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A Starting Path to Spirit Work (but abbreviated)

(Apologies, it’s rather late as I’m writing on this and I have no wifi and I’ve gone past my data limit. I won’t be able to link large resources and such at this moment, and the format could definitely be better. And I could go much more indepth but for the current moment this is what I have on tumblr mobile.)


Okay, this is the most common and I understand repetitive lesson. Protect yourself! Protect your home and your spirit friends! Protect and ward!

There are physical wards where the a physical spell or object is set up as the ward. Like maybe you have a crystal grid that you set up to protect your home. That would be an example of physical protection!

There are astral wards where you simply set them up in the astral (the other plane where spirits generally reside or originate from, not everyone but trying to make a general point on clarifying the difference the physical plane from the astral plane). Like you can build a giant water bubble to protect and enclose yourself!

There are great recipes for wards and protection spells that can work for you, but you don’t need to follow anyone’s recipe to make a ward. You can make one a multitude of ways. Sure, yours doesn’t follow a $25 ingredient list, but that doesn’t make it inherently any less valuable or effective! If you don’t care and make it, it’ll probably be less effective than one of strong intent, of course.

Personally I rely on astral wards more than physical wards, but that’s a personal preference. Wards I make myself are also more efficient than the ones I try to copy from others by directions but personal differences. When I say I made them, I thought about the concept of spicy peppers and I designed three wards off that alone, so intent and direction is what you really need to make wards.

If you prefer following someone else’s recipe to help, there is absolutely no harm in that! Go for it! But don’t feel like you can and have to rely only on the recipes you find on tumblr!

Note: Even if you do not have a companion, you still need wards. I would most definitely recommend it. Even if you have no companion to protect, you should still ward and protect yourself and your space!

Protect yourself and your home. Remember to take care of yourself.

You can set up personal wards that protect the person or being you set them up around like a personal bodyguard or protection. Or you can set it up for an object, place or setting. Like for your space! And you should protect yourself. I’m nagging you for your own safety.

Protect yourself from malicious beings who straight up just wanna fight you, others who might sneak in and just leech off, or those who might decieve you to get in and then harm you. Not every spirit has malicious intent or purpose, and most of them haven’t in my experience, but you should be safe and protect yourself the best you can from those occasions where bad news is knocking on your door.

When you have companions or spirit family, you’ll have more reasons to practice warding and have more wards, but that should not stop you from learning warding and being well protected yourself before then!

You can have wards that serve to protect you from attacks, and others to keep out liars. But you determine your wards, not me.

The thing is, the more the merrier, and the more variety the better! Cover all your bases. Maybe a water ward might keep out more fire-based spirits but water spirits might have an immunity. Or if you had 10+ wards with the same weakness and a malicious spirit finds out how to get past one, they get past all of them since they have the key for the same 10 doors.

You should regularly keep them running, and also do a bigger maintenance. But remember than constant smaller checkups are important too. Do small checkups often, and a big checkup regularly. I do small checkups daily, and weekly big maintenance because it’s important and better safe than well, not safe.


I may have been too long-winded in the protection section and this section is gonna be lacking in comparison but it’s still needed.

You should have a basis in energy work. Learn how to sense energy, like presences, be able to read them, maybe not in a “I can give you a 5 page summary about this person about their energy” but I can tell this spirit has malicious or unsafe intent towards me so I should step away and turn them away. And telling them apart.

Like a spirit comes home, and you should practice how to tell the difference between Sam the kitten spirit and Feraligator the chihuahua spirit. Although you don’t need to be a master of energy work to start in spirit work, but you should have basics or a solid starting ground.

You can completely struggle with this, while going into spirit work but be willing to keep trying. It’s important and a helpful fundamental and can lead into spirit work, but you can definitely go into spirit work without being an expert energy worker or an energy healer.


Without a doubt, you’re gonna want to have a conversation or communicate with spirits in spirit work.

I’m gonna be honest, you will not have 100% clarity when you begin. Minus a few rare exceptions of people. But ignoring those exceptions and miracles, be prepared for the actuality of communication.

You’ll start out with fragmented conversation. You’ll depend and start with divination, like pendulums, dice, and tarot cards to talk.

The start of the road begins with asking the spirits yes or no questions, or whatever maybe the pendulum board or your tools are limited to. Or you’ll use tarot, which is less yes/no but it’s still not a whole conversation like you would expect between two people. But you’ll have to build up and grow from there. You’ll practice and keep going.

Beyond your tools, the next tier to practice is telepathy and astral hearing.

I don’t think they are exactly the same, but you may disagree. I understand and respect that. Telepathy is direct communication through your minds with thoughts (this is off the top of the mind and I am typing this in one sitting. I will check and correct myself, and edit it if I am wrong, don’t worry).

Some spirits only communicate with scattered words, images and emotions. That just may be their preference and method of communication in telepathy, regardless of how well you can hear them.

Others may be able to talk in complete conversations like you’d expect from another human. But they may simplify what they’re saying to you so that you understand, or cooperate other ways because they understand you can’t catch everything they say.

For me, I think astral hearing is different where they speak in the astral out loud and everyone can hear it. But if your hearing is bad, you might not catch it, and that way, I don’t consider it the same as telepathy where they would just send their thoughts straight to your mind. You can improve your astral senses with effort, trying, and exercise.

Either way, you will practice and grow. Keep going, I believe in you.

Even when you get to that point where you can regularly hear astral conversations and use telepathy, you should still remember to keep your tools. They’ll help you double check yourself, and get you through lulls where it’ll get even harder so your senses will be limited.


There are two ways you can find and meet new spirits or strangers. Either you can meet your local spirits or go out into the astral but that’s not a beginner concept. However if you do wanna hear about that more, I’ll discuss that by request.

Okay, let’s talk about local spirits. Meeting and communicating with local spirits is the best way to practice before a committment like companionship or running into the astral blindly.

Nature spirits tend to be much kinder and patient, especially considering you’ll take time to practice and learn. The easiest spirits to bear with you for practice are rock/crystal spirits and your own garden and plant spirits.

Although there are definitely a few that aren’t friendly at all, it’s safer than running into the astral. And as far as I know, most people can go outside much more easily and already know how, over learning from scratch how to astral project and travel and being prepared for everything it has to offer (dangers and otherwise).

