cover your mouth pls

anonymous asked:

You and Harry have to be quiet because there are people in the next room, maybe like a house party or something. Sooo he covers your mouth with one hand and chokes you slightly with the other. Also dirty talk pls

He has your mouth covered, as he rocks his hips into yours in a steady pace, watching the way your chest jiggles with the way your body moves. You’re moaning softly against his palm, your eyes rolling back from the way Harry fills you up, making you feel every. single. inch. of. him.

“Love, yeh need to keep those pretty lips shut fo’ me.. Can’t get caught, can we?”

Harry pants, his lips fallen slightly open as he curses quietly under his breath, only for you to hear. But you can’t keep quiet. Harry feels so fucking good.

“Fuck, yeh are so tight, pet. So fuckin’-” you cut Harry off by covering his own lips and you can feel his hot breaths hitting your skin.

If you can’t make a sound, neither can he.