cover yourselves

cutting healthcare for poor people but still maintaining the bill to cover yourselves when you can easily afford medical treatment off your own salary, then claiming you’re making this decision to free up the movement of capital in society when your bill literally translates into murdering poor people and conserving your own wealth for as long as possible

An overdue list of my favourite pieces and fic writers! The following is a collection of Jungkook x reader fics. A big thank you to all the fic writers included for inspiring me and above all sharing such amazing stories!

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Devil Princess

Draco x female reader 

Warning : SMUT SMUT

guys this is my first ever smut, so sorry if i mucked up or its abit rocky, im up for A LOT OF requests bc I rarely get any so if u have ideas, don’t be shy. if you see a mistake, tell me and im more than happy to correct it. 

Just a breif understanding: you and draco are in a relationship, and you two have been a thing for a while now. Its christmas break, and he went back to Malfoy Manor to see his parents and you stayed at Hogwarts, as ur parents lived abroad, and then something unexpected happens… 

(H) - your house, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Gryffindor

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Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 4 A/B/O

A/N: WOOHOO! Part 4 is here! I will be posting part 5 in a couple hours when I get off of school today! This chapter was supposed to be part 4 and 5 together, but I had to cut in in half cuz Tumblr was like “lol nope!” 😭☹️ I hope y'all like it! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

Warnings: Smut. Swearing. Fem/Fem.


The scream you let out echoed throughout the entire tower and it was driving Bucky insane.

“Damn,” Sam laughed as he poured himself another cup of coffee. “Nat’s really putting in work, huh?”

Bucky cringed. He was having a difficult enough time already trying to block out your screams of pleasure and he really, really didn’t want to talk about it. But being the condescending little shit Sam was, he made sure to bring it up every time he entered a room. If it weren’t for Steve, he would’ve strangled the man by now.

“Are they still at it?” Bruce gawked as another scream echoed throughout the halls. Everyone at the table groaned. It was seven in the morning and they really didn’t favor hearing sex sounds at breakfast. It was gross.

Steve rested his chin on his hand, his eyes dropping closed. Bucky honestly felt so bad for his best friend. His room was right next to Y/N’s, which meant he probably got only a few minutes of sleep before he was woken by the screams. He ended up coming to Bucky’s room and hogging all the covers just like back in the day.

“I am so done with my life,” Tony sighed dramatically as he bit into his toast. He looked like hell –well they all did, but he looked by far the most drained. “How long do heats usually last?”

“Three days.” Wanda yawned, resting her head on Vision’s shoulder. She blinked rapidly to fight the exhaustion that crept onto her. Even Vision was falling asleep against the chair.

Three entire days Bucky would have to put up with this. That is if he can. He didn’t want to say it, but realistically, he was dangerous. They all were, but not like him. Bucky was a much older alpha, which meant his ruts were twice as strong. There’s a reason most older alphas are too old to uh…engage in any sexual activities. They’re body is supposed to age, meaning their testosterone would go down as well. No testosterone, no ruts.

But unfortunately for James Barnes, he was a hundred years old trapped in a twenty nine year old body and his testosterone levels were twice what they should have been. Bruce really had no idea how to explain it to him, so he just flat out said it was Hydra’s fault –which wasn’t entirely untrue.

So here he was, a genetically modified alpha in rut in the same building as a delta in heat. That was a giant recipe for disaster or unplanned pregnancy.

As much as he used to want it, Bucky wasn’t exactly in any shape to be around kids. He could barely take care of himself right now, he didn’t need a little mini Winter Soldier running around here as well. Not to mention, you probably didn’t even want kids. He’d never be able to live with himself if he did that to you.

Bucky just wasn’t worth all the hassle.

With an annoyed sigh, he planted his elbows on the table and rested his face in his hands. Even though it pained him, he hoped that Nat would take care of you. You didn’t deserve to lose your virtue over this.

He should have never came here.


Natasha thrusted her hips faster, creating the most delicious sensation as her core rubbed against yours. She threw her head back, savoring the feeling of your heat against hers. Her nails raked down your breasts, creating angry red streak marks. But you loved every minute of it. In fact, you craved it.

“Does that feel good, baby?” she asked, her voice trembling as she reached her own orgasm.
You nodded your head furiously, your mouth open in a silent scream. She peered down at your blissed out self with pride. She loved watching you orgasm, her name coming from your mouth in nothing but a scream for everyone to hear.

“Oh my god, Natasha!” you cried out, pulling harshly on the sheets that you grasped onto.

After your orgasm subsided once again, she collapsed on top of you with exhaustion.

It had been a solid three hours since the two of you started going at it. As soon as the door closed behind her, she wasted no time ripping the sheets from your body and sucking orgasm after orgasm from your body. You had no idea how many positions she pulled and put you into, all you knew was that your heat still hadn’t died down.

In fact, you felt even hotter now.

Natasha craned her neck to look at you, a hopeful smile on her face. But when she felt you rutting against her thigh, desperately trying to chase another orgasm, she frowned. To be honest, she was growing worried for you. You should’ve been okay by now, all her omegas never lasted this long. Yet here you were, completely unaffected by her attempts at satisfying you.

“Are you a robot or something?” she groaned, resting her head on your shoulder. Her blue eyes stared into yours.

She was disappointed, but not with you. It was a giant blow to an alpha’s self-esteem if they couldn’t satisfy their partner, and honestly, she was feeling a bit insecure right now. She’d never let you know, but it was eating away at her.

What did Bucky Barnes have that she didn’t?

She was twice as dominant as he was. Even more so when it came to sex. She was known for giving her complete attention to her omegas. She was pretty darn good at this, but for some reason it wasn’t enough when it came to you.

And it kind of hurt.

You stared up at the ceiling, completely unresponsive and it scared Natasha a bit.
Your hair stuck up in different places, giving you the perfect sex hair, but you weren’t in post mating bliss like you should’ve been. You looked so miserable. The sheets had been shredded in the process of your love making, your body was covered with little love marks that she left –especially between your thighs. You looked thoroughly fucked out, yet you weren’t.
The sound of the door creaking open pulled the read head from her thoughts.

“I’m coming in,” Pepper called out, shielding her eyes with her free hand. “Please cover yourselves, ladies. I don’t want to have to bleach my memory out after this.”

Natasha let out a snort before gathering the ripped sheets from the floor and spreading them out onto your bodies, making sure all your lady bits were covered before giving Pepper the okay. Pepper entered the room, holding a tray of food in her hand. Food sounded so great to Nat right now. You hadn’t eaten in an entire day, which was a bad sign for someone in heat.

“How is she?” she asked, setting the tray down on the night stand. Nat let out a sigh and dropped her face into the pillow. She murmured a response, which came out in a small inaudible sentence. Pepper raised an eyebrow. Nat turned her face to the side and peered up at her.

“It didn’t work. She’s gonna need Barnes.”

The older woman peered down at you, running the back of her hand along your forehead, wiping away the sweat. You were burning up now, way more that you were yesterday. Your eyes stayed on the ceiling, completely unaware of everything going on around you.

“Y/N,” she said softly, running a hand through your hair. “I know you don’t want to, but you’ve gotta eat something. It’s not good for you to starve like this.”