Note: You do not need to know how to astral travel or project to work with spirits, and you can hang out with spirits even if you can’t travel all the way to their apartment in the astral. You can chill and watch Netflix in your room together even if you can’t travel.


You’re gonna keep warding and learning protection spells. When I became a mod, I learned that I had to upgrade and add MORE. You’ll need them, you’ll want them, and you’ll appreciate them. Even the failures will become a start to building better and more efficient wards. So keep going. We all nag about protection, but we’re absolutely serious.

You’re gonna keep learning and you’ll have a different path from others. You will hit roadblocks and communication will get harder some days, whether it’s from a lull, or low spoons or anything.

Take a step sideways, yeah, but that’s movement. And it won’t stop you from progress. The worst thing is to not practice honestly and be apathetic.

(It’s honestly quite late here, I’m physically tired and a little sick, so sorry if anything got messy or confusing. If you have anything you want me to talk on, clarify or discuss further, shoot us an ask.)

Disclaimer: I haven’t stopped learning, so there’s much more you can read on, and more others can offer you on the subject, so never be afraid to ask others for help and advice too. And terms may slightly differ from being to being, so there’s also that to account for, and other people may have different answers for you too! So keep on adventuring and gathering knowledge.

-Mod Spark

I definitely recommend for anyone moving away from their parents for the first time–whether it be moving to a school campus, or into a new apartment with a friend–make a small investment.

Thing is, when your sick in your new adult life, you aren’t going to have mum and dad to take care of you. The first time I really got sick away from my parents was awful. I had a serious stomach flu. And I wasn’t prepared. I ended up having to go shopping for things while I was still sick, because I didn’t even have friends around at the time to go out for me.

So what I recommend is making sure you have some things to help your recovery long before your ever sick. If you like, stick it in an “All That Ails Me” box. My personal must haves are as follows:

  • Some sort of electrolyte source; personally I go for Gatorade or Powerade, but if you prefer something healthier, coconut water is supposedly quite a good source, or you can make your own ‘gatorade’ with some fruit juice diluted in water and a pinch of salt.
  • Broth and broth based soups; if you can’t keep solid food down, broth is a pretty good way to get some nutrition until you can. Broth based soups are also good as you start to transition back into a normal diet.
  • BRAT foods are recommended by most healthcare professionals; they’re easy on the digestive system: Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. You can usually keep rice and applesauce on hand and all times. Crackers are a good replacement for toast in my opinion.
  • Anything really with ginger (such as gingerale, or ginger tea) to help settle an upset stomach (make sure to let the gingerale flatten first if you go that route though)
  • Hot water bottle, for aches and pains
  • Make sure you have any medications that help with things like diarrhea or vomiting; tylenol, imodium, etc.
  • Tea; personally I have the Cold Surivival Kit from David’s Tea, which I love and it covers your bases (stomach ache, sniffles, sore throat), and I always try to have medicated lemon tea on hand since it puts me right to sleep and relieves everything from cough to runny nose. But any tea in general is good since they’re easy to get down, provide some nutrition, and the heat can help relieve various aches, pains, and other issues. 
  • Puke bucket; just keep one in your closet for such an occasion. It’s better than hanging over the public dorm toilets or running to the bathroom in your apartment
  • Favourite movie, stuffed animal, music, etc; I mean, you’ll probably have this anyway, and it won’t stop you from puking your guts out, but it may make you feel a little bit better when your sick and have no one to take care of you. 

These are my main suggestions, and probably the most important things, but make sure you take account of what your parents usually do to take care of you when you’re sick and help you feel better, and go out and buy that stuff so you have it on hand and are prepared if you ever get ill yourself. The things needed isn’t going to be exactly the same for everyone, since some people have little things that there parents did differently to care for them, or have other foods that they find do the same thing. Point is, make sure you have it on hand

Quick Guide to Fanfiction Etiquette

i.e. what are acceptable ways of interacting with fics? 

So in light of many recent fic theft related events and with Miraculous Blackout ( @miraculousblackout ) still in full swing, I noticed there are many primers on art theft and etiquette around interacting with art and not much about interacting with fanfiction. So for any readers out there who are interested in knowing appropriate ways of interacting with our fics, here’s a quick cheat sheet. 

When you find fanfiction online that you enjoy or that you want to share, there are easy and respectful ways to go about this. Simply put, it involves interacting with the original source of the fic. On Tumblr, that’s reblogs and likes. On AO3, that’s comments, kudos, and bookmarks. On FFN that’s favorites and reviews. On Wattpad that’s views and votes. Wanna show us how much you love the story? Tell us what you think and help bump our stats. 

If you really love this fic and you want to share this fic with other people, the best way to do that is by sharing links back to the original stories. Creating rec lists comprised of links to your favorite fanfictions are great ways of sharing stories, plus writers love being included on them. Although links are preferred, even just leaving the title of the fic, the name of the author, and the site you read the fic on works. This spreads our stories and lets people know who wrote them. 

What about creating work based off of our writing?

Yes! We love that! Creating remixes, creating podfics, using lines as captions for art/cosplay, creating fanart, creating fancomics, and translating fics are all great provided we’re notified and credited where appropriate. 

When it comes to creating work based off of our fics that in no way involves manipulating our words (i.e. fanart, fancomics, podfics/dubs, etc.) all we ask is that you credit us. Tag our blogs (if applicable), indicate that you are creating work based off of a fanfiction you read, and leave links back to our stories. Writers love getting art inspired by our fics, but please credit us when you do. 

When it comes to creating work that involves manipulating our words (i.e. translations and remixes/rewrites of our fics), it’s always best to ask for permission first. These are things that writers are not always okay with. If they say no, it’s your job to respect that. For remixes/rewrites, please credit us and link back to our original work. Let people know that this is a remix/rewrite of another fic. If you’re translating a fic, it’s important to be very transparent with the writer and tell them where you are going to post this translation and how you are going to credit them (again guys, links links links). It’s also common courtesy to send a link to the writers to the translated work when you’re done. 

