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Phone Call from Julian 2016
Max T. and Julian (the Janitor) Koster
Phone Call from Julian 2016


I’m still freaking out that was seriously the best 6ish minutes of my LIFE.
I managed to record it, so there’s not much to say about the call that you can’t hear for yourself, but overall, just, oh my goodness what a lovely person. He was so polite and friendly and it felt like talking to your best friend. Not to mention, he’s SUCH a good storyteller, something about the way he speaks is just so powerful and pulls you right in to listen, I couldn’t ignore any of his jokes. (Yes, plural, he told me THREE jokes!!) 

I didn’t get to ask him some questions like I had hoped, (I was planning on trying to get some show-related info for the fans) but I did at LEAST get to compliment him, which you’ll hear. He said I had a nice voice and I said that he did too, and that he should be on the radio, and he got SO flustered and grateful, it was heartbreakingly adorable to hear him be so happy that someone WANTED him to be on the radio. <3<3<3 What a cinnamon roll… #protectJulian2K16

Anyway, enjoy the audio, he was absolutely lovely to talk to and it really made my day. <3

(And BTW, @ichigo-otokonoko, yes of COURSE I got him to say hi to you like you wanted <3 Anything for you my darling ^u^ Love you, enjoy!!)

I won't do it again

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This is a story a friend from work told me happened to her cousin:


Her cousin was working in the night shift for tech support in the local Telecom building. At around 6 PM the shift ends and few workers are stilltending to customers and online. She was still at work at around 7:30 Pm on a very long, very taxing phonecall with an extremely rude customer. While some calls are recorded on daily basis for performance review, it’s a random couple of the daily influx, so-not knowing if hers, particularly was being recorded and not wanting the user to try and blame her without there being any proof she was providing the desired service- she used her own cellphone to record the call.


The next day she wanted to show her supervisor what had happened and put on the recording, in case the guy had sent a complaints. Initially one could clearly hear her conversation with the user, but after a few moments something else could be heard in the recording, happening at the same time she managed the call.


It was a vague shuffling sound, followed by the voice of a young boy, saying:


“Mommy? Mommy? Don’t leave me alone. Mommy, don’t leave!”


Mind you, the voice could be heard from far away, but after several variations of this same sentence there was a pause ….and this time the voice came very close, as if the boy had been right next to the phone speaker.


“I promise you it won’t happen again.”

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So I can’t get this thing out of my head so I had to write it.

Spoiler warning for Supergirl 2x11 and based on this picture where Chyler is being an awesome troll.

Please leave a message after the beep. (Beep)

Hey Maggie, it’s Alex. (quiet laugh) Look, I know we have plans to have lunch today, but something’s come up and I have to take a rain check. (long exhalation) We’re on lock down to keep an alien from escaping into the populace. Standard protocol while we re-capture it. (sigh) Look, I… Kara has this thing where, when things get a little hairy, she doesn’t, she doesn’t like to leave things unsaid, you know? When her planet exploded, she just didn’t get a chance to say… things… Anyway, I just wanted you know the last few weeks have been the happiest in my life. (deep breath) I think I fall a little more for you every day. And I know, I know, this is way too soon and it’s going to scare you and I’m going to send you running for the hills, but… I… I love you… I need you to know if, if… (sigh) I just didn’t want to leave that unsaid. And you know, Kara has done this to me about a million times (nervous laugh) and everything is always okay and I’m going to regret this because I’ll have worried you and scared you away for nothing. I should probably have Winn delete this so… (muffled voice) I have to go. I’ll see you soon, Sawyer.