She grabbed the metal fork and stabbed the piece of orange on the plate before bringing it to your mouth. You didn’t budge one bit.

She sighed again, setting the fork down on the tray. The last thing she wanted to do was force feed you or force anything on you, but you were malnourished, which was the worst thing to happen during a heat. If you didn’t eat anytime soon, you’d go into shock. As much as she hated the idea of bringing a strange man in here and mating you, it was the only option. You could die.

If only you were an omega.

By now, Nat had collected all of her clothes and redressed herself. It wasn’t obvious, but the hurt in her eyes was there. This was probably a first for her. Pepper felt so inadequate as well. You were her mentor, the closet thing she had to a daughter and she couldn’t provide you with a safe alternative. She literally exhausted all of her options.

Dr. Strange was currently in Australia on business and wouldn’t be reachable until he got back, which could take days. You couldn’t wait that long.

Pepper stood, covering you better with the sheets before walking towards the door. She gave Nat a small, apologetic smile as they left the room.

She prayed that you would forgive her for this. You and Tony.


Pepper was high, Bucky was a hundred percent sure of it.

Or at least on some other mind altering substance, he didn’t know for sure.

The main goal was to keep him and Y/N apart, but now she wanted them locked in the same room for an entire day. Not only was that a terrible idea, it would surely get him killed as well. Tony would probably behead him on sight if you somehow got knocked up.

Speaking of Tony, why wasn’t he here? Shouldn’t he have a say as well? You were his successor, so it was only reasonable.

He interrupted her rant, by putting down the weight in his hand rather loudly. She jumped, taking a step back from him.

“You don’t seem to understand,” he began, peering up at her. “I’m not doing anything without her consent. That’s the one rule.”

Pepper ran her hands through her hair in frustration.

“She’s going to die, Bucky!” she argued, her eyes wild with fear. “Do you not understand that?”

Steve stood silently beside his best friend. He promised to provide a completely objective insight with minimal subjective opinions, but he couldn’t help the fear that was eating away at him. Steve always had the utmost respect for a woman’s consent. Hell, he even refused to patch up Wanda’s broken rib that one time until she gave him the okay. But this was a life or death situation and completely preventable. If it was Peggy in there, he’d risk it all just to make sure she saw another day.

Pepper was right.

“Buck,” he chimed in. “She’s got a point.”

“You’re saying I should go in there and take advantage of her?”

“No,” Pepper countered. “We’re saying you should go in there and save her life.”


You couldn’t comprehend the slightest bit of information that Pepper was giving you. The only thing you could focus on was the burning arousal between your legs. You weren’t exactly all hot and bothered anymore, you just ached. And you ached for only one person, no matter how much you tried to take your mind off of him. He was there when you closed your eyes each time you tried to rest. You just hoped he at least shared the same problem.

“- going to help you out, okay?”

If you weren’t so exhausted, you would’ve asked her to repeat herself, but you didn’t care anymore. You just wanted this to end. Two entire days you’ve been in this room, delirious from your heat. It was torture, but you were just glad they found a solution.

The sound of the door creaking open and closed shook you from your thoughts.

You heard the footsteps growing closer to the bed before halting a few feet away. Pepper looked up at the mystery person and gave them a small reassuring smile before getting up from the bed.

“Make sure she eats something, okay?” she asked, patting them on the shoulder. And just like that, she was gone.

Immediately, you began to panic internally. Who the heck did she leave you with? If it was Sam, you’d legit scream your lungs out. Steve was a nice guy and all, but you were still sore from being hit by his shield. You still couldn’t believe he did that! Why didn’t he just pull you away like a normal person? Who even does that? You made a mental note to get him back for that.

Oh god, if it was Tony you’d literally kill him. Even if you ended up in jail. He was practically your dad when it came down to it. You loved him, but not like that!

You felt the bed sink in beside you and you reluctantly opened your eyes, expecting to see any one of the people you just imagined.

“How are you feeling, doll?”

-FIN! ❤️


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Pregnant | Zach Dempsey

⚠️SMUT warning ⚠️ Your POV.

“…go deeper” you moaned, printing Zach to lift your leg over his shoulder and push himself further into your body. Your mouth formed an ‘O’ shape as Zach slowly pounded into your special spot. You used one hand to grab Zach’s shoulder and he other to grab the sheets besides you.

“Fuck!” Zach moaned as he neared his orgasm. He kissed you roughly as he thrusts began to speed up. The room was filled with your moans, heavy breathing and he sound of the headboard constantly banning into the wall.

Zach felt amazing inside you, he made every inch of your body tingle “Ah-oh my god” you called as you reached the peak of your orgasm then biting down on your bottom lip to shit yourself up. Zach wasn’t finished yet and continued to ride out your orgasm so that he could reach his own. “Shit- I think- I’m cuming” Zach stuttered before closing his eyes and letting out a long deep groan. He then carefully slipped his penis out of you, causing you to man again and causing Zach to chuckle. He then lay on top of you, propping himself up on his arms so that all his weight wasn’t on you and continued to kiss you. Gently gliding his tongue over yours and holding your chin between his thumb and forefinger.

“that. was. amazing” you said in between kisses. Zach just smiled back before placing kissed on your chin, neck and chest- gaining a few giggles from you.

“Zach?” A voice called.

Yourself and Zach immediately jumped up, covering yourselves up with the duvet. It all happened so fast but you manage to catch a glimpse of Zach’s mum stood at the door before she quickly shut it, once she had realised what was going on.

"Sorry…urm- dinners ready” she muddled through the other side of the door.

“Mum. Go” Zach demanded in frustration. You picked up your bra and panties off the floor and began to dress yourself.

"I’m so sorry about that” Zach sighed as he clipped the hooks at the back of your bra on.

You didn’t say anything, just continued to get dressed”

“You don’t have to be embarrassed. My mum, she’s kinda cool with that stuff, she always walks in on me”

“Yeah Zach. I really wanna hear about you hooking up with other women” you say sarcastically as you pulled your shirt over your head.

"Sorry babe. I wasn’t thinking”

—— 5 weeks later ——–

You hadn’t talked to Zach much since the day his mum walked in on you two at it. I guess you we’re avoiding him because you we’re embarrassed. The convocations you did have would only be through texts or quick catch ups in the hallway, on the way to lessons. And that wasn’t right.

You walked into the sports hall on your lunch break and saw Zach practicing his shooting.

You just sat on the bench and waited for Zach to turn around and notice you.

“Holy shit Y/N, you cared me” Zach grasped as he held his chest. You chuckled and walked over to him with our hands in our jacket pockets. To your own surprise, you hugged him, tightly clenching onto his sweaty body.

"What was that for?” Zach asked you as it stepped away from him “I thought you wasn’t talking to me?”

“I was- I mean- I am” you say “I was just embarrassed about the whole thing.

"Right” he answered. He jogged over to the ball and picked it up. You watched as he began to shoot hops again, completely ignoring your presence.

“Are you mad at me?” You question

"Can you blame me?” He responds “You’ve been treating me like shit”

You scoff and shake your head in disbelief “..well I need to talk to you so..