This also applies to using lines/sections for our fics as captions for your art/cosplay, as captions for your aesthetic posts, etc. We love it when our stories inspire you, but if you’re copying lines from our fics you need to ask us first and you need to credit us properly

A bonus tip for those of you who enjoy AO3 is that the site actually makes it very easy for you to credit the original writers in cases where you’re posting podfics, remixes, or translations of an existing work. When you select “New Work” and begin to post your creation, there’s a section where you can check off and indicate whether this piece is inspired off another existing work. 

If you check the box next to “This work is a remix, a translation, a podfic, or was inspired by another work,” you get an entire form that allows you to include the URL, title, author, and language of the original work. AO3 very nicely credits the original author for you when you fill this out. As a personal suggestion, gifting the work to the original author by typing in their AO3 username is a good way to cover all your bases. 

One last thing: please do not monetize creations that are inspired by our writing unless we give you very clear permission to do so.

Making fanart for our stories is great. Selling prints of fanart inspired by our fics without getting our permission first is less great. This also goes for anyone who dubs over fanfiction on YouTube and monetizes on the videos they post. Writers are artists as well, and our ideas are just as valuable as our written words. To monetize work that is inspired by our words and our ideas is unfair to us. General rule of thumb: don’t do it unless you have permission from us. 

To Review:

  • Give fics comments, likes, reblogs, views, kudos, bookmarks, votes, and favorites. This is the best way to show us you appreciate our work. Please do it!
  • If ever you want to share fics with others, always share links leading to the original story. Links Links Links!!!
  • If you want to create something inspired by our work, please credit us by tagging our blogs and leaving links to our stories
  • If you want to manipulate our work either through a translation or by creating a rewrite/remix of the work, ask for permission first
    • If you don’t have permission, it ends there. Some writers are uncomfortable with their writing being manipulated/altered and you should respect that. 
    • If you do have permission, please credit us by tagging our blogs and leaving links to our stories.
  • Please do not monetize work you’ve created that is inspired by our words and our ideas unless you have our permission.
  • If you’re ever unsure, always ask the writer first
  • kurapika: by the way youre one to lecture people about aesthetic choices
  • chrollo: oh, okay mr sews my own tribal clothes because of a Look, do go on.
  • kurapika: youve literally got a spider tattooed on your skin. and a bigass cross stitched to the back of your fur coat. and fucking, target on your head???? the nen book that makes you look like low budget orphan librarian??
  • chrollo: i am orphan librarian with a mansion full of expensive shit AT WORST you son of a bitch!!!
  • kurapika: OH MAN I WONDER WHAT YOUR ENEMIES WOULD SAY, OH WHAT A SURPRISE ITS CHROLLO. what, were you just like ILL MAKE ORPHANS OUT OF EVERYONE. ill kill your parents!!! ill kill her parents!!! hell, ill kill MY OWN--
  • chrollo:
  • kurapika: oh my god. fuck.
  • chrollo: no no. say it.
  • kurapika: listen, i--
  • chrollo: i want you to look me in my eyes and say that to my face you bondage enthusiast chainfucker.

I’m not one to develop crushes on celebrities, and I’ve never been like that, but I can’t even fuckin look at a picture of Bo Burnham without blushing
I don’t even know the guy but I feel that like queasy nervous feel in my stomach and I just. I have a big crush on him and I feel really fucking creepy.

asexuality is explicitly about sex/sexual desires/wanting to have sex. especially if you use the SAM (which is fake, homophobic, and invalid). this is why you cannot explain it to/apply to children, why talking about asexuality is different than talking about LGBP sexualities, and why LGBP sexualities can’t be compared to asexuality without a sense of homophobia because you’re sexualizing LGBP identities (which is homophobic.)

being a lesbian, being gay, being bisexual, and being pansexual are NOT explicitly about sex/sexual desires/wanting to have sex because a) they were founded when “sex” was still synonymous with gender, so the word means something different, and 2. the words refer to who you like, not whether or not you experience sexual attraction.

if you are asexual, cis, and heterosexual, you are straight. you do not belong in the LGBT community.

if you are aromantic, cis, and heterosexual, you are straight. you do not belong in the LGBT community.

if you are cis and heterosexual, you do not belong in the LGBT community. being ace/aro at the same time doesn’t change it.

10 more weight loss tips

1. Don’t batch cook meals, you will eat more than you planned. Cook just enough for your one meal. 🌚

2. White is bad, stay away from it, pasta, bread, rice, flour… processed no no!! 🍚

3. Find an accountability partner, if you can’t be good for you do it to impress someone else 💅🏻

4. Weigh yourself once a week, seeing a number decrease, what could be more inspiring? 👄

5. Write it down, sounds simple, but when you’re honest with yourself of what you ate, you may be surprised & more willing to cut dead cals 😳

6. Exercise journal, anything is better than nothing, 25 crunches, 20 squats? Write it down increase by 1 a day. Why not? 💪🏻

7. Take a multivitamin, cover your bases baby 💊

8. Apple cider vinegar… need I say more? Mix a tablespoon into your drink of choice 🔥

9. Stretch - endless benefits, fortifies posture, increases stamina, improved energy 🤸🏻‍♂️

10. Sleep - can benefit your heart, mind, weight & more! Get enough pls 😴 ❤️

Regarding Aleister...

I’ve seen a lot of hate and frustration toward Aleister after the latest chapter, and honestly it’s irritating to me how quickly people will turn on a character all because of one action, not taking into consideration how that character is feeling or being used (where have we seen this before…) As an Aleister stan, I just have to get this out here, and hopefully it’s the last big post I make on it.

Now, full disclosure, I was blubbering/yelling at my poor phone as it all went down, and I think I was the first person to hop online and start whining about him. He is my favorite character after all, I know his flaws. But I didn’t blame him for something that is Rourke’s fault. So this is gonna be my comprehensive post on why I still believe in Aleister. More under the cut.

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Secret Love Song - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 2)

It had been over a week since you first met Harry and gave him your number. You two had been texting and talking on the phone since that day, but you haven’t actually seen each other in person. You still weren’t sure how being friends with Harry would look at work, at least until after your article write-up on him was published. 

It would be going online and getting printed in the magazine at the end of the week. You were in your office, working on a new article, when Madison, the girl who was supposed to interview Harry, walked into your office. 

“Hey, Madison,” you said. “How are you feeling?”

“Better, at least until I read your interview with Harry,” she said with a sour look on her face. 

