chameleon Moon, which is soon to relaunch in its second edition! If you’re unfamiliar with CM, please take a look at RoAnna’s IG account or Tumblr. You won’t be disappointed. <3 I wanted to post this early in case there are any glaring issues I made during my late-night drawing. Critiques are welcome! But they’ve gotta be quick; I’m going to bust this out so it’s ready for tomorrow’s noon deadline. Let’s do this! :D #chameleonmoon #chameleonmoonrelaunch #bookcover #roannasylver #illustration #wip #pencils #coverart #originalcharacter #originalcharacters #novel #writing #fiction #lgbtq #lgbtqia #love #hope #friendship (at Portland, Oregon)

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Title: Stardust

Author: raisesomehale

Ship: Derek/Stiles

Rating: T

Summary: This is the story about how Stiles Stilinski becomes a man.

A much greater challenge altogether, for to achieve it –
he must win the heart of his one, true love.
[Stardust/Sterek AU. You do not have to have seen or read Stardust to understand/follow this fic.]

Cover art for the talented raisesomehale​ and her new SterekAU!, which I highly recommend everyone to click the link above and read it. The first chapter is out and I can already tell that it will not disappoint. And while this took sometime for me to finish, I’m glad that I actually did! This is my most worked detailed piece here on this site and I’m happy that it’s finally out.

Also, thank you Maddy for commissioning me to draw this for you and encouraging me along the way. <3 Couldn’t have finished it with out your compliments and help.


Finished my new SUPERGIRL PAINTING! Yay! Catco in the background. :3 Hope you all enjoy it! Use it for your cellphone backgrounds or computer backgrounds if you wish. <3 Feel free to reblog and if you do upload it anywhere else just please give credit to my name. That is all!  More to come. Model is the beautiful and talented actress, Melissa Benoist from the hit show, Supergirl. Feel free to write me if you have any questions. :) This artwork is not to be stolen and sold for profit.  © Ginger Anne London