"I’m listening” Zach interrupts then jumps up to shoot another hoop. And of course, he doesn’t miss.

“At least look at me, damn”

Zach ignores you and you raise your eyebrow, the only sound in the hall being his shoes sliding across the floor and the ball hitting he net. You begin to crack your knuckles (nervous habit) then looked around the hall to assure yourself no body was listening, so that you could blurt out

“Zach. Im pregnant”

Zach watched he ball shoot through the hoop with his arms still in the air. He then turns around and faces you

“What did you just say?” He asks

"I’m pregnant” you repeat- this time slightly quieter

“No” Zach says, running his hand through his hair “Your not pregnant. We used a condom”

"Are you saying I’m lying?”

“That’s not what I’m sayi-

You fling your backpack off your shoulder and rummaged through it for the positive pregnancy test you had taken exactly two days ago. You throw it to Zach and he inspects it.

"Are you sure? Did you do it right?”

"There’s not many ways to pee on a fucking stick Zach”

He turns it over

"Fuck!” Zach yells sending an echo through the room.

“Yeah, I know” you agree “What are we going to do?”

"I don’t know. I don’t want this. I wanted to go to school and become a fucking marine biologist, not end up on teen mom” he stresses, all in one breath.

“I know it’s not what you want but I’m carrying your baby Zach. It’s already happening, so what the fuck are we going to do?”

"I don’t know Y/N. I just…I don’t know, ok?”

Zach hands you the pregnancy test. You take it from him and just watch as he lowers into the ground, burying his head in his hands. You felt bad for him, really bad.

"Zach?” You called but he doesn’t look up at you. You crouch down I front of him and gently grab his arm “Baby, everything’s gonna be fine. You can still go to school”

“And what about you?” He sniffles “What about your future?”

He want crying but was damn sure on the verge of it.

“..Don’t worry about me. I guess, this baby is my future now” you tell him

"Don’t say that Y/N” Zach says, finally meeting his eyes with yours. You linger in each other eye for a moment before the sound of scuffling feet grabs your attention. You snap your head and see the coach jogging in, making you and Zach stand to your feet.

“Y/L/N your not supposed to be in there. Dempsey doesn’t need any distractions right now” he calls

"Yeah I was just leaving” you tell him

The coach holds the door open for you, letting you know you’ve outstayed your welcome.

You look up at Zach “just call me or I’ll call you or whatever” Zach nods in response and you smile before making an exit out the building.

_______ Well damn😳what d'you guys think of this one x

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Hello hello! What are some good naruto RP blogs to follow?

[ Anon ]

     Oh nonny, you’ve asked quite the question - I could literally recommend all 154 people I follow xD And thennn we would be here a while. But I’ll throw a few urls at you! (Believe me though I could go on and on)

     And tbh there’s like sO MANY MORE I could rave about all day. I don’t have my follow list available since I’m kinda picky about showing that, bUT. Everyone on it is gold. And these are just a few of these lovely people that put up with my shenanigans. Check ‘em out! <3

Step by Step - Made by Keru-the-green and Deusn

So since we have officially our first fifteen pages i think its good to make a official (small) presentation out of this.

Me @deusn and @keru-the-green have thought about creating some kind of comic for a while and we got kinda inspired and hyped by the collab comic @overloadau 

And since we wanted to create a comic in which we could go fully crazy and also bear some kind of inner message for us both as artists, we decided to make this comic.

So please ! Enjoy yourselves !

Title cover made (blessfully created) by @keru-the-green

Eye Contact Pt. 2 (M)

Originally posted by welovehaehyuk

Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: smut

Word count: 5.8k

Description: After you two had sex for the first time, Jungkook thought he could just be shameless while being at a restaurant. So you wanted him to proof you that he really is willing to be a good boy for you.

Content: slight sub!jk, thigh riding, anal play

Parts: 1 | 2

“Oh so you wanna be a good boy for me?”

He turned his head away and blushed.

He mumbled something but you couldn’t understand. You pushed yourself up a bit so you could get your face closer to his. “What did you say, baby?” you asked with confidence.

Jungkook turned his head back, your noses were slightly touching now.

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The Birds & The Bees

George Washington x Reader ft. Kid Hamilsquad

Modern AU

The Washington Family Series: Meeting The Family, Becoming Part of the Family, Baby Washington, Welcome to the Family,  BondingFirst Broken Heart

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 1022

Warning: Sex (doesn’t really go into detail at all), talking about sex, swearing

A/N:I had so much fun writing this one! I love when you guys give me ideas for this little mini series cause it is my favorite to write!! It makes me so happy! Thank you again for requesting! Hope all of you have an amazing day! I love all you cute beans!!

Request: Hi! I love your writing skills just thought you should know! You probably already heard this request but can you do one with George Washington X Reader and the Hamilsquad is their children again but, the children catch the them having sex in bed and they try to come up with an excuse for all of them believe? Thank you 😘😘 - Anon

The boys walked into the house after playing at the Schuyler sisters house. They looked around the entryway confused. Usually at least one of you would be nearby to greet them from coming home. Then again, they hadn’t come home at the time they said they would. They had come home much earlier.

“Where are they?” Alex asked, walking further into the house to investigate.

“Maybe they went to the store.” John suggested.

“No, both cars are here.” Aaron disproved John’s theory.

That’s when they heard it…

“Fuck, George.” Your moan echoing down the stairs to where the boys stood.

“Oh, they must be in their room.” James smiled, started to walk up the stairs with the others following him.

Hercules was at the back and felt very uneasy. He was the oldest of the group and had a feeling that they were doing something he did not want to see. He hoped that he was wrong, but sadly his hope would soon shrivel up and die.

Another moan could be heard from outside the door. This one had come from both George and you. With seven boys always running around the house, you hadn’t had sex for what had felt like an eternity. You had been so caught up with the moment, that neither of you had heard the boys standing outside your door and busting it open.

“SHIT!” George exclaimed looking at the boys, right before everything took a terrible turn.

Everyone began screaming, Hercules covered his eyes and blushed at the sight of the two of you naked. James had curled up in fetal position on the ground. John tried running out of the room with his eyes closed, but ran into a wall instead. Lafayette and Alex had jumped onto Hercules in fear as they screamed. Aaron just sat there in shock and Thomas was slightly shaking with laughter, but still covered his eyes like the rest.

Meanwhile, you and George covered yourselves up with your bed sheets and looked for something to thrown on that was nearby. Luckily, two of George’s shirts sat on the floor next to the bed. He tossed you one and pulled the other over his head. The commotion in front of you continued, as you both pulled on a nearby pair of pants and stood up to get out of the bed.

“Um, boys…” George started, hoping their screaming would stop.

“WHAT WAS THAT?” Aaron screamed.

“WHY WERE YOU HURTING EACH OTHER LIKE THAT?” James cried, still in fetal position on the ground.

“Why don’t we go down into the living room and talk about what just happened.” You suggested, ushering the boys to move along.

“Dear god, that will forever be burned in my memory.” Herc muttered, walking past you and George to head down the stairs.

“We’ve permanently scarred the kids, haven’t we?” You asked George, still in shock yourself with what had just happened.

“Well, I mean this could be a good opportunity to give them the talk.” George suggested, as you trailed behind the boys down the stairs.