“Why? Is there something wrong with my interview?” you asked turning around in your chair to look at her better. 

“You didn’t use any of my questions! That was supposed to be my interview and you should have used only my questions,” she said with clenched fists. 

“You’re seriously upset with me over not using your questions? I looked over them and had every intention of using them, but Madison I wasn’t going to ask him if he’s single or what he looks for in a girl or if he would get back with an ex and shit like that. I was there to ask him about his album and single, which is what I did,” you said. 

She rolled her eyes at you. “No, one cares about that shit, Y/N. We’re a celebrity gossip magazine, our readers want to know if music’s biggest heartthrob is single and if they might ever be his type.” 

“Wow,” you laugh shaking your head. “You can’t be serious. Our readers don’t care just about that, I think you’re the one who does. Be honest with yourself Madison, you didn’t want that interview for the magazine or to promote his new single, you wanted that interview, so you could try and get him to ask you out. And now, you’re bitter because you not only didn’t get to do the interview, but you don’t know the answers to your stupid ass questions.” 

She gasped, glaring at you with a stomp of her foot. “In case you forgot, I’ve been here longer than you, so I know how things work around here.” 

“Well, we’ll just see about that, once my interview with Harry is published. We’ll see what the readers actually think,” you said picking up your bag. 

“Where do you think you’re going?” She said blocking you. 

“I’m going to lunch, not that it’s any of your business,” you said pushing her out of the way. 


Harry was meeting up with his sister and his mom for lunch at a local cafe. He hadn’t told either of them about how he was talking with you. He had to admit that he was feeling a connection with you, something that he hadn’t found with anyone in a while. 

It wasn’t sure where this newfound friendship would go, especially since you two have only known one another for a week and he wasn’t sure how you even felt. 

Plus, there was the issue with your job to think about as well. 

The three of them were seated at a table and while his Mom and sister were looking at the menu, Harry was looking at his phone to see if he had any missed calls or texts from you. 

“Expecting a phone call?” Anne asked him looking over her menu. 

Harry quickly put his phone on the table and shook his head. “Oh, uh, no.” 

The waitress comes over and takes their orders. Anne then looks over at Harry. 

“So, what’s been going on your life since we last spoke?” She smiles. 

“Nothing much, really. I’ve had a few interviews over the past few days and I leave for NYC in a few days,” he shrugged. 

“I’m so proud of you,” she smiled. 

“I know, Mum,” he laughed. 

“How long are you going to be in New York?” Gemma asked. 

“Just the weekend,” he said. “Then I’ll be back,” 

She nods. 

The door to the cafe opens and Harry looks up when he sees someone familiar. He instantly recognizes you and he does a terrible job of hiding his face when he realizes it’s you.” 

“What’s your problem?” Gemma said looking behind her to see what he was staring at. “Oh,” she smirked. “Do you know her?” 

“Sort of,” Harry coughed. 

“What do you mean sort of?” Anne asked cocking an eyebrow. 

“She interviewed me last week and we’ve sort of been talking since then,” he whispered. 

“She’s in the media?” Anne asked. 

“Technically,” he nodded. 

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” She asked. “I mean, how do you know that she’s trustworthy and won’t go off writing up lies on you.” 

Harry bit his lip. “I don’t know that she won’t do that, but I honestly don’t believe she’s like that. When I asked her to lunch last week after the interview, she didn’t want to go at first because she didn’t know if that was exactly professional. And I just feel like if she didn’t want to be seen with me because it could look bad on her job or something, she wouldn’t do something like that.” 

“But you’ve only known her for a week,” Gemma stated. 

He sighed running his hands through his hair. “Yeah, I’ve only known her for a week, but just because she’s in the media doesn’t mean she’s going to use me or something. I mean don’t you think it’s wrong to judge her just because of what her job is? Would you want her to judge me because of how I get portrayed in the media?” 

“No,” Anne said shaking her head. “But I just worry about you and I don’t want you getting hurt by another friend using you like you have in the past.” 

“Yeah, we’re just looking out for you,” Gemma said. 

“I appreciate that I really do, but I’m older now and I can tell when someone is being genuine. If it turns out that she’s not, then that’s on me, okay?” He said. 

“So, why don’t you go talk to her, then?” Gemma said. 

“I don’t want to freak her out,” he said. 

“Just go, or I’ll go over there and introduce myself,” Gemma smirked. 

He groaned and quickly got up from the table and walked over to where you were standing to wait on your to-go order. He walked up to you and cleared his throat. 

“Hey, Y/N,” he whispered. 

You turned around and saw Harry standing there. You smiled when you saw him and were thankful that you actually took the time to do your hair and makeup this morning before work. 

“Oh, hi,” you smiled. “Are you stalking me now?” 

He laughed. “No, I’m having lunch with my Mum and sister,” he said nodding in their direction. 

You looked over at their table and saw them wave at you. You blushed a bit and gave them a small wave back with a smile. 

“I know that you’re still unsure of us hanging out in public, so I was wondering if you might want to come over to my house one night when you’re free? I could make dinner and we could just have like a proper chat without a cellular device in the way?” He laughed. 

Was Harry asking you on a date? To his house? 

“I uh, sure,” you said nervously. 

“Great, I leave for New York in two days, so if you have a free night between now and then, let me know,” he said. 

“Oh, well, I’m free tomorrow night,” you said. “If that works for you.” 

“Tomorrow night is perfect, wanna come around 5?” he asked. 

“Sure, sounds good, but I don’t know where you live,” you laughed. 

“Oh, right, I’ll send you my address,” he smiled. 

“Great,” you smiled. 

“Order 501,” the worker said bringing out the food. 

You take it from them. “Thank you.” 

“Well, I guess I better let you go,” Harry said. 

“Yeah, I have to get back to work, and I’m sure you need to get back to your family,” you smiled. 

“Well, it was great seeing you,” he smiled. 

“Same here,” you smiled. “Have a great rest of the day.” 

“Bye Y/N,” he smiled at you as you walked out the door and he headed back to his family. 


You were at your flat staring at your closet trying to find something to wear to Harry’s house tonight. You didn’t know if this was considered a date or just a friendly hang out. You also weren’t sure how “dressed up” you should go considering you were just going to be at his house. 

