Stop, drop, and get excited about this new foundation.

Now you can be your own makeup artist at the drop of a pigment. Seriously: Thanks to the new Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, you can adjust your shades so you always look on point. The Sephora Glossy spoke to Derek Selby, Cover FX Global Ambassador, to get all the important details. BECKY PEDERSON

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Can you explain how this product works?

It’s really simple. Custom Cover Drops are pure pigment drops that allow you to conveniently customize your foundation or skin care. Just put your product of choice in the palm of your hand and mix in Custom Cover Drops with your finger to transform into your perfect level of coverage—from a sheer tint to a full coverage foundation.

How many drops should you use?

Use one drop for sheer coverage, two for medium coverage, three for full coverage, and four for total coverage.

Can you wear them alone?

We recommend the above formula for best results, but this product gives you the freedom to customize and find out what works best for you.

Can they be mixed with any formula? Do certain formulas work better?

They mix with water-based, oil-based, and even silicone-based products. They mix easily with lotion, cream, gel, oil, foam, or mousse. I haven’t found any base yet that they won’t mix with! You can use them with moisturizers, primers, foundations, BB creams, CC creams….

What about sunscreen?

Because we take skin care so seriously, and protecting the skin from the sun is very important, we recommend you apply your sunscreen as directed by the manufacturer. We don’t know how Custom Cover Drops would affect each SPF rating, so we suggest you don’t mix with sunscreen.

What is the shade range?

We have 24 shades in our Global Shade Palette. What’s so great about the shade range is we have Custom Cover Drops for very fair skin to very deep skin in a pink, neutral, and golden undertone.

Can you mix and match drops to find your perfect shade?

Because of the vast shade range, most people will find their perfect shade already available. That said, if you want to mix and match drops to lighten or deepen your shade, you absolutely could!

What are the key ingredients?

The formula features our exclusive Flash Fusion Technology. The pigments are suspended in a solution that “flashes” off, leaving behind only pigment. The pigments are also coated in lecithin to smooth the edges of the pigments. This will give a smooth application and prevent drying on the skin.

Do they have any skincare benefits?

This product is really all about customization. You can add it to products with benefits that work for you. So, with that in mind, the possibilities are endless!


lana's makeup recs

remember this is ~personal preference~ things that work for me may not work for you!!! but i am going to include all skin types as well by asking my friends!!!!!


  • dry skin: too faced hangover primer
  • oily skin: hourglass veil primer
  • drugstore: nyx pore filler
  • acne prone: cover fx mattifying primer (with acne treatment!!)

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anonymous asked:

I'm super pale and I recently started using Cover FX foundation. It's really good quality, comes in quite a few different forms, and a wide range of colors. The box that the foundation is in says that the product is vegan but do you know if the company as a whole is vegan? If so then I completely 100% recommend it and if not then I will be joining you on the hunt for vegan and super light foundation.

Hello, That is awesome!
I’ve never actually heard of that company before, but Looking into them they don’t test on animals and have a very big range of vegan products.

Here is a statement i found from them:
We use carmine in some of our MintGlaze FX lip shades and Bronze FX bronzers. Carmine may be prepared from cochineal, by boiling dried insects in water. As it is made from dried insects it doesn’t meet the strict vegan definition.
We also use Hydrolyzed Milk Protein in our ClearPrep FX. Since dairy is not allowed for vegans, this product does not meet the vegan guidelines.
There are no animal derived materials in any of our other Cover FX products. You may safely use our Cover FX Cream Foundation SPF 30, Natural FX SPF 15, SkinTint FX SPF 30, Powder FX SPF 10, Mineral FX SPF 15, Matte FX, Setting FX, BritePrep FX SPF 50, SkinPrep FX, Radiant FX, Clean FX and MintGlaze FX”

What colour did you get and does it match you well?
I read a review on the foundation (on their website) and the reviewer described herself as almost exactly my complexion and that P20 was a tad too orange for her. 

The Cover FX website only seems to ship to the USA and Canada, so for everyone outside those regions BeautyBay carries their products and does free shipping.

Thank you xx