“Are you kidding me? The youngest is 10, George! That is much too young to have the sex talk!” You protested, before entering the living room where the boys sat in shock and disgust.

“Were you two having sex?” Herc asked, the other boys snapping up at his words.

“What’s sex?” James asked, his innocent eyes being filled with curiosity.

“This is going to be good.” Thomas snickered.

“Well son, let me tell you about the birds and the bees.” George started, sitting down in between a few of the boys on the couch.

“George!” You screamed, giving him a warning look.

“But he wants to know!” George exclaimed, fidgeting slightly under your hard glare.

“Wait, what does sex have to do with the birds and the bees? I thought sex was when a man put his penius in-” Alex started before your hand flew over his blabbering mouth.

“I thought that was oral sex! They were doing something different…” John trialed off, causing you and George to look at each other in shock.

“How do you boys know so much?” You asked, slightly worried about where they were hearing such detailed things.

“Dad already gave me the talk, of course I know.” John shrugged, then turned his gaze to Alex. “After that, I gave the same talk to Alex. We also got a lot of our information by asking the older boys at school.”

“I just can’t believe I saw my parents have sex…” Lafayette shuddered, the image was there every time he closed his eyes and he hated it.

“WHAT ARE YOU ALL TALKING ABOUT??” James screamed, wanting more information from the other boys.

“You will learn one day, young one.” Aaron said, patting his head gently.

“I’m the same age as you!” James shrieked, throwing his hands in the air in frustration.

“Shhhhhhh…” Aaron shushed him, pretending he didn’t hear what James had just said.

“Okay, any questions about sex? Or do you think you boys understand enough?” George asked, he also ignored James’s pleas to know what they were talking about.

“I have one!” Laf raised his hand to get yours and George’s attention. “I heard a lot of the high school kids mention it. What’s a pu-”

“NOPE!” You and George yelled at the same time.

“But-” Laf attempted.

“TOO YOUNG!” George shouted, walking quickly out of the room with you quickly behind him.

“You will learn when you’re older!” You called to the boys that still sat in the living room behind you.

“Don’t worry, Herc can tell us!” Thomas exclaimed, turning to see the bulky boy sprinting out of the room.

“Hercules!” Aaron screeched from behind him.

“YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW!” He yelled, leaving the boys in the room by themselves.

“Ask the Schuyler sisters?” Alex suggested, the boys making sounds of agreement.

“Can someone please explain sex to me?” James asked, hoping at least one of the boys would help him.

“Ugh, fine.” Thomas paused thinking how to start this. “Well, people usually explain this with the birds and the bees…”

Preference "How they react to getting caught being busy with you" (NSFW)

(Alright…I spent the day writing some fluffy prompts but the thirst now is real here that’s why I wrote this request so soon 😏 Yay for our faves being pervs XD PS. i just realized the number of times Rick keeps interrupting people XD Also they are quite long hope it’s okay :D Gifs not mine/ found them on google/credit to the original owner)

Negan- The time he was caught being busy with you, his men had open the door to your room while he was actually thrusting into you. He was being full on passionate and telling you about his feelings for you but as soon as he heard the door opening, instead of just stopping, he just started to talk dirty and acting all rough with you. He’d then look over at them and say “Hey! Leave and Close the fucking door! Can’t you see i’m busy fucking my beautiful, Y/N! I ain’t letting you all watch for free! Leave! Je-Sus!” He’d then look back at you and start to apologize about what had happened.

Daryl- The time he got caught being busy with you, Rick had opened the door to his room while he was laying in bed as you were giving him head. Instantly, he got nervous and scared, out of reflex he pulled the blankets up to cover you and him completely. He’d then try to reach down to stop you and slowly peaking out to look at Rick and say “Man, Rick! Can’t you knock on the door before you walk in…You scared the shit out of me and Y/N! No, we weren’t doing anything…W-we just like sleeping naked…It’s way too hot out…”

Rick- The time he got caught being busy with you, he had handcuffed you to the bed and was acting all rough and tough, thrusting into you to the point of nearly reaching your orgasm. He was so focused on pleasing you he just couldn’t stop. However, everything stopped and he just froze in fear the moment he heard Daryl’s voice at the door. He’d then think of you and grab the blanket and put his body over yours to cover you as much as he much as he could. “Euhh…Me and Y/N…are busy Daryl…Can…Can you just leave…Please…It can’t be as important as what we’re doing so…We’ll talk tomorrow morning, alright…”

Merle- The time he got caught being busy with you, he had bent you over the table and was taking you from behind and “teaching” you a lesson on you misbehaving. He was talking all dirty to you and making you understand who you belonged to but suddenly you heard the door open and Milton’s voice calling for him turning into a gasp. You tried to get him to stop but Merle kept going and looked over at Milton like he was the weird one for staring. “What the hell are you looking at Milty? Stop staring! Stop looking at Y/N! What? You ain’t ever seen a man doing the one he loves! Just leave!”

Glenn- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both making out in the armory and slowly it turned into sex with the two of you laying naked on the floor. He kept teasing you as you liked while you tried your best to keep quiet which made him work for it even more. However, you heard the door open and instantly you both grabbed your clothes to cover yourselves and got up only to see Rick and Daryl standing there wide eyed. They slowly started to chuckle and nervously so did Glenn. “Well…There isn’t any other way to explain this…so…Really…It’s just me and Y/N, we felt the need to do it…”

Carl- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were simply making out in his room. You had just confess your feelings for him and he just said he felt the same. He then kissed you softly and it slowly it turned into a make out session. You were both so into it you hadn’t even heard the door being knocked until Rick cleared his throat. Instantly, he got flustered and was shaking his head and closing his eyes. “Dad! This isn’t what it looked like! We…were just kissing each other! Nothing else I swear!”

The Governor- The time he got caught being busy with you, he was sitting on his couch and had you bent over his knees while was fingering you. He was telling you his dirty thoughts and what he would do to you later in a stern voice but suddenly stopped as soon as he heard the door open and a few of his men shocked voices. He would look at them in slight shock and get anything he could to cover you and try to explain himself. “I’m just pleasing Y/N…There’s nothing else to see…Just leave…and don’t ever interrupt me again…”

Abraham- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both in the back seat of your car while on a run. You had been there for quite some time and did each other way too many times but still went at it. You were on top of him and the both of you got so focus on the sex you hadn’t noticed the lights of another car until you heard a knock on the window. He quickly grabbed you tightly to him to cover you and roll down the window only to see Rick in shock. He’d chuckle and say “Sorry, Rick…We got a little busy and forgot about the time! Hope you understand…oh but don’t tell anyone about this…”

Eugene- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both in the garage of your house. You were simply cleaning and jokingly flirting with one another and slowly it lead to you kissing him and making out. Eventually, it got too heated and he had you under him after he pushed you onto the floor. However, his and your fun stopped the moment he saw Abraham in the corner of his eye. Instantly, he covered you up with his clothes and in the most serious tone said “I know what this looks like…and it is exactly what it is…Me and Y/N love each other so it’s normal of us to do so…maybe leave us?”