What if you were a nice dress and Harry end’s up wearing like sweats or something? What if you wore nice jeans and a top, with some Converses, and he was wearing some sort of thousands of dollars suit? 

You groaned biting the inside of your cheek. You could solve all of your problems by just giving him a ring or a quick text, but you didn’t want to come off as nervous or something over what could just be a simple hangout. You laid back on your bed and looked at the clock. You had about an hour before you needed to leave to get to his house by 5, 

After contemplating for over ten minutes, you finally got up from your spot on the bed and went into your closet. You decided you were going to mix match some ideas. You were going to wear something casual, with something a bit more dressed up, just to sort of cover your bases. 

You grabbed a nice pair of jeans and a nice top from your closet. Then you were looking at your shoes, you ended up just grabbing a nice pair of heels and throwing everything on the bed. You took off the towel you had wrapped around you from when you took a shower earlier and quickly got dressed. 

Once you were dressed, you went into the bathroom and just did a quick over with some makeup and braided your hair. It was just about time to leave, so you grabbed your bag and keys, heading out the door. 


Harry was pacing around his room. He was super nervous about tonight. When he asked you to come over to his house, he wasn’t sure if this was going to be a date or just the two of you getting to know each other as friends. He wasn’t sure if all the candles he had put out throughout the kitchen and downstairs, would make it obvious that he wanted this to be a date and if you would be freaked out by that. 

He was looking through his closet trying to find something a bit more simple than what he might wear if he took you to a fancy dinner. While he wanted to look good tonight, he didn’t want to seem like some rich prick, who just lounges around in an expensive suit. 

He quickly put on some black jeans and a button up before styling his hair and going down to the kitchen. You would be here in about thirty minutes, so he took everything out he would need to cook dinner. 

He put on some music before starting to prepare everything. He cooked this meal for himself, countless times before, but with his nerves on edge for this night, he was having a hard time focusing on what he needed to be doing. 

Eventually, he got lost in the music and was able to get everything into the pan. 

You were in your car outside of the house. You arrived five minutes ago, but you hadn’t pressed the button to let him know that you were here. 

What were you doing here? This house was as big as the entire building that your flat was in, he was some famous rock star, who’s dated, other famous models and singers. Maybe this wasn’t a date, perhaps he was just being nice and thought you would make a great friend. 

Maybe you were being friend-zoned by Harry Styles. You groan leaning back against your seat. Were you crazy for even being here right now? 

You shook your head, you weren’t being fair. You shouldn’t be judging him for his past, or for his career when as far as you knew, he was a great guy. 

Plus, he was the one who invited you over to his house so it would be extremely rude of you if you were to not show up. 

You took a deep breath and put your car in drive, pulling into his driveway and leaning out of the window. Damn, your short arms, you were having to lean halfway out of the car to press the stupid button. 

You waited a few seconds before the gate opened and you drove through. 

Well, it was now or never. 


Harry had the door opened by the time you got up to the front door. 

“Hey, you made it,” he smiled giving you a hug. 

“Yeah, I did, it wasn’t that hard to find actually,” you smiled pulling away from him. 

“Well, come on inside. Dinner is just about ready. Would you like some wine or another sort of drink?” He asked. 

“Oh, wine is fine,” you smiled placing your bag on the table near the door. 

“You can take off your shoes as well if that’d make you more comfortable,” he said. 

You smiled taking off your heels and placing them by the door. You then follow Harry into the kitchen and from the atmosphere, this was really starting to look like a date. 

Did that bother you? No. Should it? Probably. Did you want to be on a date with Harry Styles? Hell yes. Should you be on a date with Harry Styles? Maybe not. Did you care? Not right that minute. 

“Do you need help with anything?” You asked leaning up against the counter. 

“You don’t have to worry about anything. I invited you over, so you’re my guest,” he smiled. 

“Really, I don’t mind,” you smiled. 

He laughed. “Well, if you insist, you can check on the veggies I have steaming,” he said. 

You nodded and walked over to the stove. You lifted the lid to the pot and stirred around the vegetables that were steaming away in there. Once you figured they were done, you took the pot over to the sink and emptied out the water before pouring them into a bowl that Harry had on the counter. 

When everything was ready, the two of you went over to the table and sat down. 


After dinner, the two of you quickly cleaned up before making your way over to Harry’s living room. He had a fire going since it was a chilly night in London and you could still hear the soft sound of music playing over the crackling of the fire. 

You both had spent the entire dinner having some small talk and decided to move to a more comfortable location. You sat down on the couch with your wine and Harry joined you on the other side. 

“So, we’ve had a bit of small talk tonight and I have another idea for a way for us to get to know each other,” you smirked. 

“Oh, really? And what is that exactly?” he asked. 

Well, since I know you love this game so much, how about Never Have I Ever?” You smirked. 

Harry laughed rolling his eyes. “Yeah, my track record with that game isn’t so great, especially in public.” 

“Luckily for you, we’re not in public,” you giggled. 

“Okay, okay, fine, fine. But you get to go first,” he said. 

“Okay, um, Never Have I Ever, had a number one hit single,” you smirked. 

“Seriously? Is that the game we’re playing?” He laughed taking a sip of his wine. “If you keep that up, I’m gonna get drunk here.”

“Maybe, that’s part of my plan!” You joke. 

He laughed shaking his head. “Okay, my turn. Never Have I Ever written an article for a magazine.” 

You rolled your eyes taking a sip of your drink. “From now, on only serious ones.” 

He nods. 

The two of you continue to play this game for a few more rounds before the questions start to get a bit heated. You weren’t sure if it was the wine flowing in your veins that was giving you the courage or if for the first time, you were just comfortable around someone to be yourself. 

At the start of the game, you both sat on opposite sides of the couch, but somehow, at some point, you were sitting quite close now. 

You still weren’t if this was a date and you still didn’t know if Harry was even attracted to you, but you were about to take this game to a different level. You just hoped it didn’t make the rest of this night awkward. 

“Never Have I Ever kissed someone I’ve only known for a week,” you whispered nervously. 

Harry’s hand stayed still as he didn’t take a drink of his wine. “Neither I’ve I,” he said. 

“I think that’s the first one tonight, where we both haven’t done something,” you laughed. 

“We could change that,” he said clearing his throat a bit. 

You looked up at him and he had moved even closer to you. 

