cover: blown

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TG:re 130 spoilers

This particular thing opened a whole Pandora’s box for me:

x Firstly, death penalty off the bat?! The Kuroiwa family is going to go berserk, I can just sense it.

x Speaking of the Kuroiwa family - with Yoriko carrying the family name even in her sentencing, and Bujin’s misdemeanor of assaulting an Investigator, Papa Kuroiwa’s standing in the CCG will be severely hurt. That said, he has nothing to lose if he’s going to beome CCG’s enemy for the sake of his son and daughter-in-law, so I expect a rebellion underway.

x A TIMELINE: So it was at least April 15 when Mutsuki sent the letter; Kou spent at least 2 days before his cover was blown (Kaneki’s been shown to have gone back and forth the hideout twice, so I’m going to guess 2); so by the time this letter gets Kaneki, it’s already April 17. They only have 6 days to get Yoriko out.

x Kaneki knows about this, so he’s probably going to arrange for some rescue. I wonder if he’ll be able to find some cooperation with the Kuroiwa family. Actually, is Bujin still detained? Oh god.

x Touka now knows about this, and she’s going to have to weigh the safety of her child over her best friend’s life. If she goes to the rescue mission (I’m 90% she’ll be there by hook or by crook), she’s going to have to face Kaneki’s opposition (because I’m pretty sure he knows by now).

x This is plausibly the mission where she might lose her baby. No sugarcoating that now.

x Speaking of which, I think we’re in for a serious Touken Talk Part 2. Touka will have some beef against Kaneki for not telling her right away about Yoriko’s fate, while Kaneki will want to know the truth about her pregnancy. They’re going to have to iron out some issues before they even think about rescuing Yoriko.

x I’m still salty that Hinami has been pushed aside since the whole Akira thing, so there’s this: if there’s going to be a Yoriko rescue mission, she would be absolutely useful in it and I hope Kaneki brings her.

Who’s up blowing clouds

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Ken : ))))

Voltron characters as shit my friends and I have said/stuff I found on the internet
  • Shiro: one day i'm going to fall over and never get back up again. Because I'll be dead.
  • Keith: *as he shoves seven easter eggs down his throat* I'm lactose intolerant.
  • Lance: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the doctor's cute, screw the fruit.
  • Pidge: *hits someone with a calculator* bet you weren't counting on that
  • Allura: I'm not mean i'm just brutally honest. The truth hurts. Here's a band aid.
  • Matt: *gets blue paint on shirt* It's bluetiful
  • Zarkon: I should have you beheaded for such disrespect!
  • Haggar: I express all of my emotions by saying 'fuck' in varying tones
  • Coran: Stand back kids, this schools insurance policy doesn’t cover blown minds

scarecrow: are you afraid, eddie?

riddler: no. make me.

scarecrow and riddler: [gross, loud make-out session]

duke, hiding in a vent nearby: worst. intel. mission. EVER.