Ron- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both in his room. You had been together for quite some time and it was you first time with him. It was slowly and loving and you both focused on one another. However, you both panicked the moment you heard his mom calling for him. You searched for your clothes but as soon as you did she had opened the door and he could just laugh it off. “Mom! I know what it looks like…i-I just really love Y/N…”

Jesus- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both in your room in Alexandria. You had invited him over to your house and slowly your talking turned into making out and you leading him to your room. By this time, he had you under him and was having his way with you. However, as soon as the door of your room opened and he heard your name being called by Rick, he stopped and hid himself under the covers with you. It genuinely surprised him and peaking out said “Sorry, Rick! I was just borrowing Y/N for a moment…I never thought you would ever just walk in like this…”

Dwight- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both in your room. You were permitted to see each other for the night and immediately it started to get intimate. By the time you both got undressed, he had you on top of him and let you do whatever you wanted to him and he was definitely into it. However, after a while Negan had forgot to mention something and just barged in your room. Instantly, he flipped you over to cover you and tried to stop and he got irritated. “Negan?! Wh-what do you want?! You scared the shit out of me and Y/N walking in like that! Can you please leave…Whatever it is, can’t it wait?”

Morgan- The time he got caught being busy with you, was during an early morning. You were both simply in bed making love to one another and he was acting especially sweet and loving to you. However, suddenly Rick had open the door to your room and called him and instantly everything changed drastically. He got surprised and violently pulled the blankets to cover you and him. Out of rage he started to yell at Rick, making it the second time he ever had ever seen him so angry. “Goodness Rick! Don’t you have more manners than this?! How can you just walk in?! Don’t ever just do that again?! Just get out!”

Shane- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both in your tent. You were trying to be discrete about the fact you were having sex with him but he was having too much fun trying to get you to practically scream and was doing unspeakable things to you. He was so confident and happy that the moment Rick opened the tent’s door and called him, he simply turned his back to you to cover you as much as he could and slowly the blanket up and threw a smirk at him. “Hey, Rick…Yeah me and Y/N we’re at it again! Are we bothering you or you just had something to tell me? If so we’ll talk about it tomorrow, alright!”

Milton- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both in his office. You had managed to distract him from his work and at this point he was on top of you and proving to you how rough he can get by bending you over the table. Everything had happen so fast, you hadn’t even had the time to remove all of your clothing. However, as soon as he heard Merle chuckling from the door, he immediately panicked and pulled out to zip up his pants and stood in front of you to cover you and nervously said “Euhh, Merle?! I-I was simply showing Y/N something…Can’t you just knock on the door before walking in…Wh-what is it do you want?! ”

Aaron- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both in your house. It was relatively late at night and you were sure no one would bother you at this hour and had decided to go all out with your kinks. However, little did you know the door to your house was unlock and Daryl had walked in looking for the both of you. You both froze and quickly got dressed as much as you could and he tried to explain “Daryl…This…you know what…it’s exactly what it looks like…maybe you should just come back tomorrow…”

Gabriel- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both in the church. It was early in the morning and you had followed him to help with whatever he needed. However, you just had the urge to tease and flirt with him to which ended up in him gladly accepting your offer to blow him off. He was so fixated on you, he hadn’t heard Rick opening the door until he heard him call his name. Instantly, he freaked out but as you were behind the stand he felt a little relieved and out of breath said “Rick?…I-I wasn’t expecting to see you so early this morning…Yes, i’m fine…No, i’m not ready to see everyone yet…Don’t look for Y/N…Sh-She went to get something for me…”

The Wolf- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were outside behind a few bushes. You were teasing him as you pleased and he let you do whatever you felt like. He was quite focus on you that he hadn’t heard his men getting closer on you. However, as he heard his name being called by other voices, he gently pushed you off and covered you with your clothes and warned them. “Don’t ever just walk over to me when Y/N and I are together! Can’t you tell we’re busy!? The next time, I won’t let you all slide…”

Noah- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were in his sleeping bag. It was late at night and you had made camp all together. You had managed to sneak into his sleeping bag and eventually you both started to get things heated. However, Glenn wanted to show Noah something he had found and decided to open the sleeping bag. In shock, Noah froze and came up with an excuse “Y/N…was very cold in her sleeping bag…So I invited her over into mine…So yeah i’m just keeping her warm…”

Simon- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were in his room. You were permitted to spend the night together and he just got so excited he had pull you into his lap. He managed to take off as much and had started to thrust as you sat over him. He was being quite rough and was saying all kinds of dirty things to you that he hadn’t register that the door was wide open. So the moment Negan walked by chuckling, he panicked but didn’t want to stop and simply smiled and chuckled saying “Holy fuck! Oh my god! Euh, hey Negan! Yeah…w-we’re at it again…c-can you please just close the door…I-I forgot…thanks!”

Ezekiel- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both in his throne room. Everyone had been dismissed and he had pulled you into his lap and proceeded to shower you with kisses and touches. He then reached into your pants and started to finger you and enjoying the sounds you were making. So much he hadn’t noticed Morgan walking back until he cleared his throat. Instantly, he froze and looking over at him, he then smiled and tried his best to brush it off. “I-I was simply telling my Y/N how beautiful she was…I wasn’t expecting for you to just come back without saying a word…Maybe next time say a little something, so I could know…”

Benjamin- The time he got caught being busy with you, it was actually your first time. You had been together for quite some time and one night had decided to sneak into his room. You both started slow and eventually it got heated. However, you heard the door open and told him to stop but he didn’t until he heard Ezekiel chuckling by the door. Instantly, he grabbed the blanket to cover you and said “Oh god! Are we bothering you? I’m sorry….I’m really really sorry…Me and Y/N will try to keep quiet…”

Michonne- The time she was caught being busy with you, you were both on the couch. Thinking no one would walk in the house at that hour, you both made out and touched each other until it eventually turned into something more serious. You were both enjoying it so much you hadn’t even noticed Rick walking in until she flipped you over to hide you and in a stern voice said “Damn it Rick! Why did you have to walk in quietly like that?! You scared me and Y/N…Just go upstairs, we’ll talk about what you have to say tomorrow…”

Maggie- The time she was caught being busy with you, you were both on a run. While scavenging for supplies, she had managed to convince you and teased you enough to start having sex with her thinking no one would be looking for you. However, Beth had found her way to the both of you and wanted to give you something you forgot at camp and she called for you. Instantly, Maggie covered herself and you and peered out and in a laughing tone said “Beth, you scared us! Goodness, couldn’t it wait until we got back! Yes, Y/N and I got a little busy and…we wanted to be alone for a moment…”

Andrea-The time she was caught being busy with you, you were both in a car. You were on a run together and she had suddenly stop, feeling the urge to just do you right then and there. You were enjoying it so much you hadn’t noticed the other car following you to give some supplies you forgot. It was only until Shane walked over knocking the window that you both froze and tried to cover yourself. She opened the window and tried to act casual about it. “What is it do you want? If it wasn’t serious you could’ve just waited for us to come back…Yeah we were just a little busy…”

Jessie-The time she was caught being busy with you, you were in the kitchen early in the morning. You were cooking together and you just couldn’t help but flirt with one another and soon it turned into something more. You both made a ruckus and Ron just had to walk in and you both quickly got dressed. She was laughing nervously and just tried to explain what was happening. “Ron…Me and Y/N were simply showing our love for one another…Sorry…We didn’t mean to bother…”

Beth-The time she was caught being busy with you, you were both in her cell. It was late at night and you were sure no one would notice the two of you. So you made out and slowly it turned into something more and you were basically doing anything to please her. So much you hadn’t heard the footsteps coming from behind until Maggie called out to the two of you. You both got scared and hid together under the blanket. “Maggie? Oh…we weren’t doing anything…I-I just wanted to take a nap with Y/N…Can you leave for the moment, please?”