“If you want, I mean,” he coughed. 

“I want, if you want,” you whispered. 

He smiled a bit and moved his almost empty glass of wine to the side before leaning in towards you. His free hand caressed your face before his lips touched yours. You responded to the kiss by moving closer towards him. 

He deepened the kiss for a bit before pulling away. 

“Wow,” you mumble. 

He laughed a bit. “I’m thinking the same thing.” 

You put your glass on the coffee table and look over at him. “It’s uh, your turn.” 

He put his glass next to yours and then leans back against the couch. “Never have I ever, made out with someone I just met a week ago.” 

You smirked. “Wanna change that?” 

He smirks over at you before pulling you close to him. When your lips touched that time, neither of you were really holding back. It didn’t take long before you were sitting on his lap, with your arms around his neck, and his were on your lower back. 


After almost an hour, you two finally pulled away from each other, but you still kept your place on his lap. 

“You have lipstick all over your mouth,” you giggle trying to wipe it off. 

“I don’t mind,” he smirks. “In fact, I wouldn’t mind having a bit more on there.” 

He said giving you another quick kiss. You laugh pulling away for a bit. 

“Before we go any further, we should probably talk about a few things first,” you said. 

“Okay,” he nodded. 

“So, I think it’s safe to say that I like you and I would really love to see where this could go, and I would assume that you feel the same way…” you said nervously. 

Harry nodded. “I do, I really like you.”

“But there are a few issues…” you sighed. “My job for one, I don’t know, I mean I don’t think it would be an issue, but it could be.” 

“Have you looked into it, yet?” he asked. 

“No, I mean, I never really had a reason to before…” you admitted. 

“Understandable,” he nodded. 

“But just because this may or may not be an issue, I don’t want to not see where this goes,” you said. “I mean, we don’t need to tell the whole world that we’re seeing each other right?” 

“Of course, not. I do like to most of my private life private,” he said. 

“Well, then if you’re okay with it, can we continue to see each other, even if we can’t tell anyone right away?” you whispered. 

Harry smiled. “As long as I get to be with you, I’m okay with it.” 

You smiled giving him a quick kiss. “Now, that we got that out of the way…” 

He laughed. “Hold that thought, I noticed it’s getting quite late and that you’ve had a bit to drink. I don’t want you driving tonight, so if you want I could call you a car or you could stay in my guest room… And just so you know, If you decide to stay, I’m not expecting anything in return…” he said awkwardly. 

“I don’t mind staying, if that’s okay with you,” you said. 

“I’d rather you be safe,” he whispered pushing some hair out from your face. 

“Then I guess I’m staying,” you smiled. 

“Perfect,” he smiled. “I’ll get the guest room ready for you…” 

“Actually, I think that could wait for a bit, we have something we needed to finish first,” you smirked. 

“Oh really?” He asked. 

You nodded as you planted a kiss on him. He smirked into the kiss and pulled you into him. You both stayed on that couch for rest of the night before you two feel asleep next to each other. 

Astrological Magic Series

My series on astrological magic is now complete. There are thirteen posts total, each of them thoroughly discussing different concepts which are important to the effective practice of these arts. They don’t proceed in exactly the order you’ll need the information in, and I apologize for that, but I also don’t think it will be a problem. You should really make sure to carefully read the information in each of these posts before attempting to carry out this kind of work, in order to be sure that you’ve covered your bases and taken the appropriate precautions. Below is a list of all the posts in the series. I hope they are helpful to you. You’re welcome to ask us if you have any questions at all.

The Moon (and Sun)

Saturn and Mars

Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury

The Ascendant

Uses of the Decans

Parts (also known as Lots)

Image Theory I

Image Theory II

Master List of things Ruled by the Planets, Signs, and Fixed Stars

Lunar Nodes, Planetary Days and Hours, Names and Spirits of Times and Bodies

A Very Effective Method of Drawing a Circle

Consecration, Prayers, and Ritual Theory

Conclusion (Aspects, Other Loose Ends, and a Step-By-Step Walkthrough)

Thank you very much for reading. If you found this series interesting, please consider checking out Benefica’s series on the court cards in Tarot, and if you’re interested, check back soon for our upcoming series on the creation and use of talismans (which will be a collaboration between Benefica and myself).


I Don’t Wanna (Kevin Owens x Reader)

Context: Kevin just made one of the biggest mistakes in his life. Will Reader leave him forever?

**A/N: ** Kevin Owens needs more fanfiction but I digress. The song choice for inspiration is “I Don’t Wanna” by Aaliyah.

**S/B: ** This was written a month ago and I just had it sitting in my drafts. So, I’m releasing it now.

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“…When we hooked up

We sat down

Made and agreement

We vowed that

That we’d always be together

Do whatever

We said that

No one ever get between us…”

      It had started earlier on with the screaming and then the tantrums. Eventually, the once peacefully home had become a war zone.

      Kevin had let his temper get the best of him yet again. He had lost the Universal Championship to Goldberg, ended his on-screen friendship with Chris Jericho and thought that the best way to handle his anger was by taking it out on you. Shit, he thought. It resulted in three bags filled with your belongings being packed and you leaving the apartment earlier that day.

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Beauty and the Beast Part Three (Loki x Reader)

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Word Count:806

Pairing: Loki x Reader

AN: You can read part one part two and part four here

Fear, it was something that I hadn’t felt since I learnt to control my powers. But right now fear was coursing through my veins as I ran away from the house I was being held captive in. As I pushed myself to run as fast as my body was capable I didn’t dare turn around and see if Loki was following me. His outburst caused me to run, to leave before something terrible might happen to me. I didn’t want to stay in this place any longer, I couldn’t live with a beast. As deceiving as Loki’s handsome looks are, he’s truly a monster underneath with no mercy for anyone but himself. He couldn’t be saved and you were sure of it and now felt foolish for even considering it.

Your bare feet crunched against the leaves and dirt covered ground making you regret not wearing shoes. You occasionally stepped on a rock or a twig causing pain to shoot through your foot, you were sure cuts were covering the bases of your feet by now. But none of that mattered as you ran for your freedom, nothing was going to stop you.