Sasha-The time she was caught being busy with you, you were both in the watch tower. You were both keeping watch and suddenly you just had the urge to flirt and tease her. Eventually, she gave in and you both ended up laying on the floor and things got heated. So much, you hadn’t even noticed someone climbing up until the door opened and you both heard Rick’s voice calling you. Instantly, you stopped and she covered herself and chuckled. “Rick? What is it do you want? Did you really have to come in so quietly? You scared Y/N…Maybe next time knock first…”

Rosita-The time she was caught being busy with you, was during an early morning in your room. She had spent the night with you and as she woke up, she felt the urge to just pleasing you all over again. You were both enjoying it and all until you heard the door open and Rick calling for you. You instantly stopped her and so did she. She covered herself and you as much with the blanket and out of anger she just had to throw her pillow at him and said “Goodness, Rick! Can’t you knock on the door?! I mean it’s closed for a reason! You scared me! And not to mention Y/N…”

Enid-The time she was caught being busy with you, it was her first time with you. You had simply started to kiss her and it turned into a makeout session. It was a simple moment until Carl walked in on you and cleared his throat. You both stopped and she hid herself behind her hair. “I-I have nothing to say…except me and Y/N were simply kissing…please just leave…”

Tara-The time she was caught being busy with you, you were in your room late at night. You were celebrating your anniversary togeter and had decided to give her a special treatment and started to please her. You were both enjoying it you hadn’t even heard Glenn walking to give you something back until you heard him gasp. You both stopped and looked his way and back at each other chuckling. “Glenn…couldn’t you wait until tomorrow for this?! I thought Y/N and I were clear when we said it was out first year anniversary!”

Now, where were we? - ||Jack Maynard Smut||

Requested? Yes – Can you do a smut where Conor and the reader just broke up because the reader has feelings for jack and then when they get together they have sex and Conor walks in on and is fine about them being together( sorry if this to long)

WARNINGS: obv smut idk why I put these ‘warnings’ when ‘smut’ is literally in the title smh oh also a bit of swears lol

You sat across Conor, fiddling with your fingers as you looked everywhere but into his eyes.

“Y/N, just look at me.” He said bluntly, no emotion but annoyance in his voice.

“Conor, I’m sorry I jus—”

“Y/N, its fine. I saw this coming from a mile away; I could tell you were losing interest long ago. I get it, I can see where your heart truly is.” Conor shrugged his shoulders, leaning back into his chair as he was stayed calm and unphased.

“What do you mean by that?” you questioned, confusion laced in your tone.

“Y/N, come on, it was obvious.”

You were sat there completely bewildered and still confused. Was it really that obvious? And why was Conor so calm about it all. “Do you not care at all?”

Conor’s features flickered for a moment, “I won’t lie, it sucks. But I knew this wasn’t going to last as soon as it began. I just hope whatever you get into in the future lasts longer than we did.”

You nodded his way, and as he bid you goodbye, you both made your separate ways. Without realising you two were soon to bump into each other again.


It had been almost 2 months since you broke up with Conor. However, you had moved on. You knew why you broke up with Conor, you lost feelings for him, and you had fallen for someone else. And it wouldn’t have been that horrible if it wasn’t for the fact that the person you fell for was Conor’s brother Jack.

You and Jack had only been dating for just over a month now. Everything was always hidden, neither of you wanted Conor to find out as you knew it would hurt him more than any one of you would like.

The both of you were currently out together, dinning out as you missed Jack’s company. However, all throughout the night, you were sexually frustrated. Jack always looked amazing, but as he sat across you in his all black outfit and beautifully blond hair, your need for him could have only grown stronger.

You continued eating your food, eyeing Jack from head to toe at every opportunity you got. You were in public, so you didn’t feel it’d be morally correct to just pounce at him and kiss his rosy lips, but it surely was tempting.

After you both were fed and not quite full, you decided the night would be better well spent back at Jack’s place. Driving back to his however, wasn’t at all an innocent ride. You flirted and teased him the entire time, but once you both arrived at the apartment, that’s when the fun had started.

Both of you were lazily laying on his couch and that is when you rested your hand on Jack’s thigh, inching yourself closer as you whispered into his ear, “how about we do more than just resting in one another’s arms?”

A smirk played onto Jack’s face as he turned to face you, “and what’s that, babe?” Without any other words, you attached your lips to his, your hands finding their way under Jack’s shirt as you felt every part of his body.

His mouth left yours, trailing down to leave love bites as you moved your head to give him better access. A small moan left your lips as you began to softly grind your hips against his.

Jack pulled your top over your head and didn’t waste any time in unclasping your bra, he pushed you down onto the couch as you now lied on your back, Jack in between your legs.

“I’m so lucky to have you” Jack whispered, giving you a small kiss on your neck before he took his top off as well. Your lips reattaching, however the make out session wasn’t helping as you found yourself getting wetter by the minute.

“Jack…” you breathed out, lifting your hips against his to get a little friction, and in doing so, you could feel Jack’s semi-hard through his jeans. “Take these off.” You gently begged, pulling on his jeans.

Jack merely nodded with a smile before taking off his jeans alongside his boxers and your bottoms in the process. His hand reached down to your heat, he moved a single finger against your slit as a quietly whimpered.

Without any hesitation, Jack’s finger had entered you, as you arched your back slightly, another finger had entered you.

Jack pushed his fingers in and out of you at a painfully slow rate, your breathing quickening as you ached for more than Jack’s fingers.

As your boyfriend began speeding up his pace, your moans got louder. But before he could do anymore, you grabbed his hand, “Jack, please just fuck me.”

Jack didn’t need to be told twice as his fingers left you, the loss of his fingers was quickly replaced with his dick as he eased himself into you.

The feeling of Jack filling you up and hitting all the right places brought out a string of moans within you. His thrusts starting off slow, moving back and forth into you in a pace of steadiness but no time was wasted as he moved quicker. Rough and fast thrusts, arching your back you couldn’t help but scream out Jacks name in pleasure.

“You just love getting fucked, don’t you? You’re s—”

And right in that heated moment, a loud voice echoed in Jacks apartment, bouncing of walls and making its way to your ears. However, it was too late to react as Conor already walked into where you and Jack lied, naked and on top of each other.

The both of you hurried up, trying to cover yourselves.

“Conor,” Jack began, “fuck, you weren’t meant to see—”

“We are so sorry Conor. We didn’t want you finding out like this, fuck, we are so sorr—”

Conor, with his back facing both of you, let a chuckle out as he shrugged his shoulders gently. “It’s fine. I already knew Y/N liked you, Jack. You two make a cute couple. I’ll go to Joe’s and leave you two alone to…your earlier business. Seem you two were really getting into it. Bye!”

Your cheeks turned a slight tint of rose, Jack also seeming slightly embarrassed as a shy smile rested upon his features.

He turned to face you, “now…” he inched closer to you, your lips almost touching, “where were we?”

7 Minutes in Heaven

Originally posted by moon-leviosa

Fandom: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy x Reader

Warnings: smuuuuut, drunkness

Word count: 1,838

Series: 7 Minutes in Heaven

You sat in the Sytherin common room, it was another infamous, secret Slytherin party you’d been invited to and seen as you hadn’t made an appearance to the million other Slytherin parties, you thought you’d participate. You sat with a green plastic cup in your hand, which contained coke and vodka in. You were not a big party goer, and you certainly were not a big drinker, but you were in the middle of your teen years so you may as well live your life.

The party was midway through when someone entered the room and a different atmosphere was added to the party. It was Draco, Draco Malfoy. Everyone in Slytherin tried to impress him seen as he was the most popular student in Slytherin. Everyone was on the dance floor dancing, including you, with their drinks in their hands. When Draco entered everyone’s dancing began to stop and they were making room for the Prince of Slytherin.

You were dancing, spilling your drink everywhere and having loads of fun.
“Y/N…” you heard your friend try and shout over the music but you were having too much fun dancing. All of a sudden, you crashed into a dark figure, spilling your drink all over your Y/F/C dress. You were annoyed that you had spilt alcohol on a perfectly new dress.

“Watch it” you exclaimed, slurring your words slightly. You looked up to see who it was you’d crashed into and saw light blue eyes and white blonde hair. You had only crashed into Draco Malfoy. You became a little flustered; you didn’t like Draco because he was cocky so you tried to avoid interactions with him at all costs. This was the first time you’d really peered into his pale blue pools. He had pretty eyes, you couldn’t deny that.

“Sorry, but you danced into me,” he began; he didn’t continue to speak as he was looking down at you. You could imagine the cocky respond he would’ve had, if he hadn’t stopped. You don’t know why he stopped but to save your crippling embarrassment, you didn’t question.

“Uh, sorry…” you hiccupped and quickly moved away from the dance floor and away from Malfoy. Your friend followed you.

Later, the party started to slow down when one of the boys shouted ‘7 minutes in heaven’,  everyone in Slytherin stirred and agreed because there was at least one person everyone fancied in the room. You, on the other hand, didn’t like anyone in the room but hey it could be a laugh and everyone had already made the decision. Everyone at the party other than couples sat down in a circle on the dance floor. You were sat directly opposite Draco and you couldn’t bear to make eye contact with him. He was sat next to Pansy Parkinson, who kept trying to sit on him and flirt with him. You and Pansy did not get along. You didn’t like the type of person she was and that was the end of that.

“Okay, here are the rules, everyone stick their wands in this bag, then you pick a wand out and whoever’s wand it is you have to go into the closet with for 14 minutes, yes we’re changing it up to 14 minutes.” One of the boys stated. Everyone put their wands in and the bag got passed round the circle. It got to you and you put your hand in the bag, your body was slightly rocking because you were still drunk, you pulled out a straight, slightly thick wand and were confused. You didn’t know whose wand this was. You held it up to see the person that was to claim and the person directly opposite you stood up and walked towards you, smirking. You looked at the white haired, blue eyed boy.
“Fuck!” you whispered under your breathe. He held is hand out but you just lay his wand in his straight palm and stood up by yourself.

“Into the closet” someone chanted, you sighed loudly as a response.

“What?! Why does she get Draco?” you heard Pansy try not scream. You felt like turning around and giving her the finger because as much as you didn’t like Malfoy, you didn’t like Pansy more and you would do anything to rub it in her face.

You and Draco put your hands out to open the closet and his hand slightly brushed on yours. You jumped moving your hand and arm completely out the way. Draco turned the handle to the closet.

“After you,” he said, quietly. He, also, didn’t sound happy about being paired with you for 7 minutes in heaven but as if it was any better for you. You stepped in and after you did, he stepped in. You shivered as the door closed, you escape route was now blocked by the door. You heard Draco breathing kind of heavily. You looked up and tried to make out his figure in the dark. You went to walk towards him, curious on why he was breathing so heavily, when you tripped over something. You fell but you felt strong arms catch you. Draco picked you up.

“Are you always this clumsy?” he mused, and you didn’t reply because you filled with embarrassment, yet again. His face was very close to yours, you could feel his heavy breathes hitting your cheeks. You jumped out of his arms and went to the opposite side of the closet and leaned yourself against the wall, silently. “I’m not that bad, am I?”

“Yeah, actually” you began, you don’t know where you stirred up this sudden courage but here it was. You began to rant to Draco Malfoy about Draco Malfoy. “You’re cocky, you are a constant interruption in class, you are consistently rude to the other houses, you’re good looking and you know it, and how many times have you caused Slytherin to get points deducted…” you stopped with the sudden realisation you called Draco hot. You heard him laugh.

“I’m good looking, ay?” he smiled, he stepped close to you and you became flustered.

“W-well, sorta…” you whispered and he was only a couple of inches away from you. He put his finger under your chin and lifted your face up. He placed his soft, plump lips on yours and kissed you passionately. You were confused but enjoying the kiss too much. It felt like this was the kiss you’d been waiting for your entire life. You deepened the kiss and put your arms round Draco’s neck.
He lifted your body up, leaning you up the wall and you rested your legs round his waist, causing your dress to completely go up. He pressed his hands gently into your thighs, keeping you up. Your chests were touching as you passionately made out with Draco. You broke the kiss and started kissing down Draco’s neck, pulling the skin between your teeth causing purple love marks to form around his neck. His breathing became distorted and heavier. He was gently and quietly moaning as you nibbled his neck and jaw line. You started to unbutton his shirt. He felt your fingers fiddle with the buttons on his clean white shirt so, of course, he got to work on the zip on your dress. The top of your dress fell down almost like some part of Draco’s plan and you sucked hard on his neck, almost in shock at how your chest was now unrevealed. You jumped down from Draco, stepping out of your dress and taking his shirt off.

“You have a gorgeous body” he purred in your ear and you felt your heart beat loudly. You bent down and begin to unfasten his trousers as they were intruding yours and Malfoy’s fun. You pulled his trousers down and he stepped out of them and you stroked down his chest, down to his V lines. You fiddled slightly with his boxers, already viewing his large bulge. He grabbed your hand before you had chance to pull on his very tight boxers.

“Do you want this?” he said, sounding not very confident. “I’m not going to be a regret or a onetime thing, am I, Y/N?” he whispered, he sounded very self conscious and tucked your hair behind your ears. You looked up at him from his boxers. You realised while you’d been in here how much you had a crush on Draco thus avoiding him on a regular basis and getting annoyed when he was cocky to other females.