That was until you accidentally slipped and tumbled down a steep hill. The world was a blur around you as your body fell,  your head hitting something hard on the way down causing it to fill with pain. Groaning as you finally reached the ground you laid their in agony as you stared up at the sky. Too weak to even cry out for help you watched as your vision was slowly clouded by darkness. 

Opening your eyes they squinted as they adjusted to the brightly lit room you were in. Looking at your surroundings you took in the unfamiliar room, it wasn’t the one Loki kept you in. A throbbing pain filled your head provoking you to reach up and rub your temple, the pain causing you to remember what happened last night making worry and fear flood your mind. He was going to kill you for trying to escape. Just then the door to the room opened revealing the devil himself who was wearing a look of…concern? Surely not. Why would he be worried for you? 

“You’re awake.” The tone of his voice was emotionless like always which wasn’t at all surprising to you. You were use to his very formal and expressionless attitude by now. Letting out a sigh as you tried standing up from the bed, a little shakily at first but eventually you got your balance back along with your attitude. “Very observant of you. Where am I anyway?”

“In my room.” Seemingly unfazed by your question he walked over to you. You noticed he was wearing a black t shirt and grey sweatpants, an outfit strangely enough normal but it was odd to see the asgardian in such clothing as Loki was always dressed so formal.

“What happened? Why does my head hurt like a bitch? Also what’s with the sweatpants?” You muttered as you rubbed your head attempting to ease the pain again but it was obviously failing.  “Well you foolishly ran away from me and fell down a hill. You head must have hit a rock on the way down and you gave yourself a concussion. You’re lucky I found you.” The demigod crossed his arms, leaning against the wall  and sending you a smirk that you would never admit to him you found undeniably attractive. “And the sweatpants…why, do you like them on me?”

Choosing to ignore the latter part of his words you became confused at his explanation. Why would Loki bother saving you, surely you were disposable to him. “Why would you help me?”

This question he didn’t seem so ready for as he cleared his throat and straightened his posture. “Because…I need you. Remember, because of your powers.” 

For some reasons the words “I need you” caused an unfamiliar feeling to swirl in your stomach before they were ruined by the rest of his words. You had to remind yourself that he didn’t care about you, only your abilities. “Oh. Thank you anyway, for saving my life.”

“Don’t mention it. I mean it, i’m no hero so don’t think of me as one.” He seemed so defensive as he spoke, did he really believe he was not capable of being good? Maybe your assumptions of him were wrong? Maybe he could be saved? Loki turns and starts walking away but before he could leave you voice your thoughts. “You know, you’re not as bad as you think you are. I think you’re just…alone.”

His movements stopped at your words, his back still facing you as a silence filled the air before he finally responded. “I’ll let you rest Y/N, you need to get better so I can continue with my plan.”

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Genji thinks that he and his s/o won't be able to to have a child since he is a cyborg and all that damage was done to his body, but then s/o shows him the positive pregnancy test

He had just accepted it, being told that the damage to his body reduced his sperm count to the point where it was next to impossible. It didn’t particularly affect him at the time, he wasn’t in the place to worry about it.

He had told you this after the two of you started dating, letting you know that adoption would be a better option at that point. Children were just a thing of the future, neither of you being in the place to raise children safely.

So when you started getting nauseous and a sneaking suspicion crossed your mind, you didn’t expect much to come from it. You were just covering your bases, as you waited for the test to finish and tried rationalising this.

When the plus showed clearly on the test you felt your heart freeze, wanting a second opinion and going in for a test. When they just confirmed as well you sat there, not sure what to say. 

Your pace was firm but quiet when you walked to Genji, test in hand. He tilted his head to you, you taking a deep breath before showing him the test.

“Is this?” his voice was soft, not wanting to hope.

“I went to the doctor as well,” you said, just as quiet, “I’m pregnant.”

He pulled you close and rested his head against your shoulder, hands tightening slightly on your hips. He murmured something under his breath and you pulled him close, feeling the same emotion.

How to better structure your essays

For the longest time I never really had a system to writing essays. It was only when we had a formal classes on literature, essay writing, and research in college that I started to appreciate having a structure in the essays that I write.

Having a structure to the essays that you write is important because it gives your essay backbone and keeps you from going off topic. It gives you opportunity to see if you were able to lay out your thoughts well, cover all your bases, and allows for stronger points, instead of being repetitive. I wouldn’t say that it dulls your writing, because having a clear layout of ideas ultimately allows for depth. It also helps readers to easily navigate through your essay. Here’s a lay down of the basic things I make sure I cover when writing essays and papers for school:

Think of a thesis statement

I used to hate thinking of thesis statements because it takes too much effort, and eats up a lot of time. But thesis statements usually take a while because they encapsulate the main idea you want to let through in your essay. In a nutshell, thesis statements contain the key idea or purpose of the paper, and more often than not, contain the main ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘where’, ‘why’, ‘when’, and ‘how’ that the paper covers. 

Believe me, papers become easier to write once you’ve come up with a thesis statement because you are able to come up with more relevant thoughts and sources for the paper.

For the body, make a sentence outline

Writing outlines in phrases for papers are common, but preparing a sentence outline before writing a paper - especially for a long research paper - gives you a good glimpse of what the arguments, facts, and details you are able to cover. In essence, it allows you see how much meat or actual content your paper has - you can easily see if you’re blabbering or bullshitting your way through it. Also note that when making an outline, start with the most obvious or most important point first when writing the body. It keeps readers hooked that way, or easily eases them into what you’re about to discuss.

Outlines help you come up with a smooth flow for your paper because it lets you have a better grasp of not only what but how you intend on tackling or discussing the essay. Plus, once you’re perfectly fine with your sentence outline, all you need to fill in are transitional sentences. It’s good practice for keeping your essays rich and relevant. 

Write the introduction last

Another way to writing better essays is writing the introduction last, because we commonly have difficulty in thinking of a good way to start the paper. Since introductions are commonly a preview or a way of getting readers hooked, having a written body (or sentence outline of the body, at least), already gives you a reference to how to properly start your essay.

Usually for academic essays, you’re good once you’re able to state your thesis statement, a short outline or preview of your essay (a.k.a. your main points), and methods of coming up with the body of your paper (i.e. a series of interviews, online research, etc.).

Have a summary in your conclusion

It’s always good to have a recap in your conclusion because you’re able to reaffirm the relevance of what you just wrote, and tie your essay together. The common way to conclude an essay is through restating your thesis statement and citing the purpose of the paper. 

One way I go about writing conclusions for papers is going through my paper one last time, and asking myself “anuna” or “what now?”. Your conclusion should be able to answer that question. Readers can often get lost or overwhelmed by all the points you make in the paper, so having a summary at the end will always be helpful.

Focus on depth than breadth

Wanting to show a lot of facts and ideas can be tempting - probably because you don’t want to waste a good fact you found, or you want to make your essay as enriching as possible for the reader. 

A key to writing a good essay is to tackle one subject at a time. It will also give you the chance to include facts or insights that aren’t commonly known, since you’re going to really dig into the topic at hand. In the end, the point of an academic essay is always to showcase how much of the topic you know. Teachers will always prefer depth in an essay, too. Hence, best to keep it within a measurable boundary to test how much of the topic you’ve come to learn.

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Will I be able to ejaculate from my penis after phalloplasty?

As current medical science stands the answer is: rarely.
If the skenes gland is kept intact then there is a chance that you will be able to ejaculate after bottom surgery. It would be a clear fluid that dribbles out rather than forcefully ejaculating, but that’s about it.

Let’s work through this so that it’s clear why this isn’t possible right now. It’s helpful when you can logically understand it instead of getting a short “yes” or “no” answer. To ejaculate in the way that a cis male does you’d require functioning testicles and you’d require vas defrens. The testicles would produce semen, the stuff you’d be ejaculating during orgasm, and the vas defrens is the passage way for semen to go from the testicles to the urethra. Once the seminal fluid is in the urethra the body also needs a mechanism for the bladder neck to close off, preventing retrograde seminal movement which would allow the semen to go into the bladder. It’s amazing how complicated an orgasm is and how quickly all of this happens. After that contractions of the pelvic floor force the semen out and that’s where the ejaculation occurs. The prostate, bulbourethral gland, and a few others things are all involved in this but I narrowed it down to what would most likely be the bare minimum for ejaculation (I could be wrong).

So with this in mind let’s consider what is and isn’t possible right now in medical science. With phalloplasty we can create an aesthetically pleasing, fully sensate penis of average size that one can use to urinate from and can achieve orgasm with. It can’t get hard on it’s own and it you can’t ejaculate from it, but otherwise you’ve essentially got all of your bases covered. Creating the urethra itself is difficult enough as is and that’s where 95% of complications from phalloplasty happen, so forming vas defrens and connecting this to the urethra at this time isn’t possible. Neither is the mechanism to close off the bladder or the ability to create functioning testicles. That would require an incredible amount of microsurgery. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t ever be possible. Medical science is advancing by lightyears all the time and there is a team who was recently (last year, I believe) given grants necessary to conduct 5 years of research into medical procedures for veterans, including growing penises. At this time we have the technology to grow full urethras, functioning livers, functioning kidneys, etc. - It won’t be long before this is part of our future. If the research by the medical team I listed just a moment ago goes well it could be as little as 10-15 years (though current estimates are about 15-20+ years).

speculation compilation #63

Here are the speculations for page 58!

Of course they have a name! They just haven’t really had the chance to introduce themself.

You really covered all your bases there…

“Eye?” Did you mean arm?

Considering this is the first human Chara has met since falling underground, the goat parents may not know the extent of Chara’s hatred for humanity, if at all. After all, Chara wasn’t the most open person, even to their best friend. Rest assured that the Dreemurrs are doing their best!

Here are two extra specs sent in the past week:

Considering the monsters were not able to save Chara when they fell ill due to buttercups… 

What a terrible twist! Spoiler alert: this is an AU, not a dream!

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Hey, love your blog and your voices! Strange question, but in one of entries from Crane I heard him address batman as "Mr Wayne". I was just wondering how scarecrow found out this, or are most of the rogues in the codotverse aware? Again, sorry if this has been answered or explained before, or if it's even important. Thanks :>

There’s a bit of a Rogue’s Code involving secret identities. My basic rule is “Those who know Batman’s identity won’t act on it, and those who WOULD act on it, do not know.”

This is (of course) an imperfect code, and will invariably lead to disaster. However, for the time being, it works.

Edward knows.
Jonathan knows.
Joker doesn’t know.
Harvey assumes / Harv refuses to accept it.
Selina knows.
Jervis doesn’t know / is possibly being mislead.
Ivy doesn’t care.
Waylon doesn’t care.
Harley suspects.
Mr. Freeze knows. 
The Penguin knows (but also knows Bruce’s Net Worth)

It’s all checks and balances - and to go after Bruce is leaving yourself vulnerable to what Bruce/Batman knows. If you’re going to try it, you better have all your bases covered, because the retribution will be terrible.

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What advice would you give me for my first time summoning/contacting a spirit?

This caused me to think a bunch, but I do have some advice!

  1. Make doubly sure that you’re confident and comfortable. I don’t recommend starting if you don’t feel ready, or if you’re scared of the spirit you’re summoning. Fear may result in rash reactions and false sensations; also, malicious spirits, should you run into one, love feeding off that.
  2. Protect yourself. Wear protection jewelry, cast a circle, and/or have a backup or banishment plan. I want you all to be safe!
  3. Take everything the spirit says with a grain of salt. Spirits don’t know everything. Spirits don’t always tell the truth. Know that some may be malicious, abusive, full of flattery, or a liar. Which floods into my next point
  4. Don’t make any deals. Never make a deal with a spirit on the first meeting. Ever. Don’t be all “You’re my spirit companion!” or “You can come through whenever!” Confirm that you’ll actually want this spirit around, first. To do that, you should speak with them more than once. 
  5. Establish house rules if you’re summoning at home. You’re allowed to be firm and state explicitly what you want. You can tell the spirit not to come back unless summoned, or not to touch you, or not to go into certain rooms. Establish whatever makes you feel comfortable, and cover your bases. You have that power. 
  6. Believe in yourself. You have the power to sense and summon spirits, even if it doesn’t work once or twice. You’ll get to experience it, and you’ll have fun.

That’s all I can think of! I wish you luck and hope you have a lot of fun!! Also, feel free to submit your experience afterwards! Have a beautiful day ( ^ v ^ ) /