“I want you, Draco” you whispered, you felt his body relax and loosened your hands. You pulled his boxers down. You began to kiss the end of his manhood. He breathed heavily. You licked down his shaft and you could feel his body tensing up at your tongues movements. He knew you were teasing him and enjoyed it but you could tell he wanted you to start so you wrapped your lips round his manhood and began sucking slowly. He moaned, slightly loud. You gained a rhythm sucking Draco up and down his shaft. He moaned loudly, clutching your hair in his fists but not hurting you. You stopped and looked at him.

“I want you, Draco!” you repeated and he pushed you against the wall. He pushed your panties off; they were already wet from the close contact you and Draco had already shared. He lined himself up against your entrance; he put his tip in slightly. You knew he was teasing you like what you’d previously done to him. He held your waist and picked you up for easier access. He pushed into you gently and waited for you to get used to him before thrusting into you slowly. He picked up a rhythm after a few seconds, pushing into you slowly and deeply. You moaned loud but covered your mouth scared of people outside hearing. Draco didn’t care though and moved your hands away from your mouth still thrusting into you. You moaned loudly, shouting a few profanities. You put your hands round his back and slightly dug your nails into his back. He was hitting your g-spot at this point and he knew it. You were both sweaty and both moaning, fairly loud. You were certain everyone could hear you, but now you didn’t care, it felt like you and Draco were the only people in the world as you were sharing this magical moment.

He pushed into you a few more times before you both hit your orgasms. You both let out. He helped you through your high and then you got of him. You were both very sweaty and panting when the door opened and Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle and your best friend stood at the door in a state of shock. You and Draco both covered yourselves but laughed at the shock on their faces. He kissed you on your forehead and you held his hand and the pair of you both strutted out of the closet, fully clothed but both messily dressed.

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Trying Something New By TEN

Daddy!Jungkook x Reader (Smut)

Chapters: 1/1 (Oneshot) 

A/N: Request for Anon! Sorry Anon I didn’t add the “ Lays in bed with you till you feel better” but added another part to it hope that’s okay! but yes enjoy, Daddy kink is fun for me to write haha. 

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If you haven’t seen this iconic cover by Hwangwoong, do yourselves a favor

To all the young women with type 1 diabetes out there who hide your bodies, cover yourselves, or feel ashamed to wear your insulin pumps/CGMs: 


Your scars, bruises, and robot parts are symbols of your incredible strength! When you are brave enough to show these parts of yourself to the world, you are silently proclaiming,“I am GREATER than this disease. I am CONFIDENT. I am COURAGEOUS. And though I had no choice in being a type 1 diabetic, I am choosing a life of authenticity.” 

There is nothing more beautiful or attractive than being authentically you. Don’t let close-minded, naive people diminish your bright light. 


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I don’t know much about Day6 yet, but Congratulations is awesome and they’re all super hot!  Plus this gif is f—ing sexy.

Enjoy! :)

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Secret Love Song; Taeyong.

Request:  “Helloo~ Can I request a taeyong scenario based on the song “secret love song” by Little Mix? Thankss”

Genre: Angst.

Warnings: None.

A/N: This is my first time writing a scenario based on a song, so, yeah, if this sucks or gets too long or too short (?¿) is because I had no clue of what I was doing, lmao. Also, writing this made me realize lots of things related to idols and relationships. I guess it’s kind of sad that they receive so much hate for doing something normal like falling in love, but, not matter how jealous and protective I’m toward all the members I know that the NCT stans are not going to disappoint me if someday this happens. This fandom is really respetful and it’s full of smart people but, just in case, remember this and never stop being supportive, no matter what the situation is, ok? Never forget that our boys are still babies doing their first steps and they need us by their sides.

Also, idk if this is what anon was expecting of me to write, honestly I had lots of ideas while listening to the song’s lyrics but I hope that y’all enjoy it a lot anyways!! ^^

You put your cup of coffee down and sighed, the pain that this horrible headache was giving you every time was harder to ignore but even more painful was the simple though of your boyfriend. You missed him so much and you felt so insecure without him by your side, comforting you.

The sound of a thunder suddenly caugh your attention. You walked towards the gigantic window of the room and looked at the million of rain drops that were falling from the grey sky. Feeling that the weather was understanding your feelings more than thousands and thousands of people would.

When you hold me in the street and you kiss me on the dance floor
I wish that it could be like that, Why can’t it be like that
‘Cause I’m yours

You saw some people avoiding to get wet, running with smiles in their faces while looking for a little roof that could protect them of the rain that came so suddenly. A few seconds later you recognized him, entering quickly to the building where you were waiting for him, wearing all black and protecting his face of the rain with the hood of his jacket. A ungrateful feeling of sadness suddenly was invading your body at the though of him.

We keep behind closed doors
Every time I see you, I die a little more
Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls
It’ll never be enough

“I’m really sorry for making you wait, y/n. The rain made things harder for me.” He said while taking his now wet jacket off and leving it on a corner. “How do you feel, honey?”

“I feel so frustrated and.. kind of… disappointed?” You felt pain in your heart by just thinking about it one more time. There was so much that you wanted to say and having all this strong feelings that you couldn’t express was killing you inside. Taeyong sat beside you with a concerned expression in his face, and you looked at him in the eyes. You took the warm cup of coffee and silently offered it to him, he accepted it but then made a funny expression when it was too strong for him, making you smile weakly. “So much things happened to us in so little time, don’t you think?”

“Yes, I’m feeling really frustrated for the same reason too, and I know perfectly that you don’t deserve all of this, Y/N. I’m so sorry that this is happening because of my fault, and-”

“Don’t say that,” You interrupted him, making him go silent. “It’s fine, I know that if I stay by your side we can overcome it.” You took of your jacket and got closer to Taeyong, putting your small piece of clothing around his shoulders to keep him warm again but getting lost in his intense eyes. “Just.. don’t leave me, that would be even harder for me to surpass.”

“You know I would never do that, espeacially in a situation like this.”

It’s obvious you’re meant for me
Every piece of you, it just fits perfectly
Every second, every thought, I’m in so deep
But I’ll never show it on my face
But we know this, we got a love that is homeless

“You know, even if the public’s response to our relationship wasn’t the best.. I don’t feel regretful at all. Everyone knows that you’re mine now and It’s a relief for me to being able to finally stop hiding my jealously when other people talk to you.”

His comment produced a sad laugh to come out of you, making him smile. But you knew perfectly that it wasn’t like that at all. Your relationship was public now, yes, but now you won’t be able to have dates outside because of the hate that both of you were receiving from part of haters and some fans.

You had to admit that your relationship would never we normal. You’ll never be able to have real dates like normal people does, like going to the cinema or a café and just talkabout your day, and that your biggest bother is how rude this random guy was with you because he was getting late for his job or something like that. You had to cover yourselves with mask and always wear jackets with hoods, and you didn’t even complain about the hundred of persons that were hating both of you.

Why can’t you hold me in the street?
Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor?
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t we be like that?
'Cause I’m yours

Your relationship would never be normal, but that’s a risk that you decided to chose just for him. The feelings that Taeyong woke up in you were more powerful that the hate of a thousand of different people. You know that with him by your side, only the sky is your limit. 

✿Bitter Rejection✿

↳ Simon x Reader x Calfreezy
Requested | by an anon!
Warnings | rejection, heartbreak, tough decisions.

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